Executive Summary

The project provides an understanding of increasing business sales with the implementation of social media marketing. Salbro is a marketing firm of New Zealand and it is using door to door marketing activity in the business.

The organisation is facing issues in increasing its profits and sales wit current marketing activities. It is necessary for organisations to implement social media marketing in business to increase its profitability and provide convenience to customers. A survey is conducted with 50 customers of the organisation in which various age groups of people have taken part.

Online questionnaire is provided to respondents to understand their needs and purchasing behaviour. Weaver and Shannon communication model and Competitive advantage theory have been used here as problem based theory and consumer based theory respectively.

As per the survey result, 34 out of 50 consumers use Instagram more than Facebook and they like to get promotional updates at the time of using social media. The company can use social marketing tool to increase its profitability and sustainability.

Introduction and Aims

The advent of the industrial revolution 4.0 witnessed innovation in marketing tactics and application of digital marketing to experience an increase in sales and profit outcome.

The research report dealt with the analysis of the use of social media for the increase of sales volume in the company of Salbro New Zealand. The research study was carried out with the help of survey method to analyse the impact of social media on increasing sales of the company.

Background information on Salbro NZ

Salbro is a marketing firm situated in the locations of Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. It involves the activity of door to door marketing leading it to cover a small range of customers leading to problems in marketing operations as compared to other rivals in the industry of New Zealand.

The project seeks to implement digital marketing tool of social media such as Facebook to increase the scope of market penetration for the said organisation, enabling it to increase its target range of customers and increase the sales volume of the firm.

Aim of the project

The project aims to conduct an analysis of how social media can be used to increase the sales of the company Salbro New Zealand.

Problem inspiring the project and project objectives

The project revolves around the issue of the drop in sales experienced by Salbro New Zealand.  As mentioned above, Salbro New Zealand is known to engage in the use of door-to-door marketing in the era of digital marketing practices. This has resulted in a drop in sales and led to lower performance as compared to the target set by the organisation. Therefore, the project was undertaken to meet with the following research objectives:

  • To apply social media such as Facebook in marketing practices of Salbro New Zealand
  • To evaluate the increase of social media marketing in cities and suburbs
  • To analyse management and increase of customers for Salbro New Zealand via the use of new gadgets and apps

About Collection Methods

Executing the project

According to Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault (2015) a researcher may implement any of the three philosophies of researches:// – positivism, realism and Interpretivism. The researcher applied the use of positivism research philosophy and deductive research approach to conduct the research study.

The deductive approach is only applied when a researcher implements the use of existing concepts and derived data to derive a conclusion regarding a topic (Quilan et al. 2019). The research was further conducted with the use of primary and secondary research techniques.

The researcher implemented the use of primary research to collect data from a population of people who are the customers of Salbro New Zealand. The researcher was seen to collect a sample of 50 participants from the target population to conduct an online survey in the research.

The online survey was conducted with the help of a close-ended survey questionnaire, provided on the online platform of Microsoft to collect data response to the same. This enabled the researcher to reach out to masses who were potential buyers of products of the company.

The researcher was seen to collect both demographic and quantitative research data with the help of multiple-choice questions.

Researchers have shown that conducting a survey analysis on a target population limits the range of response since each statement comes with prepared multiple choices from which the participant can choose and not from anywhere else (Heeringa, West & Berglund, 2017).

This simply provides the response of participants. However, there may be some chances of bias in results. The researcher further analyses various theories and models with the help of secondary research data and did an analysis of information gained from past literature to understand the rise of sales at Salbro New Zealand with the help of social media in marketing.

Reasons for the choice of technique

As per the view of Eriksson & Kovalainen (2015), interpretivism research philosophy is used to interpret the various elements involved in research while realism philosophy of research is used for the provision of realistic data in research.

Since the researcher has applied factual information and not interpreted data based on various elements of on reality, positivism research philosophy was applied to give quantifiable data in the research study. Further, no new concept was formed, and data gained from survey and literatures were used to deduce a conclusion, hence the deductive research approach was applied for this study [Refer to appendix 1].

The researcher was seen to further not apply the use of employees as a target population for the research. This was because the researcher wanted to analyse the use of social media marketing by Salbro in urban and suburban areas as well as find out the opinions of customers regarding the concept of the rise in sales due to social media at the firm.

Therefore a sample of 50 customers of Salbro was sent an online survey questionnaire form to conduct an online survey and gain quantitative data for the research.

