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As this Industry Project is part for the final year student on BA (Honors) International Hospitality Management and reviews the Health and Safety issues on Griffith College training Restaurant. This restaurant is located on the Dublin 8 Ireland .As the health and safety Authority Ireland is the state governed body, which is responsible for securing health and safety welfare at the working premises. The Health and safety aims to provide health and safe environment at the working place for the employees. While doing Health and Safety project assignment primary and secondary research has been conducted to improve the quality of Health and Safety on the Griffith College Training Restaurant.

To achieve the objectives of the project health and safety issues will be discussed as health and safety on Griffith College training restaurant where positive and negative aspects will be evaluate. The Griffith College Restaurant opens twice a week where Hospitality practical classes are done which is run by Griffith College Dublin.

As the part for safe hospitality on Griffith College I will evaluate the updates about health and safety where rules are applied from the Irish government.

Health and Safety at front and Back of the House plays an important part at workingenvironment. If the health and safety evaluation updated on premises can save financial issues as well. For smooth operation the organizations need to make sure the health and safety of the employees and training student at the work place with risk free environment.

The Griffith College Trainee Restaurant has committed to ensure, about Health and safety so far as reasonably practicable that all activities undertaken on their property or by employees carried out to the highest possible standards. As they know student and staffs are their greatest asset, and their safety is one of the greatest priority.

The legislation providing for the health and safety of people in the workplace at Health and safety welfare acts as, work at 2005 and 2010 it applies to all employees and employers. Where the acts set out the rights and obligations of both provides for substantial fines and penalties for breaks of the health and safety legislation.

Aims and Objectives, Learning Outcomes: 

  • The Importance of Health and Safety around Griffith College training Restaurant.
  • Be able to identify hazards and risk on college premises.
  • Be able to control hazards at workplace.
  • How to maintain the health and safety activities front and back of the house at Griffith College Training Restaurant. 

Primary Research; 

  • Observation
  • Oral questions
  • Professional Discussions
  • Written questions

Although the Risk assessment and safety has be applied by Griffith college training restaurant as employer is required to carry out a risk assessment for the workplace where the risks arising from such hazards and the steps to be taken to deal with any risk. The risk assessment health and safety should be prepare by employers where it helps to deduct cost of:

  • Financial reason: The Health and Safety in the college premises contributes to business success where hidden costs, or underestimated cost can be saved by staffs as accidents and ill-health can cause financial loss to the organization. So every organization should take extremely priority for Health and Safety awareness.
  • Legal reasons: As the Irish required by law on safety and health management system has to carry risk assessment preparing a safety statement and implementing on its central part of its organization. The regular Authority of Health and safety inspectors visiting workplaces knows how to manage health and safety issues on working places. Wherehealth inspector visits Griffith College training restaurant few weeks ago.
  • Moral reasons: Employers are ethically bounded to employees prevention from injuries, ill health at work so due to moral reason every one should follow the Health and Safety at their working place. As in Griffith college training restaurant every one is aware about the health and safety rules where they try to make healthy and risk free environment.

Protective equipment and measures:

The trainer/staff or the supervisors are aware about the risks that require the wearing of protective equipment where the college should provide protective equipment such as clothing, Gloves footwear, and eyewear, together with training and how to use it. As trainee duty to take reasonable care for his/her own safety and to use protective equipment supplied. As we think the protective equipment should be provided free of charge to trainees or to the students as the college student’s intention should be use at the work place only. But usually at working places employees brought their own personal equipment’s.

Griffith college training restaurant doesn’t provide protective equipment as cut resistance gloves, Safety Shoes, Glasses, etc. where training students should has been visualized on notes only. But they shouldbeen familiarized with those equipment’s as well.

Protective clothing is used in almost every workplace from kitchens to construction sites. Where it safeguard the electrical hazards, heat, chemicals and more. Kitchens are hot, busy and hazardous places to work warm ovens, open fires, and snappy knives all add to the risk of harm. Even the most experienced chefs wearing Protective clothing Equipment’s when working in a kitchen helps trainee to prevent injury by protecting you from burns, cuts and further.

Wearing protective equipment’s around restaurant area protects customers and yourself. Hairnets, Food safe gloves help us to hygienically prepare food and prevent foreign objects in falling into food. Gloves,Aprons,Towels will help students to prepare hygienically food and protect our customers from food poisoning or injury. Where good Clothing can helps to protect from injury when working inside the kitchen area.

