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Human resource management refers to the strategic approach which is adopted by an organisation to manage the overall integrity of business to gain profits through recruiting efficient people (Brewster, 2017).  In this report, the discussion which is undertaken is relating to the concept of HRM in the business and also its function to manage the integrity of the business. Further, it covers the role of two inspiring leaders in the business field and also their style and approach to making the employee feel motivated.      


Main Body

Concept of HRM:

HRM is the process of managing the different culture employee at the workplace and also involves hiring, firing, providing training and motivating an employee to achieve the target within the stipulated period (Delery and Roumpi, 2017). They are important in the organisation as through their planning and recruitment strategies, they appoint an efficient person to handle the work and maintain dignity, respect and fair decision between the employees.

In business, HRM also faces various issues at the workplace such as hiring the wrong employee or recruiting employees on different pay scale but for the same post, not maintaining equality between the employees, not promoting the person on the bases of their excellent performances (Guest, 2017). Training is a major duty of HRM in respect of instructing them and guiding them to work in the set directions.

Main functions of HRM:

HRM ensures that they work smoothly in the organisation. The process of HRM starts with imposing the right policies for the particular job requirement and ends by indicating the key performance indicators or scorecards to manage the business growth during that time (Functions of Human Resource Management, 2021). HRM carries various function and thus can be examined as:

  • Job design and Job Analysis: In this, HRM duty is to describe the job to the new employees and the type of work which they had to attain during the time of employment. Job analysis refers to explaining the skill, experiences and knowledge which the employees had to use to accomplish such work (Kianto al. 2017).
  • Employee hiring and selection: HRM duty is to select the right and efficient person who can handle the work pressure and accomplish the task with the set direction given by superiors. Selection is done once candidates get cleared in all rounds of interview.
  • Training and Development: By giving imparting training and ensuring the right development results in long term retention of employees at the workplace (Kimal. 2019). In this, the employees are prepared to handle the bigger task and responsibility of the work committed.  
  • Compensation and benefits: In this, the employees are liable to get well paid and also other monetary benefits in case if they performed extraordinarily. Thus, HRM duty is to give fair and equitable remuneration to all the employees who are engaged with the organisation.  
  • Employee Performance Management: HRM duty is to ensure that the employees are reaching their targets and examine their behaviour which they carried with other employees at premises. Thus, they judge the overall integrity of the employees and also the strategies which they use to accomplish the work within the set time (Michael, 2019).  
  • Managerial Decision: It is examined through the amount of work given to the employees to be completed within the particular day. Thus, in a future perspective, the projects are to be handed over to the right person who completed them without any delay.   
  • Labour Relations: In this proper rules, regulation and policies are to be imposed upon the employees so that they are bound to work under the set guidelines.
  • Communication: HRM must interact with the employees about better development or changes which is made in the organisation. In this manner, it builds a strong relationship with the employees (Peccei and Van De Voorde, 2019).
  • Health and safety regulation: In this, the HRM had to provide proper equipment to the employees if they are working at hazardous places. Certain policies are also designed if any employees face any health issues during the time of employment.    

Comparing operational and strategic HRM

In the case of operational HRM, the HR managers mainly focus on the necessary and basic needs of the workforce while in the case of strategic HR, they look for future growth and development (Operational vs Strategic Human Resources, 2020). The role of both the HRM policies is segmented under the following aspects such as:


Factors Operational HRM Strategic HRM
Recruiting When HRM prepares job listing, selecting the resumes and conducting interviews, they are in operational mode Examining staff needs, planning their hiring policies are covered under strategic HRM (Stewart and Brown, 2019).
Orientation and Training Hiring new employees, explaining the company culture and skill to accomplish the task are required in these aspects (Papa 2018). Setting timelines to accomplish the task or working with superiors to set the targets are covered in these aspects.
Employee Relations They maintain employee files and consult with the workers in case of any breach in the documents.  They think about new strategies to be adopted at the workplace in respect of building teamwork and increasing company performance.
Performance and Retention Managing their performances individually and pay them accordingly.  In this company profitability targets are set and adjusting the performances metric to meet more efficient results.


Two inspiring leaders in the Business field

In the business field, the first inspiring leaders are the CEO of the most valuable company, Apple is Tim Cook and another inspiring leader is Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon company (25 Business leaders who inspire, 2020).

Style and Approach that makes the leaders inspiring:

Tim cook stated that being transparent with the employees results in a solid foundation for leadership. Thus they apply the transformational leadership style in which they inspire others to attain the task on their own and maintain transparency with their staff members to disclose every information with them (Stewart and Brown, 2019).

For Jeff Bezos, the things which inspire them to became good leaders that everything is the start of Day 1 and anything is possible in the world (Zaid 2018). His style of leadership is the autocratic leadership style in which he monitors things and also delivers special and unique strategies which result in making the organisation successful.  

Strong leadership linked to HR:

HR manager’s role is to manage the task and also trained employee to work as per the instruction given by their superiors. The role of leaders is to manage the company and employee workforce to achieve set targets within the stipulated time limit (Michael, 2019). Thus, strong leadership is examined if HR gave liberty to the leaders to take action if any of the employees breach in violating the company rules and regulation and also dealing in illegal activity in the business.

Strong leadership is also examined if HR set targets to leaders regarding accomplishing the task and also recruited efficient employees who are hardworking and attaining the task as per the set guidelines of leaders (Papa 2018). It is also determined if HR offers various monetary benefits if the employees performed excellently and thus, it depends upon leaders that how they motivate the team to achieve such rewards.  


From the above study, the report concludes that HRM is important in the business and thus through their recruitment, training and strict working policies, results in long term growth in business. In this study, the matter also concludes about the function of HRM such as planning, training, health safety regulation, working policies and many more are discussed. Future the report also conclude about the two inspiring leaders such as Tom Cook and Jeff Bezos who inspired himself to bring the business to a new higher scale. At last, the report concludes with the various points which result in reflecting the link between strong leaders to HR.


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