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Task 1: SWOT Analysis


Organisation: RealEstate                                                                                              Date: 26/9/2017


Description of current/new ICT service:


RealEstate Customers Call Center Services



·         Strong relationship with customer

·         Connect customer directly to company

·         High Skill and ability in agent

·         Providing multilingual support to clients

·         Also provide customer with self-service functionality


·         Internet services

·         Marketing problem

·         Weak mobile network


·         Merger with other best IT company

·          Ability to develop  and grow call center in other locations

·          Explore the large market segment

·         Targeting & emphasis  on customer engagement

·         Opportunity to deliver the top-tier services


·         Change in technology

·         Expansion of call center services in other geographical location

·         Security concern

Summary and Recommendations:

This SWOT analysis helped in reviewing the aim and objective of the company Real is that to promote the high standard and excellent operational services to customer in real estate business like building, marketing and construction. In other words, the main purpose or aim of is to empower people by providing them simple, stress free services in realestate. The main objective is to access the largest home or property seekers in Australia.

Short Term (Now)

The short term action plan I would make is that I will analysis the competitors business IT services in order to improve our call services so that customers freely negotiate with the realestate executives or employees.

Mid Term (next 12 months)

I can take the advantage of the strength in such efficient manner that it help in developing the new opportunity. Like, the strength of the company is multilingual support to clients and this will provide the opportunity to realestate in targeting and delivering the top-tier services to the customers.

Long Term (next 3 to 5 years)

For taking the action plan for longer term period, I will use the opportunity and forecast the future trending demands of the customers easily.

Task 2


The main objective of this paper is to bring improvise in the RealEstate customer services. In regards to this, the mobile technology and commerce consider to be the best platform for improving and developing the IT services for achieving their organisational goals and objectives. This report helped in understanding the importances of mobile technology and commerce in changing demand and technology in the market. Therefore, it can be stated that RealEstate can easily adopt this technology in order to overcome its weaknesses and threats.


This paper gives the brief understanding about the mobile technology and commerce’s. In addition to this, mobile technology and commerce will prove to be effective for the Real Estate IT services. It is because this technology allows to developing clear communication between the dealers and clients (Chong et al., 2012). Moreover, it also provides support in regards to managing customer relationship with the collecting of enough data. Thus, mobile technology and commerce will contribute benefits to the Real Estate Company in terms to maintain their healthy relationship with the customers on longer time and it also assist in providing them quality services on the timely manner.


Importance’s of the mobile technology and commerce’s

In this global competitive market, companies prefer to personally deal with the customers/ clients and provide directly to customers about the information product/services. However, the mobile technology and commerce helps the call centres business in regards to embrace the personalization with the customers. This technology can assist the company through providing them platform for making interact with customers and buying/ selling of product over the internet. Such practices allow the company to easily build their relationship with the target market. Moreover, mobile technology not only helps the business in developing relationship with customers but it also support the company in terms to bring the creativity and innovation in their business practices (Kim et al., 2010). Likewise, business through mobile technology can connect with their different stakeholder in both national and international market. The stakeholders could be vendors, suppliers, distributors etc. Based on that, company could able to develop level of connectivity and with this, company could address the current needs of the customer. As per that they could deliver on time. Thus, mobile communication can be effective for the companies to mark leading position in global market.

In addition to this, mobile communication also proves to be helpful for the business entity in different areas such as research & development and marketing etc. In case of marketing, mobile technology & commerce’s developed new dimension into the advertising for business globally. This helps the potential customers to look at the business advertisement through accessing the mobile applications, banners ads; messaging etc. The business entity with the mobile technology can develop the customized advertisement and able to target their customers through message and mobile websites etc. thus, such strategy will cover the large untapped market.

Moreover, mobile communication is also helpful for the companies in the areas of research & development. Business entity can also make sufficient research of the market through the mobile apps. It is because through this platform, manager contact to the target market and ask them about their preferences in the particular product which contributes advantage to the company in regards to enhance their customer base. At the same time, it also provides support in sharing information and allows business to get the immediate response on product and services from customers. This tool also increases speed and accessibility of the research and development for companies (Wamuyu & Maharaj, 2011). Such practices help them to stay in the competition. In addition to this, the mobile technology also makes the customers feel that they are the vital part of company as company make improvise in product as per their interest area. Therefore, it can be stated that the mobile technology will brings various benefits to the business entity in terms to get high recognition in market.

Different technologies or facilities offers under the mobile technology and commerce’s

Other than that, there are various facilities that this technology offers to both the different industries and customers. Through this platform both of them can directly contact and interact with each other as business communicates its product information while customer can share their experiences to the company (Luo et al., 2010). Based on such practices, both of them establish strong relation to each other. Hence, these are the facilities that mobile technology would provide which is mention below:-

Product purchase and Transaction process: Mobile technology allows the customer to gain the knowledge about the product/ services offering. Based on that customer could decide the product which suited them (San Martín et al., 2012). At the same time, customer can also perform the transaction process for purchasing the particular product.

Mobile Vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards: Companies through using this technology can also achieve high customer base as they can offers the mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards etc to them which attracts the maximum customers towards brand.

