Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample


The growth and fast settlement of a city is based on the strategies prepared for its development.

External factors are identified to highlight the challenges that could restrict the scope of creating new opportunities to improve the livability standard of the place.

This report is based on “Gold Coast” one of the famous holiday destinations located in Australia. People from different parts of the world visit this place to enjoy surfing, shopping, and to visit the theme parks.

There are exclusive beaches that are one of the major attraction places and are loved by the tourists.

The location is much more famous amongst the Australians and has been one of the major factors that are analyzed for the development from the Australian tourism development perspective.

1.     Transportation

Better transportation connectivity is one of the major requirements that keep a particular place connected with the others.

It is one of the essential facilities that are being checked by the travelers while choosing a travel destination. The development of a city cannot be fulfilled without upgrading the transportation facilities and communicating the same with the people.

A fast and smart developmental plan reflects the ability and efforts made by the government in improving the economic condition through tourism growth (Lazaro & Rosia, 2012).http://Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

Gold Coast has light rails that have a wider connectivity as compared to the other means of transportation.

Transportation is one of the major requirements of this place, and has positively contributed towards the development and improvement of the number of tourism from various places.

Gold Coast as compared to the other places is one of the frequently visited places of Australia and this percentage is expected to increase further.

The objective would be to provide reliable, fast, and inexpensive transportation facilities that will attract more people.

This is also an integral part of the sustainability plan, where the process is properly integrated with the light rail process that is being used for the public purposes.Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

The company has outlined the objective to designed economically feasible transportation system that will benefit the people and the nation.

It would have the best facilities that will make the travel quite comfortable and memorable. Such designs are necessary for improving the transportation facilities that are needed for the people visiting this place.

The cost and the effectiveness of the system are included in the analysis part (Kramer’s et al., 2014).http://Great BUI91001 Assignment SampleGreat BUI91001 Assignment Sample 1


The bus facilities are the options that are looked upon to check the reliability of the transportation system for a particular place.

Better bus services make the travel plan quite easy and fast, which is the key requirement to improve the tourism industry.

This mode connects people and increases the feasibility to visit different places without any hassle.

As per the determined changing requirements of the nation that helps in attracting people and reducing the challenges associated with the environmental factors.

These services are constantly reviewed to be improved so that the traveler’s needs are taken care of.

Promotion of the transportation industry is also necessary to increase the employment rates and opportunities that would contribute towards the improvement of the financial conditions of the place.

2.     Energy

The energy development and resources analysis are one of the important factors that contribute towards the improvement of the services.

Marine renewable energy services in Australia are one of the major companies that provide reliable services to the commercial and individual customers.

People prefer to visit different places or locations and thus adoption of advanced technology to improve the power supply is planned and implemented (Cohen & Amors, 2014).http://Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample 2

Through the energy consumption and perseverance process, the needed supply of power for the place is planned and allocated.

New plants are introduced which are much better than the traditional power plants and would be used for generating more solar power in the area.

This would cause less environmental damage and harm and this is the positive factor. In future these solar panels could be also used for generating more power to meet the needs of the people.Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample 3

Hu  et al., (2015) states that a holiday destination needs additional and uninterrupted energy resources that would be needed to provide better services.

Gold Coast generates exegete from the solar panels that makes feasible for procuring the angry at the lower price.

This also supports the economic development of the region.

3.     Water

Travel destinations need a proper water management system that would help in regularly providing water to the commercial service providers.

The water management process is being developed after examining the present situation that highlights the areas of concerns for retaining the regular supply of water.

With a proper management process, the risk associated with water scarcity is controlled and the living standards of the community are developed.

The authorities adopt an efficient water management technology that includes recycling the water for the future purposes.

This is considered to be the most effective and reliable method that is used for having enough water to take care of the people requirements and handle the demand in an effective manner.Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample 4

The increasing demand for the tourism development needs proper support, and planning process. For this, the authorities have to consider the economic, social, and environmental strategies that are included in the planning process.

These factors also lead to the advancement of the place and provide the best services.

A strategic plan is designed to enhance the water energy based climatic change that could affect the development of the place (Tan et al., 2017).http://Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

Water transportation is an effective method to connect the local community members with the travelers.

The tourism industry could promote different water sporting activities that would attract more travelers to this place.

This is also an important part of the employment increase process where the plan for the smart city developmental process could be introduced. It is needed to attract more travelers to this place.

