How to write Essay Step by Step Guidelines


Struggling with How to write Essay? Wondering whether you are writing your essay accurately or not?

Essay writing is a comprehensive work which is often given to students as an academic activity which carries grades too.

And this eventually becomes a daunting task for students as this academic activity plays an important role in getting grades in their academic life.

It is true that each essay serves different purpose from the other one yet mostly essays are written in a similar structure.

And this structure is to be followed by students to serve the purpose of the topic in a correct manner. Mostly students fail to follow the right essay writing format because of which their essays are not arranged in a meaningful way.

You don’t have to scratch your head and think that “How to write an essay to get good grades?”

Well you don’t have to think more as we are here to help you in guiding you on How to write an essay!

Here are some Essay writing guidelines that you should check out in order to write some good grades getting essays.  Let’s get started and focus on some essay writing steps that are to be followed step by step thoroughly:

How to write Essay Step by Step Guidelines

Plan your Essay:

Writing with a flow is good thing but a little bit of pre -planning won’t hurt, right?

Before beginning any kind of comprehensive work it is necessary to plan it first in order to organize the contents of it well. And this is what you need to do before starting your essay.

Divide your essay into different parts and try to know that how you can help in progressing your thoughts and views throughout the essay.

The essay should be focused on the topic undertaken and Keywords related to it. You need to arrange your thoughts on the topic in a proper sequence.

And this can be done by planning your essay beforehand writing the essay so that whatever is worth mentioning in the essay can be mentioned in an impactful manner.

So plan your essay beforehand writing to get a good outcome from it.


This step is the most important step to write an essay. Introduction is a part of an essay which is the very first impression of yours in front of the reader.

And you need to impress your reader n this part so that he/she can become interested enough to read your whole essay.

How to do that?

It’s simple! Start with a hook. This will definitely help you in grabbing the attention of your readers. If you fail to convince your readers in this part then there are chances that your readers might not read the essay any further too.

This is usually what we too do while reading any kind of comprehensive work. If the introduction is written in a plain manner then we don’t bother to read it but as soon as we find a hook sentence in an introductory part of any work we become more interested to read the topic.

This is probably what you too need to do while writing an introduction of your essay. Make your introduction eye catching for the readers. It helps in providing a glimpse of your insight on the topic to the readers.

Remember to write in an interesting way so that your readers can find it engaging enough to read your whole essay. It should be thought invoking for the readers.

Try to write an introduction in a precise and deal with the topic briefly so that they can have an idea about the topic that you have undertaken.

Don’t elaborate too much as the readers might find it monotonous and they may not read any further by finding it boring.

So an introduction should be written in a precise, clear and interesting manner. Let’s move to the next section of writing an essay then.

Body of the Essay:

The next section of writing an essay is the body section of an essay.

The body of the essay should be handed with great care of most of the views and thought that you have on the topic is to be written in this part of the essay.

It is to be written in critical manner rather than mere description related to the topic. A body of an essay explains the topic undertaken in detail.

It elaborates the thoughts that you have mentioned in the introduction section of the essay. A body of the essay clarifies the purpose of the introduction and develops its argument.

You need to deal with the topic in an argumentative manner or mention comparative study on the basis of the research that you have made in order to support the thoughts and views that you have on the topic of the essay.

Body of an essay is probably the largest part of an essay. It should be written in a three paragraph structure.

Now the amount of paragraph purely depends upon the purpose of your essay. The length totally depends on the purpose of the topic and your views on it.

You can sum up your thoughts and purpose of essay within three paragraphs and may even take five paragraphs to complete the body part of your essay.

However, a three paragraph body is said to be more precise and a standard size in terms of essay writing. In the very first paragraph of the body you can deal with the main concepts that are related to the topic.

In the second paragraph you can deal with the topic in a more elaborative and logical manner to progress your thoughts on the topic and explain readers more about it.

In the third paragraph you can mention some arguments and points which will help you in connecting and supporting the thesis argument of the essay. This paragraph will help you in closing your argument in a constructive manner.

You can plan it beforehand writing your essay that what is going to be the content of these paragraphs so that you can divide the sequence of your thought, views or arguments accordingly.

The paragraphs should be interlinked with each other in a harmonious way to make your argument stronger.

If your paragraphs contain too much digression then this will distract the reader from the topic and he/ she might lose interest from reading your essay further.

The paragraphs should have an interesting starting, a middle which explains your thoughts in an elaborative manner and an ending that helps in getting sense out of the whole paragraph.

You can plan the proportion of sentences, arguments and views that you are going to mention that you and use in each paragraph beforehand in order to explain your thoughts on the topic in a systematic way.

Stick to a point throughout the paragraphs to have better impact on your readers. While writing you need to focus on the topic and make sure that you don’t go away from it.

This will help you showcase your arguments to the readers more efficiently. And to support you views you can even mention some reference too.

So the body of the essay is to be written in an elaborative, argumentative, critical and coherent manner to explain the topic well to the readers.


A conclusion is the essence of any essay. It is the very last yet very important paragraph of your essay. In this section of the essay you need to summarize your points in a brief manner.

It should not be written in an elaborative way but rather in a concise manner. In the conclusion part, you can mention the man points that you have written in the body part of the essay.

A conclusion should be written in a strong way so that it can support the views and arguments that you have mentioned throughout in the essay.

Just like the introduction section of the essay, the conclusion part too plays a great role in shaping the view of your works on the readers mind.

So it should not be written in a monotonous way but in a clear, precise and strong manner. A good conclusion is the one which pretty much summarizes and synthesises your deep insights on the topic in an evocative way.

Write a conclusion which has a strong impact on the readers.


Citations play major roles in supporting your views in any comprehensive work and the same applies on Essay writing too.

Of course an adequate amount of research is required to cite any work to the topic that you have undertaken. But you need to remember that citations will help you to a great extend in adding value to your work.

Citations help you in validating your point of your arguments that you have showcased in order to prove your views related to the topic undertaken in an essay.

Citations should be written in proper way and format in an essay. Here are different ways of citations. You can cite the work in Harvard Format, MLA format, APA format or in Turabian format.

So add citations to add value to your views and arguments that you have showcased in your essay and write them in an appropriate format too.

Proof reading:

After completing the essay you need to proof read and edit it well to ensure that there is no mistake in your comprehensive work.

Most of the students skip this very important step and regrets later for doing so. It is common to make mistakes while writing any work.

While writing an essay you can make some grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, font size mistakes, structure mistakes, sentence structure mistake, and linguistic mistakes and so on.

But you can easily rectify this error by proof reading and editing your essay thoroughly. And it doesn’t take much time to proof read and edit an essay.

Try to think it this way, you have worked hard to write a meaningful essay but the reader losses interest from it because of the mistakes that you have made while writing it.

A small mistake even in punctuation mark can change the meaning of the sentence that you have written in the essay. Which is why you need to be careful in rectifying the errors while doing proof reading of your essay.

And sometimes you may even get bad grades because of the mistakes that you over looked by not going through your essay once before submitting it to your examiner.

Wouldn’t you feel disappointed for not being appreciated for your hard work?

That is why editing and proof reading your essay is must in order to get good grades from your supervisor as well good response from your readers.

After all flawless work is the key for flawless grades!

So do proof read and edit your essay if you wish to achieve the grades that you have worked hard for.

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