EB4707 Human Resource Management Assignment

EB4707 Human Resource Management Assignment

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International Car Company is a manufacturing company in the United Kingdom whose production rate gradually decreased day by day for an informal way of recruitment and selection process. The recruitment process was done in ICC through merit, however, through a friendship relation between the recruiter and the senior managers. No revision was done since 1990, as a result, the management process was outdated and it had a negative effect on the employees’ performance.

1. Introduction

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a department of an organization that handles the administration activities of that particular organization in order to achieve a definite goal. HRM focuses on the functions done by the employees of a particular organization that has positive effects on that organization where the employees work. HRM department refers to effective management of people in an organization which helps to build a way in between organizational objectives and employees performance. In this report, the effective measures for selection and recruitment process by the HRM team of International Car Company will be discussed in brief along with the reward strategies and recommendations.

2. Determination of human resource management related difficulties

Recruitment of right candidates through selection is an important function played by the HRM team that improves organizational strategic objectives to meet a particular goal. International Car Company (ICC) is a multinational manufacturing company so that effective selection and recruitment process is necessary through which this company hires talented candidates for working in International Car Company. However, the selection and recruitment process of the International Car Company is outdated since the middle of 1990 and it may affect to meet organizational goals on time. Internal recruitment board of this organization recruits the candidates in an informal way, more specifically, it may be stated that the HRM team of International Car Company recruits the candidates based on personal friendship with the seniors or managers.

On a contradictory note, it may be argued that if a company refrains to recruit the candidates based on their talent while recruiting based on their friendship with the seniors, that organization will never meet organizational objectives. The seniors or managers do not have knowledge about the work related activities therefore the senior employees do not utilize their skills in their work to achieve a definite goal. The management of the International Car company rewards the senior employees or the managers based on their friendship not on their merit besides not hiring talented candidates via recruitment. Furthermore, the performance rates of the employees are low as the employees have no knowledge regarding the work.  Manufacturing managers receive extra performance bonuses according to the production rate of cars, however, the quality of car production is low that affects the all over production of International Car Manufacturing Company. Moreover, this organization only focuses on personal friendship and not focuses on the talent or skills having the candidates that create obstacles to fulfil the company’s needs. Proper training is required for employees as it is a manufacturing and production company so that the employees will learn new things and utilize those learning things in their work activities for better production (Pawirosumarto and Rofiansyah, 2020).

3. Task 1 – Hiring and appointing process

Candidate selection through online job websites

Advertisement through job portals such as Graduate-Jobs, Tesco-Graduates, LinkedIn, Twitter and Face book may be done on working days regarding a particular position for manufacturing factories and it may be clearly mentioned that the candidates with a particular background may apply for this position (Hong et al., 2019).


The candidates residing in any places will have the chances to apply for a desirable post through job portals and communicate with the HRM team digitally through which the candidates take advantage of online recruitment.


The company receives unwanted applications from the candidates therefore it may become impossible for the organization to allow sufficient time for recruiting a proper candidate.

Appointing through written exams

The management of International Car Company may find and evaluate the right candidates and arrange for written tests and face to face interviews so that the HRM team may get a glimpse of their knowledge and ability for this manufacturing related work (Anwar et al., 2017).


On the contrary, it may be stated that without written technical tests, the HRM team may not understand the basic knowledge regarding the job and applying position therefore without written tests, the HRM team will select the wrong candidates.  On a contradictory note, it may be stated that if this organization recruits the candidates based on their personal friendship with seniors then this company never achieves organizational success.


Candidates from distances will not apply their desirable posts as maximum written tests are organized in company campus, however, those candidates prefer online written tests  in comparison to offline written tests so that digitally those candidates apply that desirable posts.

Recruiting an experienced human resource recruiter

At first, a staff recruiting specialist is needed to hire talented candidates through the selection and recruitment process in this manufacturing company.


A proper HRM team is required to handle all the recruitment procedures in this company efficiently so that this company moves forward to face the challenges.


If the management of an International Car Company hires an unskilled recruiting specialist who hires the candidates informally then the entire recruitment process in that particular industry will be wrong.

Candidate selection involving one on one interviews

Face to face or one on one interviews are necessary for the HRM department to clearly understand the priority and willingness of that particular candidate for these work related activities.


At last, a final interview round may be arranged where personal details may be verified and discussing the terms and conditions of this organization through which the candidates will understand the policies of the International Car Company.


It is a time consuming process and often the interview shows biases regarding the recruitment process and field control is needed in face to face interview.

4. Task 2 – System of rewarding the performers

Scheme of Money Incentives

A healthy work culture is needed for all the employees who is provided by money incentives reward through which this manufacturing company achieves the annual budget successfully.


Incentive rewards make the employees encourage and increase the willingness of the employees towards the work and that will definitely enhance productivity.

Case study: Rolls-Royce PLC

Rolls-Royce is an industrial technology company in London, United Kingdom that maintains this money incentive reward strategy through which the company increases the performance of employees for better productivity (Rolls-royce.com. 2021).


Qualities of the manufacturing products deteriorate in order to increase the production rate and inspection is required to ensure the quality of that particular product.

System of intrinsic way to motivation along with extrinsic rewards

Intrinsic motivation refers to a plan of action to do without any external rewards, more specifically, the employees perform their individual work related activities according to their willingness not influenced by the external rewards system.


Intrinsic motivation increases employees’ commitments towards the organizational objectives that will definitely help to build a successful business.

Case study: Surface Transforms PLC

Surface Transforms PLC is manufacturer and developer of carbon ceramic products in the United Kingdom and the reward system in this company is intrinsic motivation that improves this organization to explore its business (Surface Transforms. 2021).


Intrinsic motivation requires more planning and deep knowledge and more responsibility about the position provided by the HRM team.

Reward system of equity theory

Equity theory of motivation aims to balance between the employee’s output and input in a workplace that improves motivation of the employees towards the work.


Equity theory of motivation increases the inputs of the employees similar to efforts, hard work , adaptability, flexibility and loyalty towards work that help to increase the output of the employees.

Case study: Ai Build

Ai Build is a manufacturing company and follows the equity theory of motivation, as a result, input and output in the workplace in this company will be balanced (Ai-build.com. 2021).


This theory of motivation creates fluctuation in market prices and has possibilities of high risks that have negative effects on the organization.

5. Recommendations for further improvement

  1. Should implement life insurance and health related policy: Life insurance and health related policies should be implemented that influence the employees to work in a healthy and good environment (Refer to Appendix 1).
  2. Should appoint a new trainer: A new trainer should be appointed who trains the employees if the employees’ performance may not produce more production (Refer to Appendix 2).
  3. Should hire employees for auditing: An audit team is needed in International Car Company who will investigate and supervise if necessary (Refer to Appendix 3).
  4. A proper production schedule is required: It is the production manager’s responsibility to plan a production schedule, set a quantity standard and detect whether the products are cost efficient or not (Refer to Appendix 4).
  5. Should manage performance based incentives: It is the production head’s responsibility to make a proper plan for incentives that increase better performance of the employees (Refer to Appendix 5).

6. Conclusion

According to the above discussion, it may be concluded that employees with desired knowledge or skills are required in order to develop a successful organization effectively through which an organization reaches its ultimate goal. Motivates from the HRM may lead the employees to perform best towards the organizational success along with their own success. It is necessary that International Car Company will focus on the informal selection and recruitment process which create obstacles to their way of success. It is mandatory to recruit the employees formally and properly through which the employees may help to achieve the organizational goal with the help of their best performance.

7. References

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