Aim of research

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The research aims to study the promotion strategy of Malvs Online.

The research is being finalized to conduct an in-depth study of the subject. The research aim will also have the points to discuss the company’s marketing strategy Malvs online.The research aim is also the way to express the intention of the study being conducted and what will be achieved atat the end of the study. The aims should also be well-phrased and specific and should be elaborated in a way that will recognize the main points of the subject and the study.

Marketing strategy

Malvs Online: A start-up

The company Malvs Online is working on its business strategies to being as a  start-up company.  They also have made a business plan and   have written the details of their business plan. They have tried to learn from the presence of the other online retailer that how they are running the business and what are the leadership and business approaches. They are also working on to have all good levels of promotional activities and all good levels of marketing policies.  In a way to give their business and site a good look they are working  with good levels of advertising agencies.  They are planning to create good levels of their site and also motivating the people who are involved in this to work more smartly. They are trying to understand the ups and downs of the market and make their all customers more engaged with them. They are also making their social media appearances.   The company Malvs online as a start-up company has made a vision and mission of their all business and they are have also made their business objectives and they work on all those new business strategies which will help them to be successful in the near future.

The company Malvs Online is an online retailer and a start-up company of all accessories and clothes and sports clothes related to men, women, and children. The company that will make its foundation in the Philippines has spread its business worldwide in the countries of the UK and the US. The company in its all levels of interaction by updating various websites with a nice look and it is also working on to give its business a good structure as a start-up so that it can face the market challenges and competitive edge.They also have adopted the best levels of their appearances on social media platforms like Facebook. They have made the vision of doing the business where the customers will get all levels of priority and get all those clothes and accessories linked with the current trends. They also have had a significant influence on all their customers in countries like the Philippines.   The company also has utilized various lists of emails, and they are also boosting their presence in society (Shabir. and AlBishri 2021).. They are also trying to use Google Ads and many more promotional and advertising activities. Malvs Online is also working on creating exciting and impressive content for their online shopping and promotions in and around the Philippines. They are also optimizing their sites for the occurrence of SEO in their business in and around the Philippines. The business model of Malvs online is the procurement process of the merchandise for the current season, and it is doing the work with all its associated brands. They are also working on their e-commerce portal. These portals are the primary source of revenue for the company Malvs Online.


Figure 1: Sales growth of online retailers

Sources: Tupikovskajaet al.,2021

The company is trying to influence all levels of customers by creating collaborations with all its consequences. Various fashion bloggers and content creators are bloggers on the social media platforms working for the company’s promotion and marketing as a new company. They are creating content for all levels of audiences, and all those customers are wearing clothing from Malvs Online and suggest others for the same.

The company also wants to make  the collaboration with all those micro levels of influencers who have followers near about 10,000 to 40,000 on Instagram and also on Facebook. They are also working on affiliate marketing, which provides the  consigning and earning proces platforms. Various bloggers can join the programs of this category of the marketing process and post their posts on Malvs Online.

The process helps the company attract various customers on all shopping platforms. They also write multiple posts and product reviews on their business wall and different types of testimonials. As diverse audiences look and view their thoughts, they are attracted to them and tend to purchase their products. Affiliate marketing always makes the company Malvs Online the way to win the hearts of all customers. The company is also working on the various process of email marketing, and they are also making multiple emails which are appealing and create wonders in the customer’s brain. They make appropriate content and layouts for all levels of emails.

They are also working on various marketing campaigns to market their products in the Philippines. They are also working on multiple sales and discounts, including offers for their sales. They are making the proper brand level in the online shopping market of multiple clothes and accessories. The company is also working on their online shopping strategies and introduced more online advertising and promotions in multiple languages in and around the Philippines. The company also has launched the process of an SMS marketing process (Tupikovskajaet al.,2021).

They are making millions of SMS in and around the Philippines. The company Malvs Online is not only focused on its strategy of marketing and selling its products, but it is also working on the process of making the brand’s reputation and making more customers engaged in their business and shopping. They are attracting more customers to those platforms where they read more fashion blogs and blogs on lifestyle. The company is also working on various sponsorships and partnerships for their marketing growth. They are working on collecting more stakeholders and shareholders.

Business plan for Malvs Online

The promotion schemes of the online retailer Malvs Online is now working on its new business plan for its site and its strategies for business.  They are working on to give advertisings on the company’s talent for their offers and discounts in the holiday sales. They are also working on various fresh deals for their site.  The company also want to conduct various events related to their products in the site.  For their site they also want to make a design of a mall with proper decoration and also they want explore themselves in the social media platforms.

The buyers will purchase their products because of the offers they will provide and their best levels of advertising and promotional activities.  The buyers will also be attracted towards their  products because of the best quality of their all products and best levels of their pricing. MalvsOnline , in their site management also has worked in the  management of the employees that are working there.  they are also arranging the investment funds and they are also capable for attracting more of stakeholders to implement in  their business plans and policies. They online retailer Malvs Online is also attracting various customers through their all email marketing policies and methods of promos for their site.

