Great HC1021 Interpersonal & E-Communication Assignment Sample

Great HC1021 Interpersonal & E-Communication Assignment Sample

Brief Introduction and Background

The report is focused on the E-communication and Communication strategies adopted by the organization like Tesco in their business process.

Communication is the flow of information from one end to another. Moreover, sharing the data is one of the significant activities in an organization to achieve an undertaking.

Communication is one of the significant capacities for the management of an organization which go about as an establishment for the planning (Ruck and Welch, 2012).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

Gathering data from the consumers and figuring the new strategy required communication.

Communication can be of two types non-verbal and verbal. In addition, verbal communication consist of the written communication or oral communication and non-verbal communication includes the gesture, the body language, and posture.

Next is the e-communication that implies the data flow by means of the electronic medium such as sending e-mail to the client, the feedback support system in the websites of the organization where the customers can send their feedback directly to the organization.

E-communication saves time and cost for the organization.

The organization that is been selected with the objective of research based on the communication and e-communication is one of the well-known retail supermarkets i.e. Tesco.

This is a global organization having it’s headquartered in Hertfordshire, UK.

In the terms of revenue, Tesco is placed in the second position on the planet. Around 4, 76,000 employees are working in Tesco for serving the customers effectively.

In this way, from the figure, we can understand the importance of communication in Tesco. Tesco provides attention towards the communication because of its position (Fill and Roper, 2012).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

The importance they recognize is to make the employees and the investors updated and furthermore to address data from the customers visiting the stores day by day.

The three objectives of the communication which has been identified by the Tesco are to understand the activity in a better manner, serving the customers in an effective manner, remain updated and informed.

In this way, e-communication is additionally focused in Tesco where the use of blogging, internet forums, and social networking sites are mostly done because of the demand and increased use of the internet over the world.

Section 1

The success of the organization is dependable on effective communication.

In the event that we considered non-electronic communication, then the methods, such as oral communication, letter, memos, drafts, notice, press releases, and presentations are generally used in the organization to aware the employees, investors, the general open, suppliers etc.

Communication bolsters the elucidation in the business process of organizations (Cheung and Thadani, 2012).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

Most essentially Tesco uses several methods and practices to create a positive and supportive environment for every one of the stakeholders in the business. The objective of communication in Tesco is categorized in three different ways:

  • For knowing the details of the job responsibility communication serves effectively.
  • Serving the customers in a better manner is likewise because of the communication
  • Remaining informed and updated with the variety of data is necessary

Based on these objectives of communication, Tesco applies more than a few methods to communicate with each other.

In this way, “The One” is the publication of Tesco that sends the message of the top management and furthermore the colleagues who used to share their experiences, success stories in this magazine that are issued each and every month.

The issues have covered the areas like the level of competition, happenings, and interesting business news. It may be collected from the distribution centers or offices.

“Notice sheets” are used in the organization for showing current data in the areas for educating the employees about the statutory data, training session, and notices about the Health and Safety, current news of the organization, club activities, and updates for the Union etc.

In addition, “Face to face communication” with the employees, suppliers and the customers are followed in Tesco to address the issues or collecting suppositions from them.

In other words, discussion is followed in the face to face communication where the managers used to seat with the issues.

“Questionnaire” is the series of questions which are asked of the employees twice in a year to give the feedback or conclusions about the current circumstance.

So, these are the methods currently used in Tesco with the end goal of communication as non-electronic structure.

It will enhance the level of inspiration to the employees, customers and the suppliers due to the direct interaction with the manager. Necessary data or updates are shared directly with the employees from the management of Tesco (Shih and Susanto, 2010).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

The sentiments that are collected as feedback can go about as a contribution to framing the strategy for the management. So overall it will help the organization to keep up a healthy workplace.

Aside from this practice, the strategy used by Tesco in keeping up an offsetting relationship with the stakeholders is done by following the “Steer wheel” concept.

Steer wheel help Tesco to evaluate the performances and effectively management the business. The colleagues in the business of Tesco are informed about the strategy by following the steer wheel concept.

The steer wheel developed by the management of Tesco comprises of five columns that are as bellows:

  • Customers: The range to which Tesco is giving superior value to them as promised.
  • People: Employees are the people whose performances are measured to determine the efficiency level
  • Finance: Cost related activities and the revenue generation are considered to meet the expectations of the stakeholders.
  • Operations: efficiency level just as keeping up the standard are considered in operation of Tesco
  • Community: As a responsible employer such as Tesco, the commitments towards the society are associated in this level.

