Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Introduction ( Mng81001 Assignment Sample ) 

This essay is based upon evaluating the four questions which will discuss managing differences in communication styles which will improve the team coordination within the management.

The first question of the essay will discuss the agenda of the meeting along with the key messages through email.

As the essay progress, it will also discuss the cross-cultural communication competencies that can be applied to both for the organization as well as for individuals.

The third question in the essay, it will discuss the key task along with the issues that are to be addressed in the new team to minimize future problems along with conflict.

Question 1. Email

To: Team member of ‘KidStart’s’ project

From: Jane Wilson

CC: Board members

Date: 06.09.19

Re: Meeting about project communication

Greetings to everybody, as you all know the company has expanded its roots to the Chinese market with the launch of company’s new line of baby food product, it would like to hold a marketing campaign.

Dr. Jeremy Jones who is a well-known dietician and nutritionist has recently launched the campaign of promoting ‘KidStart’s’ among the students and the children in terms of growing healthy eating habits among them.

As the team member of the project belongs from different counties, therefore a conference call will be arranged on 10.09.2019 at 11.30 AM, UK time.

The purpose of the conference call will be to access feedback and suggestions from all the team members as to how to market the product in the Chinese market.

The conference call has been designed in a way that all the team members working on the project can actively participate in the virtual communication process.

The central theme of this conference call will be to discuss the strategies that will be effective to promote the product among the children.

I would like to see open suggestions and ideas that are related to the development of product placement and increase its acceptance among customers.

I am cordially inviting all your presence and hoping to listen from you.

Please feel free to raise any questions during the meeting, the success of the project lies in our efforts and dedication.

Thanks and Regards

Jane Wilson

Question 2. Discuss how best Jane can manage all the differences in communication styles

The team member of ‘KidStart’s’ belongs from different social culture and background, therefore differences in their mindsets and working style are different from other groups of people.

Therefore, it becomes utmost important to consider this viewpoint before designing the communication process.

In regards to managing the differences in communication style virtual communication style has been adopted, which makes it easier to communicate with the team members (Bove, et al., 2016).http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Emails, Google Drive, and Skype are some popular virtual communication tools through which information can be share and maintain daily communication.

Through video calls, the employees can be monitored and regular reports of work proceedings can be accessed which will help in resolving issues and maintain better workflow.

Through, virtual communication process the project manager can also access the ideas and thoughts of employees based upon which the marketing strategies will be drawn, which will be used to promote the products among the children (Coffle, et al., 2016).http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Allocation of the task will be based upon the skills and expertise of the individuals and team members which helps in maintaining systematic communication flow and identify potential issues arising in the market.

Through the communication process coalition among the team members is resolved along with rules and regulations are also being made aware to the employees which help in increasing the productivity of the firm (Pearson, 2017). http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Question 3. Identify and specify cross-cultural communication competences that can be applied both to individual as well as to team interactions

Cross-cultural competency is known as the skills and knowledge that enable the individual to adapt effectively in cross-cultural environments (Betancourt, et al., 2016).http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

The cross-cultural communication competencies that need to be followed in terms of managing the workforce are mutual respect among themselves, developing cultural sensitivity among the employees, managing attitude towards culture and developing communication (Thomas & Peterson, 2016).http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

The above-identified attributes and skills are most influential and essential in terms of regulating the ‘KidStart’s’ business.

The core and main focus of this campaign are to promote the product and information about its values among the children so that customers buy the product and develop a relationship with the firm.

The team member working in the project belongs from different cultural background, hence developing cultural value assist the employees in developing a sense of trust among themselves and carry out the work with higher accountability (Adeola & Serge, 2016).http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Furthermore, the project manager also needs to monitor and track down the activities of the employees so that the best ideas can be generated from them which can be used for completing this project successfully.

Finally, the attitudes and beliefs of the managers need to be aligned with the cultural values of the employees so that issues can be resolved then and there.

Question 4. Evaluate the key task and process issues to be addressed in the new team to minimize future problems and conflict

During the project task all the team members will be connected through a virtual medium of communication, all the project related information will be delivered through digital mode which will require a high level of involvement.

All the employees need to share their thoughts and views through the digital platform and any issues identified need to be reported to minimize its effect and complete the task successfully (French, 2015).http://Great MNG81001 Assignment Sample

Conflict is one of the critical issues that need to be addressed by the project manager in terms of maintaining cohesiveness in the work process.

The project manager will also deliver proper training to the employees so that they can develop their skills and traits to use the digital form of communication effectively.

Mutual trust and respect need to be developed among the team members so that they can work mutually and achieve the common goal of achieving success for the project task of ‘KidStart’s’.

Finally, understanding the great goal of the business and working towards it helps in achieving the expected results and success.


Based on the above study, it has been identified that the project manager needs to communicate well with the team members so that it gives them ideas and thoughts that aim towards increasing the efficiency of the firm.

The whole project task will be performed through the digital communication process hence, monitoring and tracking the progress rate of the employees becomes essential for the project manager.

Cross-culture competency of mutual trust and respect needs to be imparted among the employees so that better work proceedings can be performed.


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