Wearing jackets prevents burns by buildingfence between trainee and hot appliances or spills. A long sleeve protectsfrominjuries and keep you calm preventing from heat injury which in normal in commercial kitchens everywhere.

Using apron will provide great protection from the hazards of working in the kitchen. Where it gives compliment to the style of the uniform as a professional level.

As there are different kinds of safety footwear that is deigned to keep safe around the restaurant. There are different certification for non-slip footwear tested on tiles, steel with glycerol. Slip rust shoes are the perfect for use in commercial kitchens some of them are called safety boots they have strong materials such as leather to offer extra ankle support and protection against dropping equipment and utensils.

The waterproofaprons prevent the trainee clothing and add extra layer of protection as well as they are available heavy and light aprons according to task and environment.

Protective Cleaning:

Cleaning is important as well to maintaining the hygiene from casual wear to uniforms as keeping the protective clothing clean and well maintained is the best way to ensure to keep safe and healthy environment. Water proof clothing can be wiped with antibacterial wipes to kill germs and remove other chemicals as they can be cleaned through washing machine to ensure a through deep cleaning where Fabric clothing should be washed on high temperature with biological detergents for the best results All kitchen protective clothing should be properly washed and cleaned before and after use. Chefs clothing shouldn’t be washed with cleaning clothing this prevent any chance of cross contamination from different germs.

 Cuts resistant gloves:

As cuts are the major risk on restaurant’s where food services activities are done most of the accidents occurs because of knives don’t move in the direction they required As in many cases large knives are used where small knives should be used for safe as student doesn’t looks aware of different knives and gloves.

  • Ensure that cutting surface should not move.
  • Use brush while washing the knives.
  • Knives should be washed safely.
  • Try to use safety knives, retractable blades, etc.

On my observation on Griffith College training restaurant students are notusing cut resistant gloves while working in the kitchen area. Where they should be aware about the protective equipment’s .The Cut resistant gloves protects for your hands while prepare foods great for training or for cutting unusually tough produce with razor sharp knives, cut resistant gloves are an essential in every kitchen.

Oven gloves:

The oven gloves are secure for removing baking trays, dishes or other cookware from the ovens without burning student trainees hands it protects trainee hands from burning or other injuries. Food such as hot chilies can cause irritation if handled without gloves so Blue gloves offers protection from certain types of food in kitchen area it should be worn while working with food activities.

Clothing for cleaning:

Strong acids and chemical used in kitchen area can damage skin and eyes so wearing the right protective clothing and equipment is crucial to maintaining safety. The commercial cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if not use correctly or if without wearing the right protective equipment e.g. Rubber glasses, Gloves. Where I didn’t see the training students using protective equipment’s while working in kitchen premises of the Griffith College.

The are no Safety Goggles used in trainingrestaurant at the Griffith College where the Safety Goggles are the best way to protect trainees eyes from the accidental splashes of cleaning fluids they are made from rubbers and good quality of materials which is comfortable to were and reliable to protection as well .The Safety goggles protects students when using chemicals surrounding trainees face and body as well.

Cleaning on restaurant area trainees should also use blue rubber gloves to protect their skin from burns and irritation and the level of protection. Wherecolor-coded gloves are perfect for washing up and light cleaning and long heavy-duty gloves are great for using strong chemicals or cleaning task as for the ovens.

Reporting Accident:

All accidents at Griffith college training restaurant should be reported to the employer, who should record the details of the accident where different surveillance are on board inside the restaurant Although reporting the accident will help to safeguard social welfare and other rights which may arise as a result of an occupational accident. The employer should report any accident that results in an employee missing 3 consecutive days at work to the Health and Safety authority to the Republic of Ireland.

Health and safety and young people:

In Griffith college training restaurant trainees are above 18 years age where the young person should not be employed due to certain risks including risks that cannot be handled by the young person due to lack of experience. Theemployed should carry out a separate risk assessment in relation to an employee less than 18 years of age.


The employer’s duty is to prevent improper conduct of behaviors where on Griffith college training restaurant has friendly environment although bulling in the workplace is not allowed at any working places where it has to be deled with complain immediately. It is advised for the employer to have a procedure to deal with complaints of bulling. The employees who feel that he or she is the victim of bulling can also claim to the court of the Ireland.