They make multiple rules and policies to engage more stakeholders and investors in their business. They are working on creating partnerships with different OTT platforms and gaming brands,, including lifestyle, food, and dining brands. They make clothing for different sports and entertainment events(Namet al.,2021). The company Malvs Online has personalized the experience of all their customers.

They also have made sure that the customers of the Philippines know about fashion and the current trend that is going on among them. They are also trying to understand their buying audience and the audience intended to buy. They appear as a social profile and make more customersy their products. The company is also working on the current methods of various advertising for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, including children.

The company is also facing some market falls due to the economic downturn; however, they are working on implementing AI or artificial intelligence or augmented reality in producing a new level of products and clothes (Shankaret al.,2021). In its best operations, the company has utilized the innovation  Labs for all categories of innovation and the implementation of the invention in their business. Their innovation labs have developed various kinds of cute T-shirts and wristwatches.

They have gone through the entire customer’s review to understand the taste of their customers, and then have made such watches and T-shirts. The retailers’ innovation is a conclusion of all those changes that provide substantial value to all the shoppers. They occur through the process of new and novel developments and making all necessary improvements and implementations of technology in the products and services of a business type or system.

The method also makes the retailers’ value in front of the customers and provides them with a stand in the market’s competitiveness (ELETRÔNICOet al.,2021). They are working on the good sensations for all kinds of sportswear and those clothes which are colour changing. They are also taking the process of making socks with the existence of pressure sensors and those kinds of clothes which can communicate well.

Malvs Online is also working on employment progress inside the Philippines territory and also in the other country. With the support of the best of their marketing strategy, they also work on those programs in which they recruit and train new levels of all hardworking and talented employees in their online retail business. Moreover, they engage all their employees to perform and get the best stories of marketing strategies.


Figure 2: apparel and accessories business

Source: Shankaret al., 2021

With the all-new innovative process and methods, the company can also support creating and innovating all new products and services. They will also become useful for all those people who are located in the UK and US and also the Philippines. They frequently receive multiple products from multiple sources and work on different supply chains for their products.

The various progress taking place is tighter spending of consumers on online retailing and making avail the types of retail forms (Rong et al.,2021). They are working on those places where the retailer life cycle is shortening and many of the growth prospects of their online and mobile and social media process of retailing and spreading the importance of retailing. They are also working on the green retailing cycle. The company Malvs Online also will also contribute to the global revenue of $ 1,191.9 billion in the near future.

In 2022, global e-commerce sales will have increased to $5.5 trillion. Over 75% of people worldwide, including in the Philippines, shop for all their clothes and accessories online, and the company Malvs Online will also work on the cost reduction process (Kimet al.,2021) Thus they will attract more customers to their online retailing business.   They have made the list of those products on demand, which can increase sales through advertising and promotional activities. They have created more flexibility in providing the customers with various products and services.

They do not have any limitations for making their work more flexible and open to all. They always make the comparison of various products and prices and give fast response to all their buyers and customers (Woodet al.,2021). They will also always provide the best levels of dealings to all the customers to have the best sales levels.

Malvs online will find its growth of near about 91% in the year 2022. It will also see the growth like all other e-commerce businesses inside the Philippines. Around 26% of the world’s people, including the Philippines, are doing their online shopping for clothes and accessories. The company is also working on a better merchandising process for online business, and they also want to acquire and retain more customers (e Silvaet al.,2021).

They have added a dynamic strategy for pricing their products and have procured various data for their business purpose. They also have adopted different marketing strategies to retain and satisfy all customers and make better platforms for the shopping of all customers and provide them with a good level of experience. They are also working on various more ad clicks and extensions of advertisements.

They are also working on those offers, making the customers more interested in purchasing their products and services. More discounts on the purchasing options are also available in their online marketing strategy. The company Malvs Online has also made progress on the excellent speed of their all sites, and they also have made searchability more manageable. Also, they are providing the customers with all quality products. They also have made advertising in a mobile-friendly design.

They are working on plans where customers will purchase more quality and perfect product levels (Timoumiet al.,2021). The e-commerce business, including the company Malvs Online, has made a plan of doing the business of $ 150,000 revenue in a month around the world and the territory of the Philippines and many more other countries.

With the best level of sales strategy, the company is also working on making all business and marketing-related decisions and actions that are to be taken for future growth. They also have set various short and long-term goals and the position of their team of sales to achieve the goal. They also work on the organization’s status and the condition of its products in the market. They also try to make more new customers and retain the old ones.

They make sales guidelines to be followed and make the aim and objectives of the business they are doing. They also utilize various marketing analytics to analyse all levels of business risk factors and make recommendations for a perfect online business prospect. They also make plans for those challenges in their online retail business.



















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