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Across the best place of the earth situated in the state of Australia North West regional Hospital (NWRH) is a well- built hospital furnished with the 180- bed inpatient facility and  cater the planning for expansion   across the geographical locations in a span of three years.  This paper is aimed to fabricate an effective and dedicated team of personnel to achieve organizational goals and objective. It is further fabricated with the preciseness which is required to fulfil the requirement of this paper in relation to the human resource forecasting. However before proceeding with the actual filed of employee analysis  a  format of Job description is discussed below-

Job Description

Job Title:  Doctor(Orthopaedic surgeon)

Position Purpose:   An orthopaedic doctor examine, reads the x-ray, MRI, CT Scan, Diagnose, treats the patient with bone and joints related problems.

Typical Job Duties:

Doctors who specializes in orthopaedics is able to a surgery in the Operating theatre and also able to ran an outpatient clinic, for patients with non-surgical bone and joints problems.

  1. Performs a consult to a patient who seeks for professional opinion regarding bone related concerns.
  2. Orders specific diagnostic test such as blood test, X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans etc.
  3. Reads the reports from the diagnostic tests done to the patient.
  4. Gives professional advice to a patient in medical point of view.
  5. Prescribes specific medications that alleviates pain targeting patient main complaint as well as medications vitamins that helps the patient in strengthening and improving body function on activities of daily living.
  6. Performs surgery be it emergency nor elective operation.
  7. Has a general awareness on patient rights and privacy according to the law of ethics in medicine.


Physical Requirements: fit and healthy be it in physical and mental has a capacity to have a proper judgment.

Machine and Machines Used: Operating theatre instruments in surgery. Tendon tap, stethoscope.

Reporting Relationships:

  1. Head Surgeon is the main doctor who starts the surgery and opens the cavity that needs to be operated.
  2. Assistant surgeon is the doctor who assist the head surgeon in retracting muscles to expose the bones or joints that needs to be operated.
  3. Anaesthetist is the one who reports to the head surgeon regarding the patient status, the vital signs eg: blood pressure, breathing status, heart rhythm, blood loss main thing is for sedation.
  4. OT nurses assist in handling over the surgical instruments to the Surgeons and other needs in the operation.
  5. OT technicians assist in machineries that has been used for the surgery.

To always abide the laws of the particular country in treating the medical illness and never promote any form of illegal affairs (Duties and Responsibilities of A Doctor, 2017).

  • During the time of treatment, always distinguish between the personal and professional relationship. The personal financial interests must not co-cide with the interests of patients while giving the suggestion towards medical treatments.
  • Complying with relevant complaints law, policies and procedures (Australia, 2014).

Physical Requirements:

  • Need to be physically and mentally fit
  • Ability to withstand any medical situations, with terms standing long and energetic, able to move within premises.
  • Should not be suffering from any mental or physical disease which is contagious.

Machinery to be used:

Operating theatre instruments in surgery. Tendon tap, stethoscope.

Working Conditions

Remote location: Northern Australia, where the climate is harsh with long heated days of summers and pleasant monsoons.

North West Regional Hospital: The outreach clinic is fully air-conditioned with all the necessary facilities for the patients and the staffs. The clinic has all the advanced equipment’s and technology to provide the best care for its patients.

Working time: according to the Australian norms, the working hours for doctors are 50 hours a week, flexible with weekends.

Reporting Relationships:

  • Transformational leadership behaviour used by senior nurse leader and themselves;
  • Job and role satisfaction and job security;
  • Empowerment and organizational support;
  • Support for professional nursing practice;
  • Satisfaction with supervisor communication;
  • Influence in staff and policy decisions; and
  • Patient care quality

 Academic Qualification and Conditions 

  • Completed Undergraduate programme
  • MD
  • Full orthopaedic rotation
  • 5 year residency programme
  • 2 years practice in orthopaedic surgeries.
  • Past the orthopaedic surgeon board certification.
  • Has passed 7 to 10 written and oral examination.
  • Has a continuing education programme in progress.

