EB4707 Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

EB4707 Human Resource Management Assignment 

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The International Car Company (ICC) has witnessed decline in car sales and employee motivation due to backdated human resource policies such as biased incentives without assessing the quality and quantity of the production. However, performance based incentive schemes based on merit will improve the quality of work and production while professionalism in the company will be achieved. Moreover, the introduction of modern reward and recruitment policies will ensure the company is in line with the industry standards.

1. Introduction

In order to manage a business or company, the HR department or human resource department handles all aspects regarding the recruitment process or hiring procedure, motivating and maintaining the people in an organization. The responsibilities of the human resource department also include discipline, training and employee benefits which are maintained by the HR for controlling the organization management. The purpose of the human resource management is to ensure that the employees in an organization are being managed as effectively and efficiently as possible. In this report, the strategic human resource management of International Car Company will be discussed along with recommendations and reward systems.

2. Analysis of the management issues

Human Resource management is the function performed in an organization that controls the effective utilization of the employees or managers in order to achieve the personal and the organizational goal. Human resource management in International Car Company needs to involve the management activities such as organizing, directing, controlling and planning that will help the company to meet ultimate success while improving quality of the cars produced. Human resource management of a company involves a group of members who are not able to conduct the reward system and managerial recruitment process properly in line with the organisational objectives (Kianto et al., 2017). On the other hand, it may be argued that equal participation is required as the International Car Company (ICC) is a growing organisation which is striving to deliver top quality cars in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia. However, the reward system of the company is at par with the industry standards as often the rewards are motivated by personal relationships and friendships with the senior managers. In addition to this, the recruitment policies of the company are backdated while internal recruitment policies are informal and biased.

On the contrary, it may be critically stated that plant managers receive performance based incentives which are not at all linked with the quality and quantity of car production. The administration of all human resource policies and activities are handled inappropriately by the HR team of the company. The HR team and senior management is unable to supervise compensation, benefits, employees’ relations, training and development functions that manage all the employees’ needs regarding the achievement of the organizational goal. Human resource management lacks the ability to handle the managerial and operative functions in which planning, staffing, organizing, direction and controlling are the key managerial functions needed to be done by ICC.

3. Task 1 – Selection and Recruitment Process

Recruitment with the help of online job websites

The recruitment with the help of online websites such as Tesco-Graduates, Twitter, LinkedIn and Graduate-Jobs is one of the modern methods of recruitment and selection which are applied by many organisations. Huge numbers of talents are available on these job portals.


It is cost effective as well as a huge number of candidates may be targeted with adequate job descriptions. Furthermore, the time required for the completion of the recruitment process is much less comparatively while remote candidates get a chance to apply for the position.


A lot of unwanted applications may hinder the process of proper selection along with appointing an additional manpower in order to sort out the proper applications as per the policies of the company.

Recruitment based on written test of knowledge

Selection and recruitment based on written tests is a major process in the selection of candidates nowadays as this process helps in understanding the knowledge of the candidates required in the job profile (Papa et al., 2018). However, written tests may require a proper set of questionnaires in order to identify hidden strengths in the candidates.


The actual level of knowledge in the candidates is assessed with the help of written tests while the sense of sincerity is also expressed by the process. Additionally, it may be stated that timer management skills of the candidate are also evaluated in this method of selection.


The process may require time as it involves assessing the candidates knowledge in a particular field besides being costly in nature as written tests are to be conducted in test centres. Unavailability of proper examiners may influence the results in a negative way.

Recruitment and selection based on face to face interview

Face to face interviews are conducted mostly by all the organisations as it helps to identify the character of the applicant for a particular position. This process is applied in multinational companies which assess the behavioural traits of the interviewee besides the related expertise and knowledge of the same.


The personality and character of the applicant is important as it will help the team to work cooperatively. Behaviour, stress management abilities, required theoretical as well as practical knowhow, collaborative attitude and professional attitude of the individual are judged in the process which are the significant traits of a good performing employee or manager.


Moreover, if the judgements of the interviewers are biased or influenced emotionally then the organization of ICC may face problems and may not achieve the organizational goals and individuals’ personal goal.

Recruitment and selection based on performance in probation period

Probation period refers to the time in between three to six months when the employer and the employees both understand whether both are suitable or not. This probation period is different in case of different companies where the organization will check the capability and willingness of the employees in order to achieve the organizational goal.


Probation period starts from hiring a new employee or promoting a new employee in a new work culture to assess their effectiveness towards the individual goal as well as the organizational objectives.


The recruitment based performance in the probation period increases the employee attrition rate in the organisation.

4. Task 2 – Reward system

Money incentive reward management

The employees’ performance for any organization is based on the healthy work environment where the employees adjust easily and that has a positive impact on productivity.


Performance incentives increase the production rate by the employees that help to achieve the organizational success on time.

Case study: AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical company in the UK who maintain the performance bonus incentives plan that motivates the employees to gain profit (Astrazeneca.com. 2021).


Quality of the products literally deteriorates as the employees focus on incentives rather than quality of the products. Often incentive plans create conflicts in between the members that affect the business.

Equity theory

Adam’s equity theory refers to the balance in between output and input of the employees, more specifically, it refers to the motivation of the employees regarding their job to meet the success.


The positive motivation towards the work influences the production rate which moves the business to its way of success.

Case study: RioTinto

RioTinto is a mining company in the UK who follow equity theory and lead the positive motivation and loyalty of the employees to explore its business with the help of profit (Riotinto.com. 2021).


Adam’s equity theory of motivation creates high risks due to fluctuating market prices that will decrease the sales of that particular product.

Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic rewards

Intrinsic motivation means inner motivation that leads the employees to achieve their individual success along with the organizational goal. The willingness to do the job with a positive mind and attitude help to reach the organization near their success (Tang et al., 2018).


In order to fulfil the organizational strategic objectives, the inner willingness of the employees is needed that lead the employees to do the work properly within a particular time schedule.

Case study: GlaxoSmithKLine

GlaxoSmithKLine is a pharmaceutical company who maintains the intrinsic motivation reward system for motivating the employees to fulfil the work (Gsk.com. 2021).


Intrinsic motivation reduces extrinsic rewards as the employees take more time to fulfil the ultimate goal that means this reward system is time consuming and the employees may have more knowledge about the work to achieve that on time.

5. Recommendations

The recommendations may be stated in the following points:-

  1. Recruiting or appointing a new trainer: In order to manage a sustainable market strategy, it is required to appoint new trainers who train the newly hired or the existing employees if necessary (Refer to Appendix 1).
  2. Developing performance monitoring procedures: An performance audit team has to be needed to monitor properly at working time. Planning is one of the important roles of HR management which involves HR planning, recruitment followed by the selection and training and the requirements (Refer to Appendix 2).
  3. Implementation of policies regarding health, safety and incentives: The HR department of ICC is required to ensure that the employees get proper performance based incentives which are not based on emotional or personal relationships along with the recruitment duties of the HR department in ICC. The company management needs to implement the policies regarding health so that the employees’ performance meets the organizational goals (Refer to Appendix 3).

6. Conclusion

As per the above discussions, it may be concluded that performance needs to determine the pay scales of the employees and senior managers such as plant managers with the help of performance bonus, reward schemes and the incentive for the employees of ICC. Although human resource management is the backbone in an organization, however, the employees may face different problems including the lack of proper reward schemes and modern recruitment policies.

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