1. Introduction

New innovative ideas are always attractive to consumers and sellers continuously trying to make innovative ideas to increase their sales.

During the past few decades, sellers used to innovate their shops to attract customers. However, it only attract customers surrounded by the specific store, here website is handy to use.

A website represents the seller to all buyers over the world, this is why all sellers now adopting and developing this technology to increase their popularity and sell.

1.1. About Hilton Realty Group

Hilton Realty Group is a rapidly growing modern real estate industry. The impact of this company is massive in Melbourne and Sydney area. This group uses modern technology and social media to attract customers and Hilton Realty Group is getting their expected result from it. However the group maintains an old website to sell or rent properties across Australia. Chief executive officer of Hilton Realty Group, Mr. Garry Oswald was the one who created the website of the company several years ago. In this essay, Hilton Realty Group’s new website designing process is broadly explained. The company wants to use the new website as the main hub where relevant information of the company is to be provided.

1.2. About Web Page Designing and Development

A well-designed website attracts customers, hence designing and developing is crucial in terms of increasing sales. An innovative store attracts customers around a particular location but a website attracts customers beyond geographical boundaries. A web page contains data of the company which includes location, type of shop and other important information that helps customers to have knowledge about the company. In case of Merchandise Company, a website represents all goods that are available to the company. Customers are also able to find their needs from home through websites. Therefore, web page designing and development is now a crucial part for companies.

2. Process of creating Website

The process of creating website consists of different software elements. Help of various software new and modern web pages are designed and developed. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a language coding that is widely used for creating web pages. HTML tag is used to define the structure of pages which are under HTML coding. HTML tag has 2 tag types, single tag and double tags (Myers et al. 2017, p.717). Single tags are those tags which are not needed to be close, for example <br>. Double tags take place at starting and ending of content, such as <h1> Hilton Realty Group </h1>. Those tags are the main element of the whole web page. An HTML web page is created based on three parts which are Header, Body, Footer. Body is the main part where Heading of pages and main contents of web page takes place. The basis on HTML tags appropriate title for each page is done at first. Then CSS style tag is used for providing style on the web page. The CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is prepared for describing HTML elements on the screen. The CSS is the main part of HTML that expresses how a word and words background is going to be displayed. CSS tag opens with <style> and close with </style> and all the style-related information consists in the middle. The next step of creating a webpage is inputting JavaScript in HTML. JavaScript is used while creating or developing a web page for adding a dynamic function in a web page (Silvennoinen and Jokinen, 2016, p.77). While creating or developing a website table is needed to be inserted in web page, here <div> </div> tag is used for making table in web page. Pictures, graphics, animation are important on a web page to provide an attractive look to the website. <img> tag is used along with mentioning width and height to insert picture on a web page. Video multimedia inputting is possible in web page with an HTML5 video tag. Social media connectivity is necessary for advertisement purpose of a company that is why social media icon needs to be inserted in web page. The social media icon naturally placed at the bottom of the page using the awesome tag. Linking between pages is done with <href> tag (Ke, 2018, p.15). Transferring files to the server from anywhere are possible by puting an FTP tag in HTML coding. Various other tag keys are also used for creating or designing a web page on the basis of need, however above mentioned tag keys are commonly used tags in HTML.

3. Creating Website for Hilton Realty Group

Hilton Realty Group’s Web page is created on the basis of HTML and design is done to make the website attractive. Various tag keys are used to provide relevant information on the web page. Design is also important as it impresses customers and lures them to visit the store or make online purchases (Wang et al. 2019, p.885). Design is done with CSS tag and images of product are also provided with <img> tag, few videos have been provided by the HTML5 video tag. The details of tag keys have been provided in HTML file.

4. Difficulties

The web page has a great impact on the popularity and sale of the company. However, the creation of the web page is not so easy. A huge data is needed to create an attractive web page and that information is hard to find. Making a web page using HTML is hard because the language is complicated and chances of mistakes are high (McMinn, 2017, p.3). Several times long codes were needed but it creates complexity when the code is long. Apart from that linking multiple web pages is hard and confusing. Tables cannot be inputted on the webpage directly as a result creating table with <div> tag is complicated.

5. Group Contribution

In this essay, the website of Hilton Realty Group is prepared in a group. The whole work divided equally among group members. The group work divided into 4 parts. A person was involved in collecting data. It was an important role because without company’s data website cannot be created. Another person created a raw design of the website which requires skill of imagination. One of group member was involved in creating statistical portion website. Another member was managing website’s dynamic portion. Group collaboration is an important factor in terms of completing the company’s website.

6. Reflection

A website is a useful tool for the company however it has some limitations. A website can not attract customers alone; to attract customers via online, digital marketing strategy is needed. Digital marketing may not be done by web page developers it requires special eligibility in digital marketing (Liu and Luo, 2019, p.36). The positive site of website is that the seller can be seen from all over the world and website can easily help customers to locate the shop. However, webpage creation is not an easy process and to establish and maintain a website a high cost needs to bear by the seller.

7. Conclusion

In this essay web page for Hilton, Realty Group is created with HTML. Several codes and tags are required to make a proper website. Hilton Realty Group is a real estate industry and the company deals with buy and sale of residential, rural and commercial property and also provides rent and lease. Therefore the company’s information is provided on the website using HTML. It helps customers to understand the company.  However, maintaining and developing a website is a hard and costly process.


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