Food and Nutrition Management  

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  1. What is my job search goal? (4 marks)

I am pursuing food and nutrition management; therefore, I am looking for a job where I can assess patients or clients based on nutritional or health needs. Furthermore, I would like to council patients on their healthy eating habits.

It is important to me because it will help me to be to understand the patient’s requirement, which would make me more efficient in future prospective. I need to find this job as it suits my profile as I have again ample knowledge regarding food and management, which can be beneficial for others. As food and nutritionist, I can eventually influence people to adopt healthy eating habits.

  1. What are the mandatory requirements for this job? (10 marks)

The mandatory requirement for this job is:

  • Working full-time basis
  • Working for  8 hours per day
  • Being available to the clients whenever they are required for some help
  • Promoting a better and healthy lifestyle
  1. Where can I start looking for this job? (10 Marks – choose 5 sites and list reasons why you choose them).

In order to search for the correct job opportunity I can consider the following:

  • Uploading resumes in social sites such LinkedIn which is great platform to search for the significant job
  • Exploring the field of nutrition market as an opportunity to seek nutrition-related opportunities
  • Checking out a career as well as internship services

 Food and Nutrition Management

4a. What methods does my institution recommend for finding a WIL for this program? (5 marks)

The recommendation that is provided by the institution for finding WIL for this program are:

  • Firstly it would help to determine the job that I am looking for
  • Then through networking, I can un understand the type of jobs that are available
  • Responding to the ads as well as postings
  • Completing job applications
  • Develop significant resume
  • Accepting the volunteer work
  • Attending training programs
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Interview tips

4b. What new job search methods can I start to use to conduct an effective WIL Job Search?(6 marks)

The resources that can help to search for WIL are through the beers as well as the internet where the different jobs are posted on a regular basis. Further, different sites such as Information about Volunteering can be considered with respect to the search for the appropriate position.

  1. How can I apply new methods into my WIL Job Search? (5 marks)

Job search action plan development can be used to apply recommended strategies:

  • Determining the list of career goal in nutrition management
  • Focusing on the strengths as well as the skill to conduct the job
  • A building to-do list to acquire the job
  • Research on the ideal company to work for
  • Participating in networking opportunities
  1. What criteria should I use to evaluate potential WIL job opportunities? (5 marks)

 The criteria that I should use are:

  • Researching on the prospective employees
  • Salary for the working being conducted
  • Available Benefits and perks

Task 3  


I have recently completed my Postgraduate diploma in food and nutrition management for one year. I have also pursued a Diploma in Diet assistant in order to masses the patients as well as clients in case of their requirement in food and dietary plan development.


I have significant achieve two years of experience as a clinical dietitian as well as a clinical nutritionist in providing nutrition therapy to the clients. It has helped me to gain ample knowledge in respect to my prospective field. Hence, it has further enabled the desire to continue my career with the relevant job profile. I have mostly worked for 8 hours a day, as I need to make sure that the clients are satisfied with my services. This will not only help me to gain knowledge by it will also help me to achieve satisfaction.

Knowledge and skills

I am certified with a food safety certificate while I was conducting a job in Food and Nutrition management. Furthermore, I also have analytical skill which is necessary for the nutritionist. This will help me to translate nutrition science into practical eating advice for the clients.


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