Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

Great BSS064 Assignment Sample


This report is based upon evaluating the contemporary organization considering the integration and effectiveness of pertinent topics relating to leadership, information system, operations and financial management.

As the report progress, it will also explain about the organizational culture which comprises of the cultural web, the difference in the culture of service and technology.

Organizational culture briefly explains about the organization’s philosophy, experiences as well as the values that guide member behavior and helps them to express their self-image (Elsmore, 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The culture within the organization is also based upon shared beliefs, attitudes, customs and written rules that have been developed Moreover, during this report ways of Agile working which comprises of performance, quality, productivity, leadership and profit will also be discussed.

The Agile way of working is termed as an organization working in short cycles, it enables the management in terms of managing the product adaptability, flexibility and iterative way (Birkin Shaw, 2018).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

Moreover, this process also offers the developers rapid feedback on the product code and allows them to deliver a solution that meets customer expectation.

Additionally, it has also been identified that Agile ways of working within the firm aim towards improving the performance, quality and productivity of the firm.

Moreover, the role of the leader in Agile working ways will also be evaluated during this report which will briefly explain about the competency of the leader within the firm.

Power and politics will also be explained during this study where the role of shareholders along with their interest in the profit will also be explained eventually.

Shareholders role in the decision-making process will also be determined during the study. Moreover, as the report progress, it will also evaluate the conflict situation within the company that fails to generate cooperative working culture within the firm.

Finally, at the end of this report change management process will be explained briefly.

Organizational culture

Cultural web

Culture web is termed as the tool which is used by the organization in terms of mapping the culture of the organization along with understanding the different critical factors that effects the organization (Cooper, et al., 2019).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The cultural web also resonates how employees within the organization interact with each other and perform their task. Cultural web within DRAX management refers to the similarities between the organization within the network.

DRAX management has its missions and visions and hence they have their strategies in terms of performing business within the organization.

An effective organizational culture is characterized by like-mindedness among the employees, high level of involvement of the employees, high level of adaptability and competence of the employees and finally the organization’s clear mission and objectives (Alexander, et al., 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The six elements of the culture web are as follows.

Stories- Within the organization, there are stories which are passed from the existing employees to new employees. DRAX management the stories reveals about the values that apply within the organization.

Symbols- The symbols details about the recognizable expressions within DRAX organization which comprises of the corporate identity, office building, the functions and dress code.

Power structure- The power structure within the firm details about the responsible person that holds the accountability of taking out strategic decision.

CEO within DRAX takes the decision which is the firm then implements within the organization.

Organization structure- The organizational structure within the firm details about the hierarchical composition within the firm.

DRAX management uses line organization structure in terms of maintaining a relationship between people along with taking better-unified decisions.

Control system- The control system within the firm details about the ways through which organization are being controlled and managed.

The control system within DRAX management comprises of financial systems, rewards system and quality system.

Rituals and routines- Rituals are termed as the events within the organization which emphasize on the task that the firm needs to perform. DRAX management prioritizes the task along with performing it systematically in terms of achieving success.

Cultural framework and model

Every organization performing within a business environment maintains a friendly culture within the organization in terms of performing the task with higher authority and accountability (Crane, 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

There are four types of the cultural framework which comprises of the clan, adhocracy.

Hierarchy and market cultural framework. DRAX management follows hierarchy cultural framework which helps them to plan and perform the task in a systematic and controlled manner.

Hierarchy culture is based on the central theme of structure and control, the work environment in this type of culture is formal with the strict institutional procedure in place for guidance.

Moreover, it has also been noted that DRAX management also follows the instruction that is formally delivered by the managers within the organization in terms of performing the task systematically.

Leadership style is based on organized coordination and monitoring with the emphasis on predictability and efficiency (Anita, 2016).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The core values that persist within the hierarchical framework is uniformity.

Based on the hierarchical structure, DRAX management takes up the decision of assigning the job roles based on the competency and skillsets of the employees so that better structural approach of work proceedings can be managed along with the high rate of performance and productivity can be generated.

