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The business world is evolving rapidly with the help of technology with suitable design for marketing and communication strategy to focus on customers and thrive in the business world. In this report, the various aspects of marketing, design and communication strategies of the Crosstown brand are discussed briefly.

Principles of marketing design and communications

Crosstown is a London based bakery brand founded in the year 2014 speciality in sourdough doughnuts, handmade cookies, small-batch ice creams and Coffee is a retailer with market shops, online catering and wholesale segments. According to Crosstown, it has a total asset of 2.48 million euros in 2021 which is possible through the unique strategies of design, marketing and communication of the company ( 2021). The brand chooses to offer the service on the digital platform which is a masterstroke in this age of technological evolution where customers used to order online and get delivery of the product on the doorsteps. Any brand sustenance lies on the strategy of marketing design and communication strategy where the brand Crosstown shows the liability towards the business objective by speculating the customer choice in bakery products and coffee.

Product design 

It introduces several new products to get the customer’s attention as vegan cake doughnuts with various flavours such as bourbon, maple, banana, lemon, olive oil which attracts a varied range of customers to keep the revenue flow cyclically. Also, the design of products is changing from time to time to give a new look of the product which shows the creativity of the design process to get the attention of the market. The business management may have the measures of the assets which are the end product and do attract customer attention. Here in the case of Crosstown, it took innovative design approaches to the doughnuts which change seasonally as Halloween cake for Halloween day, spiced pumpkin doughnuts return for Thanksgiving Day are some special designs of products which do the business in a colourful way (Crosstown. 2021). However, as the technology in the fourth industrial revolution facilitates the behaviour of customers related to business performance as the time to search a product and the specification online is much related to customer attention and satisfaction in this digital age. The design in corporate management has better value for the customers where it takes care of the website to the colour of the product and the time frame which help to build the brand recognition and popularity through the offered service (Nam et al., 2018).

Offered services will be of the potential degree to achieve the customer attention to design the things with contemporary trends and the brand uses its full innovation in designing product details to enhance the sale and positively proportionate towards the profit of the business. On the other hand, design elements are pivots of interaction with stack- holders as well as customers in real-time which creates a unique service value and offers a variety of products with various flavours which vastly attract customers with choice and satisfaction. Visualisation of the product is of more value against the quality of the product where the attractive visualisation attracts the eyes of interest which serve the product as trendy and popular with respect to the competitors and give a standard outcome with profit. Thus, the design of a product makes the difference to get the market attention and achieve success with the continuous upgrading of product design.

Communication strategy

The most significant strategy of marketing is to communicate with the market where the brand uses announcements and gifts to the customers to enable trust and reliability from the customers.

Marketing strategy depends upon the needs of customers and the communication strategy taken to target the potential audience whose needs remain unmet where the target audience is the consumer, general public event organizer, various organizations and many more. In order to fill the emptiness, the company has to set up the communication goals to transfer the user needs to the next state with specific appeals which is useful for the brand to get a wide range of customers from the public domain (Bayazovna, 2020).

The communication channels are also useful to get the customer feedback about the product which is extremely beneficial to keep up to date with the customer feedback and allows to make changes in the product to meet customer satisfaction. Marketing design also deals with the way it reaches the customer domain where the brand uses the digital marketing policy which is widespread, interactive and essential to developing the brand name, product and service online. Moreover, the internet is more specific and target-oriented with respect to television, magazine and newspaper advertising to set a closer relationship with the customer in sales, support and business with low cost (Mandal and Joshi, 2017).

Social media advertising strategy

Today’s world is more fascinating with the use of social media which is a great platform for business operations where companies build brand recognition and value with the controlled use of social media. The brand Crosstown used to float the ideas and changes of products in various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to discuss and review customer feedback of the new arrivals of products to get the market reply over the product quality and design. Social media is now an integral part of social life and during the Covid-19 the use of social media flourishes the world with the interference it has done to public life. The controlled use of market operation and review of customers in social media help to achieve a larger domain of customer interest which shows the progress in profit generation. The customer review may help to grasp the need, choice and interest of the customer is the huge publicity available through the use of social media where the company gets necessary tools to develop the product in accordance with customer review (Grimshaw, 2021). The use of social media helped to connect with customers all time to get the attention of customers and the critics and advice help to grow the brand for better sustenance.

New approaches towards communication design and marketing for future sustainability

The business market is growing rapidly with the help of technology and it arrived in the age of the fourth industrial age where to survive in tough competition, openness to new approaches always help to build the reputation of the brand which is able to deliver the business in any circumstance. Food and beverage is the typical quality-specific business domain which is always tangible with tongue and stomach where the taste and quality of the product are under the critical scanner of the customer. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the business is helpful to outstand the product quality and taste over the own product which needs to be increased with the competition perspective to get popularity over the competitor. The brand is required to be committed to zero hunger by reducing the waste and leftover food and use it for the needy and poor populations through proper monitoring of leftover food on customers’ plates (Iazzi, 2021). It has to maintain no tolerance over the discrimination against diversity, religion, caste, creed, race, gender, colour, ethnicity and committed to the environment by reducing the waste or recycling the waste for a better future.

