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How to Write Annotated Bibliography:


When we talk about writing any comprehensive work there are some major points that we seem to pay less attention to. One such area which many students/ scholars pay less attention to is Annotated Bibliography.

Writing Annotated Bibliography in an improper way can lead to lowering your grades. So how should you write annotated bibliography to get good grades?

Before dealing with how to write Annotated Bibliography let us know what Annotated Bibliography is.

Annotated Bibliography precisely means providing or mentioning a list of the sources which you have used for writing your research work

Writing an Annotated Bibliography is one of the most significant parts of thesis and other research works as it helps you to show the sources relevant to the arguments or content that you have mentioned in your research work.

It should be written in a clear, accurate and precise manner so that the reader can get clear information relevant to the source of research.

Now let us focus on some basic guidelines to follow while writing an annotated bibliography:

  • First and foremost, you need to know what type of Annotated Bibliography or style is to be used in your research work.
  • The annotated bibliographies’ sources are to be organized in an alphabetical format and are started by writing the author’s last name.
  • There are different kind of styles like APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago and others when it comes to annotated bibliographies. You need to make sure to follow the guidelines and format related to the given style.
  • Always try to cite document, book, journal, article or other such sources by using the appropriate and required citation style.
  • An annotated bibliography can have a different purpose as per the requirement of the subject.
  • An annotated bibliography should be arranged chronically.

Now let us know in brief about the different types of Annotated Bibliographies:

Types of Annotated Bibliography:


This type of annotated bibliography concerns with precise information related to the research source such as evidence, result or conclusion and core argument.


This type of annotated bibliography a detailed analysis and comment over the argument and conclusion derived through it as well as it is required to mention the overall help that you have got through the source for your topic.


In this type of annotated bibliography you need to mention overview as well as comments related to the both the source as well as the arguments.

 Examples or Samples of Annotated Bibliography:

 Let us throw light on some samples on the styles used in writing annotated bibliographies in order to understand the structure and format better:

The following sample uses Harvard style of citation:



Daiches, D. (2011). A critical History of English Literature Vol.1. Delhi: Supernova Publishers. The book A Critical History of English Literature Vol. 1


Analysis of data gathered through this book indicate the different eras of English Literature describing the different types of works written by authors of each era briefly. David Daiches has briefly dealt with the change that every era has brought in the field of English Literature from the beginning of English Literature from the age of Chaucer to the era of Milton.  It deals with the change of perspective from the time of court writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer to the era of printing press writers and modern writers such as John Milton. It is written in an informative format dealing with each peak point of each era dealt till the age of Milton.


The following sample uses APA style of citation:



Daiches, D. (2011). A Critical History of English Literature Vol.1: From the Beginning to Milton. Supernova Publishers 25(3), 150-162


A Critical History of English Literature Vol.1 by David Daiches focuses on the origin of the era of English literature to the changing dimension of English literature till the age of Milton. It deals with different area of writing such as poetry, drams, plays, tragedy and so on and how the past writers inspired and affected the future generation of writers. The book is helpful in terms of providing brief introduction to each era. However, detailed descriptions of important works are needed to be included for better understanding the era of writers. It has sound analysis on the inspirational works of great writers of each era.



Points to remember while writing annotated Bibliographies:

There are some basic points that you need to remember while writing a citation so that you can write it in an accurate manner. They are:


Always try to keep a tab on the sources that you have used and were helpful for you during your research work. Try to sum up the content related to the sources and maintain a record related to the sources that you have used.


After gathering enough lists of sources you need to review the sources that actually helped you gain a different perspective related to your research work or the topic that you have undertaken. List that source down and cite sources which have provided a wide spectrum to your research work.


Write the citation first and then follow the annotation related to it. Your annotated bibliography may content different type of content which is purely dependent on the purpose, subject, topic, etc.  of your annotated bibliography.


Now that you have gone through the guidelines that are mentioned in this blog it can be said that you can write annotated bibliography for your research work with ease.

While writing Annotated Bibliographies you should keep in mind to follow the proper format and structure which is required in each style of citation.

A small change in format can make a huge difference in citation style which can impact your grades adversely.

No matter what type of citation style you are using while writing annotated bibliographies you need to be precise and accurate in following its format and structure.

Try to know the right style of citation from your supervisor before writing annotated bibliographies to write with accuracy.


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