The difference in the culture of services and technology

DRAX technology is famous for manufacturing highly advanced technological products that performed exceptionally well in the business market, but the firm followed old and traditional culture due to which the firm failed to gain its market share.

The firm took two different cultural aspect in terms of developing their services and technology which comprises of redesigning the software with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things which helps the firm in developing and designing services that matches up to the expectation of the customers along with increasing the building the brand awareness of the firm within the minds of the customers.

Moreover, the firm is also trying to develop the services for the same the organization is planning to gather data and analyze them in terms of understanding the growing needs of the customers along with springboard future innovations that help them in regaining the lost market share.

Whereas, in terms of developing the technology DRAX management has taken up the approach of partnering up with UK funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and University of Bedfordshire (UOB).

The partnership has been done in the process of improving the competency of using the technology to its advantage along with innovating new products that increase the reputation of the firm in the marketplace.

Reason for poor performance in DRAX services

The reason for poor performance in DRAX services as because initially the firm was using traditional manner in terms of developing DRAX products and services, the whole technology was based upon the 20-year-old platform.

Furthermore, it has also been identified that DARX management earlier only used to sell hardware/software and panel installer, they were hardly trying to get into any innovation that restricted their growth and failed them to earn a significant amount of success.

Moreover, the growing competitive environment also made it impossible for the management to introduce new innovative product and service and market it on in terms of growing their customer base and achieve success.

Additionally, it has also been noted out that the firm failed to maintain continuous innovation hence, for this reason, this is the reason for poor performance in DRAX services.


DRAX management follows highly disruptive cultural innovation within their business firm as because it helps them to develop capacity and capability towards innovation.

Moreover, the partnership has also been fruitful with KTP as because it has established a culture of innovation and change in attitude within the management which helps them to carry on their task.

It has also been noted that DRAX management disruptive innovation culture also creates the culture of innovation and hence for this purpose the firm takes up the decision of performing research and R&D in terms of achieving competitive advantage and create the climate of innovation and creativity.

Agile ways of working

Performance, quality and productivity

Agile ways of working are implemented by the business organization as because it helps the management in adapting significant changes within the business environment which includes digital disruption and increased competition (Fontana, et al., 2018).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

DRAX management also inculcates agile ways of working as because it helps them in transforming the development process across the firm which increases the performance within the firm.

Moreover, it has also been noted that agile ways of working also helps DRAX to reduce the rate of reaching out to the market hence it increases the productivity and performance within the management.

Furthermore, it has also been noted out that agile ways of working also helps the employees along with the management within the firm to identify the risk and challenges which they reduce in terms of increasing the quality of the products and services that generates the attention of the customers and maintain long term relationship for future business opportunities.

 The agile process within DRAX management also comprises of tactical management that looks to eliminate the less value-adding activities along with prioritizing task systematically in terms of performing the task and achieve the set objectives of the management.

Agile accurate decision-making process helps in increasing the productivity of the firm that earns higher revenue and growth opportunity for DRAX management.


DRAX management has taken up the decision on using agile ways of working within the firm which provides flexibility to the management to partner with KTP and UOB in terms of developing technology that aims towards providing better profitability.

The firm has also taken up the initiative of using an advanced technology which comprises of ML, AI and IoT which aids the management in establishing centralized dashboard that monitors all the activities that are being performed within the management.

Moreover, in terms of increasing the profitability of the firm the management has also taken up the decision of developing products and services based on the demands and needs of the customers which helps them to increase the profit along with maintaining high brand reputation within the society.


The leaders within DRAX management performs the role of the situational leader where they access the situation of the management and based on that takes up the decision.

Considering the grave and challenging situation where it has been identified that due to the traditional way of technology the firm failed to generate market share.

Accessing this situation the leaders within the firm has taken up the option of partnering with KTP and UOB in terms of using advanced technology such as ML, AI and IOT to their usage and introduce new product and services that aims towards increasing the equity of the firm in all over the world.

Moreover, the situational leader in DRAX management also takes up the decision of extending business roots so that a new customer base and high profitability can be generated.

