IMAT5206 Management of Information Systems

IMAT5206 Management of Information Systems


IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporations that is an American multinational technology company that has its headquarters in New York, Armonk. It is known to be operating in over 170 countries (Kalilulahet al., 2020). The company was founded back in the year 1911in New York as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) that was renamed International Business Machines in the year 1984.

IBM is incorporated in the city of New York. IBM is concerned with the selling and the production of computers, hardware, middleware’s, and software (Zhang et al., 2020). It also provides hosting and consulting services specializing in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnologies.

IBM is famous as the leading American computer manufacturer of America that has its major share of the market both in the United States as well as in the other countries (Mohammed- Ali and Al-Musawi, 2020). When it comes to the global contribution of IBM, the software division of IBM alone has more than 40 of its product development labs housing around 26000 programs in a total of 25 countries all over the world. IBM is associated with the selling of the IT services, cloud, and cloud offerings with the enterprise systems and software. IBM strives to be one of the leading providers of hybrid cloud and AI.


Company’s recent IT history

International business Mache corporation is a well-known multinational American technology company which hairlines over 170 countries (Whitler et al., 2017) .The company was founded in 1911 in new york as a computing tabulating company. At first, the name of the company was international business machines; later the name of the company was changed. IBM is a company that provides or sells computer hardware, software and middleware.

IBM has also renowned has made as a major arc organization and IBM provides postings and consulting services (La Paz ., 2017). IM is data for 28 years and still counting. There are many things that IBM has invented. One of those main inventions is a floppy disk, ATM (automated teller machine) and hard disk drive. And among other famous inventions SQL programming language, the UPC barcode and relational database are best. IBM continuously develops systems and software’s to create more valuable market demand in the IT industry (Gada , 2018.). The main progress of the IBM Company has happened when they included the spinning of printers in their product.

In 2015 IBM announced that they will continue to building semiconductors (Price , 2017). After acquiring all the uses the IBM Company earned a nickname ‘BIG Blue. IBM is a company that has around 345000 employees. And this statistics makes the company one of the thirty companies that have this kind of employee.

CIO’s experience and background

Business leaders know how technology gained the key position in their life. And so it adds value to people’s lives. And a CIO of IBM com knows how to create value in the organization. There are some basic strategies that the CIO earned during this whole build-up. One of them is described following-

According to the CIO of IBM artificial intelligence can drive workload in the IT organization and e-business (Kruse  et al., 2020).

To maintain sustainability and to drive relevance, collaboration building is one of the main things and to think beyond traditional dimensions.

After all, you have secured the whole infrastructure that you have made. it also important to protect the resources and the assets (Chen , 2020)

In an organisation, it is very important to brand innovation and it is important to upgrade the innovations regularly. It is also important to anticipate future events and to act with agility.

In this ode world where every innovation is occurring as disruptive, the CIO has to be elevated to innovation IQ.

Is also important to reinvent the IT organizational model. The world is changing continuously. So it’s also very important to make changes in the IT sector (Yang et al, 2019. ).

The company should adopt ‘consumable technology’ that people can consume at a lower cost and with greater expediency.

Critical appraisal of the CIO’s ideas and believes

The IBM CIO stated a very powerful quote ‘think strategically and act digitally’. There are millions of ideas and approaches that come into the CIO’s mind daily. Apart From That, they are controlling the whole organization. Tere ideas and innovations can change the whole climate or the whole future of a company. So it is very important to look upon the ideas that they have. There is so much tuning and believes in a CIO’s mind and that should be discussed –

IBM CIO wants to build sustainable innovations by doing the core constituents (Sibanda et al., 2017).

There is a need for an advance digital transformation in managing wide enterprise generation and compliances.

The company has to manage a very good stakeholder relationship. As a result, it evaluates the revenue by customer and company relationship.

Another important idea that comes to the mind of IBM CIO is to value the consumers. A company runs based on the interest of the people towards the company.

Here is another decision that IBM CIO took to make innovation in motion.

Innovation in motion 

Knowledgeable and innovative CEO knows how to bring development to the company by making innovations regularly. And CEOs know that there are two factors based on company runs. The first one is a new willingness to innovate and the second one is to support the empowered and innovative employees. New Things attract people. Based on that EOs try to bring new things always in their products or the service list. It’s very productive to make contact with the customers or the consumers. In the company, a leader like the CEO of the company makes challenges and reshapes the thoughts of the employees of the company to make their views on the future of the company.


