HR7004:Mental Wealth Assignement Sample

HR7004:Mental Wealth Assignement Sample

PART – 1 Reflective report on M-H Sessional:

I heard many times about the skill development seminars but never get chance to attend it but this time It was fortunate that I attended this academic skill development sessions from Malvern house. I was so excited for it and it exceed my expectation. The host started with the base and explained each and every concept so effectively by indicating its importance towards career.

Out of every session, referencing an academic integrity has been proved to be most effective for me.  This session helped me to clear many of my doubts. In the session, they made clear the difference between how we can use paraphrasing to explain other’s ideas in our own words and why it is unimportant to give reference. I always thought that we are giving reference just to show that it is work done by others but actually in session the session host made it clear that referencing also give idea to reader about one’s in-depth reading and understanding of the topic.

They also explained the plagiarism and how it is against academic integrity. I think after attending the session, I can easily paraphrase in my own words and explain my interpretation towards other person’s view. I also started using Harvard stye referencing and learnt more about the same. In terms of employability, I think integrity is the basic step towards success. Recognising someone’s work and giving respect to other’s thoughts always lead to success. While working for a project, if I think referencing will help to explain the other member that how extensively the work has been done which can result into positive influence.


PART – 2 Reflective report on Personality test:


Openness to experience –25

Conscientiousness – 40

Extraversion – 55

Agreeableness – 70

Natural reactions – 50


Personality test results:

HR7004:Mental Wealth Assignement Sample


I scored 61 in extraversion is the reason because I am extroverted and at the same time I am introverted as well it depends on the circumstance. Generally, I like to talk and share my ideas. I love to connect with people. However, when it comes to something important towards my career, I have habit of keeping things to myself or I prefer to share with my parents only.

I like social gatherings in which I can connect to knowledgeable individuals who not only help me to enhance my knowledge but also, I came to know about outer world. Since childhood, I saw my parents to be very cheerful when it comes to meeting and greeting people and that what I am following as well. This personality trait makes me more social as I am chatterbox sometimes. For example, once I went to my uncle’s house and the community has organised party, I was also invited with my uncle.

Everyone was strangers for me except my uncle and the age group of the people was also between 40 to 60 almost double to me at that time. But to everyone’s surprise within 10 minutes of time, I was surrounded by all guests and sharing information and knowledge with me. I think this nature is the perfect example for making industry connection, it is very important to make industry connection. It is very essential to have good networking and industry connection for employability as it provides change to exchange ideas, makes one noticeable, generates new opportunities and developing long lasting relationships. Cole, B. (2021). Being extraverted will help me to work in team, respecting other’s thoughts and lead the team as and when required.



Agreeableness is connected with helping people. People generally addressed me with a phrase “helping hand”. My nature is very cooperative and helpful. I am always ready to assist people. I think something definitely went wrong while answering the question as I scored only 3 in agreeableness which is very sad.I always give preference to other’s needs than my own.

I like to guide people and assist them in solving the problem. For instance, while I was studying in boarding school, whenever someone facing any kind of problem they used to come to know and share their feelings and problem. And I used to try my level best to help them. My helping nature is not limited to career, education or social work but it also includes personal life. One of my friends always shares his personal problems with me because of my understanding and agreeableness. I think this reflects my cognitive intelligence.

Cognitive intelligence is alluded to as human mental capacity and understanding created though reasoning, encounters and faculties. It is capacity to create information by utilizing existing data. It additionally incorporates other scholarly capacities like consideration, learning, memory, judgement and thinking. From the prospective of employability, it is very important to understand and work with others in team. It will help to improve the relationship and management in the group which will end up in providing quality work and healthy work environment. It will reduce the chances of conflict between the members and having problem solving mind can help to streamline and coordinate effectively and efficiently.

Natural Reactions:

I think I am very neutral person when it comes to reacting. I don’t understand why I scored high in it but yes, I am not that stable as well specially when it comes to my career and family. Overall, I can understand and control my emotions but I am short tempered as well. In some situations, I respond so quickly which I feel was unnecessary. It is very difficult for me to change my mood when I am feeling stressed or sad.