The researcher implemented the use of probability sampling method of simple random sampling to select the sample of 50 customers of Salbro New Zealand in Auckland and Wellington.

As per the research of Bernard, Wutich & Ryan (2016), the technique of simple random sampling in probability sampling method involves use of randomisation in choice of sample participants to mitigate the scope of unintended bias of the researcher in a study.

The researcher applied this to overcome any scope of bias in the research work; moreover, a survey questionnaire consisting of fourteen close-ended questions were chosen and coded.

This ensured that the data was the quantifiable and increased scope of statistical analysis of data to provide numerical support to results of increased sales experienced by social media marketing which would not be possible with the use of qualitative data like case studies, documents and reports of the company.

The project even involved the use of past literature to support the survey findings. This was done to compare the aspect of social media marketing in an increase in sales of the company.

The application of secondary research through a review of past literature helped to support the use of social media in marketing and the management of sales with a same marketing tool, thereby helping the researcher to use relevant past literature to provide qualitative data to support the project results.

Moreover, Salbro New Zealand till now only engaged in use of direct marketing technique of door-to-door marketing, making it not possible to gain secondary research data to support the use of social media marketing for increase in sales of the company through company data itself, further leading the researcher to apply use of past literature review to support survey results in the project.

Limitations involved in advertising

Advertising of Salbro Company through social-media has opened various paths and ways to enhance the sale. Digital marketing project regarding marketing of Salbro though an important step increasing its profit rate, however it has some limitations.

As commented by Rodriguez, Peterson & Ajjan (2015), digital marketing is a vital factor that can drive profit rate of a company and social-media marketing is a significant part of digital marketing method.  Limitations for social-media marketing of Salbro Company has mentioned below:

Lack of staff Staffs are main pillar for any company as entire work culture of any company has depended on its employees or staffs. As mentioned by Chong et al. (2017), a company can enhance its business or profit rate through workforce of the staffs.

Salbro Company does not have enough amounts of staffs in its digital marketing department for improving advertisement strategy and thus any queries of consumers cannot properly solve. Moreover, consumers have various queries about product specifications, product rate, payment method and many other factors. Thus fewer amounts of staffs in digital marketing department can hinder growth of social-media marketing project of Salbro.

Decreasing amount of consumers Without consumer any company cannot expand its business. As suggested by Opreana & Vinerean (2015), reducing number of consumer cannot enhance business growth. According to given scenario, Salbro has increased its focus on north part of New Zealand which has distracted its focus from consumers of South part of New Zealand. Customers of South New Zealand have reduced their interests on products of Salbro due to insufficient advertisement growth that can hinder its project growth.
Absence of proper advertisement style Advertisements are mainly responsible for attracting customers towards any product of accompany. As cited by Kumar et al. (2016), through proper advertisement approach a company can expand its business projects. Salbro has not provided any attracting advertisements on social-media and for social-media marketing project gain consumers’ attraction is very important factor. Therefore, inefficient and less attractive advertisements on social media have reduced effectiveness of the project to increase its sales percentage.
Increasing risk for negative publicity Social media is an important tool for increasing promotional or advertising value of any products of a company. As described by Salo (2017), social media marketing has a high chance to introduce any negative publicity of a product and that can reduce business growth of a company.

In case of Salbro Company, it has not followed any digital management approach for protecting from negative publicity on social media. Thus, risk of negative publicity can decrease growth of advertisement.

Security issue of advertising Social media has various security threats such as hacking, phishing, malware attack and many others. As suggested by Rodriguez, Peterson & Ajjan (2015), if any company does not follow proper security management techniques on social media marketing project for promoting their operational and functional activity, then that has a high chance to leakage of vital information of the company.

Salbro has not made any focus on security factor and it has may formed a big issue for digital marketing and social-media marketing for increasing sales rate.

Absence of regular monitoring of advertisement in social media Regular monitoring is an important method for any business project to measure its strengths and weaknesses. As narrated by (Chong et al. 2017), lack of regular monitoring method can make a negative impact on any business project of a company.

Salbro does not monitor its social-media marketing regularly and therefore internal problems cannot be identified. Thus lack of regular monitoring system can reduce effectiveness of advertise process.

