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Executive Summary

The report has shed light on personal leadership development, and the primary criterion selected for personal development is effective communication. A brief introduction has been added to describe effective leadership strategies in a person to engage in organizational activities. Gibbs Reflection Model has been appropriately followed in this study to clarify effective communication development strategies in an individual. The Big Five Personality test has been conducted to measure personal leadership skills and qualities, as test results are attached in the following study. Finally, a set of recommendations is described by creating a SMART objective which criteria will be needed to fulfil for achieving expected leadership qualities in a person.


Effective leadership strategies are necessary for an individual to improve his personal and professional skills. Personal effectiveness is significantly vital for developing a quality management formation in an organization. Effective communication systems are necessary for a leader to enhance employees to increase productivity and workplace enhancements. Positive communication methods are helpful for a leader to initiate a proper business conversation as well as it is crucial for defining any organizational process. An intellectual and practical implementation of leadership qualities is required in an organizational hierarchy to manage the organization as per recommendations of current business development strategies.



Enhanced industrial processes and employee enhancements have made a significant criterion for developing a proper communication system in a company to achieve tremendous organizational success. However, I think that a leader must have this quality to maintain a suitable professional relationship with employees, and it ensures that a hierarchical message is delivered to employees properly (Dugan and Humbles, 2018). I understood that a proper communication system strengthens the connection between employees inside and outside of corporate business. It can be said that organizational stakeholder management system is enhanced by focusing on this leadership strategic development perspective. I must say that a proper communication system in an organization will enhance decision-making processes and identify potential problems in a company. Persuasive business messages will be delivered appropriately by this leadership approach.

Element 010 Leadership and Change Management Assignment Sample Gibbs Reflection Model

Figure 1: Gibbs Reflection Model

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It can be said that an effective communication system is necessary for a leader to train employees to build a positive workplace environment. Workplace culture can be enhanced by implementing proper leadership tactics. I must say that a vital communication skill in an organizational leader is helpful for achieving greater success in future and accomplish organizational goals. Relationship building perspective among employees will be enhanced by implementing suitable leadership techniques, and it will increase a team’s morale (Flinn, 2018). Organizational efficiency could be increased by effective communication leadership traits. I learnt that understanding organizational needs would be an initial stage for developing leadership qualities in an individual. A clear definition of business processes during an ongoing conversation is more preferable to clarify, and it represents a well communicative ability of an individual.


Application of theoretical framework for leadership development for a person will be more preferable to enhance their business development skills. Contemporary Theories such as Transformational Leadership Theory and Fiedler’s Contingency Theory will be a proper solution to evaluate communication perspective development. I think that a leader must set up an example for other employees to encourage them to develop personal qualities. However, the personal development of a leader is necessary to fulfil the requirements of this significant criterion. I understand that a polite and positive approach towards an employee increases respect for an organizational hierarchy which could be helpful for increasing productivity. As cited by Haslam et al. (2017), development of goal-oriented personal development is necessary for enhancing communicative ability in an organizational leader. However, measurable plans, a straightforward evaluation plan and strategies are necessary for communication development in a business leader.


Transformational Leadership Theory will be suitable for identifying potential changes and is helpful for developing an excellent vision to guide employees. I learnt that development of inspiration among organization leaders influences other employees to achieve similar success in their professional career. A group-based organization can be heavily enhanced by this theoretical framework (Heslin and Keating, 2017). I noticed that executing changes in personal development lead other employees with more committed members of a group, and it motivates them to adapt to recent changes by shaping organizational success. [Referred to Appendix 1]

I should say that a situational based approach for leadership development is significantly vital for an individual. Contingency Theory states a clear example of this perspective, and it focuses on changing the environment or requirements in a person or organization. As stated by Holt et al. (2018), proper managerial skills are necessary for an organizational leader to be more dependent on situational context. A rigid personal development style will be more applicable to developing leadership qualities by influencing effective communication systems.

