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In this study, the researcher is going to analyze human resource management. It provides three issues of human resource management along with case-studies where certain issues are already mentioned. It includes that the employers arrange a boxing ring for staff meetings, unpaid sick leave to their employees and lego rooms as birthday gifts. Actually, the human resource management implemented such for development of an organization. The development generally occurs due to increased productivity among the employees. On the other hand, issues are generating certain problems of mental adjustment of the employees. Moreover, this describes human resource management to analyze the future recommendations of an organization. It helps an organization to increase better productivity of employees along with the preventive measures for the future favourable action.

HRMT11011 Business Report Assignment

Description of human resource management issues

In the organisational process, this requires to focus on the specification of the issues which are required to overcome for the development of the organisational sustainability. In this regard, this is also required to make specification of the issues such as the disciplinary issues, manipulation in the work culture and the internal tuning issues among the organisational hierarchy. Herein, the management has faced the problems regarding the collaboration based development in the work process. In addition to that, communication related issues also be generated here. Issues can be generated regarding the matter of not getting the proper remuneration according to the level of competence of the work process. Thereby, the Hr team is required to make interfere to handle this kind of situation effectively. In addition to that, the employees also complaints for the desired post and thereby this needs to handle this.

Human resource management helps to increase the productivity of the knowledge workers (Sato et al. 2020). The human resource management and its practises provide hr topics along with geographical manuscripts that reflect the current issues which are mentioned in the case study.

Leadership development and making utilisation of the Hrm based models and specification of the organistaional culture

Skilled and qualified leaders are very much needed for an organization (Isfianadewi, Dessy, Anggraita & Sukma, 2020). Leadership development is the capacity of an individual to lead an organization and increase the strength of an organization. Herein, the HR of the team is required to focus on the application of the leadership style which through the generation of the outcome can be addressed. For the development of the work process, the HR team of the organisation needs to focus on the matter of making application of the soft Hrm and hard Hrm models as well. Through the utilisation of the soft Hrm, this can be possible to keep development of the motivational approach which through the enhancement level of the productivity of the employees can be ascertained specially for whom whose conduct was good but predicted outcome cannot be generated. On the other hand, the hard Hrm practice is linked regarding the matter of handling the issues strictly which confirms the work efficiency of the employees.

As an example of the leadership style, it can be said that a leader must provide positive reviews to their clients. Moreover, at the time of performing the organizational duties, the leader designated an employee the king. As a result, it can be assumed that the employee is performing better than the others. Even, a lego room as a birthday gift to the employees can be joyous for the employees. Further, they can enjoy their life in their ways that leadership style motivates the employees to work more progressively. It may be possible that the employees cannot adjust to the leadership that affects the productivity which resulted as an issue of hrm.

Adoption of innovation

One of the most effective issues in an organization is considered as the adoption of innovation. The new adoption of innovation in hrm practises helps an organization to learn new things. As a result, the employees can change their work progress as per the demand of the market. As an example, it can be referred to that Australian employers provide staff meetings in a boxing ring. It creates a competitive and friendly atmosphere among the employees. Further, as an issue, it can be said that the adoption of new things may create uncomforted among the employees which affects the productivity and retention policy of the employees.

Workforce training and development

GHRM must provide an eco-friendly atmosphere within the organization (Emilisa et al. 2020). Workforce training and development helps an organization both in the recruitment and training policies that can provide productivity in favour of an organization. It further develops an atmosphere adjust with the human resource practises trainees and new employees. It helps to create a mental adjustment to adjust to different situations. As an example, meeting in boxing in a boxing ring can be considered as the biggest example. Also, it may hamper the focus of the new trainees and new employees. It may be possible that they think about their birthday gift which affects their productivity and the overall business growth.

Specification of the sexual harassment

Sexual harassment may be stated as one of the major factors leading to poor HR functions of an organisation which may affect the performance of the employees. The performance of the employees may be highly affected by the sexual harassment cases and incidents which may include often scaring the employees or sending unethical gestures. However, it may be argued critically that sexual harassment may occur outside the workplace as we ll as in the workplace. Any cases of sexual harassment is undesirable whether is workplace or outside of it. On the other hand, proper ethical laws relating to the controlling of sexual harassment incidents are required in any organisation. Every organisation must follow proper guidelines and code of conduct in order to curb the incidents of sexual harassment.