Table 1: Limitations of Salbro in context of its advertisement marketing

(Source: created by researcher)

Ethical consideration

Ethical consideration is a vital factor that is very important for any research project. As suggested by Salo (2017), there have some important elements for enhancing ethical consideration part of any project. In the research project of Salbro some major components are followed to maintain proper ethical considerations which are mentioned below:


Researcher has used quantitative data collection method (survey) for evaluating social-media marketing project of Salbro. There are 50 respondents those have enough knowledge about social-media marketing process and its impact on a company regarding profit growth. Therefore, this survey is valid for this project of Salbro.


Though most of the survey respondents have digital marketing background and also most of them are young, thus survey information is very much reliable along with Salbro Project of social media and advertisement marketing.

Free from bias

Researcher is not bias on any particular factors of respondents. Therefore this survey is free from biases which can enhance survey quality for producing social-media marketing project of Salbro.

Used for analysis

It is very vital for surveyor to not provide any personal data of respondent to any other organization or company. Personal data of respondents are only used for research purpose. Maintaining proper confidentiality is a significant factor of this research project of Salbro.

Discussion and Analysis of Survey findings
Findings of Survey

For making this project more reliable and valid, researcher has used a questionnaire for the survey. As mentioned by Ashley & Tuten (2015), through survey method various opinions are emerged based on a specific number of respondents. In this project of Salbro, different questions are raised which are relevant to its social-media marketing project.

There are 50 respondents in this survey and age range along with gender have identified through this survey. Product preference and usual attachment duration along with Facebook have known through this survey as Facebook is a vital platform for social-media business.

Moreover, except Facebook respondents attachment with other social media application have been recognized and it can be beneficial for the business project of Salbro.

An average rate of product purchasing form Facebook and attractiveness of an advertisement’s graphic design has measured by scale rate of 1 to 7. Feedback of any product on a web page can make an impact on a consumer’s mind which is also measured by this survey report.

Satisfaction level of a customer about online sales-support system has been identified through a measurement scale and respondents have also given a comment on expectation from the Salbro project of social-media marketing. Moreover, preference for promotional updates is measured by this survey and for these updates which communicational technology is preferable for consumer is known by respondents’ answers.

Academic Theories

Consumer Behaviour Theory

The aspect of consumer behaviour may be explained with the help of four consumer behaviour theoretical frameworks. As per Gimenaz-Nadal & Molina (2017), Marshallian economics theory highlights that there is an indirect proportal relationship with the price of the product and the buying rate of customers.

This simply indicated that decrease in price results in increase of buying rate of customers regarding a product and vice versa. However, Parsons, Maclaran & Chatzidakis (2017) with help of psychoanalytic theory, argued that customers today are influenced by outside forces like recommendations from friends which motivates them to buy a product.

Hence the presence of a company in the search engine is very much important to ensure higher buying rate by customers regarding a product.

Models of Advertising in Sales and Marketing

As highlighted in the works of Rowles (2017), many organisations are known to apply DRIP model of advertising to persuade the customers to buy the products available online.

The said model involves careful planning on behalf of the company in defining the target market and the identification of salient features of a product when engaging in marketing services with a customer. This differentiation of product from other items ensures high rate of sales for the company.

However, Teichert et al. (2018) stated that several retail organisations apply the DAGMAR’s hierarchy of effects model where the unaware customers are sent promotions to make them aware of various offers and new products available in the services of the firm.

This was argued by Fortenberry & McGoldrick (2019) where retailers applied AIDA model and at times a hybrid model of AIDA and DAGMAR known as AIDAR in advertising, the graphics involved in the advertisement is made in the interest of the customer, increasing the sales rate of the company.

Discussion of literature

Research method and analysis

There have two kinds of data collection methods which are important for researching any project, such as quantitative and qualitative method.  As suggested by Fletcher (2017), qualitative data-collection method is formed through interview, observation, focus groups and many other procedures.

It has evaluated identification of main schemes of a project. On another hand, as cited by McCusker & Gunaydin (2015), quantitative data-collection method is formed through survey, correlation research and experimental research. This data-collection procedure is made an accurate reflection on population.

This social-media business project of Salbro has followed a quantitative data-collection procedure through survey along with 50 respondents. This data-collection process can give a vital and logical representation of what respondents are thought about the project topic and various ways of thinking.

During survey, researcher can get an overview of respondents’ thinking process and also can measure reasons why those respondents are given such answers. As described by Fletcher (2017), quantitative data-collection process has used to understand key issues of project based on respondents’ view.