Job Knowledge/Skills Required:

  1. Comprehensive and thorough knowledge in the human bone study and anatomy.
  2. Treats disorders, injuries related to spine, hands, feet, legs, hips (mainly bone concern matters) and joints.
  3. Has undergone numerous numbers of postgraduate training.
  4. Comfortable in dealing with fast-paced working environment.
  5. Able to perform complex and simple surgery be it emergency or elective operation.
  6. Ability to diagnose according to the diagnostic test done to the patient.
  7. Communication and human relations skills.
  8. Team leader capabilities.

Job Title: Inpatient Facility Supervisor for North West Regional Hospital, Australia.

Position Purpose: Responsible for the supervision of clients in the facility on a 24-hour basis.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  • To give assistance in curing the disease with the help of doctor by continuously keeping a check, if the patient is uncomfortable.
  • Maintaining periodic reports and updating them with the doctors and the necessary staffs.
  • Providing consultation and answering all the related queries of patients and his/her family member.
  • Handling the various medical equipment’s and instruments, and keeping it in place
  • Keeping a good communication between doctor’s guidance and the functionality with the patients.
  • Feeding the patients with the food and water, stertizing the clothes and various equipment’s used by the patient.
  • Supervises the daily activities of clients while in the facility. Including supervising job like, clean up of patients, signing in and out of the facility, recreation, visitation, and meal times.
  • Performs radio checks at the onset of each shift. Reports all radio issues/problems to the manager of the hospital.

Physical Requirements:

Attending front desk queries as well as supervising associating staffs of the inpatient facility. Hence physically active in the hospital, which means huge amount of leg work like walking.

Working Conditions:

  • Rigorous training schedule to be attended by the supervisor.
  • Working hours 10 hours at a stretch and needed to look after every nook and corner of the facility.
  • Proper coordination between the nurses and doctors are needed.
  • Attending patients’ families are also in job description for the supervisor.
  • Stock management is required.
  • Schedules to be maintained by the supervisor to coordinate with the staffs, nurses and doctors.
  • Accounting and cash counter needed to be handled by the supervisor.
  • It is here being notified that a supervisor may have to visit outreach sites on random notices to supervise the conditions of those sites.
  • Accommodation will be provided at around the inpatient facility to give the convenience of attending the inpatient facility unit at any emergency.
  • Food allowance will be provided to the supervisor.

Remote location: Northern Australia, where the climate is harsh with long heated days of summers and pleasant monsoons.

North West Regional Hospital: the outreach clinic is fully air-conditioned with all the necessary facilities for the patients and the staffs. The clinic has all the advanced equipment’s and technology to provide the best care for its patients.

Working hours:  They are in charge of keeping the place neat and clean, so they must be available 24 hours at the time of emergencies. They must be very comfortable in watching the blood fluids, and other organs.

Reporting Relationships:

They are required to report to their immediate supervisors and in charge about the work done. Under the chief nurse officer, where trainings are provided to ensure that the patients do not suffer or harm. The various medical reports and history must be communicated to doctors when they diagnose the patients.

Academic Qualification and Experience:

  • Possess a bachelor degree in nursing from the recognised institution identified by ministry of health and Australian board.
  • Current Nursing Registration with AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioners Agency).
  • Training in nursing certificate for minimum working of 2 years from the primary health care centre.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Compassionate
  • Good communication and knowledge regarding various cases and illness and provide primary information.
  • Impairment of advanced thinking skills during emergencies.
  • Confident enough to deal with un-healthy situations and circumstances.
  • Adaption to the un-prone environment (9 Nursing Skills Every Practitioner Should Possess , 2017).


  • The applicant must have an MBA degree with technical background.
  • Computer knowledge is utmost important.
  • A minimum 2 years of experience is needed with one year experience in the hospitality industry.


  • Excellent communication skill is required.
  • Skilled in updated accounting software.
  • Good managerial skills are required.
  • Cohesive to technicalities.

Recognized with medical technicalities and instruments


Job Title: Nursing & Hospitality

Position Purpose:  The particular function of nurses in caring for individuals, sick or nicely, is to assess their responses to their health popularity and to help them in the performance of these sports contributing to health or healing or to dignified loss of life that they might carry out unaided if they had the important energy, will, or understanding and to do that in the sort of way as to assist them gain full of partial independence as hastily as possible.

