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Sustainable development of communities means that development of infrastructure and use of resources for the development of the town is done sustainably, keeping in mind the goals set out by the governing bodies of the world like the United Nations.

For sustainable development of communities to happen, communities must share and use its resources, keeping in mind the interests of the stakeholders, that is residents. Managing stakeholder interests and minimizing the use of resources is one of the biggest goals of sustainable community development.

Sustainable communities are those communities which adopt the practices of sustainable development. Sustainable communities are inclusive; that is, in these communities, stakeholders are divided into different classes.

Every class of stakeholders has their own set of expectations from any project that will be implemented for the development of their communities. Sustainable communities involve stakeholders in every stage of community decision making and take their interests/opinions into account while making choices that affect their community.

Harleton is a location that is close to the north sea and is located in the County of Durham in England. Harleton has adopted several community administration policies that involve their stakeholder for planning on community development projects. The report studies what these strategies might be and how they affect the stakeholders.


Harleton is a town that is adjacent to the eastern coast of the United Kingdom. Harleton’s communities have plans for implementing sustainable development for their communities.

The local communities in Harleton play an active role in the decision making and strategic planning of community-related project development. Harleton has adopted a community strategy which targets a reduction in the rate of crime, increasing life expectancy, improving the quality of their educational system, and improving housing, business and open space environments.

However, the communities still suffer from some issues like unemployment, inequalities in health care systems, and poverty, which may materialize to become immediate threats in terms of economic, demographic and financial challenges respectively.

Harleton wants to become a thriving, outward-looking and inclusive community which provides a safe environment to its residents (Giddings et al. 2017).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

The Harleton community has therefore set targets for its community development plans, in line with the needs and requirements that their communities face. The goals for the Harleton communities are to increase the number of jobs and opportunities for business, reduce poverty, build better housing infrastructure, plan and construct better neighborhoods.

In addition to these four goals, the Harleton community also has targets to bring better healthcare to its communities and provide the best educational services to the residents living within their communities.

Problem Statement

There are various classes of stakeholders within a community. The stakeholders of a community are those people who are affected by changes within their communities.

These changes can be developmental projects which are undertaken by governments or local administrative authorities in order to reach community goals and targets set by those regulatory bodies.

The classes of stakeholders for any community include residents of the city, cooperative groups and business organizations or companies. In addition to this, communities have another group of stakeholders, and these are the children in the community.

These are the four different classes of stakeholders in any society (Dempsey et al. 2018).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

Among the six developmental targets mentioned in the previous section, all of those can do well when there is the engagement of stakeholders in the decision-making process of the communities.

The different strategic goals like reducing poverty, increasing opportunities for jobs and business can be better when the organizations and companies participate in the community developmental plans (Cope, 2019).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

The targets such as building housing infrastructure and planning better neighborhoods are targets that will be better implemented with the help of residents and people whose interests are deeply linked to the success or failure of these projects.Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

Figure 1: Important sustainability targets for the community of Harleton

(Source: self created)


Development of housing infrastructure

The development of housing infrastructure is one of the most important projects undertaken by the local governments and policymakers. Housing infrastructure is the living spaces for the future generation of residents.

The residents who live in these regions share resources, land and water, ignoring their views and perceptions in the development of future housing plans will be a mistake.

The views and opinions of residents who have lived in the locality for many generations are essential for insight into what issues and problems one can face while living in the same neighborhood (, 2016).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

Engaging in conversation and discussions with residents will help the engineering planning team to gain insight into what special considerations and plans have to be included in their projects, in order to make suitable design changes.

While conducting conversations about the sustainability of projects with the stakeholders it is essential to maintain a clear intent and purpose of the communication, and at the same time being patient and maintaining a polite but professional tone.

The areas in which housing infrastructure projects might consult with local residents are in the use of green materials or renewable energy systems for their houses. Most of the residents in communities today have been using coal or fossil fuel-based electricity.

However, with the advent of renewable sources of energy, the households may want to shift to using renewable power sources like solar panels. This is not an easy change to make because people are so accustomed to receiving steady coal power.

The unsteadiness of renewable energy may make it look unreliable. Moreover, batteries and other infrastructural changes are necessary in order to provide constant renewable energy for every household.

The location of this project will have to be made inland compared to the other existing residential buildings because Harleton already has existing residential spaces closer to the sea (Woolier, 2016). http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

This may have a drawback in terms of the additional building infrastructure for local amenities like water, power, sewerage, etc. (, 2016). [Referred to appendix 1]

The building projects will involve construction stages, which are very likely going to generate a lot of waste, create noise and use a lot of energy.

Community perspectives are essential in these circumstances to discuss the economic suitability of the use of renewable sources to power the construction machinery, set the targets based on the minimization of waste and use of water resources; which also have implications on the environment.

