Forum Posts – Sugar Taxing and Social Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes

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In order to implement the SSB for supply and demand of the of High sugar-containing products, lots of the issue and challenges are faced such as usage of huge sugar products, unconsciousness for health, consumption of fast food and living standard.

Moreover, these challenges can be seen in the context of the investment decision of the companies. Most of the times, due to the issue of the cost, companies avoid the promotion of the soda and sugar drink. Beside this, it can be determined that companies prefer to the promotion and sale of the high energy drink.

For this, companies adopt the various strategies and conduct the campaign for this. It is because the customers also like and attracted by this kind of activities of the companies that can be seen mostly in the developing countries (Kearns et al., 2016).

Moreover, it is also analyzed that each person has a different attitude in the context of the health. But, in the current time, each person should have the knowledge on the Diabetes type 2 that happens due to insulin resistance in the body.

In this, it can be seen that the body of a person cannot create an accurate quantity of insulin and it face the problem of Diabetes type 2. The cause due to this, these kind of the problems are increasing in the current time is that the lifestyle of the people has become very poor and people do not eat healthy food (Ma et al., 2015).



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