Mobile banking: Mobile banking can also perform by the customers through this technology and it also helps the financial institutions to allow their customers to access account information easily. Such information includes check bank balances, transfer funds between accounts, process bills payments etc.

Information services: There are various services delivered to the customers over the mobile phones and these services are stock quotes and financial records etc (Brown & Green, 2012).

Mobile purchase: The mobile technology and commerce’s also provide facilities of electronically purchase of product and services.

Thus, these are the facilities that are business can achieve from the using of mobile technology and commerce’s platform for successfully implementing the business operations.

Solutions that can be achieve from the mobile technology and commerce’s

There are various solutions that can be gain from this technology by the business. For instances it provide solution to the firm in regards to update regular information about the customer in the firm customer relationship management systems through the use of internet. In case of production process, management through use the mobile technology can access the resources availability in the store house (Chen et al., 2012). Besides that, flow of information can also maintain with this technology. Thus, such solution clearly indicates the benefits which an organisation could receive with the use of mobile technology and commerce.

Improvement in IT services of Realestate by adopting mobile technologies and commerce

According to Fong & Wong (2015), mobile technologies and commerce is best way to improve and develop the IT services of the company in order to achieve aim and objective of the company. This technology will help the company in overcoming the weakness and threat which call center operation of the company is facing to a large extent (Realestate, 2017). Nowadays, use of mobile devices is high and mainly used by businesses for buying & selling goods and services directly to customers. The use of this technology helps the company to reach the customers efficiently and easily as well as help in meeting the organizational aim and objective.

Moreover, using this technology help in improving and developing the IT services related to cal center service provided to customers for meeting out their queries. In call center operation, there is high role of effective mobile network in order to satisfy the customers with after sales services and their queries. The weakness which real estate faces in operation of call center services are weak mobile network, high marketing problem and internet services (Realestate, 2017). This mobile technology and commerce services is best suitable way for meeting the problem of marketing and have efficient marketing and mobile services in the organization. In the research study of Wang, et al., (2015), stated that mobile technology is widely used by the companies in order to meet the issue related to the mobile or internet network.

But at the same time, Faqih & Jaradat (2015) explained that commerce technology also supported in meeting the marketing problem efficiently as using commerce facility help the call center employees to market their brand name and its products and services to customers in efficient manner. This indicates that mobile technology and commerce is essential element or factor which can support company is easily targeting the customers and also supported in improving the IT services of the company to a large extent. On the other hand, it is also studied in the research study of Nilashi, et al., (2015), that for providing best services to customers on time, there is high need to develop a diversified network in market as well as for that there is need to have effective mobile network services so that customers can contact to the company easily.

In addition to this, there are some threat which call center operational services would face in future like change in technology, security concern and expansion of call center services in other geographical location. In today’s developing technology, it is seen that there is rapid change in technology and services which provide the customers and business satisfaction and benefit to extreme level (Lu, 2014). In concern to this, it is studied that change in technology is major threat for the call center services because if technology changes then competitor company can adopt it as soon as possible for grabbing a large market area from its services.

The expansion of call center operational services in other geographical location is also threat for the company because for that company required a large amount of investment in order to target the other geographical location of customers. The expansion of call center is an opportunity for the company in improving its services to next level and overcoming the threat and weakness smartly and efficiently (Realestate, 2017). However, this technology will support the Real estate in expanding and improving its IT services in best manner so that customer can be provided with the customized services and advertisement.

The security concern is other major issue which company can face in the future because the security is major reason in online commerce services which are offered to potential customers. This use of mobile technology and commerce supports the Real estate call center services in improvement and development (Pousttchi, et al., 2015). This may lead to achievement of customer satisfaction as well as ensure security to the customer about their personal information. From this study, it can be determined that in Australia, there are large number of property seekers who wants to purchase their own house and for that they need to contact the company which provides the best services to the customers in order to meet the requirements and demand of the company.

In addition, this mobile technology and commerce can be used in efficient manner for improving the IT services of the Realestate so that company can contact the customers and market its own services (Realestate, 2017). This is major widely used technology which each organization uses as there are large numbers of customers who are addicted to the mobile and uses the mobile for buying any products and services. Through this technology, company can easily advertise its products and services and send mobile advertisement in innovative way which attracts the customers easily to the services offered.


From the above discussion, it is concluded mobile technology and commerce plays a vital role for the corporate houses to directly connect towards the large customers at a time. This technology also allows the entities to share information and able to attract the customers through offering multiple schemes in their apps. Similarly, Real Estate can also use the mobile technology in their business operations in order to overcome from their weakness. It is identified that marketing and weak network is the key issue for the RealEstate in terms to deliver the quality services to customers. In such case, they can incorporate the mobile technology in terms to promote the product to large number of audiences through single network. In regards to this, mobile technology is the best platform for the company to get high exposure of the target market. At the same time, it also help the company to improvise their communication as with this technology, company can contact to the customers directly and able to grab their changing taste and preferences. Hence, it clearly signifies that mobile technology and commerce would prove to be efficient for the RealEstate in terms to bring the improvement in customer services.


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