Former Athletes Village now East Village and Victory Park

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East village is located in London (UK), which is the most appealing and charming society helps in creating the lifestyle of the people and is situated in Victoria Park. The team associated for completing the project includes Turner as an architect, Koichi Takada as an interior designer; Hassell Studio was the landscape architect. The Hassell studio is the foremost international designer in Australia, United Kingdom, China and South East Asia. The Architects of Victory Park were Fletcher Priest and the landscape architects were West 8 and Vogt landscape. The design of the buildings and society is planned according to the needs and wants of the people so that they can enjoy and satisfy their desire while living there (Victory Park, East Village, 2016).

The image of the Victory Park is chosen for showing the overall image of park and it has been learned that the park through its interior attract more customers. The design of the building facilitate the people to meet there objectives. It also helps people to develop their connections and belongingness with the neighbors and maintain friendly relationship with others. The Hassell studio recruits the talented and innovative workers such as architect, interior designer, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and expert counselors so that the designs create value to the customers worldwide. The integrated approach by the team member is adopted so that the results give favorable outcomes to the clients. The designing of the buildings is client oriented so that better understanding and strong relationship can be maintained. The creative and unique ideas are implemented by the designers by critically thinking process so that competitive edge over the competitors can be achieved successfully for maximizing the profit margin. The area is used for the residential, retail and dining purpose. It is destination designed for the commercial, cultural, entertainment and for housing purpose so that it provides comfort level to the customers. The East Village is designed in a low –rise structure i.e. the building is few stories tall for the benefits of the customers. The east village apartments are low priced as compared to the high rise buildings and provide more privacy to the people. At the same time, most interesting fact about the area is that buildings are surrounded by 6,500sqm Sky Park, shops, street corners, cafes, restaurants, fruits and vegetable market and some boutique stores, which can be easily accessible by the people for satisfying day to day requirements.

(Source: Diamond Geezer, 2014)

The above images were selected to provide a brief introduction about the park and its surroundings. The areas include green area, benches and canopy trees covering the path as well as play area for the children’s. The victory park was constructed after the London Olympics in 2012 and has an attracted artwork done by Danish artist, Jeppe Hein and was opened for public on 22 October 2014 with the site area of 15,890 square meters. The visitors are easily connected with various mirrored steel columns displayed in the concentric loop which help in enjoying multiple reflections given by mirror surface.


(Source: Museums Victoria, N/A)

In autumn season the sun rises from east and sets in west. There are equal day and night. On the other hand, in winter season there are shorter day and longest night as the sun is at furthest north. In addition, in spring season the sun rises before the time as compared in the autumn whereas, in summer season the sun is at the furthest south that results into biggest day and shorter nights.

In the above diagram, it is noticed that the outer circle signifies the horizon and the lines that are constant are the elevations in the inner circle. At the same time, in the diagram the position of the sun according to each hour in a day is represented along with the time. These images were selected for providing the directions of sun and its affect on the building. It is noticed that the temperature in ‘East village at Victory Park’ is usually wetter and colder, which slightly changes due to seasonal variation. In addition, the design of solar helps in estimating the movement of the sun so that there is an effective and efficient utilization of energy for the heating and cooling purposes in the entire decision for constructing the building. The construction of buildings and apartments are done with the help of high quality materials, which protects residents from any leakage of water in the rainy season. Each apartment are constructed in such a way that there is an area for balcony so it helps residents to make effective use of the space. Additionally, the prevailing winds also affect the site and if there is any adverse wind condition than it can damage the buildings. Thus, the effect of weather and winds can disturb the day to day routine of the people so for protecting themselves various precautions are taken by them. During the harsh climatic condition people must avoid themselves to stay in balcony for a longer period of time.

Material Study

(Source: Geograph, 2014)

The East Village at Victory Park has 35 acres of open land and play area for the children’s. The children’s can easily play outdoors games in the park. The area is covered with number of plants, trees, benches and the canopy is covering the pathway. At the same time, small events are also managed in the area so building social connectivity. The east village had also set many standards for initiating eco friendly practices by planting more trees, keep the area clean and making it sustainable for the citizens. For keeping the environment safe from the pollutants there is an implementation of new and advanced technology such as recycling. The execution of energy efficient technologies has been minimized so that natural environment can be maintained. The East Village is a greener place, where more people are willing to stay from keeping themselves free from diseases. The innovative idea was implemented such as living above the park; the interior designing was based on the forest concept so that balance between the interiors and external environment can be maintained (East Village London, 2016). But, at the same time, it has been observed that the planting plan is not appropriate because it has resulted into mixture of tree species. It is because the plants have been mixed with the path, which breaks the park landscape and makes it smaller. The external space is blocked and has made the walking distance smaller of the people.