Key Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Employees’ in charge.
  • Keeping the record of patient’s visits, their admitting in charge and discharge facilities.
  • Answering and facilitating calls at reception.
  • Updating of files with the medical and financial records for future purpose.
  • Check on the office inventory and various equipment’s necessary to carry on the hospital facilities.
  • Making a contingency plan at the time of emergencies for treatments.
  • Coordinating with the other staffs and team members and communicating the information by following the policies and regulations of the hospital
  • Collaborate with affected person care team to yield advantageous affected person consequences
  • Propose for top-rated patient experience and consequences
  • Make guidelines for expert improvement based on overall performance reviews
  • Ensure compliance with prescribed standards of practice
  • Maintain widespread focus of affected person fitness statuses
  • Direct patient and staff inquiries accurately
  • Examine and plan guides for affected person care
  • Assign all beds throughout shift
  • Liaise between your unit and other devices
  • Approve lab orders

Physical Requirements:

Must be active and fit to sit for long at the reception area and dealing with direct visitors and patient.

Equipment’s Used:

  • Stethoscope
  • Micropore scientific Tape
  • Lotion and Hand Sanitizer
  • Retractable pens
  • Sanitary items – gauze, sterilized mask and gloves, cotton balls
  • Small notebook – for taking notes from medical doctors and observations of your sufferers.
  • Thermometer
  • Tongue depressor
  • Tourniquet
  • BP apparatus
  • Watch with second’s hand

Working Conditions

  • Management of medicines
  • supporting with exams and remedy
  • Information management
  • maintaining patient charts
  • tracking vital signs
  • Surgical treatment training
  • Overall parenteral nutrients and lipids
  • Adhering to ethical ideas
  • Coding and Billing for services
  • Selection Making
  • Time control
  • Multitasking

Reporting Relationships

The general practitioner must report to its immediate supervisor and chief quality management officer.

Academic Qualification and Experience:

Qualifications in phrases of statutory policies in line with country wide, kingdom or provincial law in every United States.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Transformational leadership behaviour used by senior nurse leader and themselves;
  • Job and position delight and process safety;
  • Empowerment and organizational support;
  • Support for professional nursing exercise;
  • Pleasure with supervisor communication;
  • Have an effect on in workforce and coverage decisions
  • Job description for inpatient facility supervisor
  • Process name:
  • Inpatient Facility supervisor for North West local health facility, Australia.
  • Position reason:
  • Answerable for the supervision of clients within the facility on a 24-hour basis.

Traditional Process responsibilities:

  • Supervises the day by day activities of customers while inside the facility which includes supervising activity like, clean-up of patients, signing inside and out of the ability, pastime, visitation, and meal times.
  • Performs radio exams at the onset of every shift. Reports all radio troubles/problems to the supervisor of the hospital.
  • Answerable for files check on shift document.
  • Maintains an active presence on the ground (not unusual and dorm regions) by using engaging in frequent circulations of the power at a minimum 30 minute c programming language. Exams for dangerous conditions and facility and dorm cleanliness. Files and corrects conditions/takes steps to accurate situations as required.
  • Responsible for protection of customers from injuring other clients, team of workers, and/or themselves according to coverage.
  • Correctly communicates emergency situations in a well-timed way to co-employees and docs, as required. Completes required documentation in an accurate timely manner.
  • Video display unit’s client visitation durations. Terminates visitation in line with program processes as necessary.
  • guarantees outdoor individuals, site visitors, visitors, public law enforcement and protection employees sign the precise documents (e.g., sign-in sheets, confidentiality agreements, and so on.). Asks for identification when vital (e.g., legal professional, clergy, traffic).

Physical necessities:

Attending front desk queries in addition to supervising associating staffs of the inpatient facility. Hence physically lively within the hospital, this means that huge amount of leg work like strolling.

