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How to write a Dissertation

Are you struggling on writing a Dissertation? Are you wondering whether you are writing it perfectly or not? Do you need dissertation help?

Dissertation writing can quite be a headache if you don’t have proper knowledge of the steps and method of writing it.

A Dissertation, also known as thesis, is an academic writing that is based on some in-depth research done by the scholar. It is a long piece of writing that is submitted by scholars as a part of academic degrees such as Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctoral Degree.

Dissertation writing consists of several guidelines which one should follow in order to convey the thoughts and findings that the scholar has found during his/her research more successfully and clearly.

After reading this the very thought that comes to one’s mind is that, “What are the guidelines and how should I follow them effectively?”

If you too are going through the same thoughts then no worries as we are here to guide you well on how to write a Dissertation flawlessly so that you can get flawless academic grades.

Let’s get started then and get an insight on how to write a dissertation without making any ado further:

Selecting a Topic:

The very first step of writing a Dissertation is to choose an apt topic. It is one of the most important parts of writing a dissertation. One thing that you should keep in mind before selecting a topic is that choose a topic which engages the readers.

If the topic of your dissertation doesn’t appeals to the reader then it is quite possible that they may not bother to read it too. For that you should go through several topics to find the best one among them. But the more important factor that affects any type of comprehensive work is interest.

A topic that interests you or on an area that you specialize in will help in keeping you motivated enough to work hard on writing it with excellence. So, choose a topic that is interesting and engaging enough for both you as well as the readers.

Dissertation proposal:

Next part of dissertation writing is How to write dissertation proposal. A dissertation proposal can be said to be the table of contents. It helps n analyzing and evaluates the different steps of your research work.

It is important to form a plan in order to complete the process of research timely and effectively. Dissertation proposal is a section which helps in doing so.

While making the draft of the dissertation proposal you can focus on some vital points such as narrowing down the topic that you have selected for writing dissertation in order to get the precise result of the research.

Other such points that play a vital role in the dissertation writing process and that should be the centre of focus during making the draft of the dissertation proposal are:

  • Introduction
  • Constrains of the research
  • Methodology
  • Objectives and aims
  • Literature review and so on.


Structure of the dissertation helps in the readers in navigating it more conveniently as your ideas and findings are coherently conveyed to the readers with the help of the structure.

Although, the structure of dissertation varies from each topic, subject or location yet it should have some major steps points such as an introduction, abstract, methodology and conclusion to showcase your findings in a constructive manner.

Moreover, making a structure helps you in writing a dissertation in a planned way as it guides you to point out different aspects of your research with each step that are followed as per the designed structure.

Title Page:

The title page of a dissertation contains the necessary details related to the topic, the scholar and details related to the department. All the details mentioned in the title page should be written correctly.

In this you need to mention the title of the topic that you have selected, your name, the department which is helping you conduct the research, name of the university and so on. The title page is the very first thing that the readers are going to read in your dissertation.


In this section of the dissertation writing you should thank every person who has helped you in one way or other in completing your dissertation. You can mention the name of your supervisor/ guide, friends, family and others who have supported you in order to thank them. This section is entirely optional so you skip it too.


Moving to the next step on how to write a dissertation is writing an abstract. An abstract of a dissertation writing concerns with a short summary which is to be written after you have completed the whole dissertation.

It should be written in a precise manner which should mention the state an aims related to the topic undertaken, methods that you have used, its results and the conclusion that you have reached after doing thorough research.

The abstract part of dissertation is considered as a part which should be written in a more constructive manner as readers judge the work on the basis of the abstract. So, an abstract should be precise and clear in interpreting the objectives and results of the study.


Let’s focus on the next step on how to write dissertation introduction. The fact cannot be denied that it is the introduction of dissertation which the readers decide whether your Dissertation is worthy enough to invest their time in reading it thoroughly or not.

The introduction should be written in such a way that it clarifies the focus of the study which you have undertaken. It should provide some initial background of your research, its value and the aims and objectives related to your research.

An introduction of a dissertation should be written in a brief but engaging manner. It should be written with precision and should deal with the basic aims that are related to your research in relation to the topic that you have undertaken.

Literature review:

The next step is writing Dissertation literature review. This step should be done before you start your research on the concerned topic. This process deals with collecting the sources of the research, analyzing and evaluating it, and connecting the gaps in order to justify the study.

It concerns with analyzing the theories that you have mention in the dissertation, its concepts as well as models. This part of the dissertation can be said to be the foundation of the theoretical framework. In this step you can focus on answering some major concepts and variables and questions related to research that you have addressed in the dissertation.

Dissertation Methodology:

Dissertation methodology is a step of dissertation writing which focuses on the points on how you have conducted research on the topic that you have undertaken.

In this section of the dissertation, you need to mention your overall approach towards the research, the methods you have used to collect the data related to the research topic, analysis related to it, focusing on the hurdles faced by you while collecting the data, how you surpassed the obstacles and conclusion derived from the research work.

This section of the dissertation writing validates your research work. Dissertation methodology section focuses upon the report related to the research that you conducted on the concerned topic and reassuring the readers that the research was conducted in the best way possible to answer questions and fulfil the objective of the study.


After going through extensive research on the topic what are the results that you have derived?

This part of the dissertation writing concerns with the question which is mentioned above. In the result section f the dissertation, you should mention the report results related to the topic which will help in clarifying the fulfilling the objectives and aims concerned with the topic.

In this section you can even include charts and diagrams or data that you collected during the research process in order to validate your research and arguments that you have mentioned in the dissertation throughout.


In this section of the dissertation, you need to focus on some vital points focusing on exploring the meanings related to your research work. A detailed overview of the results and findings that you have derived from your research should be mentioned in the discussion part of the dissertation.

You should interpret the results and analyze whether they have fulfilled the aims and objectives of your research work or not and explanations concerning with it. You can even showcase alternative interpretations to share your ideas and views on the research work.

This section of the dissertation helps in supporting your arguments and proves that your findings have added valuable insights in future research work.


Now that you have completed every section of the topic you may have reached to a conclusion too. In the conclusion section of the dissertation you need to mentioned what your central argument is after going through the extensive research on the topic.

This section should be written in a precise and effective way. A conclusion off a dissertation focuses on the findings related to your topic and how your research has contributed in gaining more knowledge. It helps you showcase the value of your research work.

Reference list:

The reference list or a bibliography in a dissertation writing concerns with providing detailed information of the sources that you used in order to do the research on the topic that you have undertaken.

In this section, you need to list down a reference list. But the most important part that you should keep on mind while writing the reference list is that it should be written in a citation style such as APA and MLA styles.

 Editing and Proofreading:

Dissertation editing and proofreading is a step that should be done attentively. A small mistake can misinterpret your thoughts and ideas that you have penned down in the dissertation.

That is why it is important to revise the comprehensive work thoroughly. Before submitting the dissertation to your guide/ examiner/ supervisor you should check it thoroughly.

You should check whether the language used in the dissertation writing is academically appropriate or not, rectify any errors related to spellings, sentence formation, and grammar.

Proofread your dissertation thoroughly by checking every grammatical error, typos mistakes, inconsistencies or mistakes related to the formatting of the dissertation.

Any error in dissertation can result into distracting the interest of readers from your research and findings. That is why it is important to edit and proofread any comprehensive work well beforehand submitting it.

Dissertation proof reading and editing is a step that you cannot ignore no matter how busy you are.  After all, a flawless work can help you achieve flawless academic grades.

Follow the guidelines that we have mentioned above in order to write a dissertation which is free from any fault and helps you score high grades as the fruit of your hard work.

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