Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample 

1. Twitter Review

1.1 @equitylist

Mark Logcock and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus state that humanity must fight against the coronavirus in order to survive. The funds are being raised along with all the necessary amenities for the poor and affected.

As numerous lives are being affected by the novel coronavirus which is increasing worldwide at an alarming pace, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases gave a view to the American who are wondering when the effect of coronavirus will be ceased and their lives will return to normal scenarios.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States along with some of his other allies, has proposed that it may be the time to end the social distancing so that the normal people can get back to work and the economy of the country can be restarted (Allam et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

The financial situation of The United States has declined significantly since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The decision made by Trump can significantly worsen the current situation of the pandemic say, health experts. The virus has infected over 65,000 Americans so far out of which there were 942 deaths reported. According to Farci, the effect of the virus cannot be seen at first, which becomes prominent as days pass by.

This is the worst thing about \the virus, Farci says. He has become a voice of reason who is trusted in times of crisis like these and states people to stay flexible in these times. Meanwhile, some Mexican protesters cut border crossing protesting against the immigration of U.S individuals into Mexico.

The majority of the people are living under restricted situations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The total number of confirmed cases reached 500,000 and the senate in Washington passed over $ 2 trillion as an emergency relief package (Ashrafi et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

The same day experienced a total death toll of 200 deaths due to the coronavirus as stated by the health departments around the country. The donation was done anonymously and is focused on the victims affected by the coronavirus.

This page has been highly influential to provide information on public health concerns and different factors that need to be undertaken in any circumstances (Butler-Henderson et al. 2017).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

Equity and health development have been targeted under this page and tweets have been gradually increasing the awareness of its followers under these terms and ideas. Healthcare news and other health care information have been continuously updated and maintained on this page for the followers to be informed on any such facility that has been implemented.

Issues that have been arising in recent times in healthcare facilities have been communicated through tweets on the page (Butler-Henderson et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

1.2 @DigitalHealth

Digital Health Service has been a major influencer on the social website to influence and acknowledge people on the importance of digital health care service. Twitter has been a major platform that has been used by the service providers under this organization to reach its target customers and people around the globe.

The digital healthcare service includes several check-up and he; lath care facilities that will enhance the services that are provided under the care sectors. It not only tweets on the wellbeing of the people and how it must be sustained but also manages to uphold the importance of Technology in such cases.

Testing and different laboratory experiments have been proven to be enhancing iris technology sections to reach an ultimate digital service to customers. Customers have also been seeking a comfortable and simple digital service for the healthcare facilities.

The tweets involve questionnaires and surveys that lead the followers to understand the attraction in the internet and how different factors influence different health care issues.

Training and one to one service is provided through these services for customers to gain maximum advantage of facilities. Health facilities have been advancing in its technological fields and this requires proper training and understanding for better improvement in service.

Emailing and other communication services are major factors that have been undertaken in Digital Healthcare Services. The productivity deals with the Digital services and Email through technology and services for well-being.

The organization has also been tweeting on its services for Digital obesity and use of Email in such services. The email service providers and its different facts have been tweeted under specific circumstances that have been experienced in order to give knowledge to the followers.

The initiative of the organization to adventure on the better email service to customers under Hekmati care facilities and how “decluttering iPhone” can assist in learning better and properly are also tweeted earlier. The organization has been taking an unmatchable initiative to provide a corrective importance of email and technology in health services through its continuator’s tweets and quotes to its followers.

1.3 @Healthypolicies

The blog deals with various policies that protect and expand access to health-related resources. The page named “SJPH” states that the policies will be limited which targets the domestic factors.

The limitation will be applicable for both the capability to address health equity of national levels and the greater global health inequity problem. The journal named “THE CONVERSATION” talks about the latest NAFTA’s assault on public health. The U.S. President Donald Trump has removed the tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from Mexico and Canada (Butler‐Henderson et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

The situation has become unpleasant for the Democrats in the U.S. as new pharmaceuticals have been provided with costly monopoly protection and labor and environmental protection have seen weak enforcement measures. It has been shown that the health impacts of #USMCA has gone far beyond medicine prices.