 Running conditions

  • Rigorous education time table to be attended by means of the manager.
  • Operating hours 10 hours at a stretch and had to appearance after each nook and nook of the facility.
  • Proper coordination between the nurses and medical doctors are wished.
  • Attending sufferers’ families are also in job description for the manager.
  • Inventory control is required.
  • Schedules to be maintained by means of the supervisor to coordinate with the staffs, nurses and doctors.
  • Accounting and cash counter needed to be handled with the aid of the supervisor.
  • It’s far right here being notified that a manager may additionally must go to outreach websites on random notices to supervise the conditions of these sites.
  • Lodging will be supplied at across the inpatient facility to give the benefit of attending the inpatient facility unit at any emergency.
  • Food allowance might be furnished to the manager.
  • Machineries to be used:

The manager is needed to be natural with technical gadgets. System working expertise is broadly speaking required. In addition, the manager may additionally had to be stated to accounting software program to update every day transaction of the facility. Talented in net operations are also North West regional clinic is asking ahead to in its future manager.

Due Authority

The supervisor of the institute is the due authority to be pronounced by the supervisor of the inpatient facility. Because the responsibility of the manager of the North West local facility is to take rate of all of the operations inside the employer beginning from coordination among the docs, nurses to accounting, it’s far being anticipated that for all of this the manager can be responsible to the supervisor of the organisation. But, the supervisor will also be assisted with 4 other staffs running in one-of-a-kind units.


  • The applicant need to have an MBA diploma with technical heritage.
  • Computer expertise is utmost essential.
  • A minimum 2 years of experience is wanted with 365 days experience within the hospitality enterprise.
  • Capabilities:
  • Good communique talent is needed.
  • Professional in updated accounting software.
  • Good managerial capabilities are required.
  • Cohesive to technicalities.
  • Diagnosed with clinical technicalities and instruments.

Human Resource Forecasting

Below is the table to understand the actual information of the case mentioned in this study.

Table 1: Present Staffing

Total Employees700
Number of outreach sites15
Doctors per outreach site5
Number of Doctors75
Nurses per outreach site12
Number of Nurses180
Outreach facility employees255
Inpatient Facility Employees445

Table 2: Turnover


Employee CategoryCurrent YearYear 1Year 2Year 3
Old outreach site Doctors      75×20%=15 


 (75+5) x20%=16 


Old outreach site nurses180×40%=72(180+3×4) x40%=777777
Inpatient facility445×15%=67676767
New outreach site Doctors06x5x20%=610x5x20%=109x5x20%=9
New outreach site nurses06x12x30%=2210x12x30%=369x12x30%=32


Table 3: Number of Employees to be Hired


Employee CategoryCurrent YearYear 1Year 2Year 3
Old outreach site Doctors    15    15    15+5=2016
Old outreach site nurses72 72+3×4=847777
Inpatient facility67676767
New outreach site Doctors06×5+6=3610+10×5=609+9×5=54
New outreach site nurses06×12+22=9436+10×12=15632+9×12=140


Table 4: Year-End Employment


Employee CategoryCurrent YearYear 1Year 2Year 3
Old outreach site Doctors      757575+5=8080
Old outreach site nurses       180180+12=192192     192
Inpatient facility445445445   445
New outreach site Doctors06×5=30    16×5=80    25×5=125
New outreach site nurses06×12=72    16×12=19225×12=300



Selection Criteria for  Impatient facility Supervisor 


 Key Selection Criteria

The selection criteria is based on the weightage of percentage to make a distinction amoung the most deserving candidates. The candidates appying for the position of nurse, will be critally examined and evaluated from the each of the following characterics. The most deserving one will the one who has the highest percentage of the total of the following out of 100% (Sheikh, 2018).


Required Experience(25%) :

Experience plays a major role in any industry, specially in the health care industry. With the experience, the cost of training and induction programme reduces. The candidates are aware of the industry background and has prior experience in the similar industry. The certification programme with experience is a great deal. Candidates with experience of 1-2 years in the health care industry are preferable and qualified for this position.

Required Qualification(20%) :

Candidates are qualified for the job, if they possess a bachelor degree in nursing from the recognised institution identified by Ministry of Health and Australian board. All the degrees and the certificates will be crossed-check with the respective university to avoid fraud. For the criteria of selection, this part cannot be ignored.


