Diversity Policy

BSBDIV601 Develop and implement diversity policy

Assessment Task 1

Diversity policy and procedure briefing report


The diversity policy is helpful to provide an effective diversified environment to the organizational employee.The purpose of the report is to identify the impact of the diversity policy and contribution of this diversity policy in the business growth. Currently, the organization has an office which is located in Sydney. The company wants an organizational development at a diversified place to increase the performance.

Diversity facts and figures

The country has multicultural society such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, religions, structure of age, demographics, etc. In this environment, the percentage of the people is increasing day by day that is beneficial for the company (Guimond et al., 2013). The research equations can be prepaid as par the religions and age group.

Diversity benefits

The diversity policy of AusAccountancy Company will be affected because of different environment for the workplace. The diversify will also impact on the value of workplace in the society. The company will also be impacted by the diversified society because the organization will gain the profit of Australia’s image in the international market (Vink et al., 2013). It is because the economic growth of the Australia is much high that would contribute in the business development. The diversity policy and procedure of the company is effective that would use the innovative ideas in the differentiated market. The concept of reasonable adjustment includes the acknowledgment and value of the workplace diversity and facilitates the participation in the success of the company. The principles of reasonable adjustment are ensured to provide opportunity by the use of diversity policy.

Legal requirements in relation to workplace diversity.

The legal requirement in workplace diversity should be fulfilled by the company to protect the employees. There is some legislationthat would be needful in relation to workplace diversity such as:

  1. The Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986provides equal opportunity to the entire human in the country.It provide different rights to the people like ICCPR, conversation and declaration of the rights of child, declaration and conversation on the rights of disable persons, etc (Van Ewijk, 2011).
  2. The Age Discrimination Act 2004 treats the various areas of public for providing positive discrimination like employment, provision of goods and service, administration of Commonwealth laws and programs, and education.
  3. The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 has objectives to eliminate the discrimination against disable people and to promote community for disable people.
  4. The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 has the objectives to promote equality of people among country and to make discrimination against people related with colour, ethics, their race, etc.
  5. The Sex Discrimination Act 1984 establish for promoting the equality between men and women, eliminate discrimination on sex, eliminate sexual harassment in education, work, and provision on goods and service, etc.

Example diversity actions to inform action plan.

There are some examples to improve the diversity:

  1. Influence the leaders and employees
  2. Communicate the diversity policy regularly
  3. Train and educate the employees,
  4. Provide opportunity to the minority group
  5. Build effective environment

Suggested format for Aus Accountancy Diversity Policy

For the Aus Accountancy Diversity policy and procedure, the demographic workplace diversity policy is best (Rowland, 2011). It is because it includes different areas for diversification such as age, religious, ethnic and disability diversifications.

Action Plan

Issues Comments
1 There is no mutual respect among the employees of the company
2 There are many conflicts in overall organisation that can be removed by effective diversity policy
3 The Aus Accountancy firm need an effective business respect in the Australia
4 The job promotion is also necessary
5 Increased exposure
6 Need to provide equal employment opportunity


Questions Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
1.      Does the company employ a diverse range of people at the workplace?
2.      Does a company have the opportunity and policies procedures to awareness with employees in the workplace?
3.      Has the company diversity manager to organize the host seminars on diversity policies and action plan?
4.      Have the company recruitment procedures to promote the diversity culture?
5.      Does a company decide an action plan for equal diversity to the employees at the workplace?
6.      Does workplace of company promote all employees to participate training events about the diversity awareness?
7.      Is the leadership team committed to diversity culture in the workplace?
8.      What diversity and cultural training have adopted to increase it?
9.      Do the employees attend the diversity training or program in the organization?
10.  Does the company use the strategy or action plan to impeove the diversity workplace?

Assessment Task 2 (PowerPoint presentation)

Assessment Task 3

1. Meet CEO to seek feedback on the policy

In an organization, the recruitment of diversified employees will help to avoid any biasness and future conflicts among the employee and employer. This feedback from CEO was not positive as CEO found that there are some challenges that organization might face later due to ineffective policy or procedure.

2. Suitable best practice change required for inclusion in policy

For inclusion in policy, there is high need to take feedback from the employees of an organization in order to identify the policy benefits. Proper communication of policy is best suitable way to communicate the policy to employee in an efficient manner.

