HR9737 Assignment Sample - Leadership and Management

HR9737 Assignment Sample – Leadership and Management 2022

Part A – academic essay

Introduction to target profession/industry/sector

Leadership can be defined as the process of influencing a group of people with leadership skills and motivating them to perform better and achieve a successful career in future.

A good leader influences the people around them by their behaviour and personal attitudes. In the hospitality industry leadership plays an important role for the success of this industry. In the hospitality industry the managers must have leadership qualities because the managers who have exhibit good leadership skills can help to increase the revenue of the business.

This essay sheds light on the leadership qualities of the general managers of the hospitality industry. Besides, this essay also highlights the importance of the leadership qualities of the managers which will help to increase the profitability in this sector.

Overview of the context and key characteristics

Leadership is the process of influencing people with the effective leadership skills to9 enhances their contribution in an organization in order to achieve the organizational goals. In the hospitality industry the managers play an important role for the success of the business. Thus, the managers must have the various leadership skills which would help them to increase their work efficiency for the sector (A Megeirhi et al.,2018).

The good leadership skills of the avengers help to create a positive work environment and the employees of the organization can perform with great encouragement. Besides the problem solving skills of the managers also help the industry to mitigate any conflict among the employees within the organization.

The key characteristics of the managers of the hospitality industry

In the hospitality industry many people work together and they come from different backgrounds but their aim is to achieve the organizational goals collaboratively. It is the responsibility of the managers to manage the entire workforce and perform with the team (ZORLU, BAYTOK & AVAN, 2018).

Thus; the managers need to improve the leadership skills which will help them to manage the employees within the organization skilfully.

  • Motivation is one of the key characteristics of a good leader. The motivation skills of the managers help the employees to remain motivated and encouraged. Motivation is the psychological concept that helps the employees to bring out their efficiency and innovative ideas and perform for the organization (Shum, Gatling & Shoemaker, 2018).

To develop the motivational skill it is important to bring changes in the attitudes and behaviours. A manager, who manages the entire workforce, needs to be motivated so that he/she can motivate others to perform.

  • Communication skill is another important characteristic of the leaders. A leader must be able to communicate well with others. In the hospitality industry communication is one of the most important aspects as people from different parts of the world are interconnecting with this industry.

Thus, communication skill is essential for the managers. By interacting with people frequently and making changes in their behaviour while interacting with others will help the managers to improve their communication skills.

  • Maintaining integrity is another important characteristic of a good leader. In the hospitality industry the managers need to maintain integrity to demonstrate the courage. Maintaining integrity and transparency both are essential for the hospitality industry (Shum, Gatling & Shoemaker, 2018).

Maintaining honesty with the employees and the customers help the organization to grow rapidly and increase their profitability. By maintaining the integrity and transparency the managers will be able to make their customers feel safe and secure.

key challenges and issues

The current global pandemic scenario has created many issues for the postgraduate student who was about to join the hospitality industry.

Reopening challenge

  1. Due to the pandemic, many hospitality centres are closed, like restaurants. Hotels and airlines. Some of them have managed to open due to refinancing in the business keeping in mind all the rules and regulations(Hassi, 2019). But a major number of hospitality institutions are facing the problem of reopening.

The major question in front of them is the finance to open the sector. Moreover, nobody knows that the industry will run the same way it used to due to the fear in public about the pandemic. The other thing which is bothering them is the effect of the pandemic and implications when it will come back(Hassi, 2019).

  1. The postgraduate students who were preparing to enter this industry are at a loss because of the uncertainty of the industry now. If the industry will not open the way it should be, then employability in the sector is going to be very hard. Moreover, even if a theory is employed, then also the fear of the closure of the industry will also be there.

The payroll will also be less as the institution will not be able to pay the full scale of pay. In that case, all their studies and work experience will go in vain(Hassi, 2019). So all the students are now very doubtful of the carrier.

Fixed and variable expense

  1. Even if the industry revives and the institution opens, then also there would be a high cost of the variable expenses that will take place due to mandates by the government about social distancing, safety and protection(Bavik, 2020).

This will impact the salary of all the staff working in the particular institution. Moreover, the safety and the protection of the staff would be compromised. The postgraduate students are also fearful of the health and hygiene of the industry now.

Low occupancy

  1. The occupancy of all the hospital industry has decreased due to the fact people are not willing to go to these places. To compensate for the problem, the overall cost of the place has also increased, which is further pushing the people to remain at homes. The break-even percentage is generally 40%, so if the occupancy is not over the break-even, then the institution is running in losses(Bavik, 2020).
  2. The postgraduates know the break-even for these institutions are not met generally nowadays due to the higher cost and the pandemic, which will be directly affecting the salary of the employee. If the institution does not make a profit or make the break-even point, then there is a chance the owner might choose to close it. So going to the industry is questionable(Bavik, 2020).


  1. To clean the hospitality institution and keep the measure of the social distancing, the use of the technology will be used. The check-in and checkout process will be electronic, and the key the guest will have should be contactless. The overall cost for the implementation of all the mandatory technology will incur a lot of cost for the institution(Delanoy&Kasztelnik, 2020).