The medicines prices globally have risen exponentially due to this which is affecting various individuals. There is a link between the Centre for global health inequalities Research, academia, UN, and other international organizations in order to minimize the health-related social inequalities worldwide (Cardona et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

The wide and broad inequality in the U.S. healthcare system has been exposed due to coronavirus. People falling under the category of individuals having high incomes are getting access to COVID-19 tests before the ordinary people of the country are showing symptoms.

This reflects the inequality that is still present among the healthcare system of the United States of America. The countries that will be able to COVID-19 are those with the most equitable, universal, and well-financed healthcare structures and systems.

According to the Mexican Steel Conference, the steelmakers could face penalties if their customers are not helped to comply with the new regulations of origin under the USMCA (Chan et al. 2016).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

The positive effect of USMCA will be felt on American beef producers and the auto industry has requested a delay in USMCA through a letter to Congress. COVID-19 is responsible for shutting down 95 % of the auto productions in the US. The outbreak of coronavirus has forced the auto manufacturers to shut their business temporarily and postpone their operations.

Mexico, Canada, and the United States have ratified USMCA and it is expected to go fully into effect by the end of 2020. Small businesses and distributors can benefit from the act as they fall under the stated category.

USMCA aims to eliminate and remove duplicate and unnecessary regulations, which was the aim of NACDS as well. A new chemical sectoral annex is being introduced which covers the chemical activities of the countries that recognize the regulatory authorities and contribute towards the exchange of information and higher alignment (Chen et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

Tweets under this page have been highly influential in providing details on the different health-related information and issues that have been observed in recent times. Different facilities under health care services have also been raised under these circumstances by the page.

The tweets under this page help the followers to know the recent activity of healthcare success and how it is facilitating in technology as well as well-being of the community.

1.4 Twitter as a social media tool

Social media and websites are currently the highest influential and powerful source of information for every individual. There have been several social media platforms created that have allowed people to connect and communicate to people from different peats of the world and share their thoughts and ideas.

Twitter is one of these social media websites but is slightly different from others. Twitter allows different information, especially news and corporate information to be shared under its platform. Different organizations and famous entrepreneurs share their thoughts and ideas that may influence different communities and interested customers to store a better cause.

Health care services have been using technology and innovation in its process recently and have acquired immense support through. Twitter has been a major platform of health care service providers to gain interred symptoms and people from around the globe.

There are several organizations that have been also looking forward to carrying out informative posts and tweets that acknowledge people on different healthcare services and their importance.

Experts recommendations and prevention measures are easily updated and forward by a single tweet to a large number of people in a short period of time. Important information on different health care issues and factors are easily communicated to a large number of people through a sable medium. Companies have easily benefited all through online service and platforms that allow them to connect with a large part of the world in a short period of time.

2. Telemedicine in Australia

Telemedicine has been a major factor that has influenced the way doctors and nurses are providing services to patients. Computer-based services and other systems are used under telemedicine services (Gray & Gilbert, 2018).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

It includes the services through doctors and nurses that are provided through telecommunications with additional facilities that are included in it. Telemedicine will require a sound system ability and knowledge for its progression in the country. People need to believe the prices and also have adequate knowledge in its service and facilities before approaching it.

Health practitioners need to develop their skills in order to implement the necessary changes in the country. They need to be well equipped with the latest technology and modern healthcare-related equipment (Harris et al. 2018).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

This will enable them to handle tricky and complex situations and come up with reliable solutions. The death rates will drastically reduce due to this as all the hospitals within the country will be connected with one another.

The first step towards implementing the services and facilities related to telemedicine is to conduct a market that needs to be reliable and proper. The needs of the people, as well as the doctors, need to be analyzed along with the funds the country can spend on acquiring these resources necessary for telemedicine.