Such as, I participated in chess competition in our community and I am very competitive in nature when it comes to chess. On that day, I lost the game because of my silly mistake and everyone over there were shocked because they know how passionate I am for chess and how intelligently I play chess. After that day, it took me two days to recover from that defeat. I think it shows my neuroticism.

It is very important control the emotions and learn how to react. I can corelate this personality trait with emotional intelligence. It is not just only It understanding the emotions but also control and handle it effectively. It is very important to have good command over emotions at workplace. It will not only self-motivate the person but also but also manager and regulate the other people. It is very essential to work in such a way that everybody works effectively and provide productive output that create a positive asset for the company. I believe that after working on my emotional intelligence I can become a good coordinator.

PART – 3 :

1. Introduction

Self-evaluation refers to the best practices for an individual to evaluate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, by which he/she gets adequate opportunities in personal and professional life. Identification of weaknesses also determines the major threats of a person that needs to develop within certain duration to get big opportunities in life. This study evaluates the personal experiences during the professional work and relates the academic learning to overcome the challenges during the progress. It undertakes the principles or stages of “Gibbs’ reflective model” to represent the experiences over some stages. Moreover, it conducts an action plan to set proper targets to achieve the goals and develop the weaknesses.

2. Discussion

2.1 Evaluation of experiences

2.1.1 Description

During my internship in the retail industry, as a salesperson, I was engaged in a group of seven members and I was the team head among them. Our job role was to enhance the company’s sales by interacting with the customers and delivering desired products as per customers’ needs. Initially, we were working enthusiastically by applying existing skills and knowledge to achieve the targets. However, I faced challenges due to communication gaps with customers, as well as personality conflicts.

Excessive work pressure among employees to meet the monthly targets, as well as lack of presence of motivational tools in business, discourage some team members and it created conflicts among the team members. As a team leader, I motivated them properly to retain their collaboration and encouraged them to deliver high-quality deliverables to meet organisational targets. I applied my emotional intelligence skills to overcome the situation and make proper decisions to overcome the challenges.

2.1.2 Feelings

Initially, I was confident and cheerful with my job role and worked properly as per our plan to manage the overall operations by segmenting into different groups. However, our low performance and lack of achievement of our daily targets demotivate me and make me frustrated by communicating with the clients. However, after meeting the targets at the end of the month, I was very satisfied with my job role and performance and made decisions to develop the skills properly. Working effectively as a salesperson enables me to execute my existing skills and understand the requirement of adequate skills to participate in global competitions.

2.1.3 Evaluation

In the overall stage, the good experience was our initial planning of segmenting our overall work in different segments and setting proper strategies to meet customers’ demands properly. Due to a lack of communication skills and presentation abilities, Initially, I could not be able to communicate with customers and team members properly and it impacted my performance.

However, my extrovert nature and natural reaction abilities allowed me to overcome the challenges and deliver high-quality results from the performance. Adak and Moore (2021) discussed that maintaining a neutral reaction is a core competency of individuals, who are working directly with the customers as different customers have different thinking abilities, behaviour, and thoughts. However, the bad situation was poor team collaboration, conflicts, and frustration among team members. Lack of achievement of daily targets regularly impacted the performance and it created dissatisfaction of employees with the job.

2.1.4 Analysis

Lack of problem-solving abilities discouraged me to make proper decisions and overcoming challenging situations. Possessing critical thinking abilities enable people to make innovative and creative decisions, by which all hard situations can be overcome (Hitchcock, 2018). Effective collaboration, coordination, and communication among team members allowed us to understand the situations and make collaborative decisions to overcome them.

Digital proficiency is essential among people in this competitive scenario as it allows them to manage all operations properly through smart devices (Khanra and Joseph, 2019). I have limited knowledge to operate smart devices and it demotivated me to participate in the work with digital practices. However, the bad situation arose due to a lack of meeting the daily goals and dissatisfaction with the job. At last, we met our targets properly and developed our performance by overcoming all the challenges and it made me satisfied to participate in the internships.

