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International Car Co (ICC) is the automobile manufacturer in different countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The major problem seen in the company was related to the production output. There can be seen a decline in the work quality of labour. It becomes necessary to improve their recruitment and selection system and reward management system to improve work efficiency. The report primarily aims to identify the various recruitment and selection approaches or theories to improve their hiring process (Wolniak, 2018). It is mandatory to hire labours so that the faults that are seen can be reduced. Furthermore, three reward strategies used by the different companies will be discussed. The report will suggest recommendation based on the reward strategy to improve the reward management system of ICC.

A brief analysis of the issue

As per the case study, ICC has a low quality of management appointment that affects the company’s internal selection and recruitment process. Personal friendships with senior managers have become more essential as compared to formal recruitment and selection methods. The company is going through the phase of production decline relative to labour and increasing in the vehicle’s faults. It can be seen because of two reasons that are low skilled labour or poor leadership. The primary issue that was identified as related to standards of management at their local plants. It means there is an urgent requirement of recruiting and selecting leaders that are highly skilled and can guide labours to work effectively. Other than that, plant managers do not receive the pay element in their salary, so it becomes essential to improve the reward management system.

Task-1 Recruitment and Selection process

Recruitment and selection process plays an influential role in enhancing the production and work quality of labour (Nikolaou, 2021). The best recruitment and selection method suitable for ICC is to have group activities before selecting a leader. Different activities can help the company in improving the process.

Group activities

It helps in identifying the communication skills of the person and their way of interacting with group members. Group activity is beneficial for the company because while manufacturing a car, there is an urgent requirement of completing the task in a group. The leader must handle the group members and train them adequately, so the production decline can be enhanced (Farndale 2018). Other than that, group activity will also help identify the listening potential of leaders, so their patience of hearing the preferences given by labour is identified. The recruitment and selection method will help the company provide more importance to formal process rather than personal friendships with senior managers.


Furthermore, they can also choose the method of interviewing every individual, so the HRM of the company will be able to select leaders as per their skills and capability. The interview is usually a face-to-face meeting in which questions will be asked, and it helps in observing the confidence of an individual while they are answering (Patterson 2016). For example, Google has two elements in their interview section. The first is done by using the phone, and the other one completed by an on-site interview. It helps in monitoring the individual in-depth (Henshall, 2017). Besides that, personal interview with employees also identifies the skills they have and their ambition to do the work.

The company can ask questions related to leadership and the way they will treat labours. Strategies used by them so the decline in production can be improved. It will be a successful way of recruiting and selecting a leader so their faults can be decreased (Folger 2018). Other than that, ICC needs a leader that helps them reduce their faults so they can also recruit and select leaders as per their decision-making and problem-solving ability.

Moreover, they must implement a policy while processing their recruitment and selection process to decrease the formal method used. ICC senior managers are giving more importance to personal friendships than choosing an employee to increase productivity and profitability (van Gelder 2019). They can implement a policy that rejects the application or CV of individuals that are in relation to senior managers. It will reduce the probability of choosing employees that are not skilled.

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Figure 1: General recruitment process in any automobile industry.

(Source: Chiplunkar, 2018)

Additionally, in any automobile industry, employees are hired as per the requirements of the client (Chungyalpa and Karishma, 2016). It means that the company must understand the client requirement and hire an employee that can fulfil that.

Finally, the ICC must hire a leader capable of solving their current problem that reduces the fault in their vehicles (Chiplunkar, 2018). It will help them in improving productivity and labour efficiency. In this way, using diverse recruitment and selection process International Car Co (ICC) will resolve the current issues adequately.

Task 2 Reward management strategy

Reward system, compensation, bonuses, and incentives are the key source of maintaining a competent and satisfied workforce in an organization. Human resource is the most crucial force determining the organization’s survival, growth, and development in a highly competitive market ( 2019). Implementing a fair reward system will positively impact the employees’ productivity levels and motivate them to give their best towards the betterment of the company. Moreover, an effective reward system empowers the process of job and work evaluation, which further creates transparency and will help in fixing more realistic and achievable standards. It also boosts employees’ morale, cooperation levels in the organization, and the overall efficiency in undertaking various operations of the organization.