The student has to learn all the new technology in order to get the job. But the educational institution does not have all the resources to teach the students about the new technology. This will push the student backwards in terms of the knowledge and skills to get the job.

Critical evaluation of these issues and challenges in the UK

  1. Due to the pandemic, there were cancellations of international congress meetings, corporate events, social events and sports events(Delanoy&Kasztelnik, 2020). International travel is banned in the UK, and the social distancing measure has severely affected the hospitality industry.
  2. The leisure and the hospitality industry accounts for around 5% of the GDP of the country and around 10% of employment in the country. The main tourist attractions for the country are Germany, Italy, France and Belgium(Delanoy&Kasztelnik, 2020). All these sources account for more than 60% of the inbound tourists. The overall impact of the covid 19 will depend on the duration of the pandemic and the extent of the pandemic. The response of the local public also matters, especially for the short term period immediately after the lifting of the travel restrictions.


  1. The hospitality industry is mostly affected by the pandemic. This industry depended on the people and their leisure. Due to the pandemic, all leisure and travel have decreased significantly all over the globe(Shum, Gatling& Shoemaker, 2018). The managers and the postgraduate students are finding it difficult to continue in this profession as there are many challenges and issues. If the issues are not resolved quickly, the industry will be lost.

The UK was one of the most impacted countries as the country offered good tourist and leisure areas. The government of the UK and other countries are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible to make life normal for all the people(Qiu et al., 2019).

Part B – reflective essay

  Strengths Weaknesses
Verbal reasoning Verbal reasoning can be defined as the ability to understand the work logically through the concepts or the words (Chierchia et al., 2019). I have understood that this psychometric test helps to understand the behaviours of employees at work.

This psychometric test provides accurate and appropriate results (Kurmanaviciute&Stadskleiv, 2017). With the psychometric test I am able to understand what I have read, think constructively and then finally able to reach the conclusion.

Another strength that I have found is that it helps to develop qualities such as, perception, ability to solve complicated situations and other such things. Thus, it is important to conduct the psychometric test. It helps me to understand my strengths and the areas where improvement is needed.

The verbal reasoning skill is an essential skill in the workplace as it helps to communicate with colleagues, team members and others (Basagni et al., 2017). By the psychometric test I get to know about my ability to read and interpret a report and then discuss with others in order to provide services to the customers.

This psychometric test shows how well an employee can extract and perform with the information from a text (Kurmanaviciute&Stadskleiv, 2017).

Theweaknesses that I have found by this psychometric test are my inability to understand the reports instantly and then discuss it with the other colleagues and team members.

Besides, I have found that my inability to develop new ideas with my knowledge that I already has. To achieve organizational success I need to improve my verbal reasoning skill.

By the psychometric test I have understood my weaknesses which can hamper my performance in the organization. Thus, I need to improve my ability to develop new ideas so that I can be able to understand the reports and other written documents instantly.

Numerical reasoning Another psychometric test numerical reasoning that evaluates the ability of the employees to manage and interpret numerical information (Shah et al. 2019). From this psychometric test I have found the strengths and the areas of improvements.

I have understood that my strong areas are my ability to think critically about the general arithmetic operations. Besides, my ability to analyze the graphs and other numerical data successfully.

The weaknesses that I have found by this psychometric test are the inability to perform estimates. Another area where I think improvement is needed is my level of concentration to solve any numerical problems.

Numerical reasoning is one of the important areas which need to be solved skilfully (Shah et al. 2019). By this test I get to know about the areas where improvement is needed to increase my work efficiency in the organization.

Logical reasoning 2.     Logical reasoning is an act to analyze the situation and find the solution which is the most appropriate. It uses the reasoning skill to learn the objective of the problem, which allows one to make a rational conclusion about the way to proceed(Qiu et al., 2019).

3.     By doing the logical reasoning I have learned how to make important decisions when it is required. Decision taking is one of the hard things to do as there are many perspectives to a problem.

I also learned to solve problems by coming to the conclusion of the situation. Logical reasons have shown me to generate creative ideas for a new thing and also for the things which were available but I was not utilizing but efficiently.

The most important thing that it taught is the setting of the goal for my future. It has taught me that the goal is necessary and there are always many ways to reach the goal, but it needs to be set and should not be changed afterwards(Qiu et al., 2019).

The weakness I have found in this is the time that it consumes. To reach a decision one has to see many perspectives and that requires a lot of time. Unless and until i consider all the points i really find it difficult to find the correct solution.
The workplace personality questionnaire 1.     The workplace personality questionnaire is the assessment which provides the knowledge and information about the persons characters and how it affects the work of the person(De Oliveira, Cavazotte& Alan Dunzer, 2019).

This instrument has the 5 big factors of personality. This is designed for the application of occupation and work and includes the training , recruitment, coaching, counselling and team building.

4.     This personality test has taught me how to manage my own work while doing the team work. Teamwork is essential to the company as it is always required to finish up a particular work.

Most of the challenges that I have faced in the office is during any teamwork(De Oliveira, Cavazotte& Alan Dunzer, 2019). This questionnaire is designed in such a way that I learned why the recruitment process is so important for the company.