Contingency Theory of Leadership Element 010 Leadership and Change Management Assignment Sample

Figure 2: Contingency Theory of Leadership

(Source: Holt et al. 2018)


Following proper guidelines for quality leadership development will be perfect for an individual to achieve personal and professional success in future. Setting up as an example for others will boost organizational communities to reach critical milestones. Better teamwork development could be achieved by implementing a proper theoretical framework, and it can be said that proper situational analysis will enhance this aspect (Moldoveanu and Narayandas, 2019). Development of good communication ability in a leader is suitable for a person to encourage others to achieve their personal objectives. Emotional control and active listening skills will be developed by leadership development.

Action Plan

I think that proper testing of personal leadership development is necessary for a person to identify weak areas for development in future. The Big Five Personality Test tool will be suitable for identifying current personal leadership qualities and helps to understand development criteria. However, I must say personal measurements are necessary at the initial stage to enhance interaction processes among employees (Prommer et al. 2020). Conducting such a test will deliver a relevant result for personal development, and it influences a person to become an example for others. [Referred to Appendix 2]

The test results reflect that I am in the OCEAN Category, which is stated as Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism (Subramony et al. 2018). According to the score, I must admit that I have these practical leadership qualities in me to be myself well-fitted for an organization.


Based on the above discussions, it can be concluded that personal development strategies are effective for an organizational leader to enhance an effective communication system. Creation of enthusiastic leadership approaches will be sufficient for motivating employees, which will further result in profitability for a company. I should add that workplace positivity is necessary for a company to meet organizational objectives and initiate team-based goals. A success criterion of an individual as well as a company can be achieved by implementing sound leadership qualities and aspects. Development of self-leadership skills will be necessary for enhancing communication skills and mentoring other employees in a company.


Enhancements in personal leadership quality will be more preferable for me to develop my communication skills. However, it can be said that the most effective way of leadership development is practising discipline. As per my opinion, a well-structured person could be identical for other individuals to set as an example (van Saane, 2019). I think that a person must take primary responsibilities to increase their personal leadership development perspective. It could be a great way for personal development, and other people will be more likely to follow the same path shown by a leader (Vogel et al. 2020). Inspiring others would be suitable for me to increase my leadership attributes. [Referred to Appendix 3]

Objectives Specific










Goal Setting Development I must say that goal setting is the centre of a leadership development process, and proper communication systems will be a perfect goal for achieving personal success factors Setting up SMART goals will be effective for managing team members to encourage them to gain significant success in future (Wallace et al. 2021). Inspiring staff and enhancing the overall performance of an individual has greater impacts on fellow employees to understand potential development criterion. Setting up goals is adequately accessible; however, executing them in proper places is the most challenging part (Heslin and Keating, 2017). I understood that carefully listening to everyone will be perfect for improving personal communication skills. I understood that solidifying goals must be the principal intention of a person to develop formal leadership qualities and reach benchmarks.


1-2 Week
Maintaining Body Language During Conversation Body language must be adequate for initiating a conversation, and this perspective is primarily needed to be developed in me. Being brief and topic-specific will be suitable for me to develop my leadership skills (Holt et al. 2018). Critical thinking before speaking must be mandatory for me, and I suggest that it is most crucial for personal leadership development. I think that being passionate about seeking new opportunities will help me develop my leadership skills. 1 Week
Developing Innovative Leadership Ideas The aspect will be suitable for generating innovative leadership ideas, which could be helpful for me to increase my personality traits as well (Haslam et al. 2017). Being a model for others will be suitable to distribute proper knowledge in fellow individuals, and it is a significant component of Transformational Leadership. I learnt that understanding my key strengths will help me to succeed in future, and regular personality tests will help me to keep track of development areas.


Mitigating strategies must be added to overcome weaknesses as addressing shortcomings will lead me to achieve my actual growth perspective. Constant striving and admitting failure must be embraced for understanding areas of development in me.


3-4 Weeks

Table 1: SMART Objectives

(Source: Created by Learner)


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Appendix : SMART Objectives











Development of Communication Aptitudes by 25% Maintaining Body Language


Being Polite

Community Classes Time Management for Solving a Query 1 Month

Appendix : SMART Objectives

(Source: Created by Learner)

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