ME7713 Industrial Operation Management & Resources Simulation Assignment Sample

ME7713 Industrial Operation Management Resources Simulation Assignment Sample

Application of Supply  Chain and Logistic Management Techniques in Hitachi Company


Supply chain management, along with logistics, ensures a high level of customer service with a consequent reduction in the price of raw materials, transportation and storing costs, and finally, selling the products to the consumers. Logistics, on the other hand, helps in the smooth operation of the supply chain. There should be a continuity of workflow, which is achieved by proper planning and interaction between the individuals and the supply chain. It also helps in covering new target audiences. It enables net cost reduction by erasing intermediary links in the supply chain process.

Hitachi Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of electric machinery in Japan. It is also considered one of the largest conglomerates in the whole world. However, in the year 1994, due to high competition in the global market, the demand for the company’s products started weakening. As a result, it led to the complete restructuring of the company.

The second world war destroyed the company wholly.  The labor strike in the year 1950 obstructed the company’s restructuring process. On the other hand, the Korean War saved the company from collapsing completely. It can be said that investing in computer research was a very important decision that the company took. Hitachi is also known for its ability to adapt to a changing economy. Increasing investment in the research and development process helped the company to survive in the market.

The company has been working on lower logistics costs by improving and optimizing the logistics supply chain. More effort is being given to procurement logistics to maintain and manage the day to day production. 


Existing Supply Chain through SCOR model

The supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) is a strategic management tool to improve the supply chain and also to communicate the decisions within the company and with the suppliers of the company and the customers of the company.  (Domingo Galindo, 2016). It also enables the company to describe the various business processes in order to satisfy customer demands. Also, how the process can be improved can be known by implementing the model.

The SCOR model was brought to force by the supply chain council in assistance with the top 70 manufacturing companies worldwide. It has also been regarded as the very appropriate and effective model for the strategic decision-making process. It includes processes of benchmarking and the process of re-engineering into the existing framework.


The planning of demand and supply is the first step. Hitachi Ltd., as a renowned company, balances the resources with the ongoing requirement, and also communication is determined along the entire supply chain.


This is basically sourcing infrastructure and the acquisition of material. It enables us to manage the inventory, the network of suppliers, and also the performance of the suppliers. Thus, Hitachi Ltd. follows all these and, in addition, handles the payments of the suppliers and also verifies and transfers the products. (Afshan, Chatterjee, and Chhetri, 2018).


The manufacturing process and the production and emphasized in this step. Therefore, it is essential for Hitachi to lay emphasis on the makeup steps that basically include transportation, managing the production, and other facilities. It enables the organization to strengthen logistics and supply chain management.


It basically includes warehousing and transportation. Hitachi Ltd. ensures receiving orders from customers and also invoicing after the products have been received. Management of finished products, assets, and transportation is also being emphasized. (Delipinar, and Kocaoglu, 2016)


As stated by George Wuest and Thoben, 2017, companies should be ready to handle the return of defective products. It also involves the management of business and transportation requirements.

Thus, it is clear from the above discussion that the SCOR model can help the company to evaluate its supply chain process. It also gives a very clear idea about the nature of the supply chain of the specific company. Hitachi Ltd. also ensured through the usage of the SCOR model that the company’s supply chain management runs smoothly and helps the company to gain a competitive advantage.

For the past few years, Hitachi has been working on transformation projects to ensure structural reforms. With the rising cost of labor, the competition is being intensified, and there is a pressing need to reform and also to strengthen the logistics sector of the company. The company has been working on logistic improvement ever since, which includes cutting down the logistics cost and also reducing the inventory costs in addition to the whole supply chain. Hitachi is also aiming to build logistics schemes in parts of Asia that also include a significant reduction in logistics cost by sharing transportation. In Spite of a complex global supply chain, every company needs a smooth-running logistics system. Every little detail of the entire logistics system is to be taken care of if the company wants to earn a larger share of profit and gain a competitive advantage over others in the global market chain.

Supply chain mechanism of Hitachi Ltd.