4.     Livability

A properly planned infrastructural plan is needed to implement the economic development of the region.

Economic growth opportunities needs to be planned and implemented to ensure the livability strategies are properly followed.

An effective plan is needed for creating world-class infrastructure facilities that are needed for providing the better services to the people.

The objective is needed for creating world-class facilities that would generate more income and benefits for the people and the community members.

A developmental plan for the urban place is required for creating an economic value and this is included in the facility creation process.Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample 5

As stated by Stellakis & Anthropoglots, (2015) Gold Coast developmental process is needed for providing the best services to the people and the travelers.

In order to provide a livable place, it is necessary to upgrade the quality of the facilities that would be provided to the people.

This is included in the social sustainability plan where the developmental plans are planned and implemented.

A proper supportive system is introduced to ensure that the sustainable plans that are designed for increasing the number of the travelers to this place.

In order to attain social sustainability plan, it is necessary to adopt the best living standards that are needed for attracting maximum travelers.

A multidimensional process is adopted to increase the economic supports the areas of development that is needed for increasing the number of travelers to this place.

Innovative ideas

A concept of smart city developmental process is needed to provide the better services and to include the world-class services.

This would need a long term plan that would be used for providing the expected service quality that is needed for rendering the best tourism services to the people.

In a smarty city development, the resources are properly integrated with the projected plan and the needed changes to attract more tourism are planned and implemented.

This is the key requirements that are included in the process of the smart city developmental process (DigitalNet & Lee, 2014).http://Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

Innovative ideas are designed and created and implemented with the help of the advanced technology that helps in achieving the target.

Advanced technology would be used for creating better roadways, to provide the right bus services, and other facilities that are needed for handling the requirements of the travelers.

In this process, the plans are designed so as to ensure that the best services are rendered without affecting the cost or increasing the time needed to implement the changes.

In the innovative ideas, the feasibility to design an effective method and implement the same are developed.

This forms the most important part of the smart city planning process, where the needed changes are properly and effectively introduced by the authorities.

Maturity model

A maturity model assists in analyzing the current effectiveness of the system followed and the changes needed to improve the service levels.

This process assists in determining the levels at which the changes are required for providing the best tourism services to the people.

In the case of Gold Coast, the authorities already have the transportation system that is designed to take care of the traveler’s requirement.

However the process needs to be improved by adopting advanced technology, where in the customers or the travelers get opportunities to explore the best services that are provided by the government agencies.

In the first level, the current level of the transportation, water availability, power resources, and livability are determined.

The existing system needs to be upgraded especially when the number of the travelers is drastically increasing.

This would help in providing the expected quality of tourism based services that are needed to attract more number of travelers.

In the next level, the process that will be followed to accomplish this goal is determined.

This is an important factor that is again considered at the time of planning and implementing the better system that is needed for providing the best tourism services to the people (Zhou et al., 2015).http://Great BUI91001 Assignment Sample

A need to adopt the best technology and the process that will be followed to get the expected outcome that is record in the form of benefits and services are included in this analysis part.

This forms the most essential part of the planning and task execution the future and the present tourism developmental plan are analyses and the changes are accurately implemented.

The changes are implemented to provide the best possible services that are needed for overcoming the barriers that could negatively affect the level of services that are projected to be provided.

In the next level, the fund collection and resource allocation process would be planned.

This forms an integral part of the smart city developmental concept, where the scarcity of the resources and others are properly analyses and alternative plans are introduced to render the expected services.

The planning needs to be done in accordance to the strategies that is being developed with the help of the advanced technology.

In the maturity model, different levels are created so that the areas of improvements could be identified and the needed changes are implemented.

This forms an important part of the planning activities, where the essential changes are introduced after analyzing the long and the short term challenges.


The process of the smart city development is a complicated process and needs an elaborated planning method. In the planning process, the favorable and unfavorable factors are closely considered by the management.

This would help in getting the better results or outcome that is needed for improving the plan of the economic growth and prosperity.

For Gold Coast, the positive changes are properly planned and introduced in accordance to the developmental strategies that are designed for the people. The company with the help of the maturity model will be able to introduce the changes that will benefit the people and the travelers.

These changes are made or recommended in order to take care of the community requirement that is associated with the improvement of the tourism sector.

A proper support system is created so that the livability factors of the region are drastically improved.

The proposed changes are introduced in a feasible manner, as this would reduce the errors that could affect the community developmental program.



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