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Reflective Essay Customer Experience Management

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The main purpose of this essay is to apply customer experience management (CEM) concept for comparing and contrasting the customer experience in two different services i.e., one poor service experience and other for positive service experience.

For this study, two different services are selected for understanding the customer experience such as one service will be airline and second service will be hotel. In this, both products are chosen on the basis of poor and good experience of my as a customer. In concern to this, in first service of airline my experience was poor in comparison to my second service at hotel.

In Airline service, as a customer, I observed that there is a problem in operational activities which are carried out for providing customer with attractive service because their customers are not provided with actual flight schedule time.

On the other side, I had a great customer experience in Hotel service because hotel management is continuously focusing towards providing the customer with timely services in respect to spa service or pick n drop service too. However, the hotel service experience as customer for me was good in comparison to Airline service offered to its customer.


Proto-persona Diagram (poor customer experience)

Name of customer Behaviors

·         Avoid blogs

·         Uses social media such as facebook, twitter or Instagram

·         Love to travel

·         Frequently feel overwhelmed and get easily friendly with others.


·         18-25 years old

·         Female

·         College going

Needs/pain points

·         Get support from staff

·         Proper schedule arrival time

·         Airline entertainment

·         Maintaining a large network operations

The two most significant pain points are also identified by me during this whole process is that I had faced problem because in Airline service, there is no management activity for customer entertainment when flight get delay as well as the other problem or pain for me in this airline service is no support from airline staff. These both are major pain for me while travelling from airline service. This type of service has created a poor customer experience for me in terms of customer satisfaction and achievement of customer lifelong trust.

The two key essential Customer Experience Management (CEM) concepts are continuous improvement and customer intelligence. These both concepts play a significant role for an organization in managing the customer experience. The continuous improvement in the customer service is a best way to overcome the customer dissatisfaction level for the services offered to customer.

In a similar manner, customer intelligence is other concept of customer experience management (CEM) which helps the organization to manage the customer experiences. In this, Airline services adopt this concept in which organization is working on collecting the customer data and feedback for actually evaluating the current customer base value (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016). This concept also helped the airline service to make their future decisions on the basis of customer data or feedback.

Proto-persona Diagram (positive customer experience)

Name of customer Behaviors

·         Avoid blogs

·         Uses social media such as facebook, twitter or Instagram

·         Love to travel

·         Frequently feel overwhelmed and get easily friendly with others


·         18-25 years old

·         Female

·         College going


Needs/pain points

·         Need to develop more new services

·         Continuous improvement in existing services

·         Need to develop trust among customer

The two most significant touch or pain points identified during this entire process by me that in hotel services, the organization also need to focus more on the innovative services so that maximum number of customers can be attracted. This can be possible through include continuous improvements in the exiting services.

Likewise, if hotel offers the hotel room then it could also add the one night dinner facility to the guest. This will assist in attract and retain the customers. Furthermore, hotel can also add unique facilities for the guest. Likewise, it can offer the one day tour to near station to its loyal customers. This practice will surely provide benefit to the hotel in the form of developing trust of customer over the organization.

The two relevant key concept of customer experience management (CEM) are customer experience and customer lifecycle.

Customer experiences: In regards to experiences, it was wonderful experiences for me in the hotel due to its quality services, excellent food and quick response of the staff. Thus, these areas make the experiences great (Wilson et al., 2016). In the hotel, I found that rooms are quite clean and staff members are focusing properly on the hygiene factor. This makes the hotel service unique.

Customer lifecycle: There are various factors that customer loyal towards the services of particular organization. These are quality service, excellence staff and quick response on complaints (Obeidat et al., 2016). Thus, these all areas are addressed in the Hotel in which I stayed. On the basis of this, it is stated that I become the loyal customer of hotel.

Compare and contrast the two customer experiences

My customer experiences are compared and contrast on the basis of poor customer experience and with positive customer experience. While analyzing the customer experiences of my, I identified that airline service is also interested in offering best service to its customers but there then also company is lacking managing those services efficiently.

According to me, airline service required to develop or improve its existing customer services efficiently and effectively. On the other side, proto persona diagram also clearly demonstrated my customer experience in a positive manner that in Hotel, I enjoyed the services which are offered to me and also the environment of hotel premises is also so relaxing and attractive that it changed my perception towards the service delivery.

While comparing both customer experiences, it is also identified that both the organization are customer oriented but then also there is difference in the service delivery which is provided or offered by them to their customers. As a customer, I can clearly compare the customer experience of both service organizations in terms of delivery of service, quality of service and so on.

On the other side, both customer experiences are also compared on the basis of touch or pain points which I faced while improvement in time and quality management system. In respect to this, in airline service, time management is main problem observed by me whereas in hotel service, time management was main point towards creating a positive customer experience efficiently and effectively. Therefore, positive customer experience at hotel service is much better than poor customer experience at airline service.


The above study can be concluded easily that as a customer, I analyzed two different services experiences which I had in two different service industries such as one is airline service and other is Hotel service. This study helped me in comparing my customer experience in both the service industries by using the proto persona diagram efficiently.

At the same time, this proto persona diagram also played a significant role in this study in comparing and contrasting the two different customer experiences. This diagram also helped me in identifying the two most significant points related to pains or needs in both poor customer experience and positive customer experience.


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