In the manufacturing industry worldwide, there is a pressing demand to introduce collaborative design was through the entire value chain; the design data is being coordinated. Hitachi Ltd. offers an environment which is known as the Hitachi Digital supply Chain for promoting its designs globally. (Maditati, Munim, Schramm, and Kummer, 2018).

But in recent years, it has been observed that the traditional supply chain is no longer that effective. It has multiple and disjointed planning cycles, where only a partial view of the supply chain can be achieved. Therefore, there are emerging trends in the digital supply chain that help to strengthen the company’s logistics more than the traditional one.

Hitachi’s global supply chain helps to deliver the products to their destinations on time. The logistics and engineering department ensures that the best service is being provided at the lowest possible costs. They also make their supply chain manageable and also transparent. They are also ready to adapt and develop themselves with the changing needs in the near future.

 Hitachi’s supply chain management is beneficial because it reduces logistics costs. It also enables us to ship smaller volumes frequently without many high costs. It has a large global network, and the delivery timings are very much flexible. Their shipping methods are reliable, quick, and cheap. The company also handles the logistics related activities such as planning, selecting the distributors, negotiating if required with that of the suppliers, the various tax activities, storing the goods, transportation to any desired destination, etc.

They also offer an integrated supply chain solution to the customers, thereby increasing efficiency. This manufacturing industry operates on a global scale. Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that the supply chain management of Hitachi Ltd. is very efficient and, in a way, can gain an advantage over others in the global market. Hitachi offers a digital supply chain to ensure a design that is collaborative globally. It has also been using network optimization technology to improve its operations.

Factors to be kept in mind while implementing the plan

  • Content planning investment – The acquisition of clear individuals is just the beginning. To keep you up-to-date and learn, preparation should be stressed. During brief times from 45 and 60 minutes, planning can be performed daily. In case it is possible to host or lecture direct superiors in several types.
  • Priority protection – plant safety must be a problem because inefficiency risk and ineffectiveness have to be a problem, and profit can be minimized without intelligent safety practices. Skimps could save resources at first, while injuries are unbelievably expensive.
  • The development of a sustainable environment – society decides how you work and how innovative and enjoyable warehouse cultures are relaxing. They would also develop new working strategies, in addition to challenging the staff with fresh ideas.
  • Regular contests, company as well as other remarks that make the nation fun and enjoyable, and which have a positive impact on the factory.
  • Keep valuable vendor connections – You can easily forget it, but with a working organization, it is vital to have a stable relationship with vendors. In addition, if you have no goods and mails, you do not have a business. Warehouse management devices like G.P.S., and bar code scanners more than ever encourage manufacturer relationships. Warehouses can be accessed from suppliers to upgrade and meet short and long-term specifications technologically. It makes warning vendors about their inventory status difficult, too. It makes it more difficult.
  • Training of logistics personnel again-staff cross-training would aim to improve efficiency in warehouses.
  • Multi-activity squad preparation. Inadequacies will contribute to highly skilled workers at the warehouse. First, if an employee wants time off, no workers are ready to take over.
  • Current competition for manufacturing and wholesale labor shortages contribute to high transaction costs –Trigger problems of production in factories if there is no primary specialist. These barriers are avoided by the guidance of our workers.

Industrial Operation Management & Resources Simulation

Organizations in the mechanical and administration industry are looking to improve their cycles’ effectiveness and lift their profitability to prevail in the commercial center. Reproduction demonstrating is a sensible strategy that can be utilized by these organizations to deliver information and models that can be used for a simpler and faster dynamic and plan of action and strategy conjectures. Recreation likewise makes the “imagine a scenario in which” examination task direct since most reproduction programming is fitted with situation administrators designed to “imagine a scenario where” investigation purposes and can be run with local programming included. The investigation of “imagine a scenario where” requires the possibility to exhibit how a capacity will perform under different info conditions as well as restrictions (Paprocka 2018).