The community perspective is also necessary for terms of social factors like the design and its similarity to the previous architecture of historical monuments. The need to implement sustainable plans for building projects is something that has been felt for an extended period of time.

Improvements in housing infrastructure cannot be made without the proper support from communities and residents. The term ‘improvement’ should not be looked at from the perspective of the present infrastructural project that has been undertaken, but also on the overall improvement in methods and knowledge of engineers and designers who work on these projects (, 2016).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

Development of renewable energy

Scope and opportunities in town and city are based on its location and the condition surrounding it. In some cases, a city serving facility is conducted from the outer area or from external sources.

In the case of Harleton, the area and the location of this place is suitable to gain the necessary facility from nature and for the energy sources. In this example, there is a massive opportunity for renewable source energy generation.

According to the history of Harleton, the fishing food supply of the UK was done from this place, as the three faces of this location are surrounded by sea. The site torn edges make it a peninsula shape that is the primary scope which is being used by its communities and the local governing bodies.

The location geographical data report represents that 98% of its population is white people, and the rest of the 2% is from the other regions, but not from the other country. The location of Harleton is a secured place and full verification by the governing policy is covered (, 2017).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

In the discussion of the report, renewable energy sources can be taken, like wind force energy conversion protocol. This place data record defines that average wind speed g this location near the sea edges is 13miles per hour.

The speed of the wind force is strong enough and efficient to be converted as work energy and power generation. Therefore in this location, windmill application can be used generally to create and generate the source of energy conversion (Naylor et al. 2018).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

Hurtle pool seashore area is the specific location to plant the windmill energy source generator. It will not only support energy sources but also help to create opportunities for the local communities to work for the energy source. It will be a scope and an opportunity for the local people and the communities to work with this new technology.

In details of the occasion, it can be explained that the long term plan of the windmill plantation will help many new enterprises to invest in ten places. Mostly the construction process of the wild mills helps the local business to finance and source of income for the local peoples in the town.

From business investment to the earning process and the protocol of equipment supply from different regions will make opportunities for the governing authorities to gain more tax for more investments (, 2020).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

According to the map location and the legend list of the map, the interconnection of the plan by road transportation, with controlling units of traffic, makes the city clean and sustainable for the future.

In that case, it can be utilized with more developing programs, as the connectivity protocol in the city communication is conceptual and planned. If an extended seashore area of 3km is used for windmill plantation, then, the energy source by the windmills can be transported and centered through the Road tunnel planning.

Already various plans are done as it can be seen on the legend map page. Tunnel and dual carriageway planning on a map show the connectivity protocol inside the city, and it can be used for the Wind energy conversion energy pipelines source for City electricity supply (, 2020).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

Critical analysis

The use of renewable sources of energy for building and construction can reduce the burden on coal-based electricity to a large extent. Using the opinions of residents can be helpful for building and construction planners.

, it may not always be useful. This is because in some cases, the residents may be too reluctant to change or may prefer a quicker implementation of a particular project. Engineers and designers have to be cautious while communicating their goals and ambitions to the residents.

It must be understood that the residents may not have any interest in the details of how the project is going to be completed. However, critical areas of the project, like project timeline, budget and materials/resources are essential areas where there needs to be extensive discussion and communication between the project team and the non-technical people residing in the neighboring community.

In such situations, it is best to discuss the critical points in a stepwise and point wise manner (, 2019).http://Great KB7040 Assignment SampleGreat KB7040 Assignment Sample 1

Figure 2: The four stakeholders of Harleton’s community

(Source: self created)

This will ensure that nothing off-topic or irrelevant is presented in these meetings. It is often found that meetings are to be conducted in a specific period of time.

However, the members who attend the meeting spend their time discussing trivial points. So, it is essential to maintain a good structure when holding meetings between people whose backgrounds and education have been in different fields.

Both parties should show mutual respect and appreciation for one another’s opinions. Once the relevant social, economic and environmental issues pertaining to a particular project have been discussed, it is time for the project planning team to implement changes and modifications in the design of the projects.

In the case of the energy project, which proposes the building of an offshore wind farm, there is a lot of potential for generating power from renewable energy sources. However, the corresponding structural infrastructure has to be built in order to transport the energy from the offshore site of the wind farm into the houses of the residents of Harleton(, 2018).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

This will require economic investments in the form of underground cable lines to be drawn to bring the electricity from the offshore wind farms to inland locations.

From those locations, the wind energy can be transported to the homes of the residents, through the existing infrastructure.