According to given scenario, Salbro can get an accurate view about future aspects of its proposed project of social-media marketing for increasing its sales rate. From survey, it can be summarized that respondents are very enthusiastic and therefore an appropriate survey emerges.

As suggested by Ottman (2017), an evaluation of survey is very significant as through this evaluation ant company can identify its positive and negative aspects of any project. In case of Salbro Company of New Zealand, a survey is used and its detailed analysis is mentioned below which is entirely based on above questionnaire. Survey questionnaire of Salbro is mentioned below:

  • Please indicate your gender.

This is a general question to respondents for measuring interest level for this project. As commented by Stephen (2016), by knowing gender, company can expand its project according to major preference of any gender group.


Figure 1: Indication of gender

(Source: created by researcher)


Through this question researcher can know which gender has more interest in this project. After a survey it can state that there among 50 respondents there are 24 male and 19 female members. 6 respondents are not provided any response to this question as those 6 are less active than others. Male members are more cooperative and more active that respondents that help to maintain a good quality of the survey.

  • Inform us about the range of your age.

By knowing age range Salbro can enhance its products and social-media business strategy according to preference of most interested age group respondents.


Figure 2: Information of respondents’ age group

(Source: created by researcher)


It can be stated form second question that, most respondents are from above 30 years old. Respondents of above 30 have shown very prominent interest in social-media marketing project of Salbro.

There are minimum numbers of respondents from under 18 years old. Respondents of above 30 years and between 24 to 29 years are appropriate for this project as it is a project of social-media business and young generation has the most appropriate and mature knowledge about this project.

  • Please indicate your nationality.

Nationality is a general question through which Salbro can make future aspects for expanding its business in which region.


Figure 3: Nationality of respondents

(Source: created by researcher)


Nationality is a prime factor for any respondent as different nationalities have different perspectives on this project. As it is a project of New Zealand, thus most respondents belong to Kiwi nationality. Moreover, by this survey question, Salbro can make a future assumption for expanding its business in other countries or regions according to cooperation of different nationalities respondents.

  • What types of products would you prefer to see on the webpage of our project?

By identifying product preference of respondents Salbro can design its project web page according to the respondents’ preference. According to Consumer behaviour theory, it can be stated that consumers are influenced by multiple outside forces such as recommendation from WebPages. It can also make an impact on digital-marketing department employees of Salbro to maintain a balance along between company project and respondents’ preference.


Figure 4: Product preference of respondents

(Source: created by researcher)


For emerging social-media marketing, Salbro has to know preferred product section of consumers. As per notation of psychoanalytic theory, social media can motivate customers to buy a product. Through this survey, it can reveal that most respondents have a preference for electrical products and then sports products. Only 8 respondents have a preference for seeing furniture products on webpage of Salbro.

Thus, this company has can improve its product as from given scenario Salbro has received 50 percent responses over social media and among that responses, only 25 to 30 are successful responses. After this survey, Salbro can get enough knowledge about product preference and therefore this company can arrange its web page according to respondents’ product preference

  • Please inform us of your usual time for visiting Facebook?

Salbro can assume of usual Facebook visiting time of a respondent. Through this question, it can be more active in that preferable time of respondents.


Figure 5: Preferable Facebook visiting time for respondents’

(Source: created by researcher)


People have a particular time for visiting Facebook as most of the people use Facebook during their free time. From Marshallian economics theory, it can be implied that there is a relationship between buying rate and preferable price.

Through this question, Salbro can get knowledge about preferable activation time of respondents on Facebook. Therefore, if Salbro has introduced its advertisement during that prime on Facebook then a large number of people can see that. Thus its social-media business can be enhanced and Salbro can increase its profit rate along with sales percentage.

  • Besides Facebook, which social-networking site do you more use?

Salbro has an aim to increase its sales rate through social-media marketing strategy and social media has many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap chat and many others. As per suggestion of psychoanalytic theory, it can be said that advertising platforms, such as Facebook can motivate purchasing behaviour.

Through this question, Salbro can make an overview that besides Facebook, other social networking sites are how much perfect for social-media business project.


Salbro has mainly used Facebook, YouTube and Google for providing advertisements on social media like Facebook is main pillar of social networking sites and it can target a large number of audiences of all ages, genders. Though Salbro is a marketing company in New Zealand its main aim is to increase its sales percentage.

