Marketing Metrics And Analysis

1. Web accessibility and UX analysis

Analysis based on competition

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Digital marketing strategy has been taken by Google Merchandise store by considering the high rise of digital marketing usage by people. Smartphones, the internet and computers are providing great opportunities and information to people due to fast growth of technology. As per the opinion of Alalwan et al. (2017), it is important for a company to concentrate on digital marketing in order to grow its overall profitability. Google merchandise store’s website has adhered to a great standard of user experience and accessibility in retail industry in the UK. However, it is not making or generating enough revenue through its online website among its competitors.

Major competition of Google’s Merchandise store in UK are John Lewis and H&M which is implementing new technologies and ideas to provide more satisfaction to customers. Price of John Lewis is fair and that has always helped it to grow in retail market of UK. It is providing cotton dresses to people at the lowest rate in country which helps them to attract more customers. Google’s Merchandise store needs to take a lesson from this strategy of John Lewis and provide customers dresses at a much reasonable rate. As cited by AlAwadhi and Al-Daihani (2019), it is necessary for a company to focus on implementing new techniques to get a better competitive advantage in industry.

H&M store-Digital Marketing Assignment Sample

Figure 1: H&M Store

(Source: H&M, 2020)

H&M is inviting different social influencers and content creators in the country to try its products. It is a great way to reach company products among people in UK as people of all age groups use social media a lot. As per the opinion of Alves et al. (2016), a company needs to share its products through different online websites which will help it to spread its products among more people. Young people follow and idolise many star and social media influences, hence it will be a great move for Google’s Merchandise store to invite some influencers. Positive review of products by these influencers will help to give a great boost to the store. Another strategy that H&M uses is it provides a variety of shoes with different colours which help customers to get more options. Google’s Merchandise store must design more variety of shoes and clothes for customers. It will provide customers to come to its store and visit its official website for getting some unique products at a good affordable rate.

Social media engagement

Google Merchandise stores need to focus on promoting its products and services through different social media networks. People in the country will be notified easily about new products in different stores of UK by using various online websites like facebook, twitter and youtube. It is an easy and simple way to promote new arrivals just by putting an advertisement in popular social networks. As per the opinion of Chen and Lin (2019), it is important for a company to promote its services in different online platforms and reach more customers.

The company must look to invite social media influencers in order to spread its product among people in the country. As per the study of Felix et al. (2017), a company will get huge benefits if it uses online mediums to promote different products among people. Customer sentiment analysis is a great way to develop a more insightful and marketing strategy based on data. It will give the company to detect various changes in overall opinion towards the brand. Major reason for using customer sentiment is to get a better knowledge about sentiment and requirement of customers in that particular area (Keegan and Rowley, 2017). Sentiment analysis is done by providing a page in the website about different feelings of customers. It will give the company a better idea about feelings of customers while using company’s products.

Sentiment Analysis-Digital Marketing Assignment Sample

Figure 2: Sentiment Analysis

(Source: Keegan and Rowley, 2017)

New trends in the industry and craze among people for a design help the company to design according to that. It will provide great help to the company in monitoring major trends in the retail industry in the UK. As per the opinion of Godey et al. (2016), a company needs to work and design products according to the requirements of its consumers. Google Merchandise stores need to focus on its engagement and content types in different online platforms. It will help the company to earn and attract more customers. Posting blogs and long form articles must be done by the company to give a proper knowledge about the price of different products and services. Content types help to improve content visibility and access of the company. It will help Google Merchandise stores to maintain a consistency on cross-platform layout and theme for getting a competitive advantage in the retail industry in the UK.

2. Social media comments or textual analysis

Customers have reviewed Google Merchandise stores in its official website regarding behavior of employees. One of the customers in the retail shop has provided a review that he was unable to get a mattress which he was told to get within a week. As per the opinion of Sohail and Al-Jabri (2017), it is important for employees in a company to provide different products to customers and ask them to come again later if that particular product is not available at that moment. It is a major issue with several newly appointed employees in the company as they are not aware of company terms and policies to deal with customers.

Sentiment analysis of customer comments in different social media helps Google Merchandise stores to focus on providing better service to customers in future. Qualitative analysis along with quantitative analysis will help the company in the betterment of its services. According to Vinerean (2017), a company needs to rectify various issues that customers are facing while visiting its stores. Positive reviews are also being provided by several customers who have visited the store. It is necessary for company officials to reply to the comments of customers in different posts. It will help the company to reach among more customers and help them with proper ideas to get a better service in future.

