Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample


The concept of service quality is viewed in the form of an output of the delivery of services that are carried out by the organizations. This is applicable especially in terms of the pure service systems.

Apart from this, the quality of services is interconnected with the aspect of customer satisfaction. As per various researches, it could be stated that the customers form numerous opinions regarding the service quality that is delivered to them. As the work describes, the service quality consists of two concepts combines into one (Mestrovic and Database, 2016).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

The initial concept of service refers to the benefits that are delivered not the customers in return of a value. The next aspect is quality, which refers to the type of service that is delivered by the organization. The qualities of services that are provided by the organization are generally compared to the customers in order to judge the quality of services.

Quality varies from organization to organization and they further vary on the requirements of the customers (Sá and Rocha, 2016).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

For example, a certain customers must want a god quality gadget and he is ready to pay high for it, but another customer might want a low price gadget. In the latter case, the customer would not mind the quality of the product is not up to the mark.


Concept of quality in the service sector

The concept of quality in the service sector had been of increasing concern to the practitioners as well as academics. 5the quality in the service sector is generally measured using various strategies including total quality management.

This particular system is being widely used in the service industry to be particular. Most of the organizations have been noticed to use quality management practices in order to improve their service (Chipili and, R., Al Safari, 2016).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

Various researchers carried out in the manufacturing sector had revealed the fact that various organizational characteristics including the size of the firm, the degree of the capital intensity, the influence of the benefits provided to the organization and some more aspects have been playing a vital role in the quality of services that are delivered by the organization.

As per the results presented by various researchers, it could be stated that there exists a certain level of relation bertw3en the aspects of service quality and the aspect of customer satisfaction.

A certain level of this depends on the size of the firm. For example, if a firm size is small, the organization would not be able to invest resources in order to improve its services, this is because the investment of resources would not only be required in terms of raw materials but investment in human resources would also be vital (Humphreys, 2017).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

As a result, in order to invest in human resources, the firm size has to be increased.

Important factors that play a key role in achieving customer satisfaction with the services received from a provider

There are various factors that contribute to the process of achieving customer satisfaction; some of the factors are as follows

Personalized services: personalized services help the customer in getting the services delivered as per their personal requirements. This not only helps the organization in bringing about variety in their services but also contributes to satisfying the customers by delivering them the services based on their requirements and demands (Broker and Cordmaker, 2017).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This draws a huge amount of customer base because customers like to enjoy the services that are altered as per their requirements.

Convenience: the services that are provided by the organization are supposed to be convenient in nature, this implies the fact that the organization should deliver the services such that the customers enjoy them and they do not have any complaints regarding them.

Transparency: the organization is supposed to maintain a certain level of transparency between the customers and the services that are delivered by them. This is generally done by taking complete consent of the customer before they are provided with the customers (Retentive and Tsarouhtsis, 2016).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This not only delivered customer satisfaction but also improve the level of customer engagement with the organization.

A service system to improve performance

A particular service system that could be implemented in order to improve the quality of services and hence achieve customer satisfaction includes the implementation of total quality management.

This system performs various activities that contribute to the process of improving the business operations of the organization and erases the loopholes within the system; this, as a result, improves the quality of the services (Srishti and Nahid, 2016).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This system not only provides a certain framework and structure, it further ensures the fact that audit mechanism is carried out on a regular basis.

The process of quality management system tends to work on numerous principles including the focus of customers, strong leadership, involving people, process approach, system approach, the improvement that is continuous in nature, undertaking decisions depending on the facts, creating a certain level of value for the organization, its suppliers and clients.

Companies tend to embark on a certain methodology such as Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma or some more in order to solve issues with even realizing the fact that the methodologies center on the aspect of process improvement.

Competitive advantages that are sustainable

The competitive advantage that is provided by the quality of services to the organization include the uniqueness of the services, this further helps in the process of producing services that offer valued by various customers of the organization (Wright Jr, 2017).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This further helps the organization in designing the services that the rival organizations would not be able to copy them. Some additional advantages that would be obtained by the organizations are as follows

Improved business performance: the improved usually of services would not only help an organization in the process of delivering good quality services to their customers but also help them in improving their business processes. This is due to the fact that if the business process is improved, the services delivered by the organization would be improved automatically.

Increased customer base: the improvement of quality of the services would provide the advantage of increasing the customer base of the organization. This is due to the fact that customer prefers utilizing the services of the organizations that deliver good quality services and do not compromise it in order to reduce their cost (Wright Jr, 2017).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This aspect helps the organization in improving its customer base because it draws potential customers towards the organization who were confused among the case organization and its rival organizations.

Systems weaknesses and potentials for future improvement

There are various weaknesses of the total quality management system includes the necessity for the organization for the commitment that is organization-wide to the improvement of quality. This had been a vital weakness in this case because it requires all the levels of management in being biased for the implementation to be successful (Kearns and Caglia, 2016).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

The lack of resources or effort would result in undermining the overall success of the entire program. This further causes negative ripples across the organization.

The potentials for future improvement

There are various developments that could be carried out in the system for its effective performance. One of the improvements that could be carried out includes market analysis.

This would contribute to the process of accessing the actual requirements and demands of the customers; this would further help in the process of altering the services of the organization depending on the necessities of the customers (Montaged and Davoudi Moonfaced, 2017).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This aspect will increase the efficiency of the total quality management system. Apart from this, one more improvement that could be carried out by the system includes performing risk analysis.

This would help the organization in the process of identifying the aspects that create barriers for the organization in delivering effective services. Performing risk analysis would help in identifying the areas of the organization that requires changes and the ones that do not need any change (Ramírez and Wolff, 2017).http://Great ENGT5265 Systems Operations Sample

This further helps in segregating the services that are imperfect.


From the above discussion, it could be concluded that the concept of quality services acts as a vital one in order to retain the customers and attract potential customers of the organization.

Delivering good quality service would not only help the organization gaining the faith of its own customers but also attract the customers who had been confused about the organization that they must choose for quality services.

This would further draw the customers belonging to their rival organizations. The improvement of service quality that is delivering by the organization could be carried out using various strategies; these strategies depend on the requirements and demands of the customers.

For example in some cases, an organization might not practice the customization of services, whereas in other cases, the organization would require the implementation of customization of services. This essay describes the aspect of quality especially in terms of the service industry.


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