The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015 place an obligation on all employers to prevent harassment at the working place under the Irish law you are entitled to bring a claim to the employer to pay your compensation of you are harassed by reason of your gender, sex, family status, age, disability, race, religious belief.

 Violence in the workplace:

The employees should address the safety statement for example employees are involved in missing cash on the premises need to taken into account proper safeguards should be put into place to eliminate the risk of violence as far possible and the employee should be provided with appropriate means of minimizing the risk.

Assault: Under the Non Fatal Offences Against the person Act 1997 assault is a criminal offence it is also an offence if you are made to fear immediate assault if any one has been assaulted or threatened with assault at work by another employee you should report the matter immediately to your employer and it can be reported to the Gardaí.

If any one has accident at working place can apply for injury benefit. All claims involving workplace accidents (employees liability cases) must be summited to before starting legal proceedings. All personal injury claims (excluding medical negligence) must also be summited to It assesses compensation quickly but doesn’t award cost for or against either party. It assesses compensation quickly but doesn’t award costs for or against either party. If either you or your employer rejects the assessment the Board will issues you with an authorization allowing you to make a claim through the civil courts.

 Good Practices should be applied on GCD:

As good practice can be found in the food service area where owners may wish to consider if following can improve the environment at working place.

Wheels should be fitted on equipment furniture and machines so that it can be easily moved.

Cut proof gloves should be used working with new students while using the knives.

For essential safety precautions the checklist should be used starting the shift and end of the shift.

Hair net, Gloves should be used while serving and preparing the food on premises.

The Griffith College Training restaurant has updated their signs for Allegan awareness Hygiene plans, cross contaminations and other health and safety rules by law but its up to the training students how they gone take it although they should be aware about the 8 common and 14 allergen food as the allergic reaction to food can sometimes cause serious illness and death. The college supervisors are willingly to take care of the health and safety precautions but the students seems seriously. As I noticed the rinsing dishcloths under the tap did not remove germs but it just looks clean as dishcloths that are used more than two days tend to have bacteria containing which can poison the food. The E-coli can be present on dump clothes where the large number of the bacteria can be contained.

The Campylobacter, E-Coli bacteria can survive on the surface up to 24 hours where for safe food preparation the cutting boards should be washed properly especially when you use the raw meat on the chopping board should be washed well where it has high risk of contamination of food. Where the training students doesn’t seems serious about the high risk of contamination on food.

The training restaurant normally buys fresh food and meat products for two days where trainers should be careful with the packaging meats. The harmful bacteria as E-coli can survive up to 24 hours so trainee should be careful when handling the meat packet. As the bacteria can be transmitted quite easily from contaminated packaging to kitchen surfaces the cross contamination can be easy transmitted by handles or worktops.

The raw meat packets are on bottom shelf of the fridge. If students are removing the raw meat from the packaging put it directly on your chopping board or baking tray and throw the packaging straight in the bin by doing this it helps to avoid contaminating

Different research has been done on health and safety precautions where it has been notified that 80 percentages of people doesn’t care of the risk of contaminating the food while serving the dishes only 20 percentage of people are aware of cross contaminations of food so the training student should be aware of its risk to the customer can cause serious illness or death.

As student are aware from the warning signs how to wash hands when preparing the food but still student can ignore by washing hands after handling the raw meat where before handling the food and after handling the raw meat hands should be washed properly. So student should wash hands thoroughly after handling raw meat as

Rub yours hands with soap water spread it all over areas of hands and wrists and palms, back of hands,fingernails. Where this action helps to remove germs and dirt’s.

The training students should be familiarized for health food practices where knifes should be properly washed after using it. E-coli has the high chances to get contaminated while slicing raw meat and using the unwashed knife for vegetables or salad.

Manual Handling:

 Manual Handling is common cause for injury at working place manual handling can cause long term illness, pain and discomfort. The manual handling refers to lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying the load. A risk assessment must be done while carried out manual handling to avoid the reduce the risk or injury as employed must use manual handling where its possible. As students must use protective measures related to manual handling while working on the Griffith College Restaurant. This may include training and information for new machinery equipment’s in Hospitality.

During the Griffith Collegetraining restaurant as I had noticed the student pulling table alone without asking anyone help that should be avoided on restaurant premises. So whatever is possible student should avoid handling heavy loads. As students pulling heavy tables should be avoid which can reduce the“Risk of the Back Injury or fall”

As while moving a load it is important to never lift heavy load in area where loads are being placed on high shelf’s the potential to tumble over the other side ensure that you have spotter place that’s keeps students from entering the backside hazard and that can help instruct the employee placing the load if possible restrict stacking and heavy moving operations to hours when fewer people are present.