For increasing sales percentage, Salbro has to know except Facebook which other social networking sites are used by respondents. From survey report, it is clear that after Facebook, another popular social networking site is Instagram as highest number of respondents are using this application. On another hand, LinkedIn is used by lowest percentage of respondents.

Therefore, Salbro has to expand its social-media business through Instagram also, except Facebook as Instagram is used by a large number of consumers. Thus by introducing advertisements on Instagram, this leading marketing-based company of New Zealand can increase its sales rate.

  • To what extent advertisements and posts on Facebook of products can influence your purchase decision?

Through this question, Salbro can know that Facebook posts and advertisements are how much important for increasing purchase decision of an individual.


Various advertisements and posts on Facebook can make an influence on a customer’s purchase decision. Facebook is a vital and significant platform for any company to make advertisement about its products.

Since DRIP model persuade consumers to purchase available product via online, they can identify product and recognize the company easily through this social network application.

Through survey, it can state that an average number of 2.44 respondents are agreed along with the statement. Therefore, Salbro can provide more posts and detailed advertisements about its product to grow consumer attention.

  • Graphic designs of advertisements or posts can attract a consumer. To what extent you support this statement rate that on the scale of 1-7.

The importance of graphic designs for posting advertisements on social media has known by this question. Therefore, Salbro can enhance its graphic designs according to the preference level of respondents.


Attractive graphic design can increase customers’ attention for a specific product and thus proper and charming graphic design become very vital for an advertisement of a product.

Average 5.82 numbers of respondents are agreed along with this statement that graphic design plays an important role in attracting people on Facebook, since from DRIP model, it can be said that measuring graphic design is vital. Salbro Company of New Zealand has to improve its graphic design as it does not give any importance of designing factor of a product during advertisements on Facebook.

This leading marketing company of New Zealand has to introduce creative and innovative graphic designs while posting advertisement on Facebook to attract huge number of people.

  • Feedbacks of other customers can influence your purchase decision through our project web page. How must you support this statement, please rate in on the scale of 1-7?

Feedback of other consumers if influence a respondent’s purchase decision then Salbro has to develop its web page more accurately.


Branding is a common factor in improving sales percentage of a product. Approximately half of world’s populations are using various social media applications and therefore it is the easiest way for a company to target potential consumers.

Psychoanalytic theory shades light on motivating factors of consumers. Hence in this regard, feedback of other customers is an important factor as it can make a vital impact on other customers’ minds. On a scale of 1 to 7, average of 4.48 numbers is given by respondents to make support along with the statement.

Therefore, proper feedbacks have to be posted on webpage of Salbro to provide product quality and product using experience knowledge to other people. In this way, Salbro can increase its sales rate by posting other people’s feedback on its webpage to know more about its product to consumers.

  • How much satisfied are you along with our online sales-support system. Rate it on the scale of 1-7.

Online sales-support system of Salbro is how much effective as per respondents’ expectation is known from this question and it can hell Salbro to enhance its digital system.


Online sales-support system is an important part of maintaining proper corporate relationship along with consumers through social media applications. A scale of 1-7 has provided to 50 respondents and an average of 4.88 numbers has given by respondents in context of this question statement. It is not a very impressive number and thus Salbro has to improve its online support procedure to attract more consumers.

Moreover, according to DAGMAR’s hierarchy of effects model, it can be said that, for improving sales-support method this marketing company has to appoint more employees in digital marketing department.

By appointing more employees it becomes easy for Salbro to provide accurate online support-service to people.  Skilled and trained employee has to be appointed by Salbro for improving its online customer service system. People if getting proper and professional support services then people become happy and product sale rate is increased.

  • Is there anything present on our webpage that does not work as per your expectations?

Satisfaction level of a respondent can easily identify through this question as respondent satisfaction is very vital for the social-media marketing project of Salbro.


According to DRIP model, people have some expectations from any company’s webpage and if those expectations are not fulfilled, people get distracted form products of that company. Through survey, it can state that 43 respondents out of 50 have satisfied from working process of Salbro in context of webpage.  Major elements of this webpage have provided good experience to its consumers along with appropriate procedures.

  • If your answer is “Yes” for previous question, then please explain it.

Any respondent if has any kind of dissatisfaction from web page of Salbro and then respondent can thoroughly explain that in this part of survey questionnaire.