Policies and procedures regarding the relevancy and framework of human resource management

In order to conduct this study, it has observed that human resource management includes certain things. It includes strategy implementation policy, strategic positioning, credible activist, capability builder, change champion, HR innovation, technology proponent. The concept of hrm includes GHRM and SHRM as well (Lim et al. 2017). At the time of studying this topic, the researcher observes that Australian employers give huge opportunities that they are paying unlimited sick leave so that they can provide service towards the growth of the organization

Strategy implementation policy

A proper strategy implementation policy of an organization must include green hrm policies(Jing Yi Yong; Mohd-Yusoff, Yusliza, 2016). A green hrm policy refers to proper planning and implementing strategies to meet organizational goals in favour of the company. The process of strategy implementation policies includes a description of job descriptions, proper training and recruitment that affects the overall development of the organization. It further includes performance appraisal, and rewards as well. Moreover, the topic includes innovation and observation at the human resource level which helps the manager to take decision. As an example, it can be said that to maintain a competitive friendly atmosphere among the employees, staff meeting is generally in the boxing rings. Even, the employers provide lego rooms so that employees can generate more focus after taking a fresh break.

Strategic positioning

It is a material obligation of a researcher to recognize the business conditions and react as per the needs of the industry. It can be also added that human resource management can also have the ability to take strategic decisions in favour of the organization. Such strategic change due to the effectiveness of human resource management affects green practises. It affects the strategic formulation and as well as an eye on the environmental agenda that helps to achieve the goal in favour of an organization.

Credible activist

Another human resource management provides credible activists which helps to adopt green hrm practices. It helps to earn on trust policies that human resource can develop the organizational condition by using the analytical minds and experience as well. This process also provides clear effective communication with the employees so they can understand the goals and objectives of the organization. Also, it is merely impossible for the human resource managers to change the overall condition of the organization whereas the effective human resources practices among the can create professionals. Such professionalism might result in favourable organizational development.

Capability builder

Human resource management can build organizational capabilities and also develops organizational culture. Human resource planning has a wide range of subjects such as human resource planning to the health and safety of the employees (Farndale et al. 2020).

As an example, it can be said an international organization containing employees from different countries. It would reflect variations on productivity. Moreover, bringing positive impacts on the workforce can increase the probability of retention policies of the organization. As a result, it can be said that it provides a mutual trust among the employees within the organization.

Change champion

The human resource management is presently practising as change champions in an organization. It helps with the needs of the environment protection for a company. It helps to be disciplined in the change process. Such changes in the process effect on the organizational structure for constant learning among the employees and protective environment which will provide special guidance among the employees. Besides, it can be said that the constant learning which has started by human resource management creates an atmosphere of never stop learning. As a result, employees can easily adapt new things so they can change the process of effectivity.

HR innovation

Human resource management works towards achieving the goal of an organization (Batool et al. 2020). HRM management helps to innovate and renovate business-related issues such as recruitment policies. In order to proceed with the hr practices, it includes communication, organization design along with renovation as per the situation. Subsequently, it includes human capital. It helps to find out the process of utilization of human capital as per the needs of the organization.

Technology proponent

Technology is not used to improve communication among the people. In modern times, technology is the ultimate thing to develop a business. Human resource management who appreciates the technology and implements such technology as per the needs of the organization that helps an organization to be more effective. An improved final product can enhance the reputation among the customers that affect the brand value as well.


From this study, it can be said that there is a general overview along with case study provided in the introductory portion of the study. It further includes three human resource management issues and their relation with the case study. In the case study, the situation provided that Australian employees provided special treatment to their employees such as lego room as a birthday gift, paid sick leave and staff meeting in the boxing rings. Such human resource management may not be workful for the employees. It can destroy their focus from their main job. As an example, employees are usually working in an organization due to complete their financial needs. In this situation, an employee gets paid sick leave then it would be automatically predicted that the employees take misuse of this situation.


In this part of the study, it can be said that the human resource management practises within an organization, which consider various issues such as leadership development, adoption of innovation and workforce training and development. In this case study, there are certain things which have followed by Australian employers such as they are providing paid sick leave to their employees to create a mutual trust with them. The organization thinks that due to the sickness employees become financially worried and unable to utilize the capability in the workplace. After eyeing this part, it can be said that there should be a process of monitoring the sickness of the employees. Further, it includes a medical practitioner who may verify that sickness or prescription to understand that employee can serve in favour of the organization.

  • It can be marked that the organization is lego rooms to their employees on the birth gift. In addition, there should be a process of providing birthday gifts to those employees who are performing consistently better in favour of an organization. Those employees who are not consistent in the progress they are not eligible to crack the opportunity to get the birthday gift from their employees.
  • The case provides another situation which includes that the employers arrange staff meeting with the specific environment regarding competitive approach. It creates a competitive atmosphere among the employees so they become more effective on their analytical standpoint to be a part of effective decision making in favour of an organization.
  • In recommendation, it must be added in future that an employee only be part of this program where the employee is constant in the performance measure. In addition, it can be said that there should be a process monitoring the physical appearance and the mental approach within the organization that they employees can be more professional and maintain the work ethics in favour of a company. In terms of making solution of the issues, this is required to make specification of the strategies to make application of the effective code of conduct based on the application of the strategies. Thereby, the development of the salary and growth will be assessed according to the code of conduct.

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