A Survey analysis and conducting random interviews with experts in the healthcare industry will help to come up with feasible and meaningful solutions. This will help to identify the initial barriers while setting up the facilities and services of telemedicine (Nadir et al. 2017).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

Questioning the hospital authorities and staff can help to find out and cater to the latest equipment commercially available in the market. Telecommunication acne helps several healthcare providers to reach individuals quickly and in a suitable form without any difficulties.

The link between the doctors, patients, nurses as well as specialists makes this platform a highly important platform for different health-related issues and concerns.

Australia has been trying to implement the strategy of telemedicine in the country for an improved health care service to its citizens. Teleradiology has been tried to implement in this context and direct and easy reading of the results under pathology to the practitioners has also to be implemented (Qadir et al. 2017).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

This will not only assist the doctors to have a simple and easy way of treating and diagnosing its patients but will also benefit the patients. The patients will be able to communicate with doctors easily with proper and quick service availability.

2.1 Barriers

Although without any doubt it can be said that implementing telemedicine in Australia can help it to develop its healthcare systems and improve its health conditions, there are numerous barriers that can be faced. These can hinder the operations of the system and implementing a sound and secure healthcare network might be difficult.

This can lead to the deterioration of the economy and many health-related issues may arise within the country. Inadequate infrastructure and lack of proper staff can hamper the situation.

The nurses and attendants need to be given proper training. Employee development training is crucial in order to sharpen their skills so that they can handle complex and demanding situations more easily (Rutter et al. 2017).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

Lack of funding can lead to negligence in the system due to which acquiring the latest healthcare equipment might become difficult. In times of crisis, if the management is inadequate and under-qualified to handle those difficult situations, this can give rise to new issues and problems.

Moreover, there need to be adequate and well-equipped beds with the latest heart rate monitors and other essential tools so that it can contribute towards the development of telemedicine in the country. A lack of these things may give rise to problems that will be difficult to solve in times of situations of crisis (Sinnott et al. 2016).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

2.1.1 ICT issues

There may be a lack of proper network infrastructure within the country which can affect the operations related to telemedicine. The services and facilities may get disrupted due to which the patients, as well as doctors and nurses, can suffer in the hospital.

The essential and necessary information can be exchanged within different hospitals with the help of proper network connections and communications. Efficient communications and interactions will result in the proper functioning of these hospitals along with serving the people in an efficient way.

It should be ensured by the hospital authorities that the telephone lines and wireless signals are functioning properly within as well as outside the hospital premises (Ashrafi et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

There are a lot of pieces of equipment in the hospitals which are dependent on these connections in order to run effortlessly. A piece of equipment in case of an emergency situation might not function or worst fails if this is not tended to.

Faulty pieces of equipment can lead to hazardous circumstances that can affect the health and even the lives of the patients. Lack of proper communication will prevent doctors from sharing useful information with one another.

The lives of the patients which could have been saved due to effective communication and interaction might not be possible to do so if there is not a secure and reliable network of telephone lines (Butler-Henderson et al. 2017).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

2.1.2 Management Issues

Telemedicine may include management issues that may result in miscommunication and other facility threats in the process. There are several management related issues that have led several health care service providers to step back from the process of gaining telemedicine advantage (Butler-Henderson et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample

There may be issue in the managing department of the hospitals which can significantly affect the operations and processes of the healthcare system overall. The responsibility of the management is to ensure that all the connections and lines are proper with minimum interruptions as possible.

Failure to do may give rise to drastic situations that can be responsible for the collapse of the system. The funds which are provided to buy the equipment necessary for implementing telemedicine may not be channelized. This can lead to a shortage of the equipment and the tools necessary for carrying out different tests (Butler‐Henderson et al. 2019).http://Great STAT6001 Public Health Informatics Sample



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