Re-enactment application zones are practically boundless. For gracefully chain the board, work process and throughput examination, office format plan, capital use and distribution, asset the executives, and cycle improvement can be utilized today for choice help. Re-enactment may assume a critical function in looking for the best and convenient alternatives, regardless of whether mulling over another place of business, setting up another plant plan, testing prescient and productivity support, anticipating new or revolutionary works on, conveying new specialists, or arranging a day’s exercises. ( Fraccascia 2020) Looking for winning and keeping their piece of the overall industry, inventive and innovation-driven organizations have taken various ways to their development. Some have focused on “client support” in their journey, many have embraced the topic of “profitability,” and still others have followed the basic “proficiency and dependability” issue.” Lately, re-enactment in the initial two cases has been effectively utilized as a demonstrating and exploration strategy.

Client assistance 

Shopper care is an association’s longing to offer the client what they need and need ceaselessly and dependably. Communication offices (call focuses), administration processing plants (cafés, duplicate focuses), administration shops (clinics, fix shops), or comfort sources might be client assistance activities. Administration firms are 64 of the Fortune 100 organizations today. Client administrations are a considerable field of recreation applications because, in a customary assistance stage, the complete holding up period can be as high as 95 % of the all-out running time and an ordinary region for reproduction exploration and examination (Kraft 2017).

The specific trouble is appeared by the recreation of client assistance frameworks when all stream antiques and assets are human. People have conduct that is substantially more troublesome and whimsical than merchandise, records, apparatus, or vehicles. For undertakings, time and asset restrictions on client assistance frameworks have frequently been a big snag to achieve. Reproduction re-enactment permits associations not exclusively to recognize the correct approaches to expand the nature of client dependability without influencing existing client care measures, yet additionally to see different features of client assistance, for example, as also mentioned by De Santa-Eulalie 2020measure stream, client correspondence, the issue taking care of, and issue and info goal. Various associations worldwide have held onto reproduction as a planning technique to create and upgrade their client assistance components. For instance, by making versatile information-driven models of the client care group’s approaches utilizing recreation displaying, Xerox, a producer of record handling gadgets, claims a large number of dollars in potential reserve funds and expanded reaction time for buyers. By applying the SPARKS re-enactment programming technique, Coopers and Lybrand, one of the country’s most prominent home loan venture organizations, made significant enhancements in crucial assistance regions, for example, exchange security. Recreation research gave rules to improving productivity, recommendations for new hierarchical systems, and unique position necessities were made. ( Kuehn, W., 2019)

Reproduction has additionally been utilized of late in the administration of medical care rehearses. It is an excellent instrument since it would not intrude on patient treatment while the investigation is being done. For example, in its careful office working, Waukesha Memorial Hospital of Milwaukee confronted a huge limit issue. The board decided to overhaul the current office because building an extra office was impossible because of the necessary capital expenses. Recreation displaying was likewise used to explore and approve the propriety of expected plans inside the current offices to understand the treatment. The demonstration cycle revealed massive failures, and predominant elective strategies were found in the way inpatient and outpatient care were delivered. The crisis division of a medical clinic, which treats more than 40,000 patients every year, was duplicated in another examination to make a proving ground to approve various calculated, money related, and booking situations. Recreation has demonstrated an incredible instrument for surveying the trauma center’s effectiveness under numerous impacts without putting understanding security in danger.


