Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

Evaluate Burberry Current Marketing Strategy

Burberry fashion is a British based luxury fashion house located at London, England etc. It involves in varied product line including ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and cosmetics etc. (Burberry, 2019).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

The firms currently uses differentiate targeting strategy for bring sustainable competitive advantage in the form of appeals larger segment and target markets. It incorporates the differentiation in its product line through distinct craftsmanship, design with innovation.

The firm extensively indulges in the bringing of innovation in its clothes design and fabrics which attract the target customers to larger extent (Mulla et al., 2014).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

However, there are various macro-factors that have huge influences over the brand marketing strategies.

It majorly includes the growing international competitors along with the constant changing customers profile and daily life styles. These are the factors which influences the fashion sector in UK.

Changes in MACRO environment forces

Van Wormer and Best horn (2017) stated that Socio-cultural factors are the one which influences the Burberry in a widest manner in term to frequent change in demographic taste and preferences as consumers now more attentive towards the product design and quality so, it create challenges for Burberry to cater their needs at every time.

Along with this, Knight et al. (2014) found that increasing competition is another factor which create problem for fashion firm in terms to gain long-term sustainability due to entrances of big international players in local market.

Moreover, economic factors also affect the firm as financial crisis broke the people purchasing power due to which they brand faced problem in terms to regain its sales in local market.

Additionally, the frequent update of technology also affects the firm in term to become competent.

These tend to be major factors that need to be changed. This can be done through anticipate the customer demands by creating new functional in use and fashionable goods.

Thus, this helps to develop the trending categories. Besides that, company needs to create particular product groups and balance major apparel and non-apparel markers. Along this, firm need to attract new customers through its marketing initiatives. Moreover, the targeting of new customer segment can also help to regain its position as now firm need to indulge in developing clothes for middle class people so that they can tapped them in large (Often and Homerville, 2013).

Furthermore, firm also requires keeping update with the advanced technology in order to serve well to target consumers.

These can be useful for Burberry to respond the macro-factors like social and economic in effective manner.

Potential impact on marketing strategies

The incorporation of changes in the Burberry marketing strategy could provide potential growth to business. This changes can helps the firm to achieve the right competitive advantage, segmentation, targeting and positioning and branding etc.

Competitive advantage: – The changes in the firm technology adaptation, selection of customers etc.

, can helps them to gain the competitive advantage as in current tough competitive environment, fashion firm often faced the problem of customer services whether due to failure in technology or target right market.

So, the focus on different customer segments like middle-class people on UK can also helps them to build up strong customer base.

Along with this, the firm should also undertake the proper technology and system to helps them for conveniently access or buy the product.

Likewise, consumer now are more preferred to make payment through e-wallets and online payment applications so in this case, the firm need to move its transaction process into online basis (Liu et al., 2015).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

This could assist them to retain the customer interest and preferences for longer duration. Thus, these tactics could support the firm to achieve the competitive advantage in larger manner.

The incorporation of these changes in marketing strategies helps the firm to gain the larger attention of consumers within which there is an increase chances of sale that’s result in the achievement of customer loyalty towards brand.

In addition to this study, Khan (2013) identified that still Burberry struggles in making proper use of online platform for promoting its product and service and this give threats to its competitiveness.

The key competitors of Burberry like Gucci and Prada give hard time to them as they intensively involved in the promotion of their brand. In that case, Burberry should focus on the promotional activities in order to get high recognition in global market.

This would help them to achieve the customer base within which it gains the competitive advantage. Other than that, the widely recognition also helps the firm to make global expansion which Burberry is much needed in present scenario.

So, the increasing competition factor can only be achieved with maintain the strong branding and reputation in market and expansion of its in global platform.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning:-The changes can influences the firm STP strategy in proper manner as the study of Macro-factors guides the Burberry to segment the different individual as per their taste as this helps them even if economy faces the recession time (Bier booms et al., 2014).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

Besides that, the targeting of rich people along with the middle class people group could also helps the firm for sustain for longer duration as population middle income group is more as compare to high income group so this make profit for long.

Moreover, the distinct product design can help the firm to make effective positioning in front of consumers. Thus, the marketing strategy of target the different demographic people with its unique product design can help the firm to enhance its sustainability in this competitive environment.

The changes in the selection of customer segment can help Burberry to reduce the impact on economic recession as target of varied customer group enhances the profitability of firm.

In accordance’s of Tan war (2013), the involvement in manufacturing, design and selling & marketing give rises to the Burberry product expensive.

So in that case, firm should take outsourcing options for their few product lines in order to develop some product within controlled cost. This will help them to start gaining interest of different income group.

Thus, this strategy definitely contributes towards gaining the larger interest of target audiences.

