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Overview Clinton Food Court:

Clinton Food Court happens to be one of the best food courts in town. Although it is quite new in the business, it packs a delicious package of superb food combined with great service. The ambiance suits a wide range of customers who enjoy a great meal that too within a moderate budget.

Being located on of the busiest streets of the town, the food court is also easy to locate. The menu of Clinton Food Court is wide serving a variety of delicious edible items to their customers. However, the restaurant has also had a classic collection of beverages which is one of the signature offerings (Shah et al. 2017, p.06).

Clinton Food Court serves on some of the best wine in the town differentiating it from its rivals in the town. Weekly live music is another top recipe for Clinton Food Court.

With these combinations, it is no wonder it has earned quite a formidable reputation among the customers. Clinton Food Court is famous for their seafood items, which has a superb combination of taste and nutrition value. According to some of its customers, the service of the food court is perhaps best in town which is another key incident for their success (Allcott et al. 2017, p.1120).


Menu review:

A number of items:

The menu of Clinton Food Court is broadly divided into three main categories such as starters, main course, and beverages. Each one of the categories serves a large variety of edible items. The only possible downfall of the food court is that they restrain from serving any vegetarian items.

Clinton Food Court serves more than 12 dishes of chicken alone. However, the food court is primarily known for their plates of seafood such as lobsters, oysters, and many more. There are at least more than 25 varieties of recipes of seafood to choose from (Zhu et al. 2018, p.60).

Nutrition value of the items:

The Clinton Food Court is quite a concern about the health issue of their clients. Therefore, they try to prepare delicious food without compromising their nutritional values.

However, some of their recent clients have raised an issue of the use of too much spice in their foods, which are causing health troubles. Therefore, Clinton Food Court needs to evaluate this issue to enhance the satisfaction of their customers.

Another major issue of Clinton Food Court is that they have not listed vegetarian foods on their menu. Due to this fact, a number of individuals who prefers to go vegan do not seek for their service (Sicherer et al. 2018, p.50).

Issues in the current menu:

The biggest problem of Clinton Food Court is that they have not introduced vegan foods in their menu till now. Some of the customers also complain that as the management of Clinton Food Court has not introduced any new food items in their menu, Clinton Food Court is unable to introduce to a new variety of foods.

Therefore, some of the customers are losing their interest in the food court. As for now, the food court is only visited by some of their oldest customers (Romani et al. 2018, p.220).

It is important for the Clinton Food Court to introduce new items in their menu. It will help them to gain new potential clients for their business. Just my adding delicacies of other countries, Clinton Food Court can attract new customers. Some of the customers, being health conscious, have also complained that the food court needs to add a salad to their menu.

Therefore, with the combination of introducing vegan foods, new delicacies, will help to restore the reputation of Clinton Food Court as they will now gain more customers (Davis et al. 2018, p.04).

New Menu:



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