Part A: Preparation for placement (INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT (SG7120) MANAGEMENT )

(i) Acquire Audit skills

A list of skill audits is a systematic process that defines the depth of ability and knowledge of students that enhances the skills for gathering employment in a career pathway. The audit has effective to serve information for enhancing skills ability (de Nichilo, 2021).  The draft training has mandatory to understand the position of the company that reflects on my abilities.

As a result, there has firstly prepared a list of the strength and experiences gathered from previous employments. After that, there have claimed marks the skills as per their abilities, and listed the preferred jobs. There have required securing the placement so that the previous experiences are not repeated at all in the XYZ Company.

(ii) Plan to achieve the expectations for industrial placement

There has required developing the values of the CV so that the company XYZ can relate to their abilities. As a result, there has needed to understand the expectations of the company to develop the abilities (Rubens et al., 2018).  Moreover, always stays confident, keep a positive attitude, teamwork ability, loyalty, and efficiency, and maintain the positive features of their personality so that the recruiter of the XYZ company has been convinced to give the placements.

(iii) Kinds of employment available and detailed curriculum production and including the introduction of letters

Being an MBA background, the XYZ company can offer me marketing manager posts as per the availability due to my educational background and previous employment experiences. Depending on that, the offering letter and joining letter are the most demanding to achieve a chance of placements.


Curriculum Veta
NAME John William
AGE 30
JOB EXPERIENCES YES, In ABC construction company as  manager for 4 years
EXTRA ACTIVITIES Teamwork abilities, love to travel, explore new things,  enough patience

Table 1: CV

Part B: Reflective Diary of Industrial Placement

There have basic constructional structures are residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. The company XYZ has followed the commercial methods to develop industrial placements. The plan and design matter a lot to building up the construction company that has a vital role and maintaining all legal factors for business purposes (Christou and Chatzigeorgiou, 2019).

It is a highly responsive performance so that improves my skills abilities and patience to deal with properly of the business aspects. There has needed to develop the potential to manage the team members’ needs for the business progression among the XYZ construction company. I join the company with a massive hope so that gaining better experience, secure my job designation, and maintain all responsibilities of my job role.

After joining the company, I assist in a project road-repairing project that needs to be more commercial alert to reduce the risk factors. Similarly, my decision-making skills are experienced multiple complications in my career pathway (Poon et al., 2021).  It is currently impacting my tasks and the company has not considered these kinds of behaviors from my side.

Moreover, there has required an effective solution to solve the arising complication in the construction field. Apart from that, the issues are not affected my professional career and the commercial business process of the company.

The activities of my job role have vital and full of commercial values of the company XYZ. I develop a list that mentions the activities of individual staff who are related to the projects including the project expenses so that the documents are highly transparent, however, complication has occurred due to the mess-up condition and uncooperative attitudes of the employees.

I have responsibility for arranging the whole budget, per day job tasks, and execution of the project properly. As a result, the company achieves lots of economical value to complete the project within time. I can manage the whole needs of the stakeholders and shareholders so that the whole construction process is finished within time properly.

There have separate needs of the stakeholders, which have a high economical demand on the costs of the materials (Tennant et al., 2018). The materials are the key components to continue the whole business properly of the construction company XYZ.

There have also generated some complications regarding the issues that it influences finishing the road repairing projects. The problem-solving skills have the ability to organize the whole plan that implements in the business of the construction company. It measures the skills of individual employees like me who are related to the constructional business.

Proper decision-making ability in proper time makes a high value that develops the commercial business techniques of the construction company in the market (Zalfa Syahira, 2022).  Besides, it is able to develop the reputation of the company in the respective industry. Similarly, it is more attached to the needs analysis so that it can realize the identifying requirements for training and ability improvement that are effective for placement.

On another side, audit skills can be capable to do of measurement of the skills gap of the XYZ company. Moreover, the authority can measure my ability of mine so which provides an opportunity to host particular job posts. The company provides me a chance to show my ability and I serve that responsibly and conduct the whole project efficiently.

The multiple capabilities are highly effective that determine the strength to maintain my job role efficiently. As a result, the company XYZ is benefited economically. The management and leadership strategies are highly necessary for developing the business properly.

In return, the constitutional company can progress in the industry, similarly, leadership management strategies are highly required that measures the whole business process. It is also effective for the economic development so that the company can show the capabilities through the skills of mine and other employees to the competitors in the market.

There has highly demand the performance capability in the particular industry that increases the sustainability of the skills and job role. As a result, its components create a market value and smoother the pathway in the respective field regarding the job placements. I personally experience that consists of performance abilities are matters a lot to develop the power of the skills as a manager.

On another side, strategic thinking and planning have a significant role that uses to develop the potential of my merit and field experiences. According to the construction industry, real-life experiences are mattered a lot to self develops. It reflects on the professional career incrementation also (Jane Tenggono, 2019). The company XYZ keeps faith in the ability of the employees and serves effective training to enhance their abilities. I personally experience that and can differentiate between my previous constructional company and the present XYZ company.

Depending on that, the communication, collaboration, commitment to the job, and team spirit are also determined the whole project and I have completely successful to motivate my team up to finish ng the project. Similarly, I have gained a lot of experiences through my career pathway now I can forecast the requirements of the ability of n employees so that the company can progress properly.

A cooperative attitude, motivating personality, determination in the job,  no discrimination, and maintaining the organizational structure’s capabilities are highly demanding requirements. I notice all the features of an employee and the working experiences are not mattered to me.

Similarly, the depth of knowledge of business management to handle the workforce properly is one of the key requirements that develop the skills of the employees. The effective abilities are to be responsible for developing the business of the XYZ companies reputationally and financially.

The broad experience can be beneficial for me to develop the strength of the company to hire suitable and capable employees to increase the number of projects in years. As a result, the construction company XYZ can make brand fame in the respective industry and deal with all legal and political aspects properly.


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