In my MBA skill centre class, I have been provided various sessions to enhance my ability to read and write for effective professional communication. I have improved my skill of Grammarly writing and reading to enhance my vocabulary. I was provided the session of grammar coach to provide about the writing tips that will help me to grow in my professional career (Kusumajati et. al. 2017). I was provided the knowledge of planning and preparing to write assignments that are required as professional students to analyse and retain data professionally.

A handbook was provided to show the strategies and steps that will help me to write the reports with proper structuring for effective outcomes. The tips were shown to understand the questions, to focus more on the topic and the contents, and map the diagrams outlining the paragraphs for effective note-making.

The various writer types and processes were also taught in this session of academic support for the students. The Grammarly writing and reading session have provided various classes and handbooks to develop writing and reading skills. To improve the professionalism in making reports and assignments as professional students.

With the help of this skill; I can work in MNC that have diversified work in professional reports making for analysing the problems and innovative ideas. MNC requires management students that can value professionalism in communicating and providing structural presentation within an organisation (Keshavarz, 2021).

From the above session, I can confidently work in diversified work culture, can solve issues, and work in reports, presentations in groups effectively. I have improved my writing skills with this session through various planning and strategical presentation that will provide more weightage to my ideas while representing in front of superiors in terms of innovative ideas in jobs.

Second -Part of individual portfolio

Short three reflection 

Reflection on Extraversion: The personality trait result showed that I scored 78% i.e., high on extraversion personality. I am seeing an accurate result of the big five personality trait as I am open towards work with a very friendly nature and like to take leadership roles to work with others and enjoy working during taking responsibilities willingly. As a student, I worked in group sessions and I have been provided the chance to take leadership (Boyatzis et. al. 2017).

I directly took responsibility and coordinated freely with the group members to bring effective outcomes. I worked together for various projects in groups and enjoyed their companion, behaved ethically, took responsibility, made them comfortable as a leader to work, and bring effective timely outcomes.

When I went to the session on group coordination, I learned about various strategies that I openly enjoyed and applied as a leader to overcome challenges. And this is a piece of evidence that I have been provided an accurate rank for the extraversion personality trait by the big five personality test.

The link of the Mental wealth competencies towards the extraversion shows that with extraversion personality I have acquired the competencies of cultural intelligence where I have been able to work in diversified teams. Ethnicity, age, gender did not matter to me while managing the teams, and effectively with openness completed the task as a direct effective friendly leader (Zheng et. al. 2021).

With the help of extraversion personality, I acquired the MWC skill of cultural intelligence that will help to effectively work in various diversified work cultural with diversified cultural, religious beliefs. I have been provided a new direction now to explore multinational company work culture without indulging in conflicts due to the retention of the extraversion and Cultural intelligence competencies.

Reflection on Conscientiousness: The score on conscientiousness was 94% and this shows the accuracy in personality test results as I agree with the level of well organised, disciplined work culture I follow regarding professionalism. As a student when I joined an organisation for the part-time experience. I started learning about work culture, ethics, and discipline to follow while coordinating and communicating with workgroups (Yusuf et. al. 2021).

I worked hard to fulfil my targets and work more to increase my skills which proves my workaholic nature. I work overtime to understand the differences and upgrade my skills every day for higher opportunities.

I am righteous and follow the direction provided by my superior and always tries to stay loyal, focused, and equal while dealing with teams. I never discriminate or judge workers in terms of incapability. I have improved my knowledge in the field of coordination, ethics, behaviour, well organised, discipline that shows my conscientiousness capabilities while working.

I have linked and compared my conscientiousness trait with the MWC of industry connection as I have with various organisational practices learned in the professional environment. I build professional skill and understanding, engagement with ethics, and discipline while interacting with professional partners. I believe with conscientiousness I have earned the ability to build industry connections as I can be well organised and a workaholic that links with the capability to increase professional engagement in the future (Moghtadaie and Taji, 2020).

With various learning during part-time job regarding work culture, practices, and professionalism. I can enhance my industrial connection competencies through building professional knowledge and skills for various engagement activities for enhancing the performance of the work.

Reflection on Agreeableness: My agreeableness personality test scored 67% and I agree with the score as I have a middle capacity to prefer and agree with people regarding work as I am a discipline professional person. I have worked as a student leader to manage the class and I prefer coordination to communicate, resolve issues passionately. I am a good nature person with good agreeableness while I cooperate and this trait enhances my capability to form good engagement among people (Schneider, 2017).

I attended the session on planning and coordination where I also have enhanced my strategical skill to communicate and coordinate effectively. These skills have improved my capability to communicate professionally for agree into groups for better coordination and outcomes.

I also as a student have the capacity to connect and interact with friends easily as I agree and empathise with others while coordinating without judgments. I passionately motivate and influence others positively which helps to enhance my agreeableness trait.

I can link this agreeableness personality trait with the skill of cognitive thinking as I can communicate, empathise, understand and resolve problems with my ability of critical thinking before acting. I have the mental wealth competencies of thinking rationally while making judgments that enhance my soundness to critically analyse and communicate for better cooperation.

I don’t let people feel inferior, judges, and insecure about their decision without deep knowledge. So, I agree and tend to support with a charming personality to solving problems with critical thinking. This competency can help me to learn professionalism and execute a good team as an effective leader in the future.

From the above test of personality and comparison with MWC, it is clear that I can understand my competencies that will show me the direction to fulfil my professional goals.


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