The International Car Company adopts a partial reward system, which is inappropriate and negatively affects the employees’ productivity levels. The individual managers working in the company are rewarded based on a partial aspect of their relationship with the senior manager instead of their merit and other capabilities. Although the plant managers receive a performance pay element in their respective salaries, the link between the quality and quantity of the car production with the managers’ pay seems inadequate. Such an inappropriate reward system resulted in a decline in the production levels and a hike in the vehicles’ faults. In addition to this, the company experienced a weak customer base and low productivity in the manufacturing process. The company should adopt corrective steps and improve the reward system to maintain an effective workforce and ensure that it receives the best out of its employees ( 2018). Some recommendations to International Car Company are:

Reward strategy by Apple:

Apple rewarded its employees by surprising them with an extended holiday to enable all the employees to take a break for the full week. Also, Apple offered its employees paid holidays for continuous three days instead of a one-day Thanksgiving off. Additionally, the company customized the reward strategy based on each employees’ job role and their location. ICC is recommended to adopt such an approach to meet the employees’ cultural, personal and regional needs (Oludayo 2018). The company should understand the role and recognize the employees’ efforts so that they feel valued and could enjoy the rewards granted.

Reward strategy by GE Healthcare:

Continuous communication and engagement proved to be an effective strategy for implementing the reward system in GE Healthcare. It resulted in the development of continued collaboration, named as Employee Forum. The firm also organized weekly meetings, which took an innovative spin in the regular employee managers check-ins. A dashboard well mounted on a wall displayed the achievements and the performance of each employee. Thus, it is advised to ICC to undertake such reward strategies as GE Healthcare did to feel safe and secure in the organization. Moreover, recognizing the employees regularly results in motivating them and boosting their morale towards the organization’s growth.

Reward strategy by Zappos:

The employee recognition approach adopted by Zappos is a strategic plan based on the peer-to-peer format. It is implemented with the employees who share low-cost and high-frequency rewards among themselves. Additionally, the staff members have the opportunity to earn “Zappos Dollars”, which can be redeemed in the office. Moreover, the organization also recognizes its employees based on their personal needs following their office locations (Al Mamunand Hasan, 2017). Hence, it is recommended to International Car Company that it should also adopt the above-suggested reward strategy, as it encourages the employees to work most effectively and efficiently. Such techniques enhance their productivity levels and ensure the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.


It should be recommended that ICC needs to have a round of aptitude test and ask them questions by putting them into the virtual situation. It helps the company in recruiting leader that have best problem-solving skills. It is the method that enhances productivity and decreases the faults in the vehicles. It is mandatory to reduce the faults so the production can be improved. Problem-solving is the primary requirement in the company for decreasing the faults.


It has been concluded that ICC needs to implement new policies for recruitment and selection process that includes interview session, group activities and hiring leaders that are capable of meeting the requirements of consumers. Other than that, the company must give paid week-off to its plant managers to work efficiently. It is the reward strategy used by Apple. Finally, the recommendation is given in the report suggesting that managers must have effective problem-solving skills.


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Job role and summary

International Car co. is looking for a skilled leader that can enhance the work efficiency of the company. The leader must have great knowledge related automobile parts so they can implement adequately.

The company continuously focuses on enhancing their training and development programs so the qualities of leader can be increased. Other than that, ICC also has diverse reward strategy that enhances enthusiasm of employees.

Thank you.

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Job role

ICC is looking for a skilled labour the helps in improving the productivity of company as the company is currently going through minor losses.

The company also manages diversity that constantly treats every individual equally. There are various reward policies that keeps employees attracted to the company.

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Job role and summary

The company needs highly skilled employee to manage the productivity of company. ICC will provide them with incentives as per their work and success. There will be different training programs to enhance their skills as well. The package offered to them will be great that is different from other automobile companies.

Thank you.

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