Branding:- The Burberry can bring changes in their branding through largely involves in the social-site networking for making extensive promotions.

They could include the discount offers for those people who can’t afford it in current times. This practice can create the brand image and build the profit margin.

The use of VI and AI technology could also assist the firm to properly make branding as this technology support business in terms to provide clarity about the product and service to individual and allows them to virtual try the product in order to make buying decision.

Thus, this tactic can help to improve the company current marketing strategies so that factors like technology, economic and social can’t be affected much.

Moreover, the study of Leesha Chhabra and Sharma (2014) presented that Burberry faced quite challenges with the increasing forged or imitation of brand as this makes devaluation of firm goodwill.

In respect to this, the firm needs to redefine itself in market and try to stop such forged practices.

This can only be done through increase the sales and marketing practices as it is found that Burberry is the firm which is famous due to its product quality instead of its marketing strategy.

So now, it becomes important for firm to get involved in intense marketing activities whether on social sites or commercial advertisement as these areas could reduce the forged brand and rebuild the positive perception about the brand. Thus, it can also support the firm to establish its brand among all different customer segments.

These are the activities that support the Burberry marketing strategy in the form of creates more recognition and improve their customer services which results on the reduce the impact of Macro-factors at firm.

Potential impact on consumer behavior and how it might change

There are various factors that impact the consumer behavior. It includes the marketing initiatives. But in case of Burberry, it is identified that firm is lacking in terms to promote the product and service on intensive manner (Zhang and Kim, 2013).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

Due to this, firm is not recognized among the consumer and this influences their buying decision.

This can be changed through adopt diversified portfolio in promotion activities like online marketing along with the commercial promotion.

This helps the firm to gain the proper awareness about the brand among the consumers and it also supports to develop the trustworthy relationship between management and consumer which result in increase in sales.

Furthermore, it is found that UK economic condition is not very apt after the recession period as people purchasing power gets affected severely.

So, it is recognized that consumer greatly influenced by the economic condition due to which they tend to be not ready to pay high.

In that case, Burberry need to cut down their prices through incorporate the outsourcing services and emphasized more on technology so that human resources expenses and logistic cost can be reduced (Rana and Paul, 2017).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

This allows to making quality clothes can be offered to diverse consumer groups within the marginal rate. It could influences the consumer buying behavior in positive manner.

In the views of Ting chi Liu et al. (2013), the social-group influences is the important factor behind the consumer buying behavior.

So the unsatisfied consumer impacts the other individual behavior in negative manner.

That’s why; Burberry should incorporate the changing needs and wants of consumer in their product line so that consumer can get what they expect from the firm. Otherwise, the consumer retention level gets affected.

This can be done through conduct proper market research which supports the firm to collect facts about the target consumer and accordingly serve them.

The satisfied customer contributes towards spreading positive word of mouth which leads to enhancement of firm customer base as every consumer wants to make association with those firm serve them well and satisfy their needs to greater extent.

Two growth opportunities for Burberry

Collaboration can be act as an opportunist for firm as more engagement with other brands helps Burberry to cut-down their cost and improve their customer (Dodgson, 2018).

Currently, firm is targeting niche market so in that case profit margin is fixed and not gets the opportunity to raise its revenue. This option would be appropriate for firm in terms to tap large customer base as majority of consumers are more belong to stable income group.

It would be efficient to grab their interest into the brand which tends to be result in achievement of high revenue generation.

At the same time, collaboration process not only support the firm to reduce its fashion product line prices but it also assist the firm to maintain the stock and eliminate the waste or miscellaneous expenses (Jensen et al., 2014).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

It is found that when two firms works together then it become easy to avails the resources and deliver to consumer on right time without any type of error in customer services.

On the other hand, global expansion is another opportunity for the firm to undertake as it is identified that Burberry is not expanded its business beyond their boundaries.

So, it requires to incorporating the wide advertisement and promotional strategies into the business. This would help them to gain recognition on international platform and it supports the firm to expand their business beyond the local market (Gallhuber and Turkan, 2015).http://Great MKT11109 Marketing Performing Sample

This can be done through proper utilize the e-commerce platform whether in term to sell out the product or advertise the brand among the wider audiences. The marketer of Burberry needs to design the message in such a way that appeals large customer base.

Moreover, the website design help the firm to easily extent their business across the globe without opening any physical distribution place.

It increases the chances of profit margin due to less investment in maintaining on store or hiring of large workforces etc.

that’s why the proper utilization of e-commerce’s platform can contribute large benefit to business in terms to gain profit and achieve wider recognition.

On the basis of both opportunities, it can be stated that Burberry can able to achieve the successfully expansion along with development of new customer base. It results in improvement of firm profitability ratio.


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