Individual Reflective Journal (Business Research)

Answer 1

My learning experience was quite good while conducting this business research that helped me to understand different business aspects in context of significance of social media in Kings College of London environment. This learning experience helped to understand consumer aspects towards social media especially students’ views towards social media.

I acknowledged of the importance of social media in a university or college to influence the attitude of the students as they could take admission in the college. At the same time, my learning experience regarding this business research was also effective to understand how to conduct a research and develop a report by performing primary and secondary research.

It helped me to develop my communication and written skills that I improved by conducting this research. This research has a significant value for me as it helped to develop my communication both verbal and written and analytical skills that are valued in terms of personal and professional life.

The fulfillment of this research will be crucial for me to pass my degree course as well as improve the knowledge how the social media can be useful to influence the buying behaviour of the customers as a marketing tool. At the same time, this research will also be valuable because it also helped to know the related issues and problems associated with social media that can be helpful for me to make better strategies to overcome these challenges while working with a firm.

Answer 2

In this learning process, I learned different new things and developed my skill and knowledge which help me in using that skill and knowledge for completing the business research effectively. This learning process helped me out in successfully completing my course as this research study helped me in understanding the importance of social media in Kings College of London environment.

On the other hand, for completing the research process on time, I used all my skills and collected data with the help of both secondary and secondary data. However, with the help of this research study, I got an opportunity to enhance my future career as my learning will support me in taking my future decision significantly which will lead to my future growth and development. Thus, I will apply my knowledge and learning in my whole life journey and this study provided me new knowledge.

Answer 3

During my learning process, I used different data sources from where I collected data for conducting the further research. For collecting the data, I used both primary and secondary data collection method which I used for collecting information related to the social media.

For data collection, I used questionnaire and secondary sources such as books, journals, magazines and online websites. During the process, I identified and observed that there are large numbers of users who are using social media on regular basis in their daily routine.

At the time of learning process, I also used data analysis method and research method for identifying and analyzing the collected data. For data analysis method, I selected percentage data analysis method and SPSS method for doing interpretation of data efficiently. My learning process was very interesting and difficult as there was some research limitation which restricted my knowledge and research study.

Answer 4

According to me, this learning process was very effective as it enhanced my learning skill and knowledge about the particular research topic. This Business research was found to be very useful for my learning process as it helped me in developing my skill as well as to achieve the research objective efficiently and successfully.

While evaluating my learning, then I can easily determine that my learning was effective enough I learned new things and explore different areas while collecting the data and developed my knowledge by understanding the importance of social media for the people in their daily life.

While collecting the data, I faced problem which getting the respondents filled the questionnaire as it was very difficult to convince them to provide their feedback regarding importance of social media. However, I observed that for completing this learning process on time, I significantly developed the research plan which helped me effectively during this research process.

Answer 5

During learning process, I used my insight knowledge and skill to a large extent in order to achieve the valuable and accurate outcome for study conducted. While doing this business research I was feeling excited as well as having a fear that will research will complete on time or not or it will provide with reliable result or not. For this particular business research, I conducted activities under which I used survey activity in which I have to make questionnaire filled from the respondents effectively.

At the same time, I also developed hypothesis which helps in understanding the importance of social media and its impact on consumer buying behavior. Thus, my learning process was somewhere related to my development and growth of my skill and knowledge which will lead to increase in my personality as well as my confidence level.

Answer 6

The learning and knowledge which I developed from this learning process is effective enough and it will help me out in my future decision regarding the career or life. I will apply my learning in future by doing proper planning in which I try to use my interpersonal skill in such a manner that while communicating and interacting with the other people I feel confident and convince them easily.

The skill and knowledge which I improved or developed will significantly help in brightening by future career as well as I will use learning in best efficient manner whenever I face problem related to problem solving in my future career or life. Moreover, I will my learning at right place where there is a need to use my improved skill and knowledge effectively. Therefore, the learning and knowledge which I developed would be helpful to me in taking or making the important decision as well as for future career growth.


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