Efficiency is characterized officially as the yield proportion per input unit. Notwithstanding, in actuality, cases, the assortment and unpredictability of information sources and yields make it cluttered and immovable to register and assess effectiveness. Efficiency can be resolved, in light of the case, by the proportion of deals per work, the profit for resources and, at a fundamental level, the number of products created every hour at the plant working at a predefined group of staffing, apparatus, power and different information sources. (Montevechi 2018)Development in effectiveness depends on finding better approaches for assembling items and administrations. Contrasted with the customary hypothetical ways to deal with effectiveness upgrade research, re-enactment is a more practical technique thinking about the assortment and advancement of information sources and yields just as the inborn mathematical test. Reproduction incomparability gets from the supposition that re-enactment models are intended to repeat the instrument (or framework) being studied. Thus, during the recreation, the expert approaches all factors and their qualities anytime. Recognizing and dispensing with bottlenecks in a cycle or administration, diminishing stock and work-in – measure, and diminishing process duration are some standard ways to deal with improving proficiency. Cleo Integrated, a Christmas wrapping paper producer that produces 30-40 percent of worldwide utilization, utilized demonstrating and business measure reproduction to recognize approaches to augment productivity and throughput, limit preparing time, stock and running expenses, and improve their ability arranging exercises. They had the option to diminish process duration from five weeks to three days with the Arena recreation programming; to wipe out extra time costs, accordingly decreasing operational expenses (Pohekar 2018.) and improving the effectiveness of on-time transportation from 70% to over 95%. Different interrelated bottlenecks were recognized and wiped out. They have found a lot about the impacts on income of yield factors, such as volume, bringing about deals in ascents of over 1 million dollars.

In more than twenty of their plants, Apparel Clothing Technology Company has likewise utilized displaying to recognize approaches to build creation. They had the option to show better proficiency, lower stream times, and more meaningful administrators use comparative with the current creation model in one of the examinations utilizing the Arena program, which talked about the definition and investigation of a potential ‘group sewing’ creation model. The demonstrating activity shows that they had the option to cut W.I.P. by 60-65 percent by 55-80 percent, process duration, and improve effectiveness by up to 25 percent. J. B. Chase Dedicated Contract Services (D.C.S.), a subset of J. To make a realistic model of their shipping organization, B. Chase Transport Services Inc. utilized recreation to represent how to load volume contrasted from daily to how it affected complete tasks. Reproduction re-enactment has been used in a fast fluid filling improvement line in the drug business to explore throughput, bottlenecks, and gadget usage. The examination was a triumph as it assisted with perceiving the cycles that we’re helpless against being bottlenecks and to assess the vital settings that improved 11 percent throughput (Prabukarthi 2020).

In the zone of creation and activities, the executives, (Sroka 2019) advancements in P.C. equipment and, most explicitly, programming have made re-enactment innovations and attainable and deliberately colossal apparatus. Regarding openness and highlights, re-enactment programming has gotten modest and further developed. The present stage gives easy to use interfaces to idea creation and understanding of re-enactment execution, gadget conduct representation activity capacities, and improved numerical investigation and dynamic processing abilities. The advanced recreation stage is windows-based, needs no scripting, and is consequently a lot simpler for tasks and improvement supervisors to comprehend. They could then utilize it for various ordinary working issues, including possibility tests, recognizable proof of bottlenecks, and cycle upgrade. Authoritative numerous problems that were generally uncertain or, best case scenario, employed out to temporary workers would now be taken care of in-house and quickly by utilizing demonstrating innovations at the supervisors’ fingertips. Preferences and investment funds are significant. The writing is pressed with authoritative and creation control circumstances and circumstances where displaying has been utilized and how the organization has profited.

Benefits and drawbacks of the operational plan

 Each solution has benefits and drawbacks, which can impact the company’s supply chain. For Hitachi, the promotion of the business can be influenced by such benefits and drawbacks, and the company can also allow adequate returns and losses (Chowdhury, 2016). Before the worldwide detailing firms, Hitachi’s public limited business has set its high standard; however, the firm faced massive competition, which somehow has impacted the marketing of the company. Moreover, some benefits, as well as drawbacks, are offered by the latest operating techniques introduced by Hitachi.

The new methods have advantages:

  1. Hitachi can create a comparison point for other retailers with the latest initiatives by engaging in numerous sustainability programs, leading to a zero-emission company for other dealers. Hitachi will also set itself a precedent for other retail businesses.

The firm will make it possible to use more recycled packaging by eliminating plastics and other non-biodegradable products to become a zero-carbon enterprise (Tirawattnapong and Fernando, 2018).