Providing reply to customer reviews in official website of the company and social media posts will give a great view of employees. As per the study of Wang and Kim (2017), it is necessary for a company to focus on giving reply to customer comments about services that are being provided by the company. Employees in Google Merchandise stores are mostly well trained and experienced hence, it helps the company to maintain a more friendly staff with customers. One of the customers has said that he had not faced any problem in hard pushing transactions and no hassle. It is providing different quality of clothes to customers which is done by maintaining a different trend in market in the UK. Sentiment analysis done by Google Merchandise stores helps the company official to get an idea about feelings of customers that are visiting. Hence, it gives the company a competitive advantage against other retail stores in the UK and will help it to earn more revenue and profits.

3. Quantitative data

Access information from Google Merchandise store, a visual quantitative data appears on its site. Quantitative data is collected from there and analysis to describe Google Merchandise store is marketing strategy and digital orientations.

Customization analytical data

Customization page is currently displaying the number of users using Google Merchandise’s page in order to view or order from it. Approximately 13k users operate its online site to view its merchandises. Every minute, nearly 180 people from many countries are viewing online site and showing some interest (Google analytics, 2020).

On Thursday 12 November 2020, nearly 2.3k users appeared to visit its site and showed comparatively low interest that is about 12.7% only. On Friday13 November 2020, about 1.9k people were visiting this site and their attention was too low which was at only 11.7%. People on November 14th 2020, were visiting this site display comparatively low  interstate that was approximately 1.2k visitors showing only 1.9% curiosity in its site (Google analytics, 2020).

However, from 15November onwards people showed their interest in this site highly. About 1.5 k people are having 5.5% interest that is a little bit higher than the previous day. As per the view of Zhou et al. (2018), on the next day, people were displaying their preference in their site that is higher than that week and it was nearly above 2k persons showing preference about 15%.

In analysing this part, it is knowledgeable for everyone that this site may in future make better strategies to gain profits from visitor’s preferences. In that manner, this site needs to be stronger in appearance and need to put some extra effort to gain people’s interests.

Revenue analytical data

On 12th November to 13th November 2020, according to people’s choice revenue from this merchandise site was approximately $271.30 with 42.2% of profit, $373.3 that is 74% of profits. However, in the present year 14th November revue was comparatively lower than the previous day that is only $212.17 with only 60.1% profit margins. On next days of the same week, this site gets profits up to $286.34 to $376.5 that means it is gaining about 76.56% of profits (Google analytics, 2020).

Analysing this revenue section, it is clearer that people day-by-day showing their interstate that is an advantage for it. As mentioned by Ye et al. (2019), however, an up and down situation was created, therefore this site needs to rise as a more fresh digital place.

E-commerce conversion rate

Conversion with e-commerce day by day is increasing due to providing better guidance. From the second week to middle of third week of November 2020, the conversion rate was approximately 0.21% that was rising up to 1.9% (Google analytics, 2020). It is currently visible that the public are showing their preference to convey conversion with Google Merchandise’s online site gradually.

As stated by Azizi and Hu (2019), the site needs to be modified as a huge number of people showing their curiosity on it. Therefore, the chance of getting technical glitch is high due to using more internets. For this reason, modified e-commerce conversion will help to increase the appearance of people on this site.

An overview of this site

Monitoring this site, it is known to all that the more people used this site the more profits tit gain. As per the view of Hung et al.(2020), the number of users on this site is increased per second; however, it is possible that user’s numbers can be decreased from time to time. In present time, active users from phones as well as desktops are nearly 200 (Google analytics, 2020).

Per minute approximately 25 new people, join this site to visitors to its merchandises. Page wise view is little different that is nearly per minute nearly 2 to 5 persons visits per page that staying at those pages for a few seconds. About 94% of people visit this site from their mobile and rest 6% use desktop to visit. (Google Analytics, 2020).

Hence, it is clear that mobile is more flexible for visiting this site while desktop is a little bit difficult to visit.


Analysis location geographically, it is seen that from India, people are showing their interest in Google Merchandise now. On the other hand, other country’s users are showing low curiosity compared to India. About 93% of users from India use this site at present while only 7% of people from other countries visit this site (Google analytics, 2020).

As cited by Peng (2019), hence, it is clearly viewed that people from India show much love to visit its site, and it needs to be more modified to get appreciation from other countries too.

