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What’s going on?

Here is the problem with the project manager because the employees of his firm is handling the client directly and also handing their all requirements without informing project manager (Gormsen et al., 2016).

What are the facts?

The faces are that employee suddenly have a call from the client side and as a duty of him, he noted the all queries that client want and at the same time, the project manager came there.

What are the issues?

The main issue in this is that the project manager doesn’t believe that the all changes that the client want can be handled by that employee (Edelsohn, 2017). As well as, He also wants that the employee should also inform him about the all calls and the need of the clients. In like manner, the another issue is also that when the project manager came to meet that employee then he was busy in call and he is also not giving proper response for the project manager that he should do as to be a junior from project manager.

Who is affected?

In this situation, both employee and the client of the firm are affected. It is because due to this issue, client will not be able to get the proper solution and the changes that he/she want. As well as, the employee will also face the issue because the project manager of the firm is not happy from this type of behavior of the employee and it may be a cause of job loss for that employee (Cunliffe, 2016).  Apart from this, in the indirect way, it can be determined that firm will also affect because if client will not get the right solution then he/she will not provide the work again for the firm that will be loss for the firm and it will also affect the market value of the firm as well.

What is the ethical issue?

The ethical issues is that it is not cleared that who is correct the project manager or the employee. It is because employee is able to understand the changing need in the software of the employee but at the same time, the project manager thinks that he can’t do the changes that are required by the client. It is the major ethical issues in this scenario (Yawar, & Seuring, 2017).

Doing Ethics

What are the implications of the ethical issue?

In this situation, it is needed for the project manager and the employee to talk with each other to solve this issue. It is because if they talk in a proper way then they can easily explain the all conflicts and can also solve out easily. It will, be effective for the firm, client, manager and the employees as well (Miguel, 2014).

What can be done about it?

To avoid this ethical dilemma, proper communication, proper coordination, etc are necessary. At the same time, there should also be a process to handle the all queries and the call of the client. It is because it will overcome the issues of this type of ethical dilemma and will also help the project manager to handle the all business operation effectively (Laudon, & Laudon, 2016). Along with this, it is also needed for the firms to note down the all issues that are raised and make a proper strategy to solve these all issues. In addition, there should also be a clear and transparent framework for talking the decisions that will help to overcome the conflict and enhance the efficiency in the decisions (Yawar, & Seuring, 2017).  So, step by step, it will manage the all issues and will come on track the business of the firm.

Doing Ethics

What are the options?

There are different options that are to be taken by the project manager to manage this issue but at the same time, the use of clear and transparent framework and the secondary options is to make the some corporate governance and the regulations are the options to be used by the project manage in this situation (Cunliffe, 2016). It is because the use of these types of ways can be effective for the firm and the project manager as well to manage this type of issues and the challenges as well as also make easy for the project manager to handle the all client and their queries.

What are the best in above options?

Communication with the employee and the proper process of customer handling are the best and effective that can be used by the project manager to solve this ethical dilemma. It is because the use of these ways will help the firm and the project manager to complete the all needs of the client on time (Edelsohn, 2017). It will also help to manage that who is the best employees to handle the all queries of the client. It will be effective to manage the employees’ relation and to overcome the conflict (Laudon, & Laudon, 2016). So, it can be determined that the use of proper communication and to make the proper process of the decision making can be the best ways to use for managing ethical dilemma.


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