Section 2

In this section I might want to feature the electronic mode of communication where the organization like Tesco services several methods to keep the flow of communication.

Moreover, electronic communication in Tesco is additionally very critical where they like to use several methods.

Moreover, “E-mails” are used to communicate with the stakeholders by utilizing the internet with the devices like computers, advanced mobile phones or hand held devices. “Extranet” is used as a Tesco Information Exchange as well as “Intranet” is used to advise the employees internally by sharing significant data.

On the off chance that the employees of Tesco used the internet for inappropriate use then the disciplinary move is being made. Penalties and dismissal are there in the facility of Tesco.

Then again, “Social Networking” is additionally provided importance by Tesco by utilizing the mediums, such as Twitter, Face book, and YouTube by sharing significant updates for the customers who used to access the social networking sites.

The employees or colleagues of Tesco are responsible to keep up a positive communication stream by means of internet or online networking (Rotroff et al., 2012).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

The objective of Tesco regarding the electronic communication is to aware the people about their updates which can be item data or valuing or data about the new stores or special message etc.

Respecting the people, restriction in speaking negatively is checked by the manager of Tesco. Offensive message or content sharing by any employee on behalf of Tesco is carefully restricted. Discharge on this ground can be happen if the allegations are true.

“Website” of Tesco is one of the significant types of the electronic section (Clegg et al., 2015).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample  The website of Tesco is useful for every gathering of people. For students, the career section or yearly reports for research is readily available.

For the customers they need to subscribe their email for receiving the newsletter periodically. Aside from that the customers can likewise send their grievances or customer related services from the website. In this way, we can see several modes of communication backup the electronic way is used by Tesco (Zheng et al., 2010).hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

The electronic mode of communication serves the Tesco to pass or receive the data rapidly and will save the operation cost too. Moreover, the printing cost can be reduced by utilizing the electronic mode.

The other objective can be to address more group of people who are utilizing the internet and smart phones. The reach can be increased thusly and furthermore the organization can manage every one of the stakeholders effectively.

Section 3

SWOT analysis will help to assess the Tesco’s communication methods or practices in an effective way.

It will help the management of the company to minimize the weakness and to give more emphasis on the opportunity. The SWOT analysis for Tesco can be done in the following way:



Tesco follows both the electronic and non-electronic form of communication.

Face to face to communication in the form of discussion conducted by the manager is the effective form where the direct communication can take place (Keyon, 2011).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

Electronic mode like email, social media, websites will help the customers or other investors can share their concern without visiting the office of Tesco.

Employees of Tesco are remained motivated due to the updated information and preference given to them by the management due to the effective forms of communication.


The structure of the communication team is not established in Tesco.

Blogs which are written by the internet users contains some negative feedbacks about Tesco but the responses from the concerned authority is not there which affect the purchase consideration of the customers

Integrating the communication function with the marketing team is not there.

In this case a gap is established in gathering the responses and responding the responses


Electronic mode of communication will save the operational cost of Tesco. For instance, printing cost can be reduced.

Effective communication in an organization like Tesco will explore several opportunities in the terms of productivity.

The informed and updated employee will give their best performances and efforts. The customers will consider the purchase from Tesco due to the effective service and the investors will continue their investment due to the transparency maintained by the Tesco in the communication process.

Tesco can maximize their reach to the target audience by the effective communication methods.

Rumors can be stopped with the help of the communication.

Feedback addressing system of Tesco will help to gather important data or information which can be the input of the strategy formulation for the management. Accordingly, the management can redesign the service or product based on the input they gathered.


Leaking the important information to outside can bring a loss to the company.

Excessive participation of the employees in the decision making can create a complex situation for the management to consider.

In the social media accounts of Tesco can bring many rumors.

For instance, if some users post inappropriate review in the timeline and there is a possibility for the other users to get influenced


By conducting SWOT analysis of the communication methods used by Tesco we can capable to address the several areas of the threats and weakness.

The threats and weakness which are mentioned in the above chart is required to be studied for justifying the risk and to overcome the weakness by implementing the positive process, such as like developing the corporate communication team, addressing the feedbacks often to understand the current situation, and well-designed website for protecting the system from the hacking.