Tools and equipment’s are the main causes of falling objects to reduce this hazards student need to ensure the work area is clean and tidy when training students worked by using tools they need to put in the proper storage area if the area is messed or dirty they need to clean it immediately.

As what else fails the last defense is personal protective equipment anyone who is working in an area where potential for falling hazards exists needs to wear safety equipment’s and anti slippery steel toed shoes so all students are required to aware of personal protective equipment.

Possible causes on Griffith College Training Restaurant:

  • Lifting heavy items such as oil bucket drums or bag of flour or heavy load while bringing up or taking down the waste oil buckets.
  • Carrying stacks of plates or heavy trays while serving the food.
  • Moving heavy food carts inside the kitchen.
  • Pushing wheeled racks.
  • Poorly maintained or badly designed carts.
  • Pouring heavy liquids out of heavy pots or containers.

Where students should think self-evaluation while working on premises?

  • Can you pull or push instead of lifting.
  • Need to aware of mechanical aids.
  • Use trolleys are in good conditions and suitable for task.

It should be Assess before handling:

  • Feel it how heavy is it?
  • Check Sharp edges, hot/cold, where u gone put it down?
  • Handel smaller loads.
  • Organize the time.
  • Ask for help to your colleague.
  • Clear the walkways while working on the premises.
  • Use knowledge and training provided by Griffith College.

Slips Trips, fall:

As Slips trips and fall are very common and not regarded as very dangerous work related accidents. They can be prevented easily. The grease,oil,water, etc. on the floor can arise the accident while precautions should be applied by trainee on Griffith College restaurant.

But sometime slips can cause bad injury to the students while working on restaurants where students should be aware of slips area around the premises.

The risks of the minor injuries such as cuts, major injuries such as broken bones, concussion and even death.


As students should were good tread pattern and flexible sole with slip resistance shoes at restaurant premises. Where all of the trainees were wearing normal shoes, which can brings an accident on there premises?

Avoid open toed shoes, sandals, heels or smooth soles should not be allowed.

Possible causes:

  • Slippery wet floor caused by water or other fluids.
  • Oily floor from spills of food or deep-frying.
  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Materials stored on walkways
  • Ice build up in walk in freezers.
  • Use of inappropriate equipment e.g. using stool for reaching high self’s.
  • Improper cleaning regimes.
  • Unsuitable footwear.


  • Avoid using wet clothes canspread the potential danger area.
  • High risk should be identifying near the sink and cooking area.
  • Avoid having to carry items near the door.
  • Identify source of moisture e.g. equipment using wash up, liquid, fat fryers or hanging baskets. Near fridge area.

Safe precautions:

  • For protective measures Safety signs should be used.
  • Use the system that’s keeps students working area away from moist, wet floors.
  • For many circumstances warning signs should not be alone.
  • Warning signs must be removed when task get completed.
  • Messy operations should be away from the students.
  • Make sure that students have received proper training and instruction.
  • Slip resistant footwear should be use on the premises by students.

 Falling Objects:

As in Griffith College training restaurantthe store is too small where selves are in good position so no need to worry about the height but stillprecautions should be followed while working on premises. The storeroom should be clean every week where heavy items should be shelved on bottoming self so that it can reduce the accident level in the environment. Where the students are aware about the falling objects or heavy loads .If the students is required to lift a load in a higher level they need to make sure the load is properly secure. In case of lifting a pallet with stacks of boxes plastic wrap can provide stability and keep objects from falling if using plastic wrap don’t forget that plastic may stretch due to the high heat at the top of the racks and may cause the load to shift as for heavy loads students can use cloth straps to secure the objects.

  • Don’t put heavy items on the Top selves.
  • Make sure selves are stable.
  • Make sure items are stored in proper areas.
  • Regular formal inspections are needed.
  • Don’t use damaged shelving until repaired.
  • Store knives safely.

Biological Agents:

The students are aware about the Biological or Legionnaires diseases where possible cause can by:

  • Handling the raw meat.
  • Exposure to contaminated water from spray nozzles.
  • Infectious residents if delivering food.

