Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample


The performances of the company wholly depend upon the organizational structure, cultural practices and behavioral pattern of the management and the people.

There are different factors that affect the internal work culture and condition, and thus the management has to adopt a better strategy to handle the challenges. The differences at the workplace culture followed at various organizations are included in the analysis part.

A detailed analysis of the organizational theory and models to apprehend the impact of the culture of the work platter and others are included. Leaderships assumption on thee organizational culture and pattern are also discussed in details.

Section 1: organizational structure, culture and behavior

There is a visible relationship between the organizational structure and cultural practices followed within a company. Both the factors determine how the staffs and management would behave.

Organizational culture is regarded as an intrinsic factor associated with the organizational behavior, which determines how the people would behave in different challenging work conditions.

The analysis is done on the basis of certain assumptions, norms, values, and attitude of the people and management (Chapman et al., 2002).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

The norms and values are differently valued and implemented in companies that operate in different geographical locations.

Organizational structure is an “extrinsic factor” that influences the behavior of the people externally. Some of the examples are regarded to be the division of labor force, authority distribution, coordination, and grouping of the units.

Companies adopt different managerial activities that determines what works to be done and the process the same would be conducted.

A decentralized and centralized process is followed for integrating the works done but different members at the workplace.

With a proper cultural practice, and behavioral pattern the management can integrate the works of different members and get a better output for implementing the functional works that leads to a better project exaction.

A direct co-ordination is needed as this would help in getting the expected results from the members and the managers.

Toyota is an established automobile company that mainly focuses on developing the internal work culture by strengthening the position of the people.

The internal policies are designed to help the people to adopt a universal culture as this is expected to reduce the challenges faced by the company. Organizational culture and structure are used for improving the usage of the human resources within the company.

This attitude has benefited the company and enabled the leaders to positively solve the operational problem (Holloway, 2011).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

The cultural practices of the company directly concentrated on improving the hierarchy structure, which appended the staff perception towards the decisions made for achieving the goals. Cultural practices focused on –

  • Promoting team work
  • Adopting a continuous improvement program associated with learning method
  • Quality check
  • Maintaining secrecy

Toyota is a Japanese company and has successfully carried out its operations in different nations.

With a broader attitude the management ensures to follow a universal system that would improve the value for the services and positively include the staffs in improving the performances.

By implementing the cultural factors, the company ensures to grow continuously and integrate the changes with innovation. These changes are introduced in accordance to the continuous improvement strategy that assists in staff learning process.

Quality improvement is one of the major aspects that are undertaken by the company, and it is meant to reduce the organizational flexibility that exists with the rapid problem solving prices.

Organizational culture theory

The organizational cultural theory basically concentrates on upgrading the quality of works and people behavior. These are the relevant factors that assist the management to undertake new challenges that would improve the quality of the works.

A structural stability is designed where the cultural factors are held together and the values and beliefs are set out. This is an important aspect that identifies the group requirements and evaluates the resistance to change by the members.

Fair Holm (2004) stated that the cultural factors are persuasive and immensely impacts the organizational work culture and strategies.

Thus a standardized policy needs to be introduced so that the organizational goals could be achieved. People behavior is an important factor that is included at the time of planning and implementing changes in the organizational cultural practices.

This indicates that the action plans are finely defined and the objectives of the company on a long run are discussed so that the right action plans are implemented.

The theory states that the policies and measures or strategies developed needs to be properly integrated by the management. In the integration process the staffs are included to find the reason for varying behavioral pattern.

Through this analysis a standardized process for defining the hierarchy works, attitude development of the people and positive interaction are promoted.

A standardized organizational values and cultural piracies are introduced by the management, as this helps in discussing the mission and organizational goals. These are quite essential for accomplishing the organizational goals that is being determined by the management.

As per the theory, the management has to develop a practice that would improve the organization culture and values.

The cultural practices and people behavior management for Tesco completely differs from Toyota.

Tesco concentrates on implementing the best workplace culture that would profitably integrate the team and encourage the members to work towards the goal achievement. This indeed crates a positive atmosphere, which is needed for providing the best services to the clients.

A positive workplace atmosphere is needed to create a positive behavior amongst the staffs, and encourage them to deal with different workplace related challenges (Ireland et al., 2008).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

The cultural practices encourage the members to adopt a positive and communication process that would be also supported by the leadership culture.

Staff motivation and involvement are the e major factors that are concentrated on by the company. A smooth communication process is used for building interpersonal relationship between the staffs and the external investors.

Strategic changes are introduced to handle the diversity related issues, which affects the business conduct and the goal achievement process.

Better working staffs are assigned different works and encouraged to participate in the talent management process.

This needs to be done as they belong to different cultural background and pose different knowledge. The cultural practices include motivating the staffs, implementing a rewarding system, and in handling the challenging work that are assigned by the management to the workforce.

The structure for the company concentrates on implementing a positive communication process that would be used to discuss the business goals and in conflict management.

These are quite necessary as both the companies concentrate on rendering the better services to retain the clients. The changes are introduced in accordance in order to resolve the issues between the staffs and promote team work in a positive manner (Mattis & Jager’s, 2001).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

2.  Impact perceived about the organizational structure and culture and role of the leaders

Leadership traits and managerial activities directly impact the organizational structure adopted by the company.

