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Entertainment file sharing is the process of sharing music files or video albums instantly through the internet all over the world. The file-sharing method in the field of entertainment is the process of giving access for distributing the media that may be in the form of music files, audio files, image files, video files or even it may be in the form of programs or e-books. In this report, a system for entertainment file sharing based on a cloud platform has been proposed. Here, a suitable cloud platform and data centre is chosen and some functions of the file-sharing system are implemented.


File sharing in the entertainment field can be easily achieved in numerous methods or ways. In the industry of entertainment the files in the form of videos, music, audios, is shared in a very protective method. The methods of storing the files and the file-based transmission with the sharing of large files are done manually with the usage of the media which is of removable type, with the servers centralized in the networks, which is fully dependent on the documents which are hyperlinked in World Wide Web, along with the distributed network of type peer-to-peer. The entertainment file-sharing project mainly aims to provide protection of copyright forms for the required and needed files. In the current situation, it is likely to be said that the traffic on the internet which is more than 60% is of the consumers in which they can share several games, newly released movies, online genre books, and music(Al-zebari, 2015).

Fig 1: Entertainment file sharing in the cloud


The entertainment file-sharing project has to be first planned for the implementation of the effective type and execution successfully. The file-sharing project works involve video files and music, and it is likely to be aid as that more than the amount that is 20% of the sales that is declined reason is based on the entertainment file sharing. This process has the ability and capacity to greatly maximize the complement needs for offering protection and an instant raise will be there for the booked music concerts and cost and prices of the concert may also increase. The ticket sales of the music concert and the complements that is much expensive will be much more added to the artist salary (A. Vlavianos, 2016).

For executing any project a Gantt chart has to be developed, where it is said as the visual view of the proposed project in which the scheduled tasks are viewed, monitored and scheduled in a needed or fixed time. These charts are mainly used to execute the project planning project which is considered in several sizes and it is an easy way for explaining how the proposed project is scheduled in a timely manner and it can be effectively performed at the particular time. Gantt chart is one of the techniques to show how the project execution begins and how it results during the execution(L., 2016).

The planning of a project has to be first listed about the necessary steps to follow and then the project proposal has to be started.

  • Finding the stakeholders and the file-sharing customers.
  • Objectives have to be identified and executed.
  • The timeline for a project delivery date.
  • A schedule to be created for the project.
  • The roles of every stakeholder are to be explained.
  • Cost Estimation of entertainment file sharing.
  • Proper planning of requirements.


The main area to be focused on during a proposed project is to list the requirements and it should be gathered for the easy execution of the project. The project is mainly aimed at file-sharing in the entertainment field is to copy the files and distribute the files digitally. This specific file-sharing usage of the network or the internet is subject in present based on the debate in several media and the legislative bodies. One of the important aspects of the debate and the methodology mainly concerns its terminology that is piracy and file sharing(John, 2016).


The functional requirements and the non-functional requirements have to be defined in order to find the full requirements needed for proposing a project. The file sharing methodology is done for the information shared online in an easy and effective manner, in the entertainment sites relatively, and also in the domain of education and jobs(S. Oaks, 2015). The effective exchange and communication among the people and the entertainment files that are shared based on the people knowledge and necessary information of the project and the stakeholders is developed. Some of the functional requirements and non-functional requirements for the project entertainment file sharing is listed below.

  • File transaction
  • Business execution and development
  • Certification for auditing
  • File tracking history
  • Management access
  • Compatibility
  • Reliability
  • Secure application
  • Check performance


File sharing offers many advantages for the users but also has some of the risk factors that are to be sort out. When an unknown person tries to download some files either it can be a music file or a video file, then there is a chance of the user can steal the unauthorized files easily without the owner’s knowledge. He can also copy the files to his device and can steal personal information. This happens at the time of alteration of the settings of the proxy firewall, and the vulnerability can occur which is considered as the risk factor to be solved. Also, if a particular file is not having copyright then it will result in some legal problems.


The vulnerability problem and the copyright issues during the sharing of files in the entertainment field can be sorted out with the help of cloud computing. The cloud gives the solution for sharing enormous files insecure manner and protectively. A cloud service provider offers the encryption end-to-end method for the security of the music files so that the hackers cannot steal or copy the files externally without the user’s knowledge. Also, a double-check method is done in the cloud settings for permission. Also, an audit process is done with the help of the cloud so that only authorized members can access the files stored in the cloud.


The file-sharing data centre and the standards help the users to store a large number of files with greater size in the cloud data centres. So, it helps the productivity of the file sharing and the cost will be less. The lower management of the data centre will reduce the hardware cost as it is not necessary. This data centre of file storage and its standard helps in order to increase business productivity.


The system of file sharing architecture explains how the files based on the entertainment field are shared. The entertainment industry is presently facing some file sharing issues and it is necessary to address the factor in the decline of policies and morally the behaviour is accepted in form of the intellectual rights. It became compulsory for creating a norm in order to download a single track of music on the Internet offline and to easily transfer them to the compactable disks without leaving the director who developed the music or the single track that is developed, promoted, packed, promoted, and it is finally distributed on the internet or in the shops. Within the application that is repacked is said to be as the technology which allows the customer to check and to sample the developed product as well as he can make a purchase immediately through the Internet. This will offers advantages to the entertainment industry in various ways like it expands enormous distribution channels which offer a maximum reach of the music or the video files.

The P2P network is utilized to a greater extent and it offers the benefits and not the disadvantage, and also offers the maximum richness. It also helps in order to open the markets internationally easily and also offers the quick time of delivery and also has the ability and it greatly offers the richer content of music or videos which is presently given. With the help of successive models, it is concluded that the Internet is playing a pivotal role in the industry of entertainment than we actually believe. The artists of the music album or the video have the rightfully for compensating the talented artistic talents, and a new model is created for the compensation.


The budget allocated for sharing the files in the entertainment industry, either it can be a video or a music file and the estimated cost is listed in the below table.


The proposed entertainment file sharing project for the video, audio and music files sharing with the security and protection with the developed methods and techniques. In this project, it is clearly stated that the file-sharing process has now become a standard and compulsory one in all the fields and industries because the documents and the several types of files are saved online. Cloud computing helps the entertainment industry platform for proving a fully secured system for protecting the saved files in the cloud platform. The below chart shows the market sales and the shares of each of the industries. It is seen that in the present year, the media and the entertainment industry sales is at a moderate level, but cloud computing helps to increase the sales of the entertainment industry.

Fig 2: Sales of the Entertainment industry (Burkhard Stiller, 2018).


A virtual machine in the cloud


Security group

Own cloud

Two factor TOTP provider


The methodology of file sharing in the field of media and entertainment in web-based applications is discussed. We have also developed a file-sharing cloud space to store the enormous media related files securely. The point to point file sharing is done which allows the users to easily access the shared files with the help of encryption technique. Our own cloud space is developed so we can easily store our files in a private manner. As the project extends the data storage in the cloud can be maximized so that enormous video files with large sizes can be stored and access easily(T. J. Thompson, 2017).


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