For maintaining the sustainability, within the environment high quality material such as timber, bricks, limestone, terra cotta panels, wood and metal were used for the manufacturing and designing purpose. The above images shows the exterior of the park and various material used for designing the building. The visual or physical appearance of the building attract more people because the material such as rough cut stone and red or brown bricks are used for the construction purpose within the affordable budget level. But, at the same time, it has been investigated that the materials that were required for manufacturing purpose were short in supply because of lack of finance and capital with the architectures.

The building creates aesthetic value to the customers with the help of historical decorative styles of designing. But, on the other hand, use of historical art work now days does not satisfy the needs of modern people so such buildings are not commonly used. The building requires timely renovation with the implementation of modernized methods so that its natural beauty is not harmed and can attract more people. The rough surface of stonework or brickwork is used for the purpose of constructing the residential or commercial building. It can be analyzed that the material used in building is of superior quality so that it can survive for a longer period of time. In addition, the descriptions in association with the material were made specified to meet the rules and obligations framed by the governing body. Thus, the material of Victory Park is complied with the building regulations as well as the colors of the building were selected as per the original structure or the similar plan.


(Source: Hidden London, 2017)

On the top of the building there is a landscape courtyard with the total area of 6,800 square meters. The area of landscape courtyard provides customers with the external space, which facilities in supporting recreational activities. The building has additional qualities such as medical center, health club and pool area that can be used by the residents. The East village aims in building the experience of the clients with the help of surrounding area (Victory Park, East Village 2016). The above image is used because it represents the natural environment with the help of trees and plants for keeping environment friendly society. It has been learned that the architects aim to create natural landform for the people and make use of natural assets by implementing LED lights, green parks and reflective mirrors. The site is properly according to the needs of the customers and provides various facilities such as cross ventilation, parking area, solar equipments and other devices that protect from the harmful sun rays. The changes in the level and slopes have been accommodated, within the site for ensuring that there is optimize utilization of physical, social and economic resources. The changes are done for the benefits of the customers so that there is a proper linkages and transport network in the area.


The site of Victory Park is very attractive as it is surrounded by various plants and trees, which creates eco friendly environment. The exterior image is displayed above, which helps in generating awareness about the site. It has been learned that there is a historical art work, garden, setting arrangement etc to the clients. There is a use of renewable resources and superior quality material is done so that the energy cost can be minimized. Proper ventilations in the parking areas are done so that major issues related to the heath can be minimized. The safe and accessible environment is created so that children can easily play outdoor games. Natural environment is created with the help of plants. Fitness and yoga classes and various events such as Tapas festival, outdoor film screenings and fireworks night programs are organized in the park for establishing social gathering (East Village London, N/A). The above image demonstrates the inner environment, which is very sophisticated and provides many facilities to the customers such as health facilities, small retails shops, bakery products, in-house café etc (East Village, 2016). At the same time, inside environment is created from the customer’s point of view so that they can feel comfortable and enjoy their valuable time.


At last it can be concluded that ‘East Village at Victory Park’ helps in attracting more customers of all ages as it provided innovative and unique facilities such as small retail shops, organize various events and other activities for enhancing social wellbeing. It was noticed that the residents can easily avail the advantage of free health and fitness classes which take place regularly. The fitness classes organized in ‘Victory Park in East Village’ provides various opportunities to the people to keep themselves fit as well as to maintain friendly relationship with the society members. In addition, it was noticed that various facilities such as bicycling, rainwater harvesting techniques and proper power network is provided to the customers. The implementation of natural assets helps in creating beauty of the land and assists in improving the surrounding street area and locality. The pathway of Victory Park is covered with the help of trees, which assist in making the natural environment. It has been learned that the site creates belongings with the customers as it helps in building connection through mirror steel columns where people enjoys in getting multiple reflection by mirror surface. By evaluating the designs and material used for the construction purpose it was noticed that superior tools, techniques and standards are executed so that in future the residents do not faces any problem. In addition, the site fulfills both the types of requirements namely residential and retail. The site is a greener place to live as more trees are planted and also have a big play area for the children’s. Thus, the overall design of the building attracts more customers because it is a place where people can meet, shop, enjoy and dine with other. The people are able to develop strong relationship with each other by celebrating and enjoying various events together.



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