With a positive cultural practice, the management creates a positive work culture that would be favorable for the organization and the people.

A fast and reliable communication process along with the conflict management system is effectively implemented by the management. Leaders play a very important role in defining the tasks, in allocating the works, and in encouraging people to work in a team.

Leaders motivate the staffs and provide them with the required resources that would be needed for accomplishing the works.

A proper rewarding system and a growth opportunity are some of the factors that encourage them to keep the staffs motivated to take new responsibilities and improve performances.

A common belief is shared with the members working with different departments as this assists in getting the expected results.

The staff performances are improved by implementing a proper coaching method, where the staffs are taught the best and the right way to do the works.

These changes are introduced after considering the ethical values and processes that are followed within the company.

Staffs efficiency are improved by allocating additional responsibilities to the members and by training them to reduce the errors involved in the task conduct.

This is an important part of the leadership factor where leaders integrate the team, promotes a fair communication process, and resolves the issues existing between them by introducing a proper communication process (James & Grassweeds, 2005).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

Leadership traits like participative method and innovative method allow the leaders to deal with the various organizational challenges that could impact the business conduct.

An interactive communication process allows the leaders to examine how the policies and procedures that would improve the internal work culture and challenges arising from different people behavior.

There is a direct relationship between the organizational culture and leadership behavior followed in a company.

A positive cultural practice guides the staffs to perform better and handle different challenges that arise due to the complex projects.

Production companies are assigned with projects that needs people involvement which makes it possible to increase the people involvement.

Leaders highlight eh core values and assist people to do the right things that would benefit the organization.

It is necessary to have a proper co-ordination process that would help in identifying the behavioral aspect that could directly and indirectly impact the business conduct.

Leaders define and redefine the core values of the company and ensure to provide the needed help to the people.

This is also done as an important part of the cultural values and people management process that is followed in a company.

Leaders develop strategies that promote consistent behavior amongst the staffs and discuss the operational works that would reduce conflicts and encourage the people and the management to adopt a healthy work culture and environment.

Staffs in this situation would work in less pressure, which is needed to promote a good work culture that will work on improving the team performances.

A better work culture and fast communication process increases job satisfaction level, which is the key need to improve the business performances (Moesia, 2007).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

Strategic changes introduced by the management impacts the ability of the workplace as changes implemented are negatively viewed by the staffs.

Leadership skills reduce the resistance to change, thus retaining the quality of the works. With a defined process the leaders can prepare the staffs to adopt the changes and work in achieving the goals that is being decided by the management.

Section 2: drivers of the organizational changes

PESTLE analysis for Toyota

Analysis Details
Political –        Company operates in free trade agreement

–        Government rules for designing the eco-friendly products are implemented

–        Business opportunities are created and implemented by the management in order to achieve the long term business goals

–        Pricing and produce valuation process are implemented by the management.

Economic –        Global market is achieved by the company

–        Just-in-time production process is adopted to  control the operational errors

–        New designs are adopted to provide the clients with the best services

–        Costs for the products are reduced by introducing new technology for production (Naranjo-Valencia et al., 2011).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample

Social –        The company concentrate on designing hybrid cars

–        Have ventured in the market of manufacturing the electric cars

–        Better benefits are created to benefit the community and get the best results.

–        More products are manufactured by the company so that the level of the customer satisfaction could be improved.

Technology –        The company spends a considerable amount on R&D on improving the business activities

–        Includes people in design creation and in rendering the best services to the clients

–        New designs are created with the help of the help of the technology as this would help in getting the better result.

–        Innovative methods are used for designing cars that would consume less fuel.

Legal –        Taxation rules and the intellectual laws are properly followed by the management

–        Complex environmental laws are analyzed and properly followed by the management

–        Consumer laws are followed so that the best and right services are provided to the clients

–        Improve in the business conduct.

Environmental –        Climatic changes are considered at the time of planning for the production works

–        Decline in the oil reserves are properly included in the environmental analysis process

–        Business sustainability plans are highly concentrated on by the company.


2 important key factors

The key factors associated with the organizational changes are –

  1. People focused change – The existing management process is quite effective but in order to handle the requirements of the international market, the management needs to implement a change in the competency level analysis.
  2. This would help in improving the internal work culture and in adopting the changes that would be needed for increasing the value for the services. In the people focused change, the leaders would be able to positively include the people and improve the work culture that is needed to accomplish the challenging works (Shim & Steers, 2012).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample
  3. Competitive pressure – A change in the political factors c creates a competitive factor that would impact the organizational long term plan. In this process the management needs to design a method that would be used to increase the performances and overcome the operational challenges (Vendor & Meyer, 2007).http://Great MBA7000 People Organization Sample


Business strategies are designed to help the management to improve the work culture and increase the people management process.

With this process, the leaders could easily analyze the internal challenges and implement the needed changes.

This forms an important part of the sustainability plan that are designed for the welfare of the people.

The leader’s role in increasing the quality of the works is clearly analyzed by the management by implementing proper cultural practices.



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