Audience overview

Viewers from many countries used this site per week and engaged themselves to continue viewing it more or less per day. About 12,556 users are using this site daily and they are old users while new users continue joining these site approximately 10,438 persons (Google analytics, 2020).

Average number of sessions used by the audience is about 15,565 and the number of sessions per user is about 1.23 (Google analytics, 2020). More or less 5.13 sessions and pages are viewed by the audience daily, which is slightly down part of this site.

As per the view of Hu et al.(2020), analysing this part everyone gains knowledge regarding this site that is session wise it needs to be more modified.

Active users

The high number of active users will show a site’s power of audience engagement. In that basic manner, the site continues actively engaging more people day by day. Per day, the number of active users is probably 23285people, which are not much better in terms of user engagement (Google analytics, 2020). Per week, 12,448b persons are actively using this site while monthly the number of users is 50794 persons.

Analyzing this part, the site needs to endgame more viewers to run in a successful manner. As mentioned by Bianchini and Tricase (2016), the high number of user engagement will increase profits margins for this site.

Lifetime value

Lifetime value refers to revenue margin per user and value can be increased or decreased according to people’s orders of merchandises. Per year the value of this site approximately $2000 increased by users’ involvement. Per day, value of this site reaches about $1.58 and per week, it is reached to $7.76 (Google analytics, 2020).

In the first week of November 2020, the value of this site reached $1.45 and the second week value was increasing about $2.34. In the third week, the value of this site decreased up to $1.45(Google analytics, 2020).

Marketing strategies regarding how to run this site need to be more focused as users engaging is lowering down day by day (Ross et al. 2017).

Cohort analysis

Analysing this part leads to knowing the maximum user engagement and profits margins of this site. On 12th November 2020, user’s retention is up to 2.67%; 13th November it was 0.69%. Analysing those two days retention of customers is decreased however, next two days customers retention are such as 085% and 0.89% which is generally increased (Google analytics, 2020).

Analysing the cohort part it is known to all that day-by-day user retention is increasing however; decreasing retention may be possible due to less engaging people (Zhou et al. 2018).

Demographic audience overview

People from all ages are showing interest on this site however, teenagers and young adults are more interested in this site (Sanclemente-Téllez, 2017). About 15.64% teenagers, 39.42% young adults, 18.30% adults, and 25% of other people from the old age group showed their curiosity for this site.

Males are more active in this site than females and approximately 64.2% males are daily active while only 35.8% females are active on a daily basis (Google analytics, 2020).

Geographic overview

More or less from every country, people are using this site (Alqahtani and Gupta, 2017). However, the number of active users is higher in the United States. Approximately 6,444 people are active on a regular basis in this site while a few number people are active from other counties (Google analytics, 2020).

4. Synthesis of findings and recommendations for marketing strategy


Customers segment

It is recommended that every segment needs to be truthful enough to attract customers. Segments for targeting the market and consumers need to be extra effort and managing strategies will increase granularity of this site. As per the view of Hrechyshkina and Samakhavets(2019), it is suggested that segments must be discernibly various and it will engage more customers. It is further advised to this site that it required an attitudinal segmentation applied for attracting young consumers (Taoketao et al. 2018).

User behavior

It is recommended that the site needs to solve each problems that are facing by t6he users. It will help it to gain fame and appreciation from customers. It is suggested that the site’s authorities need to address the proper requirements to achieve compliments from customers. As mentioned by Zentes et al. (2019), the site needs to modify its online pages and maintain feedback coming from customers. It will help to build consumer’s feeling in a well manner.Moreover, it needs to define all the pros and cons facing users and do according to that.

Leading pages and exit pages

It is further recommended that Google’s higher authorities should engage employees to design leading and last pages according to people’s choice. As cited by Morgan (2019), the leading page will attract more people and help engaging users to view the site. Exit pages need to be a little modified, as it will help people to understand the general topic of the site. Web page design will include animated view as well as video view to provide more knowledge about their site to the peoples (Hult and Ketchen, 2017).

Search engine ranking positions

It is suggested that the higher department should look into the Search engine’s outlook to create a more flexible search engine. Feedback from users regarding search engines will be more enhanced after utilizing consumer’s point of view. As per the view of Burek and Nutter (2018), people’s choice should be recommended by the search engine, as it will more involve users.

Allocation of advertising budget

It is advised to the Google Merchandise store that at first it needs to set smart goals and set channels to achieve those goals. It is always needed to look into the priority purpose of the buyers, as it will provide more fame for the merchandises store. As stated by Patrutiu-Baltes (2016), review of historical information will help to customer’s feedback and according to this feedback advertising should be set. Advertising will be more profitable when competitors are not running the same things. This strategy will help to set better advertisements in a budgeted manner for the site (Kanten and Darma, 2017).