Power and politics

Power of the business is held by the shareholders and directors as they have taken the strategies for processing continuous business operation without facing any issues (Falkner, 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

On the other hand, the inner politics of business causes conflict among managerial body which directly affects the productivity of the firm (Goeppert, et al., 2016).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

Power and politics of DRAX technology are reflected from the leadership quality followed by the organization classified into three sections which are profit interest of shareholders, conflict and expertise knowledge.

Profit interest of shareholders 

The revenue generation of the firm has been reduced due to the high number of competitors in the market which enables the management of the firm to introduce the new concept of product for retaining market share (Smith & Arnegard, 2016).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The management of the firm is looking forward to positioning the innovative product in a niche market which helps them to achieve brand legacy.

The quality of the product and application of complex data mining process executes the user-friendly one which is to be explored by the highly professional team.

The shareholder of the firm was involved in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership program for undertaking the approach.

The productivity of the business has also been enhanced through excellent and improved performance of employees which is to be maintained by the shareholders and managerial body of DRAX Technology.


In order to implement the changed product, the conflict between employees related to work process or other factors disturbs the final quality and delivery of the product (Rahim, 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

As the product will be launched for the first time and it can also be used in the fire safety alarms, constant monitoring and testing of each stage of the product help to add value to their consumers.

The leadership team of DRAX technology must focus on workplace security and stability for the development of new product without any type of discrimination or conflict.

It helps in the smooth execution of the integrated service and technology for retaining their market share.

Knowledge of expertise 

Knowledge and expertise of the employees are considered as the most crucial factor for the introduction of a new product which is demonstrated through safety and compliance safety along with technical knowledge (Ericsson, et al., 2018).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

Expertise in safety and compliance

The proposed system would assimilate the service of hardware and technology for data analysis and exploitation which requires safety and security of the server.

The technology is also widely used in the fire alarms which is assumed to be quick in nature.

The compliance of DRAX services and technology is monitored under controlled environment and quality checking is also done for removing any type of error.

Change in power relation through technology expertise  

The integration of software and hardware with the required knowledge of programming enable the company to introduce a new product (Groundman, 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The testing in each stage of product development needs to follow an agile methodology which also requires the knowledge of the staff related to the field of programming.

The skills and knowledge of the employees have also been an enhanced through working as a team which is the responsibility of the leadership team of DRAX Technology.

Change management

DRAX Technology had been operating in the software and hardware industry for a long time and their market share had been dropped due to the increasing number of business operating in the same market.

DRAX should integrate data analysis, gathering, and exploitation in a single product which is considered as disruptive innovation.

However, the firm had faced the issue of poor recruitment structure, selection, training, and development which has become the concern for implementing the change process.

Due to financial breakdown and investment in a new product, DRAX cannot provide a competitive salary to their employees and all of the workers are not properly skilled to execute the job.

So, managing a changed approach of leadership and culture help the company to overcome the potential issue and progress the business process.


Kaleidoscope model of Change describes the factors which are considered for implementing any particular change (COJOCARU & BRĂGARU, 2012).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The context for the change and the organizational capability depends on the factors of time, scope, diversity, readiness, power, and prevention strategies in the change planning (Cooper rider & Srivastav, 2017).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The company had aimed to earn profit against their investment after five years after implementing the change process.

The scope of the change is to retain the position in the market by delivering unique quality product offerings.Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Kaleidoscope model of Change Source: (Falkner, 2017)

The financial capability of the firm is limited which restricts skilled professionals hiring. However, the firm has to invest proper funding for processing the change process.

The change is initiated from the top level of management which refers to the top-down change and participation change style is needed to implement it.

The change target for DRAX technology includes the outputs and change layer of the cultural web also provide a direction for coping up with the changed process.

Kotter’s 8 Step model

Kotter’s 8 step change model refers to eight stages which are to be fulfilled for implementing any change without facing any further issue (Lewis, et al., 2016).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

DRAX needs to integrate their service and technology by following 8 stages of change management which are increasing urgency, building team, developing a vision, communication for buy-in, empowering action, creating short term goals, following change principle and sticking into it.