3. Suitable recommendations for change

In order to make diversity policy more effective, there should be proper recruitment and selection that could incorporate diversified people within the organization. Apart from this, there is need to implement an equal opportunity employment policy that could be effective to adopt hiring practices that is age, race, gender and minority neutral. In addition, diversity policy should consider diversity training at workplace to the employees to develop understanding how a diversified workforce can be managed at workplace (Tatli, 2011). In addition, the firm can make changes in diversity policy by considering benefits such as onsite daycare, childcare subsidies and flexible schedules and accommodating cultural and religious holidays and diversity-friendly apparel choices.

4. Revised policy and Procedure

  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Diversity Training to employees (Ng and Sears, 2012)
  • Consideration of benefits, Day care, child care subsidy and flexible schedule and cultural & religious holiday
  • Workplace Behavior Policy

 5. Meet CEO to seek feedback for the revised policy

For the revised policy, the feedback from CEO was positive as stated policy will help in improving the workplace environment by considering the different aspect such as training to employees and equal employment opportunity and so on.

 6. Suitable best practices change required for inclusion in policy

In order to ensure the inclusion of new changes in policy, it can be effective to take views and opinions of employees at workplace, participation of employees can be significant o adopt new changes in diversity policy (Cascio, 2018). Apart from this, better communication with employees can be useful to convey the actual benefits of new changes in diversity policy and implement them effectively.

Assessment Task 4

Case Study 1

Answer 1:

The issues that I will consider for Valarie case is that somewhere operational activity of the company will get affected to some extent. The issues that will get raise according to me is issues related anti discrimination as well as cultural diversity in an organization because in an organization, there are different number of people from different cultural background (Munjuri and Maina, 2012). This will develop conflict among employee and employer regarding doing biasness with only Valarie over them.

Answer 2:

The legal requirements that required to be considered for bringing flexibility is anti-discrimination, disciplinary action, flexible work environment.

Answer 3:

In this situation, as a manager, I will response in a positive manner because I know how important Valarie as an employee for an organization. According to me, I will provide her with one day early work leave in order to retain the talented employee in an organization. In respect to this, I will recommend to adopt a new diversity policy related to flexibility in an organization.

Case Study 2

Answer 1

The issues that I observed is that Muslim staff member is uncomfortable to shake hands with the female clients as this type of greeting is not acceptable due to strict Muslim culture and values. This issue will create negative impact on the client relationship and affect the organizational and employee performance to a large extent.

Answer 2

The legal requirement required to be developed in concern to this issues for which anti-discrimination policy or racial discrimination policy.

Answer 3

As a manager, I will deal with the issues in very efficient manner by asking the Muslim staff member to accept the diversity workforce where he has to behave ethically with the clients of an organization be it female or male (Chavez et al., 2015).

Case Study 3

Answer 1

Yes, she can refuse to deal with the customer on these grounds because this allegation on her is somewhere creating negative image or spoiling her image in an organization. In concern to this issue, proper meeting should be conducted to appraise the performance of her towards the customer.

Answer 2

There is code of conduct that employee of an organization need to consider while communicating with any customer regarding company’s product & service. The legal requirement related to this issue i.e., racial discrimination need to adopted by an organization for maintaining equality in the people working from different cultural diversity (Triana et al., 2015).

Answer 3

As a manager, I should deal with this issue efficiently in order to maintain healthy environment and job satisfaction in the employee. To deal with this issue, legal policy and procedures need to be revised again for avoiding future difficulties.

Case Study 4

Answer 1

No, in the case of Jackie and Jill, there is not response acceptable. It is because Jill recognised this situation after come in the relationship. Jackie did not tell about its situation so that it should not response acceptable.

Answer 2

In this, the main issue in the life of Jill is response acceptable of lesbians and gay men in its life as the life partner.

Answer 3

If Jill does not accept Jackie then it has right to take the help of the court. It is because Jackie did not inform Jill before.  First they have to need to evaluate whether in their country same sex marriage is legal or not then they can go ahead.

Answer 4

However, this is personal life matter of Jill and Jackie so that it is good to avoid this case as the manager. But, as the manager, recommendations can be given on legal formalities.

Case Study 5

Answer 1

The support could be offer in the form of providing the growth opportunity to the employee whose has just faced the depression. The best way to overcome the employee from such disease is to divert their attention and make them busy in the work (Munjuri and Maina, 2012). In regards to this, the personal growth will be best way to provide support to the employee.

Answer 2

If a management takes decision to terminate the employee then letter of termination needs to be given. The legal requirement in concern to this issue is define properly because in this situation, the company will only decide to terminate the employee.

Answer 3

As a manager, I definitely give a chance to the employee for proving themselves. Otherwise, I guide her about the areas where she can do much better and similarly I help her to achieve their desired dream.


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