Marketing channels

It is recommended that marketing channels topic should be viewed as a priority for this site as it will help to globalize the business. As per the view of Dela Peña et al. (2020), direct selling process or selling by the intermediary process should involve capable employees. Marketing channels should be handed over and guided through a particular department. That will help in analysing the current marketing strategies.

E-Commerce Performance

Performance of an e-commerce website can be improved by utilising various strategic implementations. E-commerce website of Google Merchandise Store should have an attractive and well-defined design that serves a specific goal of improvement of performance of this website. Right information should be provided in this website considering value propositions that are oriented towards improving business (Kanagal, 2017). Google should develop appropriate value propositions for their e-commerce website design considering different factors such as design of website, providing services such as messages and notifications to customers at appropriate times and containing valuable information. Improvement of overall experience including content of website, services and involvement of media should be addressed in Google’s e-commerce design.

Google should focus on adding specific values to their e-commerce website experience that attracts customers. Unique techniques of advertisements and new promotional strategies can be adopted in order to inform consumers about this website. Increased traffic in website will effectively increase business prospect of this website and ensure success of this ecommerce venture.

Developing Easy Navigation

Google Merchandise should develop easy navigation facilities in their website design. Customers should find ready access to different types of merchandise in company website with comparative ease. Purchase portals and payment processing facilities should have easy navigation in their website processing. Analysis of customer behavior’s has shown that popularity of a website and number of click-through it requires to purchase a product from a website can affect its business proposition. As cited by Iskandar and Komara (2018), longer process of purchase and payment processing can demotivate consumers and they might leave a website without purchasing. Google website should implement a responsive design that engages the consumers in purchasing experience and encourages them to purchase different types of products.

Promoting Website Using Social Media

Modern technological advancements require websites to adopt improved solutions and marketing strategies to improve businesses of websites. Google Merchandise should effectively create their social media presence in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such media. Social media platforms are highly popular these days and most of the populations in technologically advanced countries utilise social media for communicating (Sanclemente-Téllez, 2017). Many successful websites analyse data provided in social media to identify consumer trends and preferences of each customer in purchases. Social media are excellent platforms for promoting specific products and brands. Google can post advertisements in particular social media pages regarding their products and notify customers about these products.

Customisation of Homepage

Google Merchandise store website can be designed to improve purchasing experience of customers by using personalisation strategy. Surveys show that consumers tend to perform increased purchases from online stores that have more personalised features in website design. Homepage of a website can be personalised using previous purchase preferences and trends of a specific consumer. Preferred categories of products by individual customers should be presented to them and real-time data of customers should be utilised for designing this homepage. As stated by Taoketao et al. (2018), personalised online retail stores are generally preferred by customers as these websites provide easy access to products of their choice and customers can purchase with comparatively lesser trouble.

Integrated Product Description

An effective product description has given relevant information regarding a product of an organization. Convincing buyers is the initial step to identify buyer benefits and it is the initial stage of product effectiveness. A proper product description includes different information regarding the product, which includes ingredients, and making process of the product. According to Dela Peña et al. (2020), a product description is used for developing of marketing copy of a specific product’s value. A proposition is used through implementing this approach for potential business improvement. A brief product description provides consumers to develop knowledge about a new product.

Optimisation of Site using Data

Optimization of a site is adequately important for a company to improve its business aspects. Analyze and audit is the initial step for conducting this task. Necessary improvement methods are added in this process to fulfil requirements of the entire business development plan. Conducting a keyword research is necessary in this stage to overcome risks in the business development plan (Hul and Ketchen, 2017). Continuous focusing on the every stage is necessary for a company to reduce mistakes in the business process. Selection of content and materials is necessary for the company to meet business objectives as well as perspectives.  A suitable analysis of site related information is needed in this stage to improve business development aspects.

Improving Categorization

Proper arrangement of products is necessary for a company to meet business requirements. A suitable arrangement of products is adequately helpful for the company to improve its business aspects. Commonly used materials are arranged properly because it is needed the most to meet requirements of the organization (Kanten and Darma, 2017). Google merchandise website should have proper organisation and develop categorisation that will improve organisation of available products. Improved organisation of products is important for presenting categories of different products to customers properly. Categorisation will attract customers to make purchases by improving their experience.


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