Effective communication will carry smooth functioning of the business definitely.

Section 4

The companies who are the competitors of Tesco are required to compare the practices of communication.

To address the communication strategy used by Walmart and Lidl it is required to address the several practices used by the organization for communication.

For instance, Walmart uses the electronic structure more frequently than the non-electronic structure while speaking with the employees. In addition, Walmart One is developed to communicate with the employees working in Walmart.

Every one of the associates are connected with the management of Walmart through this Walmart One. Passing the significant data by the management or employee is done effectively with this practice. Moreover, internal communication is strengthened along these lines which ensures the protection and transparency in the system.

In this way, Annual General meeting for the shareholders is there and webcasting of the meetings are likewise posted in the website of the Walmart. Feedback system is very much effective in Walmart where the website is being planned to collect the feedback from the customers as a several themes shred in the website.

The customers have to select the point and have to write on it. The corporate communication team is there who will analyze and send the feedbacks to the respective department (Kerr and Hiltz, 2013).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

For instance, in Lidl, electronic communication is fundamentally focused where the application for the mobile based on both Android and IOS is there.

Electronic newsletter is being sent to the customers after buying in it to their website. Contact structure for the suppliers or for the customers is being shared in the website. Individual should fill up the form and share it in their website.

Aimed at the sake of comparison, we can see several differences similar to the competitors of Tesco is mostly focused on the electronic communication to address the investors, customers and employees (Roschmann and Campbell, 2019).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

The security in sending the data or keeping up a healthy workplace online customized communication system is being introduced by Lidl and Walmart to communicate with the prospective members.

In addition, electronic communication will save the expense and furthermore speed up the data flow starting with one end then onto the next.

Yet, in the event that we investigate the non-electronic communication of Tesco, then we can see the level of effectiveness where the employees or the management can directly communicate with each other which will ensure the transparency and minimization of the misunderstanding.

Along these lines, the balance is required among the two modes of communication to keep up a smooth working in the company.

Section 5

In this section recommendations or suggestions are required to feature for improving the effectiveness of the communication in Tesco.

Moreover, the management of Tesco ought to consider the accompanying aspects while designing the effective communication strategies.

  • Customer relationship management tool, such as the software can be used to collect several information from every one of the systems and transferred it into the central database.
  • After that arranging the information and after that passing the data to the respective department is completed by the software. It will help the departments to concentrate on the issues pertaining to their department as it were.
  • All the strategies, data, contribution from the market, customers are needed to be communicated with the concerned team or the department that is responsible. It will minimize the data overload of the other teams or department (Olsson, 2014).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample
  • Online communication team has to be there to concentrate on the customer’s feedbacks, responses, online journals posted in the name of Tesco and in like manner responses ought to be posted rapidly to stop the false data or rumors.
  • Escalation process is required to be designed for internal communication where the employees can talk about some issues with the top management that will help the management to address several circumstances in the organization.
  • Periodic meetings need to be conducted by the management to all the main stakeholders, such as investors, suppliers and employees.
  • Addressing their view is required to frame the strategy or to brief the members regarding the misunderstandings.
  • Along these lines, the involvement of the considerable number of members can be possible.

In this way, these are the ways which the organization like Tesco can receive for effective communication.

The strategies are integrated with every one of the members of the business, such as customers, employees, investors, and suppliers.

Encouragement and motivation will be there for every one of the members which can get success the terms of productivity and profitability.


In this report we can address several parts in the communication pertinent to the organization Tesco.

Moreover, communication is the flow of data starting with one end then onto the next. Sharing the data is one of the significant activities in an organization to achieve the task.

Communication is one of the significant capacities for the management of an organization that go about as an establishment for the planning (Evans, 2016).http://hc1021-interpersonal-e-communication-sample

In addition, communication helps the illumination in the business process of the companies.

The objectives of communication related to the types of communication, such as non-electronic or electronic mode are addressed in this report. The importance of the communication for overall development in the organization is additionally discussed.

The communication strategies used by the competitors of Tesco, such as Walmart and Lidl are likewise identified as well as compared with Tesco by illustration the noteworthy differences.

Finally, the suggestions are developed to advance the communication system in the company based on the certain avocation which has been discussed in this report.


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