A proper candidate will enhance the working environment whereas an improper person will damage the environment of the office(De Oliveira, Cavazotte& Alan Dunzer, 2019).

This questionnaire however does not focus on the anxiety of the person and how it changes the whole situation. I think that should be also placed in the questionnaire to understand the nature of the person.

Critical evaluation

The psychometric test helps to understand the ability of the students accurately. It is a standard scientific method that helps to measure the mental capabilities of students. Students are using the information from the psychometric test to make improvement in the weak areas.

From the above mentioned psychometric tests I have understood my abilities and inabilities. This test helps me to improve my skills to attain a successful organizational career in future. From this psychometric test I have understood that I need to improve my ability to develop new ideas to understand the reports and other written documents. It will help me to increase my ability to provide better services to the customers.

  1. Logical reasoning is required for efficiently working in the office workplace. It helps in many areas to come to the solution when it is required(Harris& Jones, 2018). The workplace personality questionnaire helps me to do my task easily with the help of the team members.

These are very important for the recruiters as they would know that I have the ability to reach the solution to the critical problem. The company would like to hire me(Harris& Jones, 2018). On the other hand, when they would know that I have the weakness of time taking, then they might hesitate as this would mean a delay in the solution. The delay is not appreciated by the organizations as it means that I am not that skilled to handle the situation.

This would also imply to the company that I am not that reliable in terms of the work as a person might not finish the work in a timely manner(Liang et al., 2017). Anxiety is one part where the test lacks (Book, Gatling & Kim, 2019). Anxiety is one of the most crucial things a person needs to handle in the workplace. So it should be included in the test to do the complete evaluation of the person. I have a lot of work anxiety which hinders me from performing the task while I am working in the group.

Though, as per the workplace questionnaire, I do really well in teamwork and my individual work. The company, I think, really appreciates that I am a team player and I finish the task provided by the team. The managers would be very happy to make me a part of the team based on the analysis. However, the issue of the anxiety that I have when I work with the team might make them feel bad about me as this shows that I am not confident about the work and myself(Gursoy et al., 2017).

  1. In my life, there were many situations where per my personality, I should have done something, but on the contrary, I did the other things which I did not think that I would be doing. Moreover, after a particular incident, the whole concept of mine has changed, which has affected my personality.

So the test is good as it provides the current personality of the person but fails to show the changes in the personality of the person. So the very next day of the test, the person can behave differently than what was expected out of that person.

So on the basis of the test, few considerations should be made, but on a regular basis, the change happens, which needs to be adjusted and learned by the other person(Gursoy et al., 2017). This whole idea of the test has opened so many doors to my thinking and personality.

Part C – Areas for Development

The hospitality sector has been badly affected by the global pandemic. The drastic decrease in the demand for the hospitality sector and particularly in the travel and tourism sector has witnessed a sharp decline due to an upsurge in the covid-19 pandemic (Ariza et al., 2018). There are several areas of development in the hospital sector to again stimulate the sector and create new demands.

Inability to develop New idea

The demand in the hospitality sector is increasing again and gaining momentum (Magno et al., 2018). The Inability to develop new idea may affect my career growth. To develop the ability to generate a new idea, I will attend various workshop. The various workshop on increasing the new idea generation approach will build my capacity to think and innovate in the hospitality sector. I would take multiple online classes and develop a new perspective towards enhancing the new idea and approach.

Further, I would take various courses and guidance from the module to increase the insight into the hospitality sector and the way to develop and innovate new idea for greater engagement. The guidance from the class and lecture module will help me in developing critical thinking, and I would be able to take better decision and create a new idea for the hospitality sector.

The workshop will provide me with experience in the sector. I would therefore be able to generate new ideas bas3ed on my experience gain from n the workshop. The various online classes will help me gain sufficient knowledge in dealing with the issue pertaining to the hospitality sector, and I would be able to generate innovative ideas to influence the demand in the hospitality sector.

Low concentration level

I found a low concentration level while dealing with critical issues. The hospitality sector requires a high level of concentration. The insufficient concentration level may impact negatively grabbing the opportunity in the hospitality sector (Wang et al., 2019).

I would work on the concentration level to increase it through various channels. I would attend various workshop on improving the level of concentration while dealing with critical challenges. The workshop will guide me in understanding the importance of concentration level and the way it could be enhanced through practice and implementation in real-life scenarios.

I would take up the; lecture classes and would rely on various research paper on how to develop the concentration level and deal effectively with the unforeseen situation. I would take the meditation courses for the development of my concentration level. The short duration courses will definitely help me in improving my concentration and will definitely help me in grabbing the opportunity in the hospitality sector.

Inability to meet the deadline

The logical reasoning test has revealed my inability in taking the decision on time to meet the deadline. This may leads to create a huge gap in the hospitality sector. I would take p the workshop to understand the nuances involved in making the decision.

The workshop will enable me by exposing to various decision-making situation. Certainly, I would be able to develop the decision-making ability in a critical situation. This will help me in meeting my objectives in the hospitality sector.


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