Quality education and the use of clean and affordable energy to all is the social goal to achieve as a popular brand which forecasts the brand perspective to the world. The SDG goal also includes the use of clean water and sanitation for great maintenance of hygiene of the product is necessary for sustenance in the market. Water management is the primary issue that needs to be taken care of honestly for the sake of the food and beverage sector industries’ health and performance (Weber and Saunders‐Hogberg, 2020). In the wake of Covid -19, all business sectors, as well as food and beverage sectors, faced a bitter decline in market operation and maintaining public health is mandatory for the business with strictly maintaining the measures to curb the spread of the diseases with extreme use of cleanliness and hygiene. Application of Green Human Resource Management (HRM) is also more obvious to be incorporated in the business operation which focuses on efficiency and responsibility towards the wellbeing of society. Adoption of Green HRM simulates the sustainable use of resources within the organization which supports an environment-friendly behaviour and cost-effective policy to be taken care of for sustainable purposes. Interaction of employee training and performance management at green HRM significantly strengthens environmental performance (Pham et al., 2020).

The business operation always depends on the Supply chain management and being a food and beverage brand, Crosstown should maintain a healthy professional relationship with its suppliers, logistics partners and use technology as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data, Automation to relieve the business stress and a create a greater chain of sustainability in this pandemic period. The food and beverage sector filled the stomach during the pandemic and the use of technology made it much stronger to maintain the supply chain of the business. The use of technology such as big data and data analytics will help to guess the customer needs and through the use of communication media organizations will reach the customer with the right product at the right time and this will be the unique performance preferred for future business strategy. The falsification of food is the main cause of customer distrust and loss of economy which is not welcomed in the food and beverage sector of business.

The use of blockchain technology to trace and authenticate the supply chain management to identify the source of contamination in the global food supply chain will ensure the transparency of supply chain management. Specifically, with controlled use of blockchain technology in data acquisition and management it will cut the false and contaminated food from the supply chain and be more useful to incorporate in the business operation (Galvez et al.,2018). In the rapidly changing business model without the geographical limit, it is necessary to adapt the Lewin’s change management for the company to grow and thrive in business revenue where it took the account of uncertainty and resistance to change which helps to plan strategically to get the desired policy for future. The policy was established upon shock, fear, acceptance and transformation to change with the unfreezing, movement and refreezing stage to carry out a change in the business. The business thrives depends on its customer and to know the customer more detailed analysis is needed to acknowledge the requirement of the customer for a better service. The RACE customer life cycle model is more equivalent in digital marketing to serve customer satisfaction where it is strategic planning to understand and deal with customers.

Moreover, as the name suggests RACE is the acronym of Reach, Act, Convert and Engage with the customer where it plans strategically with purchasing stages of customers and companies’ communication to perform positively to engage the customer loyalty to convert in revenue by acting accurately on customer demand. Apart from this, to act as a profit-earning brand company needs to continually analyses the competitor in the business by gathering, analysing and interpreting the information to understand the business goal of the competitors. The closest competitor will target the same clients with the same needs and same offers and prior information regarding this will be helpful to survive in business. In order to keep pace with the competitors, it needs to innovate and incorporate the new approach, technology or product design and introduce new business models which positively influence the business size and popularity. The current time always indicates the usefulness of taking innovation in every aspect on board to achieve greater sustainability in the long run.


From the above discussion, it may be concluded that the globalization of the economy needs the incorporation of technology as well as innovating business models and approaches that will help the industry to sustain and do profit with a holistic business approach.

Critical reflection 


I also feel that marketing knowledge is extremely important which I learned in this module as a student I also think that without a powerful marketing strategy a brand will not be able to achieve the competitive advantage in the global market, I have faced several issues as I did not have proper communication skills as communication skill play an important role in the workplace, The module helps me and I have improved my communication skill. At the beginning of the module, I had extremely little knowledge about marketing strategy even though the module provides me with proper knowledge of different marketing strategies which will help me to understand the current scenario of the world.


I also feel that the Rolfe reflective model is one of the most innovative reflective models as it will help me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as it will be beneficial for the growth of my professional career. I have also learned several marketing communication strategies as effective communication strategies will help me to create a healthy relationship with other employees in the workplace. A reflective writing is based on several pedagogical practices and theories as it plays an effective role to improve the effectiveness of leaders and managers in an organization (Lawrence, 2013).


I have realized that in the era of globalization marketing knowledge is extremely essential while I have to improve my marketing analysis and decision making skills. One of the biggest advantages of decision making skills is that it will help to implement an approaching strategy in an organization that will strengthen my position in the workplace. I have experienced that I have developed my problem solving skills as in the international marketing problem solving skills is extremely required for better outcomes.  Additionally, it may be implied that the Rolfe reflection model is also based on several hypotheses and it is also useful to recognize and resolve the various issues and challenges (Mckenna, 2019).

Action plan

Actions to be taken Effective ways to complete the actin  Persons Responsible Resource Required Time Required
To improve the communication skill Communication skills need to be improved through communicating in simple language and increasing the effectiveness of thinking skill Myself Human and financial resources 5 months
To improve the decision making skill decision making skills have been developed through gaining experience and using several marketing strategies for the development of a brand Myself Human and financial resources 3 months
To improve the marketing knowledge Marketing knowledge requires to be developed through understanding and analysing the current marketing environment in the global market Myself Financial and human resources 3 months

Table 1: Action Plan

(Source: Self-Created)


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