Though the least number of people have some dissatisfaction which is mentioned below:

  • Queries are not efficiently handled
  • It does not get an accurate response on time.
  • In some cases, products pictures are not very clear
  • Some products are very expensive.
  • Company cannot provide enough detailed information about some products

Salbro has to mitigate above issues and has to give more attention to providing a good satisfaction level to customers.  According to Consumer based theory, this marketing company has to improve some of its product quality and also have to maintain reasonable price for its products.

  • Would you prefer to receive various promotional updates regularly?

Promotional updates are important for making communication and for this it is important to know that if an individual is interested or not to get regular promotional updates. For knowing this above question is important.


Competitive advantage theory helps to understa1nd about customer’s behaviour towards an organisation. Promotional update is an essential factor for any company.

Through daily promotional updates, company can make good communication along with consumers. Through survey, it can be stated. 34 respondents are allowed this company to provide regular promotional updates. Through promotional updates, consumer can easily know about any new product of Salbro.

Therefore, Salbro can make interest in peoples mind about their newly launched product. It can increase the chances of improved its sales percentage.

  • If your answer is “Yes” for above question then how would you prefer to receive regular updates?

A respondent if shows interest in getting regular promotional updates, then which communicational method is preferred by that respondents is known from this question.


From consumer behaviour theory, it can be implied that regular update helps consumers to identify variation of products. For providing promotional updates many people have preferred SMS method, whereas some peoples are preferred E-mail method. Salbro if provides promotional updates through respondents’ preference, then people can easily accept that. After survey, it is very clear that 23 respondents are preferred E-mail method for getting promotional updates from Salbro.

Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations
Summary of findings

From above context, it can be stated that survey has played a vital role in this project of Salbro. Various important findings emerge from this survey that can help Salbro to improve its project quality based on respondents’ replies. Moreover, this survey has also made a focus on its future scopes for expanding business.

Conclusion of report

It can be summarized from above context that, an industrial report has formed about increasing sales percentage through social-media marketing as a vital part of digital marketing. Salbro is a leading company in New Zealand and it mainly provides consumer goods to people.

This report has depicted an overview of aim of this project along with detailed description of the company. It also included project objectives and analyzed its data collection procedures. Project execution, reasons for selecting of this project concept and project limitations are also included in this research. Ethical consideration in context of this project is also mentioned in this study.

From this assessment, it is also narrated that digital marketing practice is confronted with various issues that might hamper organizational annual performance. As per the given case scenario, there may have a lack of efficient and skilled staff in digital marketing department.

Moreover, management faculty also not follows a suitable marketing strategy to maintain different operational activity.  Additionally, in order to uphold research authenticity, a survey strategy has been implemented by which it is convenient to gather relevant and vital informational knowledge regarding existing study.

In the last years, it is observed that social media platform of Instagram has rapidly increased for promoting various operational, functional activity. In regards to that, organizational management of Salbro needs to concentrate on its proportional approach as per their consumer requirement.

SMART recommendations based on conclusion

Recommendation 1: Provide training session to make employees more efficient and skilled in digital marketing department

S-specific Salbro has lack of skilled and efficient staffs in its digital-marketing department
M-measurable For mitigating this issue Salbro has to develop its innovation strategy. In order to increase skilled numbers of staffs, a training session is very important for enhancing skills of employees as Salbro has to enhance its social-media marketing project
A-attainable After mitigating this issue Salbro can provide more accurate and efficient service to consumer. It may improve its brand image by developing skills of employees in its digital-marketing department.
R-realistic It is a major and important issue as Salbro is a marketing-based company; increasing sales percent is its main objective. To develop social-media marketing project this company has to improve its digital corporate department.
T-time bound 5 months

Table 2: SMART recommendation 1

(Source: created by researcher)

Recommendation 2: Have to follow a proper digital marketing pattern for business

S-smart Salbro does not follow proper pattern to run its business digitally.
M-measurable For running its business on social-medial platforms, Salbro has to improve its administrative section for measuring an appropriate pattern according to the requirements of its project.
A-attainable Following proper management system, Salbro can improve its business structure,
R-realistic Though it provides consumer goods, thus it has to be updated always. Providing proper pattern of digital marketing system, Salbro can enhance its profit rate.
T-time bound 6 months

Table 3: SMART recommendation 2

(Source: created by researcher)


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Appendix 1: Importance of social media in context of marketing


Appendix 2: Media marketing



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