Task A

Evidence based HRM is the way to recognizing and executing effective HR practices that is quite important in achieving the required results. It is crucial in HR practice due to its utility in providing the informed decisions related to the best HR practices. This HRM approach is useful in making effective HR decisions based on the reliable and valid evidence of information (Marler and Boudreau, 2016). In this practice, the current and past evidence are considered by the firms to build HR policy and strategies related to recruitment, compensation, and promotion and performance management.

In the HR practices, there is a significant role of the evidence based HR management practices. It supports to make the effective decisions. In an organization, the main aim of the HR practices is to improve the performance of the organization by improving the employee performance. Furthermore, the evidence based management practice is also helpful for the organization to minimize the business risk (Jia, et. al. 2014). Along with this, it also helps the company to aligning all the activities and practices that is helpful for the firm to achieve the business goals and objective in the effective manner.


Task B

The following online sources including news article and journal article provide in-depth information on the strategic role of HR as these sources would be useful to Israel Tobin in persuading Mark French of the strategic value of the HR function in CERA:

Kulkarni, R. (2017) New Expectations from HR Professionals. [Online] Available at: (Accessed: 10 August 2017)

Mitsakis, F. V. (2014) Human Resources (HR) as a strategic business partner: value creation and risk reduction capacity. International Journal of Human Resource Studies4(1), p.154.

These sources might be used to support Israel’s pitch to Mark French and the CERA executive team. From the journal article, it is found that HR department can play an important role in business through their value-added and risk reduction capability by developing strategic positioning.  Apart from this, the findings of the news article might be used to develop understanding of the role of HR in policing function and strategic formulation to provide high quality and high contact service to the clients.

The findings of the journal article depicts that HR system in the organisation is responsible for the overall employees performance. It focuses on the different functions of the organisation relevant to the human resource. It delivers the value for the organisation in the various manners.  The HR strategy planner also plays an important role in the risk management. It makes the coordination between the various departments of the organisations. Along with this, the role of the HR manager is also important in the placing a right employee at the right place. Therefore, HR practices reduce the organisational risk by Effective Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development (T&D), and Communication. At the same time, the website article enhances the knowledge on the expectation from the HR professional in the business environment (Shaw, et. al. 2014). The finding of this article depicts that HR manager work as the administrative of the organization.

Task C

CRAP test refers to currency, reliability, authority and point of view, which is a technique to evaluate the source information. This technique is used by the analysts, professionals and researchers and scholars to examine the given information source based on different criteria. On the basis of this technique, the sources of information taken can be examined in the below way:

1ST Article: Journal Article

CurrencyReliability Authority Point of view
The article where the information is presented that is year of the 2014. This journal article provides the information on the human resource as a strategic business partner.The content of this article is a combination of the finding of other researcher. At the same time, this article also includes the references of the difference source of the information that can be concerned as the secondary sources. This article is vital to understand the role of the HR manager.This article is written by Fotios V Mitsakis, which is from the department of the human resource management, university of Strathclyde. In this, Glasgow also supported to Fotios. This article is approved by the International Journal of Human Resource Studies that is known as the qualitative content.The main aim of this journal article is enhance the knowledge on the selected topic. It ensures that information will be used for any commercial purpose.


2nd Article: News article

CurrencyReliability Authority Point of view
The available article on the websites of HR technologist is written by Rhucha Kulkarni on Jul 28, 2017. The website regular update the content on the HR topics.This article is written by the single article that is good in the context of the reliability of the information. But, at the same time, this article does not include the references of the other sources. It means that the available information is based on the primary source.The information in the article is authorized by the HR technologist. It is the world largest and dedicates source where the information of the HR topics is available on this site. It is most of the reliable and trusted website.The main aim of this journal article is enhance the knowledge on the selected topic. It ensures that information will be used for any commercial purpose


Task D: Conclusion

In order to represent the data and information, the nature of the information plays an important role. It is also effective to understand the structure of the information. In the concern of this, the information that is available on the online data source is qualitative. But, on the other hand, in the context of the example, some information is presented as the quantitative nature.

From this, it is identified that the available information is helpful to develop the depth understanding of the HR practices and strategy. It is also effective for the various HR manages and employees to improve the knowledge and skills (Stone, 2013). Even though, an effective nature of the information indicates to a combination of the both qualitative information and quantitative information.

It is also found that the available information in journal articles is presented in the aggregated and detailed nature. But, on the other hand, the information presented on the website can be seen as sampled information format for the HR practices. At the same time, it is also stated that both kind of information is important in the HR practices.

In this, the quantitative information provides the information on the influence of the financial elements on the HR practices. Beside of this, Qualitative information is helpful to develop the depth understanding the existing topic as the theoretical information (Ulrich, 2013). The nature and level of the qualitative information highly support the nature and quality of the quantitative information. It enhances the reliability and validity of information and data sources.


Jia, L., Shaw, J. D., Tsui, A. S. and Park, T. Y. (2014) A Social–Structural Perspective on Employee–Organization Relationships and Team Creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 57(3), pp. 869-891.

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Stone, R. J. (2013) Managing human resources. USA: John Wiley and Sons.

Ulrich, D. (2013) Human resource champions: The next agenda for adding value and delivering results. UK: Harvard Business Press.


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