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The hospitality industry is concerned with a number of business and services which are concerned with customer satisfaction and leisure. Hospitality industry can also be characterised by its emphasis the ideas concerned with pleasure, luxury, experiences and enjoyment, contrasting to catering for necessities.

Hospitality industry and travel industry are closely related with one another; however there are certain fine differences to consider. Basically, travel industry is concerned with the services offered to people who have travelled far from their home for sojourn (Jimenez, 2017).

On the contrary, hospitality refers to services that are directly related to customer satisfaction and their leisure. This could not only incorporate the service offered to the tourists but the service provisions to those people as well who are not tourists, for instance, the local people who are enjoying their leisure time, or the people coming to the hotels apart from the tourism (Capozzi, 2018).

HAT202 The Hospitality and Tourism Market Assignment

Reik Group of Companies has started hotel business in Albert Park, situated just three kilometres away from  south of Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District). This place is famed for its Victorian Era Architecture and houses St Vincent Place Precinct as well as Victorian terraces since the 1860 and the 1870s enveloping the shared park. The hotel caters to the visitors who would step foot into this beautiful suburb.

HAT202 The Hospitality and Tourism Market Assignment Table

This hotel is popular among the different segment of customers. Customers aged between 25- 35 are the regualr customers of the hotel. Therefore the hotel targets this segment of the custiners in order to enhance its profits.

HAT202 The Hospitality and Tourism Market Assignment Chart

The hotel is concerned about product branding which takes into account a uniques element of marketing to set it apart from other hotels. It is nothing but the customer satisfaction. This attribute of the hotel is being imparted to he customers of the hotel. In addition that, positioning of the hoitel is presently  concerned with the place itself, i.e. Albert Park. The hotel takes up the minds of the visitors and puts stress upon the element of customer satisfaction to make it distinguished from the same attribute of the rival hotels. The hotel specialises in providing 24X7 room- service to the visitors. The behaviour of the hotel staffs are so cordial that it makes the hotel class apart from its competitors (Ankur, 2018).

The company puts emphasis in the following elements in order to judge its level of customer satisfaction:

Enhancement into the level of loyalty over time:

When the same guests come to hotel over and over again, it works as an indicator of customer satisfaction. As there are so many hotels to stay, returning to the same hotel certainly indicates customer loyalty.

Spending more time on the website of the hotel:

If the customers are spending more time, it says that they have a good time staying at the hotel. As the hotel provides facilities such as spa, unique bars and top quality breakfasts, the clients who step in the hotel have loads of avenues to spend after booking the room.

Guest engagement:

Visitors in this hotel engage themselves with the different brands they have faith in. They are eager to keep themselves abreast of the regular updates of the hotel, its promotional offers and other services. The hotel makes its visitors feel satisfied by guaranteeing the fact that the guest engagement attributes are well placed. The hotel management incorporates state- of- the- art property management system in order to let it keep a record of the guest reviews (Xotels, 2018).

Referral schemes:

Considering the fact that first time visitors being referred to the hotel is a great parameter to measure the satisfaction level of the customers, the hotel boasts of reflecting this special attribute. The company also measures whether the guests feel obligated to share what they have experienced within their networks.


Integrated Marketing Campaign

To carry out the campaign, the hotel needs to incorporate the steps:

Step 1: Getting familiar with the Target Audience:

The company needs to know more about its audience’s taste and preferences in order to be successful by employing a justified marketing tactics within the ambit of an integrated approach.

Step 2: Figuring out the channels:

Picking as many platforms as possible might not work well. If the target audience is not using Twitter, there’s no need to invest on it. The company has to ensure that the selected channels must be able to help it attain the aims of the business (Campaignmonitor, 2019).

HAT202 The Hospitality and Tourism Market Assignment Integrated Marketing

Step 3: Concentrating on Brand Consistency:

Although the message must be altered on the basis of each specific channel, the company must guarantee the brand identity of the hotel stays the same everywhere.

Step 4: Develop Content in Mind:

Developing content for a single channel regularly is a hard task to execute whereas developing the same for multiple platforms can be extremely challenging. In order to get the best outcome, the company needs to make sure that every bit of the developed content is applied in more than one place (Bruce, 2016).

Step 5: Bring in the members on Board:

If multiple individuals are working on various projects in the same campaign, the company must ensure that all are on the same page so that band image and communication remains steady.

Step 6: To be on track and adjust:

An integrated effort of this kind requires proper analytics in order to figure out whether the company is attaining the objectives effectively. This evaluation will ascertain if any tweak in the prevailing strategy is required (Allen, 2017).

Recommended new idea

Brand ambassador can certainly be a boon for the hotel as it can assist in influencing the purchasing decision of others and building up a positive impression of the hotel brand in public. Here it becomes important to find where they have heard of the hotel name. This can be done by keeping a track of the guest referrals. Offering rewards and incentives for the visitors who have referred the hotel name (for instance a discount coupon for their next stay or an opportunity to win a gift hamper) can help in enhancing the awareness of the hotel via word of mouth.


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