2.1.5 Conclusion

Based on the situation, I have understood that I have to develop my weaknesses to get big opportunities in life and secure organisational positions. However, the presence of some motivational tools, such as bonuses, incentives, and performance measurement can be beneficial in this context to encourage the interns and develop their performance to achieve the business goals. Customer crowding is very high in retail sectors and maintaining proper customer relationships operations impacts individuals mentally which mainly results in depression and frustration among people.

2.1.6 Action plan

I have to develop my communication skills and presentation skills effectively to overcome these challenges in future days. I have to frequently communicate with both known and unknown persons to develop communication skills by overcoming fears. Moreover, I need to engage in computer courses, by which I can develop my digital proficiency.

Leadership abilities are essential in the competitive scene as it helps to maintain operations effectively by leading the team. Proper decision-making abilities will allow me to overcome all the hard situations and make neutral decisions whose partial impacts are negligible in external contexts. Work pressure and organisational politics are always present in corporate culture and I have developed my emotional intelligence abilities to manage operations properly by getting job satisfaction. Participation in online courses of skill development could be beneficial for me as it will help me to become more competitive and develop the existing skills, as well as learn new skills.

2.2 Effectiveness of academic learning

2.2.1 Learning from week 2 and 3

Academic learning and its module helped me in that situation to overcome all the difficulties by implementing adequate knowledge and learning. By going through the learning module in weeks 2 and 3, I was informed about “emotional intelligence” and “cognitive intelligence” that helped me to apply my emotions, such as encouragement, influence, and motivational abilities to overcome the situation, in which all the team members were frustrated and unmotivated.

Plomin and Von Stumm (2018) stated that the presence of high cognitive intelligence abilities enables people to learn different aspects from different challenging situations. The presence of cognitive learning enabled me to understand the situations and working culture of retail industries properly and set strategies to adapt the operational procedures to overcome the organisational challenges. Moreover, I benefited from week 4 and 5 learning modules, which were based on “Physical and Social Intelligence” and “Cultural Intelligence”.

2.2.2 Learning from week 8 and 9

Cultural diversity is very high in all businesses and it is extreme in retail sectors as it allows customers from different backgrounds to visit and purchase the products and services.

Thus, the academic learning on cultural intelligence allowed me to manage the operations properly without affecting cultural beliefs. Nijdam-Jones and Rosenfeld (2017) propounded that working in a culturally diverse background develops the student’s skills by learning the tactics to operate and communicate with team members and build strong relationships with them. Moreover, social intelligence helped me a lot to manage operations properly by understanding social needs. By going through the leadership theories in weeks 8 and 9, I understand my leadership abilities, as well as weaknesses that I have to develop in recent days to improve team leading abilities. Transformational leaders are the most appropriate leaders in this current scenario due to their high flexibility (Ramsey et al. 2017). I worked as a transformational leader in the internship and it allowed me to manage all the operations carefully by reducing the risks.

2.2.3 Learning from week 7

However, I was informed about the effectiveness and needs of digital proficiency in week 7 and it encouraged me to develop digital proficiency to get big opportunities in life. However, I implemented my learning in the internship and managed the hard situations in front of customers.

I have the basic knowledge of IT and smart devices, as well as I have to develop my understanding deeply to manage core IT operations of businesses. Lee and Dressman (2018) discussed that digital proficiency is the core strategy of individuals as it provides a competitive advantage to the people and encourages them to get big opportunities by competing across the globe. My academic knowledge and learning helped me a lot to perform properly in competitive businesses and contribute to achieving the business goals. Saubern et al. (2020) stated that digital proficiency, as well as strong communication abilities, is core strengths of people that allow them to develop other skills by gathering data and information from a wide range of sources.

3. Conclusion

The above discussion concludes a brief overview of experiences while working in an organisation and represents the good and bad experiences related to the situations. This study uses “Gibbs’ reflective model” to systematically evaluate my learning and understanding in the situations. Moreover, it outlines the positive and negative experiences and practices that influence the mental health of people. This study overviews the experiences of the situation and outlines the good and bad experiences that influence the learning and helps to demonstrate the understanding of the situation. This study discusses the effectiveness of academic learning in this situation and the proper implication of the learning in a situation to get positive results from it.





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