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Executive Summary

According to the current market scenario which is stated to be a competitive market, you need a warehouse management machine. WMS caters the possibility can correctly organize your workflow to help you to optimize height performance. Warehouse management system affords structure for the warehouse layout and operational workflows. WMS facilitates attain a better stage of accuracy of inventory control and improved order processing. Natural ware house management system is a mission without the proper gear. Warehouse management system helps to cognizance for your center enterprise by way of handling processes such as stock control, order success, consolidation and packing (Subramani, 2012). Through this case study of the ware house management system, it shall be further evaluated to understand some of the elements in-relation to the case mentioned.


According to the case the ordering of helmets and water bottle of the said quantity as 50 pieces each could be easier to order. But the question comes about the skill of ware house management. The concept of ware house management is the system which influences the overall marketing assistance. The ware housing places an important role for the overall execution of business (Subramani, 2012). However according to the case the arrival of goods could be expected shortly and hence the sorting arrangement should be done prior to the arrival. As the distribution shall be in the two different bins hence the slotting of 25 pcs for each commodity shall be at a closer or nearby place and the rest putted together in a different slot. The execution in the counting of material which needs to be shipped must be calculated and sorted together. There are certain factors which are required to be fathomed for the concept of ware house management protocol.

Certainly, WMS is a concept which offers more than just real-time inventory manage over inbound, outbound tactics by using executing stock control manipulate. WMS is surprisingly-configurable and adapts numerous techniques for the operations streamlining for warehousing even as enhancing the strategy of delivery chain.

The systematic concept of warehouse management caters the priorities of the delivery as such mentioned in the case.

Warehouse groups can make priorities responsibilities to satisfy the changing needs of the enterprise and meet customer support goals and cargo requirements. The WMS challenge supervisor can be used to carry out inventory replenishments, pathways and selections in a logical sequence, simultaneously (Subramani, 2012). It additionally permits visibility in actual time on the important responsibilities, by means of commodity picker, and information taken to finish each undertaking, which allows performance comparisons and gives the basis for planning. A illustrative concept has been shown in the diagram for the WMS protocol.

Nonetheless, the goal of any  warehouse  distribution center is  directly inclined to allow short reaction to the patron and relatively-extended stock drift, on the way to reduce the lead time from agency to patron which is also known as the lean success operation(Subramani, 2012). To make it certain procedures are required to be undertaken which are equally important. To ensure this optimally, it is furthermore required to make sure that wherein the warehouse ought to be positioned.

The above principal techniques   and the related case could be interlinked with the purchase decision, order management or order fulfillment, receiving, stock management, and delivery and their respective internal methods are core to any success Operation.

Different ancillary but very important portions of any achievement  is considered to be the safety, human resources, facilities control, process engineering and software engineering, and transportation management.

HS2041 Enterprise System Assignment Sample

HS2041 Enterprise System Assignment

The above screenshot explains us how to create a SAP entry for the creation of a purchase Order document number

There are at least three vital items that assist to lessen costs and growth provider level in warehousing regardless in case the warehouse operations are catered onshore or offshore:

  • Tight and essential Warehousing strategies, together with the right tools along with right barcode strategies

  • What warehouse metrics are available in vicinity to help determine the case and methods either are going well or now not.

  • You warehouse area is ultimate within the first area to satisfy provider stage commitments. Those together can be the element to reduce charges on your warehouse.

Until there may be pure pull up and down across the deliver chain, however the need of continuous buffer stock along with the manner to account for delivery shocks. As a realistic instance, it is required that ware houses should retain to play a vital position in fulfillment and distribution across the large supply chain.

HS2041 Enterprise System Assignment Sample Figure3

The above screenshot for SAP activity displays how using the SAP screen helps in displaying stocks of materials.

Warehouse Management System Benefits

The ware house management system caters various benefits   for the execution of proper commodities transportation and management of the business (Jayaraman, 2015). As mentioned in the case the requirement of bottles and helmets which required attention of WMS.  To justify the same some of the best benefits are explained below across this paper.

