Developing Professional Practice Assignment Sample

Developing Professional Practice Assignment Sample

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Research and analyzing of fashion blogs as a marketing strategy and their impact on consumer perception


Research Background

In the fashion industry, blogging is becoming an increasingly popular trend. It’s one of the best marketing tools available today. As a social media platform, it helps influence the behaviour of consumers. Fashion is now using it to market their products. Fashion blogs are usually online communities dedicated to a product or a brand. It is common for retailers to create an online community for a product or a brand in order to interact with consumers as well as retailers representing the company. They allow the companies to develop relationships with their customers. Also, I’ll review different types of academic concepts, models, and theories; marketing and socio-behavioural theories incorporating organizational and individual consumer buying behaviour. Journalists and academics are increasingly questioning whether fast fashion business strategies and blogs have an impact on consumer perception

Research Question/Objectives

  • Do small blogs with limited audiences gain traction over time?
  • To evaluate the impact of fast fashion blogs on consumers through a critical review of existing literature
  • To assess consumer perceptions of blogs and consumer awareness
  • To demonstrate fashion blogging’s effectiveness as a marketing strategy
  • To demonstrate how fashion blogging has evolved over time
  • To examine fashion blogging patterns and trends
  • To determine if fashion blogging affects consumer buying decisions

Outline Research Methodology:

As part of the compilation of the research, primary and secondary sources will be used. Data will be collected both qualitatively and quantitatively using a mixed method approach.

Data Collection-Data will be collected both quantitatively and qualitatively, as stated above. Surveys will be distributed to the respondents to collect the majority of the data. Respondents will be asked to rate items on a scale of 1 to 5, which makes it easy for them to share their opinions. A total of 100 people will be asked to complete the survey. A total of 100 people will participate in the study. The sampling method will be random sampling.

Data Analysis: The data will be analysed using a statistical procedure. Correlations, t-tests, and regressions will be performed using Microsoft Excel or Stata graphics. In the correlation, variables will be compared to determine the relationship between them. Basically, t-tests determine which hypothesis is accepted, while regressions explain which variables are significant

Literature Review:

Fashion Blogging: Essentially, fashion blogging’s purpose is to enable a subculture of young women to emerge and develop that consists of young women who are proud of their taste in fashion, clothing fashion to reinforce their style. It’s even possible for these young fashion bloggers to create their own brands and fashion items that bear their name and stamp their reputation. Bloggers are able to use the authenticity and uniqueness of the clothes they wear and endorse and can decide what passes for good or bad fashion based on their own judgement.

Impact of fast fashion blogs on consumer

Using the system, viewers have the opportunity to view the items being discussed more directly and easily, as well as attach their critiques more quickly and effectively. In addition to its superiority to other media, fashion blogs have a standard by which they judge and apply their subjective judgments as opposed to other mediums that do not have this standard. A blog, on the other hand, is based on one person’s standards, while fashion magazines, which are edited, have a broader pool of opinions that are chosen from.

Summary of chapter

As fashion blogs have become interactive fashion streets, users can now see trends, receive a subjective and authentic view of fashion, and purchase the fashions without too many problems. In spite of that, there is still skepticism toward fashion bloggers from the fashion industry, since the ease of access and reporting means that there is no criterion or filter for becoming a fashion blogger. Due to the lack of credentials and relevant criteria for a fashion blog to report properly, they are less respected than other forms of communication.

Research Design and Construction

The researcher employed a mixed-method approach in the conduct of the primary research, which included focus groups and an online questionnaire


Based on the results of the focus groups, an online survey software program was used to develop an online questionnaire This was used to collect some statistical data regarding responses and themes discussed in focus groups, thus increasing content validity and accumulating more data, thereby improving research reliability and validity

Findings and Analysis

In order to link research findings to objectives, this chapter will provide an analytical discussion of research findings. As part of the analysis, results will also be compared with existing literature to determine if they are in line with or contradict the viewpoints and if they fit within the topical area.

Overview of research participants

Figure 1 demonstrates results from the first question, illustrating that 59% of respondents were 18-24, indicating a high majority within this age range, with only 5 respondents 59+.

Developing Professional Practice Assignment Sample


Analyses and findings related to the objectives

Within the focus groups, the two youngest female participants demonstrated that Instagram was heavily influencing their daily purchases, with fashion retailers and bloggers creating a sense of urgency and influencing their consistent purchases. One participant described a weekly spending of £50-£80.

Developing Professional Practice Assignment Sample

Conclusions of the research

Based on the analysis of research findings in this chapter and existing literature, it was concluded that consumers might become more aware and knowledgeable of the impacts of fast fashion blogs, thereby increasing transparency among bloggers. Audiences are able to feel a sense of belonging to a company, and its marketing campaign. Furthermore, it allows the company to ensure they remain relevant and important to their customers and keep up to date with their needs and demands


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