  1. The organization will help to boost the economic conditions of the country and to increase the funding needs of developed countries by offering work opportunities to various qualified applicants through various facilities accessible to the young generation.
  2. The organization will also benefit socially with the current methods by reducing the amount of technology waste by targeting consumers by supplying them with an awareness of the effects of technology waste.
  3. The firm is able to draw more buyers with Hitachi’s current method of being the manufacturer of its brand and other renowned goods, as it focuses on the distribution of goods of high quality at a reasonable price and can therefore help to create competition among other dealers (PAUZI, 2017).

The current methods have disadvantages:

  1. Hitachi needed to enter the markets of numerous emerging countries such as India and China, but Hitachi’s marketing may become disrupted by a current pandemic and the political problems of import and export in China (Woohyoung et al., 2020). In comparison, some developed countries offer their local retailers more priority than international retailers like Hitachi plc.
  2. It is hard to become a carbon-free company, as plastics are more compatible than bags of paper and packaging for most consumers. The organization should therefore concentrate on products of similar ability to plastic, but they should be environmentally friendly, like hessian or jute bags.

Competition Analysis

We can not argue that, as globalization increases and the challenges to accessing an international market decreased significantly, it is important for a business to evaluate its success in relation to those of other firms on the world market—companies such as Hitachi. I would find companies operating in the same field. Next, the business needs exchange rate management, and eventually, the financial standards have to be compared. The organization then has to solve the challenges and benchmark its commodities to recognize foreign rivals. It will thus achieve a greater market share. Benchmark covers all of the liabilities, properties, revenue, and ratios. While history is highly reliant on success, financial performance is also important. All leading rivals are focused on the economic structure of the sector. It is trivial for other firms to surpass a certain business without measuring performance.

It is an evolving process to benchmark. Benchmarks against Hitachi:

  • Better rivals than and vulnerable to Hitachi.
  • Competition weaker than Hitachi and Hitachi is highly likely to resolve this market.
  • Newmarket entries with a new approach and a very successful commercialization plan

Hitachi also uses a kind of methodology for contestant profiling that helps to identify the selected areas. Hitachi is one of the world’s leading retailers. The business is on the rise. The other existing businesses are now under attack. The choice of a place for a supermarket depends in large part on considerations like mobility, consumer comfort, and personnel. Hitachi must recognize that its revenue and costs would have an effect on the location. As a consequence, if strong rivals are on the market, the competitive edge will differ. Choose areas where the raw materials are cheapest and are very desirable.


It has been discussed how a digital supply chain enables much faster development of products to suit the various needs of the market so as to ensure a collaborative design. In the future, it is planning to make additions related to the insight support system.  It will make the whole process more efficient. The Hitachi group is also receiving hundreds of requests from its customers to address the various social responsibilities throughout its supply chain, and strengthening the supply chain management is also a way to reduce the economic costs and social risks that are associated. It has also offered different control systems that support the whole social infrastructure. A systemwide optimization of the products of the company has also been provided. With the invention of smartphones and social networking sites, the penetration of advanced technologies in society is taking place at a very fast rate. There is an urgent need to improve logistics further. It has been expanding on a global scale from the process of production to that of consumption and also overcoming the barriers of time and place.

The global logistics system proposed by Hitachi has brought innovation and fighting to achieve end-to-end optimization. However, there are some societal challenges being faced by Japan, which improved supply chain management can hopefully overcome. The global logistics services that are expected to bring innovation and to optimize the entire supply chain. The recent addition of digital technologies has provided optimal solutions. As already discussed, logistics is the flow of goods from the production of that of consumption that is done globally. The company has been expanding its focus ever since.

Along with the existing activities, it has accelerated to involve digital solutions. Thus, it can be concluded by saying that the application of logistics and supply chain management techniques has been efficient in improving the progress of the company. Through various strategic management, it has been able to retain its position in the global market. However, it has faced some serious economic and social challenges which it needs to combat using a more improved supply chain management system. They have grown by adopting a core strategy of delivering its customers what they need with an efficient cost-cutting system. With the growth in e-commerce, it is facing a shortage of labor, and it needs to handle this efficiently. Greater efficiency in the delivery system is also needed to overcome the challenges. 


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