Construction of the underground tunnels of the laying of electric cables is an energy-intensive activity that will require the use of a lot of energy.Great KB7040 Assignment Sample 2

Graph 1: Renewable energy sources growth in the UK


The number of wind farms and other renewable energy farms has increased in the UK over the last decade, as is evident from the graph that has been given above.

It can be seen from the graph that the solar and wind energy have taken the front seat in leading UK out of the dependence of fossil fuel electricity. The Potential for implementing wind energy in the UK is very high. [Referred to appendix 2, 3]

In the present case, companies who will build the wind farm have to take into consideration the energy requirements for the projects and take the opinions from the resident and existing power companies on the usage of energy and how much of it can come from existing conventional sources and what percentage of it should come from renewable energy sources.

Successful engagement of shareholders will improve the popularity and support for these projects once the discussed changes are implemented.

The objective of the offshore wind project is to generate enough power for powering the new communities and also a significant part of the older residential zones, which are already inhabited by people.

As such, it aims to reduce the dependence of the people of Harleton on coal-based electricity, protect the environment at land and at sea, reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and communities alike and therefore protect against climate change (, 2019).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

The towns of Harleton are dependent on these projects in order to improve not only their living standards but also move closer to living in sustainable communities.

The strategic goals of Harleton mentioned in previous sections are also based on the same objective of creating sustainable and inclusive societies.

The human beings in today’s world have a powerful inclination towards following sustainable development goals; because of the global climate change and sea-level rise scenarios.

Sustainable communities, however, not only look towards environmental sustainability; also, towards social and economic sustainability. As a result, goals like the reduction of poverty and increased business in the regions from the perspective of financial sustainability.

The equality in health care and alleviation of poverty are essential factors that influence the social aspects of sustainability (, 2020).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample


The importance of sustainable practices in community development can be seen from a large number of communities who are shifting to sustainable practices like engaging stakeholders in decision making, reducing poverty, bringing equality to all classes of stakeholders and trying to reduce if not reverse the impact of environmental pollution.

A sustainable community is a concept that derives from the conscious thinking of human beings towards the implications of their activities and actions.

As a result, to build sustainable communities, communities have first to embrace the concept of equality, tolerance for people/community stakeholders, maintain political stability.

These are the political demands of a sustainable society. Moreover, sustainable communities have to have the resources to satisfy the basic human needs, protect regional ecosystems, conserve physical resources, implement strategies for reuse and recycle, implement strategies for preventing high emissions and use renewable energy sources (, 2019).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

The economic demands of a sustainable community include a diverse industrial base, reinvesting financial resources into local economies, maximize local ownership, great employment opportunities, etc.

The social factors which affect the sustainability of communities are low crime rate, healthy work environments and adequate facilities for health care (, 2020).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample

In the discussion on the possible implications and significance of the sustainable community development projects that might be undertaken by the communities of Harleton, the importance is given to the implementation of stakeholder engagement meetings with the engineering and technical design planners who will be in charge of projects.

Stakeholder engagement in community decision making is seen as an activity that is set to improve the collaboration and participation of the community with the project implementation department.

The partnership is supposed to benefit the parties, the cities as well as the engineering planners. Here it is essential to mention that the project planners are technical staff, whereas the residents may or may not have any knowledge based on professional background.

Therefore, communicating the goals and operations that are part of a project to people outside their organization who are not skilled in their trade can be difficult and tricky at times (, 2018).http://Great KB7040 Assignment SampleGreat KB7040 Assignment Sample 3

Figure 3: Strategies for communicating technical information to stakeholders

(Source: self created)

In order to avoid the occurrence of such situations, the engineers have to follow some guidelines which will tell them how they can communicate technical data to non-technical staff.

The best way to plan this is by using qualitative analysis of quantitative data, which does not provide relevant information to the stakeholders, but instead only provides the appropriate relationships and data which they can easily understand.

Other practices that might be helpful are the use of diagrams cha charts and make the data as visually representative as possible.

This will also help to communicate the technical data much better (, 2019).http://Great KB7040 Assignment Sample


The topic of discussion for this report was the development of sustainable communities and urban townships, which will engage stakeholders in their developmental plans.

The engagement of stakeholders is to be carried out in several steps, and the crucial step here is the communication of the project goals and technical data to the non-technical stakeholders.

As a result, the engineers and project planners need to place more attention to their conversation in order to understand the views of the stakeholders better. Managing stakeholder relationships and exercising effective communication become essential tasks for the people responsible for planning projects inside the community.

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Appendix 1: Map of HarletonGreat KB7040 Assignment Sample 4

(Source: given)

Appendix 2: UK’s potential for wind energyGreat KB7040 Assignment Sample 5


Appendix 3: Solar energy potential in the UK (Irradiation)Great KB7040 Assignment Sample 6


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