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Electromagnetic brakes are mainly used to stop motion by using electromagnetic force mainly applied in mechanical resistance. The brakes are originally called “electromechanical brakes” which use both the magnetic and electronic power. Traditional braking system requires friction, which applies brakes to various vehicles. However, electromagnetic braking systems require lubrication and frictionless technology to operate on different vehicles. There are different types of electromagnetic braking systems such as eddy current, friction, hysteresis, and magnetic particles. The research focuses on frictionless braking systems and replacing conventional braking. The maintenance and reliability of electromagnetic braking enhance due to the advanced use of technology.


Electromagnetic braking systems have some limitations since they fail to act as a holding device for vehicles. The system is less efficient under low velocities of vehicles and disables to stop the motion. In the opinion of Prajapati et al. (2017), high usage of electric power is a major drawback of the system and the installation is very difficult in any kind of vehicle. The installation is hard to die to lower space between rear axle and gearbox. The research will shed light on the above problem and will forecast strategies to overcome the problem with the help of frictionless braking systems.

Research aim and Objectives


The research will aim to minimize brake failure to avoid road accidents by using frictionless electromagnetic braking systems.


The objectives of the research will be:

  • To analyze the concept of the frictionless electromagnetic braking system
  • To understand the difference between a conventional braking system and an electromagnetic braking system
  • To illustrate the working principle and action of the system
  • To describe the maintenance and reliability of the electromagnetic braking system
  • To recommend suitable strategies for overcoming the challenges of braking system

Research Method

The study will select positivism research philosophy to analyze the concept of electromagnetic braking system for different vehicles and avoid road accidents. As cited by Yadav et al. (2018), descriptive research design will be chosen to understand the issues of electromagnetic braking systems such as usage of electric power, lower velocity. A descriptive research design will help researchers to gain knowledge based on qualitative analysis of the data. In the views of Chen et al. (2019), secondary data collection method will be practiced to collect the data from the existing sources such as Google scholar, pro quest, online website to understand the difference between conventional braking and electromagnetic braking system.

The main benefits of secondary data collection will be to get existing results, which will require less money and time. As opined by Momin et al. (2020), a thematic analysis will be selected to analyze the themes based on electromagnetic power and understand the advantages of frictionless braking systems. Thematic analysis will encourage the research to get an authenticate and integrate research results.

Future outcome

This technology has so many advantages, which creates the opportunity to use it in different ways, such as this requires less downtime, where mechanical brakes take more time. This could be useful for stopping large vehicles and large carriages such as trains in less time than before to avoid any type of accidents and other risks (Momin et al. 2020). Besides, this technology has lower maintenance costs, which make it more comfortable and affordable for the general people to use. Mechanical brakes use friction for brake, where electromagnetic brakes are a frictionless brake, and that makes it stronger as well as corrosion-proof. As per the view of Patra et al. (2018), in electromagnetic brakes, the speed of braking could be controlled as well, and in mechanical brakes, it was a tough task. However, this way, large vehicles can be stopped at a certain speed, which will help not to damage the carried products due to sudden brake.

Besides, another advantage of this technology is it provides more safety than traditional brakes during driving because mechanical brakes could malfunction or disrupt the engine from running sustainably. However, in emergency time, the electromagnetic braking system first cuts the power of the engine then applies the force to stop the wheel, which makes it safer than mechanical one (Günay et al. 2020). In those industries where three-phase motors are being used for daily operation, their mechanical brake could be vulnerable technology, because it emits heat as well as damages the performance of the brake, where electromagnetic brake takes care of that and reduces maintenance cost.

Research Impact

This research would create an influence on future researchers and technologists to enhance the technology or use this technology more creatively to enhance the quality of lifestyle. Besides, the main objective of this research is to find the ideas and prepare an electromagnetic braking system, which would be used for different purposes (Momin et al. 2020). This study will also find out the future scope of the study and extend the usage of the technology, and find out the factors that can reduce the price to make it more affordable and stronger for general people. As claimed by Patra et al. (2017), this is not a new technology, it has been used in several vehicles, and most popularly as a disk brake, it has been used in sports bikes, sports cars and heavy vehicle customized cars as well.

It has seen that most people are not aware of technology and the research people could be aware of this technology and adopt this technology for their daily usage. This would not only help to take a step towards the future but also help to make their life more sustainable and safe. Large industries could use this technology for safety measurements and use for various purposes (Günay et al. 2020). This technology has the power to revolutionize the automotive industry and manufacturing industry both, where this research paper would help to proceed towards the future with this technology.

Research Plan

The research will start on 19th February and completed on 26th February, the detail will showcase in the following Gantt chart.

Figure 1: Gantt chart

(Source: Created by the learner)

Electromagnetic Braking System Assignment

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