Individual portfolio Assignment Sample

Individual portfolio

The MBA classes have been very helpful for me in terms of enhancing my employability professional skills. The event of group sessions in the leadership program has helped me to participate in groups. The group session has increased my capability to think and creatively make decisions for the effective leading of a group (Romppanen, 2021). The program of leadership event during MBA skill centre classes started with 6 groups of people interacting with each other and selecting a project work to participate in and delivering the report at the end of each week. The weekly report submission requires effective team support and I was allotted the team leader for the first week during the session. The constant learning of handling groups, solving conflicts, and resolving the report issues with strategical decision-making with creativity enhanced my capability in leadership skills.

The weekly submission also proceeds with presentation and in front of class increased the capability to communicate with professionalism. And as a group leader the charisma to influence groups requires personality. The positive attitude towards the group with various activities during class increased the charismatic personality of own self to lead a team effectively (Ardito et. al. 2019). The session with the leadership traits will help me to build a professional career in MBA. As an MBA student, my profession is to work in groups and lead groups in organisation. The leadership quality with change in the dynamic situation internally requires strategic decision-making ability, creativity, charisma, to influence and resolve conflicts, maintain coordination for effective professional outcomes. The leadership skill will be an opportunity for me to build a professional management career for handling conflicts and influencing teams for accomplishing strategic goals.

Second -Part of individual portfolio

Self-assessment (predictive score)

Statements Strongly agree Agree neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
I am creative Yes (50%)
Good leader Yes (50%)
Experimental Yes (50%)
Problem-solving Yes (50%)
Working in groups Yes (40%)
Competition and conflicts Yes (50%)
relax Yes (65%)
Organised Yes (65%)

The whole self-assessment is based on prediction while attending the events of MBA.

Creativity: Yes, I agree that I was creative before joining the Learning events and I was good at trying new experiments for challenge and competitiveness (Lam, 2020). With the leadership program, I enhanced my creativity level in making various dynamic strategic decisions.

A good leader: I was good at leading teams as I always wanted to be managing personnel. I learned to allot tasks and lead a team effectively during my learning event.

Experiments: I was experimenting in trying new things for knowledge. And I experiment with reports for enhancing my capabilities.

Problem-solving: Yes, I agree that I solve problems with calmness. And I resolve various issues with leadership strategy.

Working in a group: I prefer working in groups for collaborative results. The team coordination enhanced with good project work weekly.

Competition and conflicts: The conflicts among groups and competition to win individually were there within me. The competition on an individual level for winning over others existed increasing conflicts among groups.

Relax: I barely relax during work and I panic while working. The restlessness to work and win at right time existed within me.

Organised: I organise things minimally and I prefer to stay active working in various environments than organising one task.

Complete big five personality Questionnaire

The big five personality traits showed the changes I acquired after learning the various skills from class events. The screenshot is attached with the link for reviewing the results effectively. The big five personality traits will act as evidence of the actual result of the skills that I possess that will help to increase my employability skill for career growth (Mohamadi, 2018). The main motive of the big five personality questionnaire is to identify the actual competencies with percentages for identifying the development areas and underdeveloped areas.

Individual portfolio Assignment Sample

Figure 1 Big five personality traits

(Sources: Big five personality test, 2021)

The big five traits consist of openness to experience is 45% and I am in the middle of experiencing conceptual creativity and resolving problems. I have been rated 59% in conscientiousness and flexibility to work, organised, strong duty and responsibility towards groups are high. The extraversion for leading a team openly, friendly relationship, enjoying working with others is high up to 75% and is high in terms of outgoing personality (Harrison et. al. 2020). The agreeableness is low to 16% and competitiveness is preferred over coordination. I am not influenced by groups and am very focused with little scepticalness. The natural reaction of anxiety, worrying easily and emotional reaction is middle with 49%. This whole test is evidence of my personality while learning and experiencing changes in my professional traits.

Post completion of Self-assessment table

Self-assessment of the post-completion will show the predictive and actual scores and compare the accuracy of the results of the skills.

Statements Predictive Actual outcome
Creativity/openness to experience Agreeable (50) 45% The outcome of the result seems 5% different from the actual. And I need to work upon my creativity with good leadership strategies.
Good leader/Extraversion Agree (50) 75% From the comparison, it is clear that the leadership roles and maintaining a positive open relationship are very high within me. The flexibility for working ethically is high.
Problem-solving/Openness to experience Agree (50%) 45% Yes, the problem-solving capability is very medium and I take experience in learning things seriously which I need to open up for solving more daring problems.
Working in groups/Agreeableness Neutral (40%) 16% The comparison shows that working in a group with coordination is very low. I skip work in groups and work individually to compete and achieve better. I am not good at trusting people.
Competition and conflicts/ Agreeableness Agree (50%) 16% It matches as the competition in me is very high and agreeing to groups is not preferred by me.
Relax/natural reaction Disagree (65%) 49% The comparison shows that the actual result is better than the predictive (Danko and Šoltés, 2018). I relax but in middle in terms of emotional reaction. And I do have anxiety while working and competing in new situations.
Organised/Conscientiousness Disagree (65%) 59% From the comparison, it is clear that the big five personality test shows more accurate results in terms of organised skill with 59%. The organised skill provides the level of changes I acquired during learning and the systematic working in teams, in managing work has been increasing for career growth.