Increasing urgency

DRAX faced serious issue related to reducing the number of consumers for traditional product offering and some internal reasons like lack of employee expertise and mismanagement of human resource.

In order to maintain the continuous flow of business, the firm had taken the principles of new product development for integration of service and technology.

It helps to retain their market share which makes the change urgent in the context of business.

Building team

DRAX should hire professionals who have adequate knowledge in the field of IT and hardware operations.

The main theme of the integrated technology must be delivered to the employees and the skills and knowledge of the staff are checked and negotiation must be done for the quality product offering.

Vision development   

The vision of the firm is to deliver quality and innovative product to consumers which integrates the hardware services and technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The developed vision is to be communicated with staffs on a regular basis for executing the change systematically.

Buy-in communication

Communication between two departments are needed to be tight and testing of the stages should be done for ensuring the quality of the product.

The demands and needs of customers are also assessed for adding the facilities which are demanded by them.

Collaboration between service production and technology team helps to make it in time-efficient the quality of the product as high.

Empower action

The actions for implementing the change is empowered by delivering proper training and guidance to employees related to the accomplishment of the job process.

The actions for integrating two departments also need to monitor the business process and work culture to support the principle of change.

Creation of short term wins

The short term goals of the business are reflected through implementing the designing process for integrating technology which is able to attract a lot of new and niche customers.

This help to increase the retention of market share by overcoming the issue of business.

Change build-on

The traditional business process of two different departments need to be changed as the programming and the hardware integration are done simultaneously following agile methodology.

The change is to be built among the workers for executing the process in the same manner without compromising with quality.

Sticking into change

The implemented change process must be assessed whether the strategy is clicking or not in favor of business.

Proper justification related to change is provided for adding the contribution of the workers for fulfilling a business objective.

Lewin’s model

Lewin’s model of change management deals with planning for implementing any particular change through unfreezing the current stage of the company by assessing forces for and against change, transitional state whether the change is applicable or not and freezing state where the change has become an integral part of the firm (Hayes, 2018).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

However, Lewin’s change model cannot be fully applied in the present context due to having widespread change approach.


The forces for the change is considered as the innovation factor which is expected to be appreciated by a wide range of niche customers, corporates and other sectors (Herrnstein, 2015).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

The improved efficiency of the new hiring professionals also helps to unfreeze the change model and implement the same in a structured approach.

On the other hand, the forces against change are reflected from the high-cost turnover and increasing operational cost.

Constant monitoring of the business process help to overcome the factors against change and unfreeze the constraints.

Transition state

Transition state refers to the experimental approach which helps to take proper strategies and decisions related to the execution of changed work process (Cameron & Green, 2015).http://Great BSS064 Assignment Sample

DRAX must check the efficiency of integrated workplace and their capability to perform the work systematically.

The management also identified the potential field of improvement and the opportunity for applying the change in the required field.


The strategies taken in the transition state must be implemented and instructed in the context of the organization which acts as a catalyst for overcoming the issues faced by DRAX.

The improved quality of the product is expected to enhance the profit margin and brand image through following disruptive innovation approach.


From the above study, it has been concluded that DRAX integrates services and technology section with the help of culture and leadership qualities for meeting future demands.

The organizational culture of DRAX is reflected through the application of cultural web and cultural model or framework.

There is a cultural difference between DRAX service and technology team which is to be controlled through proper supervision and maintaining stability as well as discrimination-free workplace culture.

Lack of skilled employees is provided proper training and guidance which enable the management to retain their existent employee for introducing the innovative product.

The agile ways of working also provide an opportunity to complete each stage of production followed by a checking process which helps to maintain the quality of the final product.

The productivity of the organization is also enhanced through the changed approach taken by DRAX.

Moreover, the leadership team of DRAX technology must focus on workplace security and stability for the development of new product without any type of discrimination or conflict.

The firm should implement and manage the change through following Lewin’s model and Katter’s 8 Step change management model for processing the changed approach systematically.


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