Despite the fact that a WMS is complicated and expensive to put in force and run, organizations gain blessings that can justify the complexity and costs.

Enforcing a WMS can help a business enterprise reduce exertions fees, improve inventory accuracy, enhance flexibility and responsiveness, decrease errors in choosing and delivery items, and improve customer service (Jayaraman, 2015). Present day warehouse control systems perform with actual-time facts, permitting the organization to manage the most modern statistics on sports like orders, shipments, receipts and any movement of goods.

Functions of Warehouse Management Systems

Many functions are common to WMS merchandise, which includes the following:

  • Warehouse design is one of the functions which enables alliances to customize workflow and picking logic to make sure that the warehouse is designed for optimized stock allocation. The WMS establishes bin slotting that maximizes garage area and money owed for variances in seasonal stock.

  • Inventory tracking which allows using advanced monitoring systems, together with radio-frequency identity (RFID), automated identity and data seize (AIDC) and barcode scanners to make certain that goods can be observed effortlessly when they want to transport (Sekar,2015).

  • Receiving and put away which permits inventory put away and retrieval, regularly with select-to-mild or select-to-voice generation to help warehouse workers find goods.

  • Choosing and packing items, inclusive of zone choosing, wave choosing and batch choosing. Warehouse employees can also use lot zoning and mission interleaving capabilities to manual the pick-and-percent duties inside the most efficient manner.

  • Transport, which allows the WMS to ship payments-of-lading (B/L) ahead of the cargo, generate packing lists and invoices for the shipment and ship improve cargo notifications to recipients.

  • Hard work control which facilitates warehouse managers monitor employees’ overall performance through using key performance signs that indicate people who carry out above or beneath requirements.

  • Yard and dock management assists truck drivers coming into a warehouse to discover the proper loading docks. A greater complex use of backyard and dock management permits go-docking.

  • Reporting allows managers analyze the performance of warehouse operations and discover regions to enhance. (Sekar,2015)


As from the above stated protocols and the factors which influence the WMS it can be fathomed and concluded that the protocol of the WMS is executed based on different elements involved in it. For the case which we have evaluated can be stated that most of the factors  of the  purchase are eventually linked   with the  WMS elements and further distribution is based on the decision making capability. Considering the case which is evaluated the statement could be as the buying factors of the helmets and water bottle correlates with the sorting system for the distribution into different bins. WMS needs he afford to maintain the better distribution system.  For this particular case it is much more required of the usages of programming based software which could actually function about the affords through a screen, degree and actively engage warehouse associates with distribution scheduling and actual-time tracking; throughout visible interactive dashboards. The WMS should have the ability to controls the release and allocation of orders, deliveries and warehouse functions and must allow the venture of corporations of obligations to warehouse staff.

It can also be stated that the warehouse team should be able to view task and priorities duties to meet the converting needs of the commercial enterprise and meet customer service targets and load necessities. The WMS officials must take the initiatives to perform stock replenishments, put away and alternatives in a logical series, concurrently. It additionally enables visibility in actual time on the key duties, by means of individual picker, and records the time taken to complete every undertaking, which permits overall performance comparisons and gives the premise for making plans.

The WMS must be able to give perpetual monitoring for products to be acquired, picked, packed, shipped, on-preserve, damaged items, and completed orders. Moreover, real-time stock repute is available down to the inventory item level. You could even go-dock inbound to outbound orders to shop time.

WMS should be capable to presents real-time solutions for the receipt of products against the purchase of the commodities. Upon receiving the products the WMS should afford to manage the order through scanning devices constructed in to the warehouse managing system.

The WMS methods can also be handled manually by the warehouse employee to “put away” or cross-dock stock to the assigned locations. Warehouse management stock configuration should also direct the workers for the precise bin for clean storing, choosing or counting of stock. The WMS should also guarantee that stock is continually optimally placed equipped for efficient order processing.


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