From the above comparison, it can be said that some of the traits are providing similar results and the actual result are required to identify the gaps and build a development plan for acquiring career growth in the future as MBA professional.

Short three reflection

The reflection will be compared and linked with eight mental wealth competencies with big personality questionnaire traits for understanding the employability potentiality in future.

First reflection: The first reflection will be based on eight mental wealth competencies that will be linked to one big five personality questionnaire for understanding the level of skill importance in growing the employability effectiveness in the future. The first trait that I have identified during my test is the openness for an experience where I can experiment and enhance my level of creativity in enhancing my employability skill (Parker and McMillan, 2020). The self-assessment and learning during my leadership program have shown that I have 45% creativity within me. And in mental wealth competencies, the entrepreneurial and enterprise traits can be linked and acquired with the experimentation trait. The attending of the MWC linked with big personality traits has shown that I have the ability to establish my own enterprise as I am good at experiencing newness. And I am open to creativity which will help me in developing an entrepreneurial characteristic for a professional career. The potential effect on employability will be high as I can create new ideas and make creative decisions in terms of the requirement of change in organisation or within my own established enterprise.

The linking of the openness to experiencing new things showed a new direction towards my career and with the help of mental wealth entrepreneurial and enterprise competencies the learning ability towards creativity has increased. As it has shown a new direction towards my career for opting entrepreneurial career increasing my capability in employability (Cleveland, 2018). The module linking both competencies has provided a direction to choose a career that potentially will increase my employability of establishing my own enterprise with experimental learning. The self-assessment has shown that predictive scoring can be unreliable but with the self-assessment of big personality Questionnaire result, the linking of the traits with MWC becomes more reliable and effective for choosing the right direction. And also with self-assessment, the gaps in traits can be identified for improving and planning the development of the required underdeveloped skills for effective employability in the future.

Second reflection: Another trait is conscientiousness which with a big personality questionnaire was identified as 59% and it shows a high level of organised ethical practice that a person has towards work. The cultural connection and industry connection of mental wealth competencies can be compared with conscientiousness and the organised ethical practices will be very effective with my ability to organise the working environment (Schedlitzki, 2019). The working culture requires a value towards the culture for mental stability and the capability to be able to work with responsibility can be a good trait for building an industrial connection internally. The soft skill of building a cultural connection and industrial relation is going to be achieved by me easily with the help of conscientiousness trait. The self-assessment has helped me to understand the capability in maintaining a disciplined working organised environment that will help me to acquire my employability in ethical practices.

As a professional, the employees are asked for ethical and organised employability skills to connect with the culture of the organisation and build a good industrial relation. However, with this big trait questionnaire, the self-assessment becomes easier. And be able to identify my skill in conscientiousness while comparing with the predictive self-assessment for actual results (Slepcevic-Zach and Stock, 2018). And with actual results, the 59% increase in my capability to handle responsibility, understand work, take duties ethically will enhance my employability in handling culturally diversified working environments. The linking of the MWC and Big personality questionnaire trait has helped me gain a positive direction towards increasing my learning. And capability in conscientiousness that will help to build a good connection of culture and industrial connection in organisation. The human requires soft skills that differentiate the human from the machine and with good cultural connection and ability to take responsibility will provide employability potential as a professional in the future.

Third reflection: The third trait is extraversion which means to openly continue working with good leadership ability. The trait is 75% and the level of skill improvement is high as the self-assessment showed that the ability to cooperate and smoothly build friendship openly among new people is high. The leading of group and leadership roles for the dynamic situations is high. So, the linking of this personality with the MWC is physical intelligence as I stress less. And try to build a positive relationship with people easily through controlling my mind and emotionally connecting with groups for effective leadership (Ahmed, 2018). The emotional intelligence of cognitive in thinking and solving issues through openness is very high within me and MWC competencies have shown that I have a link with the trait of extraversion. As I can easily build relations on an emotional level and provide leadership skills while solving issues to effectively enhance the ability to succeed in a professional career.

The learning of this module of self-assessment and MWC has shown that I can connect on an emotional level and control my physical intelligence with a positiveness which will help me acquire employability in the future as a management professional (Heeneman and Driessen, 2017). Even with my own enterprise, I can lead a team easily with the implementation of Extraversion trait and MWC physical and cognitive intelligence for the professionalism with the work culture. The completing of the post-self-assessment has been a comparison of predictive with the actual test results. And with this comparison, I have been able to identify my actual gaps, my capability which are linked with the competencies of mental wealth for understanding the direction of choice to make in my own career growth.


From the above individual portfolio reflection with self-assessment comparison implementing big personality questionnaire, the actual result has shown the improvement in my skills. The skills are linked to the MWC for analysing the effectiveness of trait and mental wealth capabilities to understand the development I have acquired for increasing employability in the future. The learning module of linking has provided me an idea about the path of career I can choose and also make a plan for changing the underdeveloped areas to increase the ability to acquire success in career growth.


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