Required Skill and Abilities(20%) :

Skills are the inherent qualities of human-being which distinguishes person to person. There are mentioned skills on the job portal website which is necessary for selection. The more the desirable skills, the candidates possess, more are the chances of their selection. Apart from the resume, the candidate has to offer during the time of interview are their USP’s, which are their specific skills to perform and fits for the job.

CriteriaMinimum (0%-49.9)Minimum (0%-49.9)Exceptional (75%-100%)Initial screening questions
Experience(25%)Minimum of working for 1 year in the hospitality industryWith an experience of 2-3 years from the recognised health care.Experienec of more than 3 years with certification course and guidance of the recognised doctor in a hospital industry.·         Where have you worked before?

·         For how long you are working in and in which sector?


Qualification(20%)Minimum of bachelors degree in Nursing and management.Bachelors degree with the cerfication programme from the recognised nursing unit.Masters and the degree of honours in the institute recognised by the ministry of health and Australian registration nursing department.·         From where have you compeleted your studies.

·         Whats the highest qualification you have secured?

·         Share your training experience



  • Compassionate
  • Good communication
  •  Knowledgeable.
  • Confidence
  • Computer knowledge
  • Professional skills


·         Critical thinking

·         Team work and knowledge about medical equipments.

·         Leadershipship abilities

·         Handling pressure at emergency situation

·         Knowledable and experienced about industry.

·         me about your Tell strenghts and weaknesses?

·         Share your professional emergency and how you have taken care of the situation?

Personal Qualities (20%)


  • Passionate about the job
  • Caring nature
  • Emotional
  • Easy going person
·         Strong written and communication skills

·         Honest and open to integrity

·         Enthusiastic and passionate

·         Ability to lead a team

·         Strong passion in serving the patients.

·         Meets the minimum and standard  requirements of empathy

·         Leadership qualities  skills to motivate others

·         multitasker

·         whats makes you apply for this position?

·         What was your biggest motivation?

·         Who is your role model?

·         How will you describe your previous job

·         experinece?


Special Requirements(15%)


No working restrictionsBe available in sitautions at the time of emergenciesHandling the self and other deoartments work in absense of concerned person.Will you be available at odd timings?

Personal Qualities(20%) :

The working environment and the facilities management are being greatly influenced by the candidates personal qualities. It includes characteristics like attitude, intelligence, emotional intelligence, logical thinking ability, critical thinking etc. all these traits are been judged through various analysis of aptitude and written tests during the time of interview.


Special Requirements(15%) :

These criteria basically judge the candidate with respect to the adjustment made at the time of work. If, in the case of emergency, the nurse has to work overtime, or the concerned person is not available. There are needed to make some compromise, specially in the hospitality industry, as the prime reason of working is customer satisfaction. The background check with regard to the previous company will be made for the hospital safety purpose.

Table 1: Selection Criteria Rubric

Interview Selection  panel


Interview processRoundsExamination of skills
Hr manaager1st roundEducational qualification and experience
Chief Executive Nurse2nd roundPersonal skills and qualities
Senior Nursing ManagerFinal roundKnowledge application skills


To facilitate the initial screeing process of selection, the candidate has to go to three rounds of interview with the panel members of North West Regional Hospital. The first round will be taken by the HR Manager, where the candidates will be judged through its qualifications and experiences criteria, and if the candidate is being qualified for this round. The second round of interview will be taken by the chief executive nurse, where the candidate will be examined by his/her personal qualities. The candidate possessing the best personality traits and showed determinance and passion for the job and fully filling the criteria of personal qualities and skills (maximum percentage) will be qualified for the next round of interview. The final round of interview will be taken by the senior chief officer( deparment of nursing), the candidate will be put under situation analysis and stress envorinment to check the knowledge and application of skills.


Once, the candidate will be satisfying all the job criterion, the further process of recritment will the hospital facility will be screened.


After the human resource forecasting, recruitment, selection andinterview process, North West Regional Hospital will attain its targets for the new recruitment in the new regional areas.


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