CIO’s discussed themes 

  CIO’s view and strategy

Tomake sustainable development was necessary to build a very good relationship with the group of stakeholders in and outside of the organization. In 2020 the CIOs are launching products more quickly in the IT market and it is necessary to build better management through firewalls and gathering talents from the digital ecosystem. It is also very important to make new digital developments such as cloud computing and API based platforms. It Helps Ogee Ate more value in the market.

And a responsive CIO creates value through their value and products and services in the IT market. In the golden age of technical innovation, the CIO of the various companies is implementing new ideas to develop the business and the grabbed area of the company’s core business. In this age where every enterprise is trying to connect with more peoples and the companies try to sustain the economical environment and ecological environment. In this case, the company’s future depend s on the total decision of the CIO of the company.

At this time the CIOs involve themselves with the emerging and visionary tights. These types of thighs develop business acuity and flexibility. Adna and overall innovation and sustainability can be maintained by maintaining the ecosystem between the employees, suppliers, and customers. As well as it is also named as the stakeholder’s relationship. And a business ladder-like IO of the IBM company knows technology is key to develop the market and to gain more cities on the market share and many things reading this ecosystem. CIOs are slow to focus on customer-centric monetization models to pursue opportunities in different sectors of business through technology.

In The business yield the ‘I’ is not only about information, but it is also about intelligence, innovation, and many other thighs. Here is some strategies that the IBM CIO took to develop the market and to make the business more sustainable –

  • Applying artificial intelligence is a prior way to drive the workload within IT organizations and other businesses.
  • Sometimes take some out-of-the-box decisions to maintain the building collaborations and traditional dimensions.

Always try to work on new ideas and try to anticipate future events and buy with agility.

Here are three key factors that IBM CEO told that can build an impact on the IT industry.

Looking for talent 

To make innovation and to evaluate skills it is necessary to look for new talents. So a great hiring process is required of this. Here is a thing called the ‘gig economy’ which helps to embrace more talents and as a result, it creates value and reduces costs. New tablets come with new capabilities, new thinking, and also new implementations. Hiring new talent is now the prior point to make a secure future and develop the future.


Technology spending strategically 

In the IT industry budgets are the biggest issue. Innovation is important but it should be done on a low budget. It also drives the business outcomes.

Focus on results 

After creating all the blue and making innovation, let’s focus on results. Results make differences. after doing and implementing all the things if the results do not come as expected, at the time it is most important to discuss why the results are not coming as expected. From analysing causes to work on the thing everything has to be done by the CIO.

Missing issues

To make a huge difference in the IT industry there are many things that ads need to be developed. The CIO must look at the fact of reducing the costs to serve the people. Thus making development and making innovation in the software and hardware CIO should talk and cooperate with the stakeholder to develop the thing that normal people need.

And in the IT industry, it is necessary to build sustainable development while maintaining the relationship with stakeholders. Because sales run the company,it generates the total revenue of the company. So it should be maintained. 

Recommendation or suggestion

  • Diversifying the business to reduce the level of risk exposure in the market of IT

The company faces huge threats regarding the tough competition in the market regarding the advancement of technology. The market is rapidly evolving and the company needs to keep pace with the demands of the market at that pace (Al et al., 2020). The company needs to make some of the necessary changes regarding the changes in the strategies to bring out a strong level of fulfillment in the mission as well as the vision statement of the company. Such changes might also contribute to the competitive advantage of the company.

  • Reforming of the innovative techniques-  

With the introduction to the changing reforming of the innovative techniques, it also helps in the increase of the chances to get the new opportunities to evolve (David et al., 2021). It also helps in the fostering of competitive advantage in the market with the building of better products as IBM is seen to be developing only the same kinds of products over several years and there has been no change in their process so the introduction to innovation might help in the boosting of the process for the better providence or services to the customers in the market.


Information technology plays a very vital role in this era of advanced technology. With the introduction of computers, the business world has changed and evolved using software and computers for the conduct of their business and the development of their business strategies. It is very important for the smooth functioning of the various business departments. The IT industry is responsible for the employment of thousands and millions of people. On the other hand, IBM is famous as the leading American computer manufacturer of America that has its major share of the market both in the United States as well as in the other countries.




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