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Policy is to manage the pandemic in the country and save people for COVID-19 situations and unlocking UK from COVID-19 situations.

Back ground

UK government made policy related to lockdown. COVID-19 affects the whole world. UK government recommend using personal proactive equipments called PPE items and use for the face mark to protect from covid 19 diseases. UK government need there should be a complete lockdown in the country. For this purpose they detailed analysis the situation analysis the physical innervations and lockdown measures to restrict the mobility of people. UK government measures the impact of COVID-19 by including new regulations and police power to manage public health. UK government close all the schools and businesses so that COVID-19 will not spread more. Due to COVID-19 policies there is major expansion in the health department as government makes investment to provide health services to COVID-19 patients. Government is responsible for management of this pandemic (Fraser, et.al, 2021). 

HEAL8150 Individual Assignment

Challenges faced by UK government during COVID-19 policies

Lack of pandemic preparedness:  as it is an uncertain pandemic so government was not prepared for it to manage this situation. So there is no clear policy o deal with this pandemic in health and social care of population of the country.

Shortage of personal proactive equipment:  it is very difficult for government to arrange so much PPE kits in every hospital. And it is also difficult for staff to manage and wear the PPE kit whole time.

Anxiety and fear amongst professional: there is fear of this pandemic as it is nation wise pandemic and fear of lost of many lives during this pandemic.

Challenges in enforcing social distancing: it is the major problem for government to manage social distancing for individuals. It is difficult for government to manage social distancing guidelines (Singer, 2020).

Delay in testing:  as staffs have COVID-19 or not if they have cough or any other symptoms. Due to this there is shortage in the staff and result in delay in testing of COVID-19 policy.

Shortage of staffs: due to care of COVID-19 patient staff also infected from COVID-19 this result in shortage of staff in many hospitals.

Current situation

Currently UK government is giving 2nd dose of vaccination in the country. It gives around 49252939 people 1st dose and around 45239759 people get vaccinated with 2nd dose.

Currently there were some positive cases in country around 42776 new cases are there related to COVID-19. There is increment in the cases of COVID-19 in UK and the death is increases around 2.3% from last 7 days in the month of October 2021. Currently people are admitted in hospital and around 6.8% increment in the people who admitted in the hospital due to COVID-19 in the month of October 2021.

Currently COVID-19 is under control of UK government as UK government made many efforts to control the Covid 19 policy. UK government has to take properly steps to again control the COVID-19 situation in the country.

Locking and unlocking country policy

UK government lock the counties so that COVID-19 not spread everywhere. They make polices about unlocking the country when situations are under control. They unlock country in many phrases. So that it would not affect the pandemic situation in the country (Colbourn, 2020).

Free health services

UK government provides free health care and medical services to population of UK. So that they control the situation

Providing food facilities

UK government provides free food facility and delivery to poor person to that they do not have to adjust as there is lockdown and they have no earning source.

Medicines delivery

Government take initiative to provide the medicines delivery services so that everyone gets medicines on time and it will not spread the COVID-19 disease in lockdown situation (Hopman, et.al, 2020).


Government introduce vaccine to manage COVID-19 situation in the country. They start vaccination programs and it become successful also. Due to vaccination death rate elated to covid 19 is reduced.

Managing new variants of COVID-19

Government understand the new variants of covid 19 namely delta and delta plus and their symptoms so that this new variants will not affects major population of the country.

Impact on economy and society

To control the COVID-19 situation there is significant impact on the economy of the country as well as education and on society also.  Statistical data shows that there is 9.9% annual downfall in the GDP of UK due to this pandemic and public heath restriction. Supplier and business gets closed and restriction on social distance affects the restaurants, hotel, tourism, sports and events and education in the society. There is 13% increase in unemployment in UK due to COVID-19 pandemic. UK government balance the situation and balance short term as well as long term impact to minimise risk of COVID-19 in their decision making (Flynn, et.al, 2020).


Proper vaccination:  vaccine is the most important thing to manage this COVID-19 situation so government has to make programs so that everyone gets vaccinated.

Vaccination for children: government should also take initiative to introduce vaccination of children so that fear among population for their children will decrease and it will help them to secure the life of children in the country.

Proper sanitization system: Government should follow proper sanitization system in everywhere like school, hospitals, banks and public places time to time so that this deceases not again arise.

Next Steps

Impose limitations on overseas travel

The government needs to impose the restrictions and limitations on the overseas travel and tour of people to prevent further spread of covid-19.

Boost the industrial capacity to fulfil urgent medical requirements

The government also has to reallocate and enhance the capacity and potential of industrial sectors to meet the medical and healthcare needs in urgent and emergence situation in future (gov.uk, 2021).

Conduct children vaccination

In future, to prevent the harm to children health from covid-19, the government needs to promote and initiate the vaccination for children.

Quick financial assistance

The government also needs to ensure that individuals as well as the businesses get the quick financial help to quick recover from the covid-19 (gov.uk, 2021).


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