Thesis Statement (Introduction)

The Thesis statement of this assignment is that Performance enhancing drugs should not be accepted in sports

Drugs have always been a major issue and always have several impacts on the health of an individual. Performance enhancing drugs for a sports person is a critical issue which is emerging nowadays.

Athletes are nowadays seen taking drugs to enhance their performance, but they are aware of the fact that it has major long-term negative effects on the health. They are hurting themselves and causing impacts on their body and health. The adoption of drugs can give short term benefits to the person but on the other hand it causes only damage. This is the main reason to stop and put a ban on the adoption of drugs to enhance performance (Coomber, 2014).

Performers take these drugs to take an advantage. A state of complex has been indulged in the performers like if anyone is just taking 10 grams they will take more than it to get better results than their competitors. It is an ever going activity which will only result in providing extreme results.

The athletes who are indulged in this practice have started becoming role models for others which is not correct. It is always seen that the athletes are having large pressure on themselves as sometimes when they are representing their country their aim is just to get success despite of the fact that from where it is coming.

They are excited to get the rewards as the rewards are too tempting that no one resists them, so they start to adopt these unfair practices to achieve success at any cost (Cooper, 2013). One cannot ignore the results of these habits as they won’t disappear.

Sometimes the athletes are not alone involved in these practices, it is the coach who put pressure on them to keep improving the performance and give better and excellent results, so they are not left with any other options to enhance their performance and start taking drugs to give prominent results.

Despite it is a child or adolescent they are forced to take these additional health risks. An athlete gives his 100% to achieve the desired results. It takes intense practice schedules and lots of focus and attention is required to achieve these results (Coomber, 2014).

They devote their full life to get success. But when they don’t achieve the results they expect from themselves a feeling of anger and frustration is introduced which turns in complexion. they keep trying to find out where they have lacked and when they realize that the other competitor have taken drugs they are ready to take these drugs irrespective of the harmful and negative results they will have to suffer.

The audience also supports the athletes who have achieved success without knowing the main reason behind it that they were on drugs. Taking drugs for improving the performance is considered as cheating and unfair practice (Henne et al., 2013).

There are many varieties of drugs in the world which are made for different types of sports. The issue is not always against enhancement of performance, but the method or ways adopted to do so. Athletes are gaining an unfair advantage on those who are adopting fair practices to achieve the results.

They are the ones who are not following any practices or rules been governed. Inspite of having the other alternatives like coaches, dieticians, psychologists, etc to improve and get better results they are adopting the negative practices.

These options are also available to only some of the athletes not everyone which is a drawback. One of the major reasons of British people to achieve success in Olympics was due to the large financial support being given to the athletes & team (Solberg et al., 2010).

They have spent more than $300 million. If the major goal is to achieve success or goal, then the source of drug is not acceptable.

Athletes are getting millions of money as prize and other sources to gain more through sponsorships and product endorsements, so the fame and prize for achieving success is great.

But the punishments and any penalties to be exercised on the athletes who indulge in these unfair practices is very small like a year or six months or so. Due to the adoption of this unfair practice, sportsmanship and the spirit which could be seen earlier has been lost somewhere.

Sports are now seen as just a lottery, not a game of fairness. The athletes are not even realizing that they could end up in losing their lives (Blueridgeoutdoors, 2017). They are so focused on to take drugs to improve their performances that they are even overlooking the negative and harmful results.

The rules should be made more strictly so that people could not go for these practices. The recognition of the natural talent, the one who is doing every possible fair way to achieve success is lost and neglected now.

Forcing the athletes to take drugs is just like telling and forcing them to not put their hard work, it is more of forcing them to just take shortcuts to achieve success.

There are numerous cases where the person who have played fair yet have not won had just end up his life by committing suicide. This has resulted in losing of many of the natural born talents of the nation (Cooper, 2013).

There are times when taking drugs is also not causing that negative and harmful results as we think. It will surely make the lives of the athletes easier. Because of their ultimate benefits they are available and created in the market.

Another reason is that banning these activities is just a waste of time and money (Coomber, 2014). Athletes will end up in saying that it is their body and no can stop them from doing anything, if their ultimate goal is to achieve success.

Some of the athletes also have proper prescriptions for using certain types of drugs, as every drug is not causing harmful results and impacting the body.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that there are no shortcuts to achieve success. It is very essential for the athletes to adopt fair measures to achieve success and to keep the sportsmanship and the spirit of the game alive.

Taking drugs and other false practices might give short-term benefits to the athletes but will have harmful and negative impacts for them in the long-run. Drugs should not be taken to enhance and improve the performance of the athletes.

Inspite they should work harder to achieve the desired results. Hence, it is concluded that drugs should be banned and not accepted as a measure or way to improve the performance.


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