Chemical Risk:

  • Skins can be damage.
  • Burns
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory sensitization

Possible causes:

  • Exposure to chemicals as oven cleaners,soaps,chorine based products and other cleaning agents.
  • Exposure to fleur enzymes or dust or other powdered ingredients such as egg powder, spices or seasonings.
  • Incompatibility of chemicals.
  • Gas leak.


  • Risk of Burning.
  • Risk of Death or fire.

Possible causes:

  • Fault insulation.
  • Unsafe work practices.
  • Ingress of water into equipment.
  • Faulty grounded equipment

Ergonomic Hazards:

  • Pain in backhands or arms.

Possible causes:

  • Lifting, reaching or performing repetitive motions or tasks e.g. reaching into deep sinks,chopping,washing dishes or string.
  • Poorly designed equipment or workstations.
  • Standing for long periods of time.


Smoke inhalation,Burns,Death.

Possible cause

  • Poor housekeeping
  • Overloaded or badly maintained electrics.
  • Improper storage of flammable materials.
  • Build up of grease on equipment.
  • Building grease or fat.
  • Flare ups in cooking appliances.
  • Unattended deep fat fryers.

The training student should be aware about the stress working on Griffith premises inside the kitchen area where students can get illness by Heat temperature of the kitchen where high humidity and temperature can possible cause.

The training student should be aware about the hot pots and surface where they have high risk of burns where possible cause can contact with hot surface, hot equipment’s, cooking appliances utensils, steam or boiling water. HotSurface/Hot products

There is high risk of without knowledge of using Machines and Equipment on college premises where protective equipment’s and training should be provided before handling the machine and equipment’s. For e.g.Dishwasher,fryers,ovens,mixers,slicers, lifts. As the machine and equipment’s risk of Cuts,Burns,electric shock, Amputations.Crush injuries, death.

Possible cause:

  • Failure to maintain or service equipment.
  • Poor electrical connections.
  • Electric equipment not suited to the environment
  • Lack of personal proactive equipment especially when handling hot items.
  • Contact with hot water or surfaces.
  • Dropping heavy load.

The equipment used under the Griffith college restaurant has been maintained and updated by supervisors where they are aware about the risk caused by Inadequate maintained of equipment.

Possible causes

  • Exposure to microwave radiation and heat through use of microwave ovens and heat sealers.
  • Poor maintenance of equipment.
  • Overriding interlock systems.

While working in Griffith college training restaurant sharp objects as knifes, edges or broken glasses should be properly disposed where it has high risk for getting hurt around the environment.

Possible cause

  • Broken glass or crockery.
  • Inappropriate storage or use of sharp knives.
  • Poor equipment design.

Walk in Fridges or Freezers temperature are updated and checked everyday where it still has high risk of slips due to ice underneath the fridges.

Possible causes: 

  • Lock in due to lack of operational internal opening mechanism.
  • Lack of awareness.
  • Ices build up.

Safety Signs:

The Griffith college restaurant has there safety signs updated on kitchen and restaurant area where signs board and acoustic verbal or hand signs are sucked on walls with different color and symbol where all the authorized regulations are displayed on safety signs. As safety signs provides information about safety or health and can be signboard, color, acoustic signal, verbal communication, or hand signal Signs should not include text where text may be included on a supplementary signboard, as training students must be provided with information and instruction.

All kitchen area or utensils should be scrubbed with penalty of hot water and soapy water after using raw meat and poultry. Where cutting boards should be washed with soap water after using raw meat or poultry.

The training student should be aware about the safety signs on the floors if the surface is slippery. Safety signs must be used whenever a hazard or danger cannot be avoided adequately or reduced in another way, as before putting safety signs andsupervisor should examine whether the hazard can be avoided or reduced by collective precautions or safer ways to doing work on college premises.


The Griffith College training restaurant understands the consequence of Health and safety as moral,financial and legal reason. Where health and safety plan is compulsory and it comprises of certain steps that can develop a safer environment. The training restaurant should make sure everyone’s on their premises should be aware of the health and safety precautions around the college. As I have noticed few pit falls around the restaurant area where it can be easily solved.

Training student should use hairnets, cut resistance gloves with anti slippery shoes.

The training students should be aware about the manual handling; Risk assessment as we can feel people are getting more concern with health issues where proper nutrition is one of the major conditions of the good health. As the training student they should be aware about the temperatures of the food while cooking. Student should be more aware of cross-contamination of the food can cause serious illness or, death.



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