Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy (Woolworths)


Nowadays, technology is one of the crucial concepts that are used by the firm for better business management. Due to continuous change in the technology and the need of the customers, the way of doing the marketing has been changed and now firm are looking to use the digital marketing strategy.

Woolworth is one of the leading firms in the supermarket/grocery store and this firm is quite famous in the market due to providing different verities products for the customers (Woolworths Group, 2018). T

his firm is famous among the customer also due to providing better products for the customers. But at the same time, this firm is facing the issue in the business from last many years and the main reason in this is that there is not such a use of digital marketing strategy in the firm.

Because of this, the firm is not able to target the maximum number of customers in minimum time and increase the business value.

The main reason to get unsuccessful in the business is lack of focus of the firm on digital marketing strategy.

The target customers of the brand are the people as per the demographic, geographic and the psychographic. It is because different products are provided by the firms that make easy for the firm to target the different customers.

But due to lack use of digital marketing, the firm didn’t target the all potential customers and due to lack use of digital marketing (Chaffey and Patron, 2012). The firm also wasn’t able to promote its products and services among the customers that make the cause of loss for the firms and affected the brand value of the firm as well. Due to this, the brand does not succeed to meet the demand of the target market.

Implementing Facebook into digital marketing strategy

Facebook allows the firms to support their brands, products and services by providing a social media platform. Woolworths has chance to include Facebook as digital media marketing channel that can provide several benefits to the firm. There are some steps that can be followed by Woolworths for implementing Facebook as digital marketing strategy:

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Design an attractive page
  • Develop experience for Facebook
  • Progress measurement

Identify goals and objectives– In part first, goals and objective of the strategy will be set by Woolworths digital marketing practices using Facebook. The main goals and objectives for this marketing process are to increase the market awareness, establish authority, showcase and create a loyal engaged community among its consumers (Rajeck, 2015).

Design an attractive page– In this step, the company designs an attractive page on the basis of needs and wants of the target market to acquire the customer. This step will be helpful for the company to design an effective marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

(Woolworths, Facebook page, 2019)

Develop schedule for Facebook– In this step, the firm will develop the schedule on weekly and monthly basis where the company will work in timely manner. For this, company can prepare a schedule on the basis of daily and weekly (Wilson et al., 2012). In concern to this, Woolworths will design the activities for this schedule according to daily basis.

Progress measurement– In this stage, the company will measure the progress of Facebook page that how much visitors are on this page.

Implementing Instagram into digital marketing strategy

In order to implement the digital marketing strategy, the organisation needs to focus on the Instagram as social media platform.

Digital Marketing Strategy

(Woolworths, Instagram, 2019)

The implementation process includes several steps that are as below:

Step 1: In this process, first of all the company develops marketing research to look around the target market. After this, the company will focus on the creative ideas to attract the customers without focusing on the competitors.

Step 2: In the next step, the company will choose a tribe and define the point B on the roadmap to develop awareness of brand among the people.

Step 3: In this step, the firm will identify the original outcomes of the strategy and enjoy the real outcomes of this social media strategy by creating awareness about the firm’s products and services.

Implementing Twitter into digital marketing strategy

The Twitter can be implemented as a third social media platform by Woolworths into their digital marketing strategy to increase the consumer awareness in the target market (Järvinen et al., 2012). This strategy includes some steps in this process:

  • Defining key success goals
  • Research on the competitors
  • Recognize the target audience
  • Measuring the twitter account timely
  • Integrating the twitter with other social media platforms
  • Updating contents on daily basis

Digital Marketing Strategy

(Woolworths, Twitter, 2019)

The above page is showing Twitter page and posts of Woolworths. In this, it is identified that the organisation had 39.2 K Tweets on it with including 24.6 L followers.

In addition to this, the company has designed their tweeter pages on the geographical segment also. For example, Twitter page for South African public as given in below image:

(Woolworths, Twitter SA, 2019)


On the basis of above discussion, it can be concluded that the social medial platform can be used by Woolworths to effectively acquire the market on the basis of geographical segmentation. For this, there is an opportunity for Woolworths to develop an effective marketing strategy as per past experience in the digital marketing at different platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


On the basis of above study, it is recommended that Woolworths should develop SMART objectives on the basis of digital marketing outcomes. In addition, Woolworths should also focus on the hiring of new skilled team that can develop effective social media or digital marketing strategy.

As well, it can also be recommended that the company should analyse and measure the digital performance regular basis and update the contents timely manner.


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